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Anything you want my wife said

hardcore woreout 2018-11-25

She said take your time and when you are ready let me know. As the game came on and we all were having a great time the beers were being killed and the guys kept making trips to the kitchen for food. I said well your legs are a big hit in those pantyhose and you have definitely been flirting but there's that one last thing. She said I know I felt so slutty having all those guys lusting for me and all the while my pussy was loose and leaking cum. She said at half time I went to the bedroom and when I was about to come out I was pushed back in.

My wife goes off roading

hardcore woreout 2018-11-17

Before I could answer my wife spoke up and said well as a matter of fact I love being gang banged while my husband watches. My wife without a word stood and walked over and took a hard cock in each hand. One of the guys pulled my wife to her feet and started kissing her. Jerry said I'm next and he pushed his cock in her nasty fuck hole. Mike guided the head between my wife's wet swollen pussy lips. she finally stood up and on wobbly legs picked up her shorts she wadded up the panties and tucked them in her pocket then pulled up the shorts until the crotch fit between her puffy pussy lips.

The cuckold waiting room.

hardcore woreout 2018-11-06

The husbands talk to each other while their wife's are being fucked in the private rooms. The wife's return to waiting room to pick up their cuckold husband. She said I didn't tell you this part but the wife's are asked to not discuss any thing with their husbands. A lady opened a door to the right and asked me to come with her. As I got my phone out I saw a small sign with a web address on it. It said watch your wife being fucked. I started looking at each room and when it opened you could see a white woman being fucked by a guy. I found my wife's room and she was giving a tall well built black guy a blow job.

I won the bet

hardcore woreout 2018-11-02

I told her if I win you must wear what I pick out and allow me to watch you have sex with some well hung guys. She said yes , that some times while I'm at work she will put on something short and go out just to show off, then come home and either get out her favorite vibrator and cum a few times or call one of her friends to come fuck her hard. After lunch I had her call any one of her thick cocked friends and to save time she told him to get ahold of a few more guys and meet us at our house for some hard sex. When I got to the pool I could see my wife had her skirt bunched up and was giving the cock she was setting on a hard fucking.

Anything I want

hardcore woreout 2018-11-02

She said yes , going out in public wearing something that could actually show off my pussy and ass is exciting. After a good five minutes the door opened and in walked my wife leading each guy by his already hard cock. The guys started undressing right in the den and in a flash Doug was plowing his fat cock in and out of my wife's hairless pussy while Mark was fucking her mouth. Us guys took a few beers out on the porch and as we sat and admired the beautiful natural wooded landscape we talked about my wife. He sat down leaving my wife hanging over the handrail, her pussy gaped open just enough to allow his come to run out and start dropping on the wooden floor.

I won the bet

hardcore woreout 2018-11-02

I told her if I win you must wear what I pick out and allow me to watch you have sex with some well hung guys. She said yes , that some times while I'm at work she will put on something short and go out just to show off, then come home and either get out her favorite vibrator and cum a few times or call one of her friends to come fuck her hard. After lunch I had her call any one of her thick cocked friends and to save time she told him to get ahold of a few more guys and meet us at our house for some hard sex. When I got to the pool I could see my wife had her skirt bunched up and was giving the cock she was setting on a hard fucking.

Wife introduced me to the gang

hardcore woreout 2018-10-29

As the guys went after a cold beer I took my wife's arm and turned her so I could whisper What the Hell are you doing? The guys each took a lounge chair and started chilling out. I turned a chair to face them so I could see my wife as she laid there topless sunning her titties. My wife raised her head and looking my way said I was just tell them I had told you that we had fucked. Then one of the other guys got up and fed his now hard dick into my wife's mouth. Once he was good and hard he stepped over the chair they where in and started easing his cock into my wife's asshole.

From mild to Wild

hardcore 2018-09-23

I kept getting replies from men who just wanted to fuck her but didn’t want me around, so it actually took a while to get together a group (I’d found 7 guys) who’d actually come and do my fantasy thing. All of a sudden the cock fucking my wife stopped and stiffened, I could see contractions running along the base and I knew the guy was cumming in my wife. It wasn’t long before the second guy grunted a few times and blew his load into my wife’s pussy. I was aware of a few men leaving, some were just watching and some were getting some after-attention oral from Liz. Another huge cock came into view and slipped into my wife with remarkable ease.

MILF in training

hardcore silverfox62 2018-09-16

My wife was wearing her 'come fuck me' clothes', & the MILF in training, had a low cut top, with blue jean mini that really hugged her ass. Two goodlooking women, hot to trot after a night of trolling for men, the MILF sat opposite to me, while the wife, went to open a bottle of wine. Cell phone numbers of guys feeding us drinks and hoping we would fuck them, she commented slurring each word nicely. The MILF, Tiffany, got a lot of cell phone numbers from the obviously married guys, that wanted a one night stand, at HER PLACE. We talked a bit more, and I offered to guide my neighbour MILF home, while the wife got ready for fucking and bed.

And so it begins

hardcore edgbert 2018-08-16

When I went back in my wife's blouse was gone and her friend was sucking on her tits while another guy had pulled her forward on the couch and buried his face in her crotch. Shortly after that she said something to the guy sucking her tits and he undid his pants and pulled them down to reveal hard cock that was at least 10 inches. She pulled her crotch from the second guys face and knelt on the floor and started licking that big cock from base to tip. In the mean time the guy who had been licking her pussy pulled off his pants, flipped up her skirt and slowly slid his cock which was also quite impressive into her pussy.

My Slutwife Did A Dozen Dudes - Her 1st Gangbang

hardcore buck-futt 2018-08-08

While my wife was sucking off the house mate, the porn director husband of our hostess slipped off his clothes and got the other guys to do the same. I got a hard on just watching my wicked wife and the half dozen guys who now encircled her, all of them waiting impatiently for their turn to fuck her. . The other guys surrounded her head were face fucking my wife, her screams were muffled by the cocks shoved in her mouth and down her throat. As I watched the two guys fuck the hell out of my wife's pussy, my cock slid deep down her throat and all the way out.

The Tunnel of Love - Catesby

hardcore 2018-07-17

I was pretty sure that Jenny knew how much I loved to hear about her past sexual encounters, but I didn’t want to be too obvious about it. I figured that my presence was putting them off so as we were waiting in a queue for one of the rides I told Jenny that I was just going to the toilet and I would meet her by the Ghost Train in about ten minutes or so. I moved away from the man and stood near the two guys waiting for their turn to ride with my wife. The last guy waiting quickly stepped up and took his friend’s place, his hands going straight for her tits, even before they were out of sight.

Wife's fist gang bang

hardcore 2018-07-03

I was so hard with the excitement that my wife was about to get the fucking of her life with a room full of guys and seeing her so happy with all the attention she was getting. He started moaning quite loudly as he entered full orgasam my wife stroking his shaft and sucking the end of his cock ensuring she drained him of every last drop of cum, swallowing his load not wasting a single drop she is such a good girl. The guy fucking her at this point must have been quite excited to see that show he started to moan and emptied his balls in her thrusting his cock hard in her. Guys started to enter the room and surrounded the wife and I with their cocks hanging out waiting their turn.

The Vacation Getaway

hardcore ChannelFive 2018-06-15

It was just yesterday we were sitting in a jail cell surrounded by huge police officers with one of the guys holding a bag of what I guess were d**gs, he kept saying we should make ourselves comfortable, we were going to be here for a while, as all the men kept staring at my handcuffed wife wearing only the bikini she had on when we were arrested outside our hotel door on our way out to the beach for the first time. When I got back into the bedroom I turned on the lights and went over to my wife on the bed with the wet towel in my hand, I slowly spread open her legs and could hear her start softly mumbling “no more, no more”.

wife used as BBC toy

hardcore want2bused 2018-05-08

She once tied me up and instead of servicing me, she had one of her black bulls come over and fucked him for a few hours. I heard her in the main room asking for two guys to fuck her. I called her a fuck pig and went into the other room. She focused, grinned then her head started bobbing.I looked behind her, another guy was fucking her. Uhuhuhuhuhuh damnit its too fucking big!" She kept yelling, but would also grunt and cum. After he came I noticed not much cum was coming out of the sheath. I went out and threw the guys a bottle of lube. My wife is a black cock whore fuck pig slut.

My ex Wife Sam

hardcore 2018-04-29

My wife smiled and asked me if I knew what our fantasy was, and I had remembered that our fantasy was to have 2 or even more guys own my wife Samantha in the bed and fuck her brains out. That Saturday night finally came and I called my girlfriend and told her to come over because we needed to talk. My wife Samantha came down after 15 minutes, she was naked and looked very sexy! The ex-girlfriend saw Samantha with cum still all over her tits, smoking a cigarette, and laying naked in the middle of a large bed with 9 naked guys lying all around her. Samantha looked at her and laughed, and grabbed my already hard dick in her hand, and asked her if she wanted to continue to watch us fuck or get another ass beating.

Mature Black mens Whore

hardcore jhonmartyn 2018-02-23

She came into my room and called my name and tapped my face then I heard the guy come in and was fucking her ,she was saying "your slutty wife is being fucked in her cunt by a huge black cock and loves it ,fuck me hard " I peeked and saw her face eyes closed cumming .Eventually the guy came over her tits face etc then left she slipped in next to me and was out cold on her back ,I saw her tits and felt them they were sticky so I started to lick them clean ,then between her legs god I was so turned on as I tasted there cum there was so much .

Wife’s fantasies become real

hardcore davedom 2018-02-15

She had told the guys that I had to watch and they like the idea of fucking my wife, now their whore. The taller of the guys turned to my door and I saw a nice guessing 8 plus thick cock standing erect and ready for Kathy’s mouth to engulf it. The guys kept pounding and fucking the whore and I know Kathy came a few times and wanted more as the withdrew from her mouth and pussy and turned her around for the next round of fuck the whore. This time the guy fucking her held her hands behind her back so she could not stop the cock in her mouth deep fucking her throat.

Slut wife shared with strangers in hotel

hardcore 2018-01-31

One of the guys said wait a minute, got his limp cock out and asked if i thought she'd like it. one of the guys got up and it looked like he was undoing her necklace (which he later told me she said she was struggling with.) I couldn't believe my eyes when i saw slide his hand down her body and put his hand on her knee, she opened her legs further to show even more of what was up her short skirt. She turned to the other guy, ‘I want you in my mouth!’, He readily accommodated her order, offered himself to her face and fed his long, hard, fat cock into her mouth.

I Watched My Wife Get a Massage Parlor Surprise

hardcore adel5000 2018-01-14

I didn’t tell Tom anything about my wife going to the same parlor (these guys had naked also I didn’t want him to know Martha was my wife so I just sat there and think, here was my wife laying naked on the table and a good looking guy, a The young guy moved immediately to my wife’s pretty breasts and started massaging both her tits while making short strokes with his cock and I could see The young masseur continued pounding his cock into my wife’s hairy pussy and minutes and when the young guy pulled his cock out my wife’s pussy was stranger I knew I didn’t want her coming back to the massage parlor, I had

The Fantasy

hardcore 2017-12-24

I proceeded to lick her until she started to scream and I quickly slid right on in and pound away, holding on to her C-cup tits. Needing a short break before the next woman, I walked around the curtain to my wife, and stuck my dick in her open mouth. I walked between their tables and pulled out two of my wifes vibes. I pulled the vibes out, dripping, and walked past my wife to the next two women. I proceeded to fuck each in turn, returning to my wife for cleanup in between. Aren't you going to untie us?" One of the women to the left of my wife said. One husband took his sweet time opening the door, :)

Phone Sex

hardcore daveaverage 2017-12-20

I must have had a micro sl**p, you know when you just can't stay awake, because next heard the four voices, 2 males had joined the girls in the toilet, my wife was talking over the male voices in a, don't tell me what to do voice (one I hear a lot) telling them that her friend was still in the toilet and hadn't finished and even though security needed to clear the building (I assumed that's who these guys were) a few minutes would not make any difference. The toilet flushed and the door open, I heard my wife's friend ask what the fuck was going on, and my wife telling her that this guys cock through the trouser material was bigger than the one earlier and she should try it.

Jail Changed My Life

hardcore 425olds 2017-10-24

Jeff said that there was no way a nice looking clean cut young guy like me could avoid being ****d in prison unless I had protection. By the time I reported to prison Jeff said I would make Bob a good jail wife and to remember not to piss him off. One guy seemed to be the leader and when the black dude pointed to me as his choice the leader said "you can't have him he is Bob's new wife" I felt so strange and the other guys looked at me but in a flash they came into the shower and grabbed the young guy next to me.

Under The Mistletoe

hardcore yurato 2017-10-17

Every guy, all of my coworkers, were staring open-mouthed at my beautiful topless wife as her tits jiggled and bounced as she proudly walked around the room. I know you wanted me to be naughty and show off, so it's okay if I let the guys you work with fuck me a little bit, too, right?" I was fine with them seeing Karen topless and even naked, and feeling her up a little bit, but actually fucking my wife? You wanted your hot naughty wife to tease all your coworkers and show off her boobs for them and let them fuck her a little bit?" You want to see all the guys you work with stare at your naughty naked wife and feel up her boobies and stick their cocks inside her?"