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Mom and I together, Forever

hardcore bava12 2018-03-05

Amma blushed and laughed at the same time, "Oh Ajay if you weren't my son I would think you are trying to seduce your own mother". Amma pulled her head back and replied, "Ajay for heavens sake I am your mother and besides I am married to your father". Amma reached up and pulled me down lightly kissed my lips and then f***ed my mouth open with her tongue. Later that night, when she left my room her face glowing with sexual joy, Amma said, "Ajay, whenever you want me, just do like what you did. I grabbed her and showered kisses on her and said, "Amma, now we can really be the married couple we are", and started making passionate love.

Having Fun With Choti Maa (Aunt)

hardcore bava12 2018-03-03

We talked for some time in which Manju told uncle what all I had taught her in the past year. I jumped down like an enthusiastic little boy playing a video game for the first time & planted a long & vivid kiss on her clitoris. I could see the movement of her boobs & man were they sight … When she thought I was ready to cum, she quickly got down & started sucking my dick again rigorously. Before closing the door, I threw another room at the look where I embraced the world of sex for the first time, where the husband of the woman who took my virginity was sl**ping oblivious to what has happened there a minute ago…

Mother in law helps out newly weds.

hardcore 2018-01-27

Just want you to know there are no major problems, just would like more active sex life. She tells me what Star said, sex and she is sore for several days. "I know you love her, just want to make sure you get what you need" The room is pitch black, I hit the very dim light to see if we are alone. you can touch and kiss them, you can not give me oral sex like you do for Star. I do not stop and do not cum, I keep stroking faster and faster, she finally lets loose. You need to understand a man should last long enough to let the women orgasm. I did not know women could orgasm while having sex.

Totally spent Part I

hardcore fromtheback31 2018-01-26

She laughs and with a hand cups a breasts and says oh do you mean these. Cheers she says lets chug! My tongue slowly sliding against hers as she starts to kiss me back. I kiss her neck again and slowly slide my tongue down her neck to the top of her breasts. She slides her hand down my pants and grasps my swelling cock. I am so sorry she says and slides her mouth down as far as she can to the spot and back up. She screams and giggles and says I wanted this since I saw you the 1st time in Chem class. I squirt into her and can feel my cum and hers start to flow out onto my cock again.

Confessions of an Erotic Pornstar in heat

hardcore Quincy_DaShark 2018-01-26

but this aint your time to talk

 so shut the fuck up till I make u moan louder & you better not cum yet...

I want you to hold it in & when u feel u can't hold it any more…… KEEP FUCKIN HOLDIN IT!

 I hold it over your mouth and drizzle it on your tongue so you to can taste the salty sweet goodness that you produce, then I put my dick back in, digging the pussy out some more...wait did u just cum again!!! At the same time you swallowing this hot nut down your throat I drink all the pussy juices you been squirting all night in the mason jar!

A request from a friend

hardcore pack_howitzer 2018-01-25

You start to reach up to rake your hands over your face to smooth back you hair, but I seize one of your wrists before you can complete the motion. The cold wetness of your rain-soaked hand around my warm cock sends a shockwave up my spine. There isn't much real estate left in my trousers with but my hard cock and your hand, so you just start to move the tips of your finger and thumb around the tip of my cockhead. This time as we draw close I first feel the coldness of the water on your skin, but that gives way to the extreme warmth coming from your body. I stand up straight and you kiss my chest while your hands find my cock again.

Trailer Park Fuck- #2 Merida part 2

hardcore DeafAjax 2018-01-23

She pulled me down to kiss her and felt my cock and started rubbing it to make it rock hard. Once I got those fancy blue panties off of her, I started kissing just above her knees inside of her legs. Before long, Merida was moaning too much to be kissed and I focused intently on coaxing another orgasm with my hands. I smacked her ass and started going faster and harder, slowly building up to my maximum speed, fucking her so hard the couch was moving in the direction I was fucking her. Merida moaned like a whore while I fucked her and grabbed a big portion of her ass for handling.

My 18 year old mistress. Part one

hardcore kindaperv 2018-01-23

She smiled at me, bright eyed, and said, "I was wondering what your next move would be. I was a bit dense and she had to continue to explain for some time before I offered to give her a ride home. My wife was and still is just not that into making out. No begging, no two hours of foreplay, no dinner and a movie, just sex! My wife is disgusted by cum and I have to wipe her clean after we have sex immediately after I ejaculate. She won't even let me cum inside her even though I had been snipped. It is a wonder we ever had k**s...apparently Ashley had no such problem with jizz.

Hotel room fantasy

hardcore rogue19 2018-01-23

I say nothing as I place my finger over your soft lips, I press my big tits up against you hard, you can feel me breathe, I cup your face in my hand and kiss you softly, my warm tongue stroking yours, I feel your cock stiffen in my thigh You reach around and cup my pussy in your hand rubbing my slit with your middle finger, I scream out in ecstasy, you slide your fingers into me whilst you are pounding my arse, you pull out just as your about to shoot and all I can feel is jets of hot sticky cum on my arse and my back..

Mother Gets What Daughter Looses

hardcore hotjohn1234 2018-01-23

David started thinking mmmmmmm she feels nice next to me, and her breasts feel good, I would like to hold them and kiss them and oh her legs, Dam you fool stop it she is your girlfriends mother, hell she is old enough to be your mother, ya but what a mother she is, she has a body any man would like to fuck, no make love to, she is better than just fucking. “Well we had a wonderful afternoon, some great sex and I hope the start of something special”, with that he bend and kissed her hard and let his hand run up and down her body touching her breast and nipple belly and side and softly the wet hair of her pussy and then cupped the pussy pushing on the bone and wiggling his finger in the wet lips.

Long trip

hardcore iamjohndoe09 2018-01-22

You then lift it up and start to lick the entire length of my shaft all the way down to my balls and then start sucking on them one at a time as you stroke my cock with your hands. You start to bob you head back and forth sucking my cock and stroking it with your hands at the same time and I can feel the cum bubbling up inside of me. As I'm sitting in the tub I watch as you slowly undress for me taking you time to take off your sexy outfit and giving me a show that you know I am loving, once you are finally naked you just stand there for a moment and I can’t wait to have your body pressed up against mine again.


hardcore flycouple 2018-01-21

I am bed watching tv, waiting for you to come home from work, I stroke my cock and balls, feeling horny, it hardens. I run my hand over your hip, and feel your lingerie. With that devilish grin, you give me a slow sexy kiss. You rub your hand over it, feeling it harden you caress it as you move over me. You move closer for a kiss, and position my cock at your pussy lips. As we do, I pull you down to me with my hands, and slowly thrust up pushing my cock in as deep as i can. "Yes!!" You gasp, as my cock begins to pulse, your pussy tightens, and the first blast of cum gushes into you.

'Boyfriends Past'

hardcore Cyberbeast 2018-01-20

We had a blast, but we know that we're not right for each other." Pete took Michelle's hands into his. Michelle burst into happy tears as she hugged Pete, who gave her a kiss on the cheek, then gently pushed her down the steps. Michelle held out her hand to Pete, who took it and tugged, pulling her tight. Daniel smiled at Pete and Jason, then moved in for the kiss. Jason rose back to his knees as he got close, then quickly closed and kissed Michelle's hard on the mouth. He pulled away looking into her eyes, then smiled, dropped slowly, and ran his tongue from her left knee toward her pussy. Jason kissed and nibbled Michelle's thighs over and over, never quite getting to her pussy.

Indian girl narrates her true i****t sex encounter

hardcore 2018-01-20

Then she said but that guys size and thickness was wow, how did you feel when it was inside you, I said I was like filled and some hot thing crawling inside me, I was in heaven mom, I asked her hows dad in bed he satisfies you, she said yes and says he takes good care of me in bed, I know I saw you people having fun…I don’t know when my hand reached to her panty from tummy talking with her,,,, my hand was on her panty and I was trying to feel it, mom kept her hand on mine and saw me in my eyes, she pressed her hand on my hand and came close to me kissing me on my cheeks, I kept my hand inside her panty and started to rub her…she closed her eyes and pulled my head near to her shoulders and hugged me tight..

A Cruise Ship Story

hardcore 2018-01-20

I want to cover it with oil and fuck me hard.” You feel my cock getting harder as you continue to rub it. I drop my towel and suntan oil as I feel your hands reach inside my waist band to untie my trunks. You take my cock out your mouth and say “Fuck me, Andy.” I begin to reach for the door knob with my hand you tell me not yet. I grab it with my left hand as you feel my hard tip rub up against your pussy. You begin to rub your well oiled tits on my left shin while looking at my hard cock. You reach your left hand and grab my hard cock as you rub your tits up and down my thigh.

Quickie - come home soon

hardcore Freakadelia 2018-01-18

The feel of his warm wet lips on hers and his tongue moving against and inside her made her moan and grind against his face. Slowly, gently, she worked her tongue against his cock tip, pulling back to let her lips roll over his sensitive head, all the while softly stroking her nails against the underside of his scrotum. Fuelled by his desire to please his woman, he licked and sucked, at once lifting her buttocks up so her pussy was f***ed against his mouth and tongue, also using his finger tips to gently tease her labia as his tongue worked around, under and over her clitoris.

Best friend

hardcore pleasureseeker420 2018-01-17

Every time we said hello and goodbye and hugged I could feel her breast pressing against mine. Her pants were very low cut, if she bent the wrong way her virgin pussy would be exposed to my eyes. I removed her nighty, her breasts looked so beautiful. So doing what I was told I removed my shirt and bra exposing my breasts to her. I kissed her neck and slowly made my way down to her breasts. While I was caressing and licking her breasts I took my free hand and begun removing her silky shorts. After a long kissing session she looked over at me and said “Amanda, I want you to fuck me now.”

One night of Pleasure (Incomplete)

hardcore erron45 2018-01-15

cheek and whisper “Daddy, I want you to fuck me till you cum deep inside of me.” I glide my hand down You grab your Dick and start to tease me by outlining my pussy with the tip and smacking my clit. from underneath and You kiss the sides and start to spit into my ass and run your dick through the crack. While I start to finger myself, tell you "baby I want it now, I need you to put it in" you spit on the tip of your you have to cum and I tell you I want a creampie;) I spread my legs and have you ride me putting all of fingers inside and start to play with my pussy, licking it all off my fingers.

Our Night Out

hardcore indestructable_f 2018-01-12

I run my hand down your body and when you are not expecting it, I slip two fingers deep into your hot wet pussy, slowly building up a rhythm and then slipping in another finger as I fuck you hard and fast with my fingers... I can’t help myself, watching you ride my cock, you are asking me to fuck you harder and faster as I push deep into your beautiful sweet pussy,, I thrust harder and faster until I can take it no more and I explode deep into you as you come to a shuddering climax.... I feel like I am about to explode as I watch you fuck yourself with your fingers and rub your clit faster and harder until you come all over your hand...

Bi Side 4--Revenge

hardcore newman5 2018-01-11

After I left Romeo's house feeling mad as hell and seeing red, i knew i HAD to pay his ass back. Baby mama, just got outta jail, no car...just too much shit." I looked at him in confusion at why NOW he would say something like that when it was the same situation with the other friends. I could see him looking back at me from the side of his eyes...then Romeo came in with a comb and we acted like everthing was normal. When I pulled up to his house, he came to my window and said to let him drive. After we got back to his house, i told him we should get in one more and he said, 'Nah yo.

Slut Wife

hardcore 2018-01-11

Kathy's mom said they needed to come to Abbotsville for a couple days to help work out some of the details for the wedding; things like arranging for a church and a pastor, getting a caterer for the reception and stuff like that. "I know you didn't enjoy yourself yesterday so if you want you can stay here and book our Jamaica honeymoon and Brian can stand in for you at the wedding rehearsal." Billie thought that was a great idea. In the morning when Kathy woke up, she got out of Brian's bed quickly and took a shower because she wanted to look presentable when Billie arrived. Kathy liked the sex she got from both Frank and Brian, and thought it would be nice if Billie would be content just sucking her pussy.

About to members meeting

hardcore srlvictoria 2018-01-08

While Kara waited for Scott to come on-line, she moved her paperwork out of the way and started making a list of things that had to be done around her farm. Duncan had already retreated to his room to play his new PS3 games as Scott and Kara stood in the doorway, waving to her parents until they could no longer see the lights of their car. Scott drew Kara to him and held her in his arms, looking into her eyes and kissing her, not like a friend, but like a lover. Scott couldn’t think of another woman who enjoyed the taste of good whiskey like Kara. After the singing there was more toasting and a lot of hugging and kissing before Scott and Kara said their good-byes and headed home.

Kathryn's technique

hardcore wilify 2018-01-06

She would dangle her foot slowly up and down gradually exposing her heel then her sole , then ask me what it was I was looking at. My heart would start to pound at the sight of her beautifully exposed foot and I was doubly aroused by the lovely smell of her feet which hit me like a d**g. Kiss this one and sniff the other ‘ Then she pushed me to the floor and held me there beneath her feet saying ‘ Kiss’em! Now the other Now both OOH SNIFF’em SMOTHER!!!Beat your meat and smell my feet. And if she stuck her feet anywhere near my face it was all over, I could direct traffic with the woody I’d get then.

MMF Evening

hardcore 2018-01-05

She then orders you to lie on your back for 69, and slowly eases her still-dripping pussy on your face, as she takes your cock in her mouth. You buck your hips to push your cock deeper into her mouth, and she gags, but uses her spit to jack you, and continues to deep-throat your cock. Both of us are still semi-erect, but continue to fuck her as our cum becomes a froth, and I can feel it dripping down on my balls and legs. As she grabs your hair and f***es you to suck all the cum out of her pussy, I kiss her with much affection, and even bend down to clean her clit, our tongues brushing once again.