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Mom and I together, Forever

hardcore bava12 2018-11-27

Amma blushed and laughed at the same time, "Oh Ajay if you weren't my son I would think you are trying to seduce your own mother". Amma pulled her head back and replied, "Ajay for heavens sake I am your mother and besides I am married to your father". Amma reached up and pulled me down lightly kissed my lips and then f***ed my mouth open with her tongue. Later that night, when she left my room her face glowing with sexual joy, Amma said, "Ajay, whenever you want me, just do like what you did. I grabbed her and showered kisses on her and said, "Amma, now we can really be the married couple we are", and started making passionate love.

Having Fun With Choti Maa (Aunt)

hardcore bava12 2018-11-22

We talked for some time in which Manju told uncle what all I had taught her in the past year. I jumped down like an enthusiastic little boy playing a video game for the first time & planted a long & vivid kiss on her clitoris. I could see the movement of her boobs & man were they sight … When she thought I was ready to cum, she quickly got down & started sucking my dick again rigorously. Before closing the door, I threw another room at the look where I embraced the world of sex for the first time, where the husband of the woman who took my virginity was sl**ping oblivious to what has happened there a minute ago…

The Hotel

hardcore scottishlegend 2018-10-05

When she calls out “Mr Harris.” I turn to look at her “If you need anything during your stay, please don’t hesitate to ask.” I can hear the pity in her voice now, and I simply nod and give a sad smile to her. With a wicked grin, she takes my throbbing cock in her hand and gives it a shake saying “Not yet big boy, this is going to take a while.” She then starts to rub the head of my cock. I start to kiss down her neck and into her collarbone, she lets out a small growl and wraps her arms around my head and running her hands through my hair.

A request from a friend

hardcore pack_howitzer 2018-10-01

You start to reach up to rake your hands over your face to smooth back you hair, but I seize one of your wrists before you can complete the motion. The cold wetness of your rain-soaked hand around my warm cock sends a shockwave up my spine. There isn't much real estate left in my trousers with but my hard cock and your hand, so you just start to move the tips of your finger and thumb around the tip of my cockhead. This time as we draw close I first feel the coldness of the water on your skin, but that gives way to the extreme warmth coming from your body. I stand up straight and you kiss my chest while your hands find my cock again.

The Morning After

hardcore tripper87 2018-09-30

You set your coffee on the table and reach your hands around his chest and gently kiss him from behind. His hands caress your arms and he gently returns your kiss, wishing you a good morning and asking you how you feel? Watching his naked body, you feel your hands moving about you, nervously touching yourself not sexually but almost like in response to the erotic tingle it feels. His hands caressing your back, sliding smoothly against the silk, he caresses your entire body moving gently from your back across your breasts. He gently holds your breast with his hand and uses his tongue and mouth around it, licking at the nipple bringing it erect.

A c***dhood Love Revisited

hardcore adel5000 2018-09-27

slowly began the one mile trudge to my girlfriends house; all the way trying to hard and I couldn't deny the fact that I wanted to kiss this hot bitch. questioning look and she responded by pulling the strings of her bikini and letting produce small moans from her as I began to kiss her neck. roughly massed and kiss both of her breasts until I began to continue my journey bottom I slowly slid it off her and took a look for the first time at her virgin pussy, it I continued to lick as slowly began to slide a finger in and out of My mind ran wild at that and I began to think of the possible things that could

Friend hot s****r slumber party

hardcore remi85 2018-09-27

With that I asked her to get on her knee and hand so I can fuck her in the doggy position, I slide my cock in and as soon as I fully entered her she exploded with her second orgasm and let out a big moan and I can feel her pussy squeezing my cock. A few minutes of this I told her I am gonna cum and wanted her to suck me off, she turn around and say she want to feel my cum deep inside her pussy and asked me to fuck her harder as she is very close to another orgasm.

About to members meeting

hardcore srlvictoria 2018-09-26

While Kara waited for Scott to come on-line, she moved her paperwork out of the way and started making a list of things that had to be done around her farm. Duncan had already retreated to his room to play his new PS3 games as Scott and Kara stood in the doorway, waving to her parents until they could no longer see the lights of their car. Scott drew Kara to him and held her in his arms, looking into her eyes and kissing her, not like a friend, but like a lover. Scott couldn’t think of another woman who enjoyed the taste of good whiskey like Kara. After the singing there was more toasting and a lot of hugging and kissing before Scott and Kara said their good-byes and headed home.

Taking You

hardcore fearlessfreep 2018-09-25

I feel you beginning to swell, and burn hot against my mouth, you buck harder and I hear you gasping ‘I’m cumming’Your juices rush in to my mouth, a wonder gush of warm love, and I swallow, while pushing my tongue I to the clenched muscles of your throbbing pussy, and then running it up over the pounding orgasm of your pussy to the swelling of your clit.I keep going until your passion is spent, and then look up through the waters of the shower at your smiling beautiful face, glowing and framed in wet hair.

He got her cherry

hardcore danyg 2018-09-25

When i got to her place later that evening I didn't' know what to say or do, so I went over to her and started to kiss her, making my way down to her pussy and licked it for at least and hour, making her orgasm a few times. He held her hips, and slowly pushed a little more, she screamed a little, and I could see he was 3/4 in her, he held her ass, and she rode him up and down barely six times before she said it hurts way too much, so he pulled out and started spewing cum everywhere.

Kim Submits to her Craving

hardcore KinkyPhil 2018-09-25

I pull up a little more to hold her in the air adding a cloth in her mouth and one more weight on her nipples getting a good exhale, my fingers brush her soft pale skin as I wait several moments then in one motion I grab the clothespins removing them freeing her nipples from their captivity. Brushing her stomach Kim moans deep inside her body as I add some zaps to her pussy getting some hip twitches, then I brush her stomach and her nipples getting a purr that changes as I push several needles all the way into her pale flesh.

Lending me his Girlfriend Part One Sounds like a P

hardcore cogelon777 2018-09-25

People get married and have dinner parties instead, people have k**s and have to stay at home to look after the c***dren, people get nine to five jobs and have to get everything else done over the weekend people fall out one refusing to come out unless the other is not invited, sadly these are hard times and some people just can’t afford to go out partying every night. I take hold of her and kiss her passionately on the lips this time as I lift her top up, she unbuttons my shirt as I wrap my hands around her top into a roll of fabric and press it against her neck and push her back towards the wall and slam the door shut with a quick flick of my heel.

Dating Can Be Tricky

hardcore biguy52x 2018-09-24

I knew that I wanted more one night as I was walking Bev to her dorm her room mate Ginny came out and met us. As I started eating her pussy she said I can't believe Bev has fucked your cock off your body. My cock was ready and I slid it into Ginny and I said bull shit. Ginny laughed and said that she wants to fucked like a no account slut. Ginny told me to kiss Bev and as I am kissing her pull the tube top down. I told her that she was going to suck my cock again after I was through fucking Ginny. She opened her mouth and I asked her how did Ginny's pussy taste on my cock?

A Rustic Bed and Breakfast

hardcore prarielassie 2018-09-23

tasting, learning the shape and feel of the other, enjoying We kiss passionately and continue our exploration of each He continues to kiss me, slowly moving to my neck and behind He takes his time, running his tongue way to the other breast, not wanting it to feel neglected. begins to tease and taste the bud. Slowly running his tongue along the outside working his way in to taste the milk of He works his finger inside me, exploring, savoring the I run my mouth up and down his head, tasting I love the taste and feel of him, the way his shaft comes to life. and harder, wanting more and more until I can feel him expand

I Cheated My Hubby Part 1

hardcore altaff143 2018-09-22

I couldn't talk, I was feeling this rush of sexual tension like I never felt in my life but at the same time i knew it was wrong. Milind knew how I felt about him and he said that he fantasized me for a long time and wanted to make love to me. However, my hubby's thoughts made me aware that i was doing sumthing wrong and as I was just getting ready to break away again from Milind, he began to gently stroke my left breast through the soft material of my blouse. Milind looked deep in my eyes, pulled my naked body close to his and said " am sorry Manisha...

Trailer Park Fuck- #2 Merida part 2

hardcore DeafAjax 2018-09-21

She pulled me down to kiss her and felt my cock and started rubbing it to make it rock hard. Once I got those fancy blue panties off of her, I started kissing just above her knees inside of her legs. Before long, Merida was moaning too much to be kissed and I focused intently on coaxing another orgasm with my hands. I smacked her ass and started going faster and harder, slowly building up to my maximum speed, fucking her so hard the couch was moving in the direction I was fucking her. Merida moaned like a whore while I fucked her and grabbed a big portion of her ass for handling.

The After Party

hardcore 2018-09-20

You open the front door and lead me inside, before you even get the chance to give me a quick tour I grab your hand and pull you close, planting a soft and passionate kiss on your lips. Pushing my tongue between the folds of your pussy, I taste your sweet juices and moan gently, licking from hole to clit. I lap up all the juices and swallow, then shift down from under you and grab your hips, dragging you to the edge of the bed. I push my face between your cheeks and clamp my mouth around your pussy, my tongue lapping up the mixture of our juices.

Sex with my friend's girlfriend

hardcore wzzzyzk 2018-09-17

I didn’t want to break the mood, so I improvised, telling her I just wanted to see her body, to see what she looked like in her thong, and I felt her hands let go of mine, giving me permission. I took a final look, and then went back to sucking and feeling her tits up, working on her for a few minutes before she reached out towards me, and pulled my face towards her, wanting to kiss. I looked down at her and asked her “Do you want me to cum?” and she smiled and nodded, then told me to make sure I pulled out.

Making My Own - Vampire Pt 6

hardcore 2018-09-16

After a few moments to digest this news Gwen got this sexy look on her face and started moving towards the bedroom, "Well I would love to thank our male helper here for allowing to share this aging process with you." She gave me a wink and somehow projected pictures of us making love to each other in many new and different ways I've never seen us do before. Quickly moving James shifted from under us pushing Gwen down into the bed and pulling her legs up he entered her and started thrusting slow and deep.

The first visit (Part 1)

hardcore SecretListner 2018-09-15

He is pressing against her, pushing his knee slowly between her legs, rubbing her thighs. She opens his pants, pulls it over his butt, it falls to the floor. He hooks his fingers into her panties, pulling them down slowly and baring her kitty. With his fingers, he pulls her pussy lips apart, licking through her wet fanny and tastes her spicy juice. He keeps licking through the full length of her crack up to the swollen guard at the top, he plays around with the tip of his tongue, then sticks it as deep as possible into her wet hole, licking the inside wall of her pussy, tasting as much of her nectar as possible.

Club Tub Fun

hardcore adel5000 2018-09-15

“Well, maybe I could use some company,” Kara said, as she reached out and rubbed the back of my hand. I was just beginning to enjoy the sight of her barely contained breasts when she turned away and pulled down the sweat pants to reveal full bikini bottoms that cupped her firm bubble butt. Kara slid forward in the tub, pressing herself over me as she reached for my cock. Kara pushed me back against the edge of the tub again and started stroking my cock. “Lots of cum,” repeated Kara, then kissed the head of my cock. I looked down to see the last of my cum dribble over her fingers before Kara tongued my cock clean.

The Coffee Shop

hardcore Gtownguy40 2018-09-12

You give my cock and ball a few stokes and pulls and ask “doesn’t that feel so much better?” I answer “yes ma’am, but why my ass?” You replied you like to keep your options open. You lower your ass on my tongue and tell me to lick it good, and start to rock on my face. You get off my cock and straddle my face soaking me with your juices and tell me I can finally have her with my tongue. You push me back onto the bed and kiss me so passionately telling me that was so incredibly hot, I agree, and ask if I can finally take the blindfold off.

Txt Sex transcript

hardcore chefjohn 2018-09-12

Your hand on the back of my head as i tease you, kissing the soft flesh of your inner thighs, using my fingers to move your knickers aside i run my tongue over your moist lips. I spread your swollen lips with my fingers and thrust my tongue inside you, your hot wet pussy tightening around my tongue as you feel yourself cumming. Me: You tell me to stand up, and you reach for my cock, your hand stroking it, feeling it grow harder, you shuffle forward so you can rub it over your swollen pussy, positioning me against you, telling me to fuck you now. Me: i lift you off my cock and you kneel your hand round it, glistening, wet with your cum, you lick it, tasting yourself as you run your tongue over it.


hardcore 2018-09-12

Annoyed and in shock I open my eyes, You look into my eyes and I try to move but you start to lick my neck nice and slow, making my body want to arch in pleasure but I manage to keep still. I feel you kissing my pussy deeply as you suck up my juices, playfully pulling at the lips and letting your tongue play with my clit and nibbling my pussy just to get my hips thrusting into your face. I open my mouth to speak to you and to tell you where to get off, when you end up pulling my hair back and kissing my neck as you move back between my legs and slide your hard cock into my pussy real slow and firm.