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OHGIRL: Porn Star 1

hardcore ohgirl1 2018-11-29

When the athletes started arriving, a few of them joined in and all 6 of us girls were soon getting fucked or sucking the cocks of a bunch of local college athletes. I didn’t think that there was an end to the number of men at the party, but eventually I had sucked off all of my admirers and was able to get another drink and share a cigarette with Sabrina to relax. John’s idol had some serious stamina, because John eventually came in my ass and his friend kept fucking my pussy until nearly 5 pm. Later on, I was in a room on my knees, sucking four or five different cocks, then somebody was fucking me on a pool table and before the end of the evening I was back in the pool getting fucked by another group of guys.

The Word Fuck

hardcore jpjai007 2018-11-28

Perhaps one of the most interesting and colorful words in the English language today is the word "fuck". In language, "fuck" falls into many grammatical categories. •It can even be used as a conjunction (Mary is easy, fuck she's also stupid). As you can see, there are very few words with the overall versatility of the word "fuck". Difficulty "I don't understand this fucking business!" Pleasure "I fucking couldn't be happier." Retaliation "Up your fucking ass!" Apathy "Who really gives a fuck, anyhow?" Panic "Let's get the fuck out of here." Disbelief "How the fuck did you do that?" "Heads are going to fucking roll." "s**ttered fucking showers my ass." "I need this parade like I need a fucking hole in my head."

My Best Friends s****r

hardcore ZDA90 2018-09-26

I sat down and opened the beer, “So what do you think of my s****r?” I replied, “She is… well… she seems really cool.” “I saw what she was doing in the truck on the way up here” I turned red, “She tends to make people all hot and bothered, that just means she likes you.” I drank the last bit of beer and leaned over to my left and put the empty can into a black trash bag. Chelsea and I walked off into the woods to find a nice tree or shrub to water, “This looks like a good place to camp, come here a lot I take it?” as I unzipped my fly and pulled out my big limp cock.

Five Is Fun

hardcore 2018-09-25

Karen dropped to her knees and pulled Ryan's huge cock out and while he was soft when she pulled it out, he wasn't soft for long and she noticed how big he got in her mouth. Karen then got up and climbed onto John's cock and began riding it, his hands on her ass as she ground her pussy onto his dick, him and I still staring each other in the eyes as I came all over Ryan's cock again. With that John got off of me and I climbed off of Ryan and got onto my knees, Karen knelt beside me and they both began jacking off with both of us working both of their cocks with our hands and mouth.

52 John & Julie unexpected cuck

hardcore alibodge 2018-09-19

Saturday night, Julie and John, our Cromer couple, sat dressed to go out, they were waiting the k** sitter and they were eager to be off, both looking forward to an evening of swapping with Debbie and Kevin. His answer was that the table being booked she should still go he sitting the k**s, and taking Debbie out later in the week, this was the agreed by everyone and Kevin was soon on his way to fetch Julie, After Kevin had collected his wife and had departed, John and Debbie contenting themselves with a phone chat, planning a long day, to the letter, just as he had schemed of passion and bondage for Wednesday his day off, knowing Kevin would be on late shift.

My Wife caught with older man final

hardcore cuteb0y25 2018-09-13

John then groaned again and placed his hands on Ritu's shoulders, Ritu then began to bob her head up and down, each time she took more and more of John's cock into her moist mouth, John was beginning to thrust his hips in time with Ritu's bobbing. Then Ritu stopped she pulled her mouth off his cock and with one final lick from her tong she stood up, Ritu then lifted her short pink skirt and turned around. I then saw John move his hand down to Ritu's pussy and he began to rub her clit, Ritu was moaning and I heard her say to John "Oh god that is so good John.

Mary the Secretary Part One

hardcore oldjohnny 2018-09-05

John was a maintenance guy, and got a call for fixing the drawer on Mary's desk. John takes quick peeks up Mary's skirt, while fixing the drawer. Mary opens her legs more, John see her pussy lips protruding and her small patch of pubes over her slit. She slides off her chair and gets on all fours looking at John under her desk. Her hand lands on John's thigh, right next to his huge bulge. Mary leans forward, grabbing the desk edge, she gets on her feet. Mary breathlessly says back, "Cum baby, fill my hot juicy pussy, shoot that hot load inside me". John grunts as his cock starts to squirt, Mary teasingly rides her wet pussy lips just on John's cockhead.

Used I Was

hardcore oralTcmlvr 2018-08-30

"You are a wonderful little slut Tammy, I wish I could fuck you forever," John said as he felt another orgasm coming on. "Come and sit down Tammy and you can tell me all about it," John said struggling to keep them on a straight path to the back of the SUV even though it was less than a half dozen steps away. "Sorry Tammy, I don't know who you are talking about," John said looking over the hot young body beside him and wondering if these two guys had taken advantage of her. "Yeah, do it, Tammy, do it," John urged, feeling her pussy clamping on his cock in spasm as she shivered with pleasure, her orgasm coming as he slid the last few inches in.

The airpalne ride home pt4

hardcore vtevte 2018-08-28

Jamie thought her legs could no longer hold her as she recalled pulling the blanket back and seeing it was Sam. A mini orgasm caused her to pause in her trek back to the RV. Startled by his sudden entrance, Jamie pulled dad's cock from her mouth, held it in one hand and turn her head toward Sam. Standing in the door of the camper, John watched his wife check her son's head, totally unaware that she was naked from the waist up and that her face was covered in cum. Then thought about how it would look to John to see her wiping his son's seed from her married pussy.

Moonlight Fun Night

hardcore bustybunny 2018-08-26

It didnt help my performance at all lol After we lost I asked Sarah if she wanted to have that cigarette now, and the moment she said sure, Roger chimed back from across the table, saying he was coming for one too, and John quietly followed behind. We all have our cigarette out on the big front porch, and while sarah was busy flirting with Roger and touching his arms, John finally broke out of his shell and started talking to me after a few minutes. I arched my back again, breathing hard, motioning for John to stop thrusting and he pulled out of my mouth quickly and I let out a moan of pleasure as i felt his tongue bounce against my clit, sending waves of pleasure all over my body.

Betting on my wife

hardcore dgoodall1701 2018-08-16

Cathy said “We will have to leave the house for awhile so just follow my lead.” Then we went into the living room to join John and Jen. Instead of sitting down Cathy announced “Since you two are talking about books that I am not interested in I am going to drag Bill along with me to the video store and pick out a couple of moves for latter.” Nobody said anything so Cathy headed for the door with me following. And I said, just as she hit her orgasm and mine was just beginning, “You were sexy and beautiful while I watched John fucking you.” I asked Jen if she would ever want to fuck John again and she said “If I know that you are watching, yes”.

Road Trip continues

hardcore loloishorny 2018-08-14

filled his mouth with my hot cum, John pulls his finger from me and begins to I looked John in the eyes and told him that I'm falling for him and that I never want to be with any other man than him. John slides his fingers in my ass further, then back to my cum filled opening. John then pulls me to lay on his chest as he then fucks my ass and fingers my clit. John pulled me closer as he said we'd like to look around. Rita said she will be working the food tables and to look for her in a cute little maid outfit and her mask will be a bright blue with sparkles.

Hitchhikers paradise

hardcore experimental92 2018-08-13

“that's not a bad start” said the man “but you need to keep going”, and he pushed open the passenger door revealing his bare flanks.I had to pause for a moment at this, there was a steady flow of traffic joining the interstate and up til right then the thought of stripping naked in full view of a busy road hadn't crossed my mind, but I had started warming to my new friends and I took my time taking off the rest of my clothes enjoying the thought of 50 strangers in passing cars watching me get naked.

Thyme Has A Threesome On A Rainy Day

hardcore sexyworldsite 2018-08-10

John's cock was trustworthy, and she did love him, but the sensations she felt now caused her to want this experience in a twenty-four-seven type of way. "I'll walk you out Dar Dar," Thyme said grabbing Darwin's wine gift. "I'm someone who wants to know you better, Thyme." She shrugged at that comment, one of those open-ended statements that men often said to throw the ball in a woman's court, to make them carry on the conversation. This time the sex felt so much more intimate and wet, and completely right, like she wanted to be bound to him forever, no John in sight, and if that meant having Darwin Darlington's baby, then she'd warm up to it.

The salon sluts part 4

hardcore mrwolf75 2018-08-08

“It looks like she’s really bleached the hell out of it, this time.” John said, enjoying Barbi’s further embarrassment. Content with the construction of his breeding apparatus, John phoned the shop and caught Barbi and Lauren just as they were headed out the door. John continued to fight the urge to cum and when he could no longer resist, he quickly bent over and grasped Lauren’s ankles, lifting her legs and allowed her to swing toward him. As John shifted his attention from the tinkling bells suspended from Lauren’s nipple rings, to her heavily made-up face and chemically abused hair, he finally gave in, feeling the first massive squirt rip through his narrow penal passage and into the center of her fertility.

My Daughter 1

hardcore bigdongmatt 2018-08-05

John popped two aspirins in his mouth, followed by a glass of water to soothe his throbbing headache caused by the roaring music from the second door on the right upstairs, his 18-year-old daughter's room. He wanted to ask Stacy to postpone her party, but he couldn't be so selfish. John shut his eyes closed and realized he couldn't be thinking about this young girl's beauty. John realized what he'd said to the young girl and wanted to slap himself. Without hesitation, John took the fruit, peeled it, and extended it to Carmyn. John was still in his study, reclined in his comfortable leather chair, still trying to work. John tried to keep his eyes on her face, but he couldn't ignore her exposed cleavage.

How I Love Being John's Worthless Slave part

hardcore LisaCannons69 2018-07-15

John gave his b*****r, who was known to me only as "Daddy," a leather leash to hook to my collar so he could walk me like the bitch I was. My thighs were hooked up to keep my pussy and asshole available at all times, my waist harness was hooked up to keep me still for all thrusts so I didn't slide away, and my neck was hooked up to keep my head bent backwards for good deep face fucking. Daddy then dragged me outside by my leash, naked, covered in so many men's cum, my pussy dripping from my own orgasm juices as well as all the loads I had dumped inside of me all night long.

Dream come true....

hardcore RaginBull 2018-06-30

He pulled her leg around his hips kissing her neck and working his way down her shoulder while his free hand reached up to gently pinch her nipple through the silk bra. John began to kiss her neck working down to her perky nipples, undoing the top of his pants with his free hand. John slid one finger between her ruby red lips to tease her sweet entrance, but shuddered interrupted as Jenny pulled his shorts freeing his throbbing penis. Jenny moaned lost in his touch as her hand pulls his penis slowly, working down the shaft to the tip then back. John slipped a finger inside her hole pumping slowly matching the rhythm of her hand pulling on his penis.

The History of Kim, Part 6

hardcore sandlicker 2018-06-16

I had been at school for four days, I was told, when John accompanied Jack and Dave to the house, one afternoon. She got on the bed, legs open, and told him, "Come fuck me." Which he DID. FUCK ME LOOONG TIME, CUM TOO MUCH IN MY PUSSY FOR ME!!! She asked him how long he could stay, and when she was told he had towork that night, she took some cotton, and pushed it inside her pussy, so she wouldn't drip. When she stood up, she told him flat, "Next time you come here, I give you MORE pussy.

Training the wife

hardcore subseeker 2018-06-05

Thousands of dollars behind on the car payment and even more indebted to cable companies, the electric company and the damned mortgage company, Diane felt like a little, helpless girl being d**g along by a man that didn't really know what the hell he was doing. The man shoved his dick into her mouth again, this time she felt balls flap onto her face. She felt hands roam her body as the man above her fucked her mouth slowly, moaning and telling her what a good little cocksucker she was. The two men in her hands and the cock in her mouth pulled out simultaneously and the result was a cum bath from all directions as each man stood above her face.

Yummy 9

hardcore cumslutt77 2018-05-29

wanna suck your camp meat!" Jack groaned, fishing in his soaked panties in the group suck'n'fuck shower for his thick, hard cock, getting down on his knees and taking him in his cocksucking mouth! "I wanna suck your cock, darling!" John groaned and tugged down Jay's pants to expose his matching pink panties, the head of his hard penis sticking out of it, with drops of precum oozing... John was ready to receive Jay's cum in his hot, cocksucking mouth when another voice said hoarsely, "Ouuuuu please, share it with me!" It was Jay's landlord, his pants down, his cock super hard sticking out of his panties, crawling towards them on his knees.

The New summer job part two

hardcore ab8715 2018-05-07

Daniel entered and stood in front of John's desk hoping he wouldn't have to Daniel walked to where John was sitting and presented his cock for "Still a bit stubbly," John commented rolling Daniels cock and ball around John gave Daniel's balls a tight feel. Daniel moaned as he pulled on the tight shorts, the t-shirt and slipped As Daniel described the little he knew about the facility, he felt the guys "Let's get you naked first," the guy directed pulling Daniel to his feet, pulling the T-shirt off and pushing Daniels shorts down and off. his head and looked down at Daniel, his cock still buried in his mouth. with the cock, his hands still buried under the shirt, feeling the man's

Cunt Control

hardcore eros_911 2018-04-22

"Now Samantha, you have told your story like you have some sort of special power that makes people have to have sex with you, but you and I both know that you really just seduced all of those men and women, and that you will fuck anyone who asks. John, Theodore and Samantha all fainted. You are my army!" His voice was deep, haunting and echoed through the cave like room, filled with people, "In 3 days our war will start. The girl you told me about, the one with glasses and perfectly shaped C-cup breasts, who you had sex with for a year while training and stuff?" John announced, causing Liz to blush.

Tenant Susan is not done with John PT2

hardcore hotjohn1234 2018-04-18

He looked at the naked body and thought, Oh you beautiful thing; I love that gorgeous ass those cute butt cheeks just wanting to be squeezed. Her body was quivering and his was tense and the relaxing and he wrapped his arms around her and held her close, he kissed the top of her head softly and did a little hip wiggle. “Lift your leg, now the other” his hands moved up and down her back and then between her legs and it seemed without thought he soaped her pussy and then her crack completely without any sexual move just washing her body.