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Mom and I together, Forever

hardcore bava12 2018-05-26

Amma blushed and laughed at the same time, "Oh Ajay if you weren't my son I would think you are trying to seduce your own mother". Amma pulled her head back and replied, "Ajay for heavens sake I am your mother and besides I am married to your father". Amma reached up and pulled me down lightly kissed my lips and then f***ed my mouth open with her tongue. Later that night, when she left my room her face glowing with sexual joy, Amma said, "Ajay, whenever you want me, just do like what you did. I grabbed her and showered kisses on her and said, "Amma, now we can really be the married couple we are", and started making passionate love.

Having Fun With Choti Maa (Aunt)

hardcore bava12 2018-05-23

We talked for some time in which Manju told uncle what all I had taught her in the past year. I jumped down like an enthusiastic little boy playing a video game for the first time & planted a long & vivid kiss on her clitoris. I could see the movement of her boobs & man were they sight … When she thought I was ready to cum, she quickly got down & started sucking my dick again rigorously. Before closing the door, I threw another room at the look where I embraced the world of sex for the first time, where the husband of the woman who took my virginity was sl**ping oblivious to what has happened there a minute ago…

My Sexy Ex s*s-in-Law

hardcore Shoobydoo 2018-05-21

Laura was still down stairs, so i thought i might be a bit naughty, and left the door open, and got on to the bed, yet only pulled the duvet half over, so my semi hard cock was on display, yet my face not visible. She was moaning so loud and i knew she was about to cum, so i continued this alternate fucking with my finger and cock, and then added another finger in her ass, at which point she came so hard, i think she may have either squirted or pee'd, but either way i could take no more, and pulled out, begging her to let me cum in her mouth.

My first Bi sexual Experience.

hardcore Bi_soldier_boy_2013 2018-05-20

Emma looking up seing this just seems to turn her on even more and she sucks on our dicks harder, Taking them deeper in her mouth while stroking them. I'm so turned on by this hunk of a guy sucking on my tounge while his sexy wife sucks on my fat cock. Will comes and kneels before me while Emma guides my solid rock hard Dick into his warm mouth. Emma runs her hands over my boady, kissing my chest and licking and sucking my nipples. After sucking on my sack Will sits up and watches his wife pretty little mouth be filled with a young fat cock. Emma moaning while I push her head upland down on my Dick.

Step Jack Daddy: Part 4

hardcore Ashley1991 2018-05-20

"Like what you see Nathan?" I winked at him and slowly came and sat on his lap and started to rub my pussy on his crouch and began to make moaning noises which instantly got him hard, I then undid his tie and removed his shirt, then undid his belt, unzipped his fly and pulled down his jeans and his underpants and spread his legs and went down on my knees and started to stroke his cock with my hands, Soon I began to kiss and lick his very this and long throbbing hard dick and started to play with his balls with my free hands, In no time I was sucking him fast..


hardcore 2018-05-19

“That hard cock feels good on my ass” Glenn smiled and replied “Baby you have no idea how long I waited for this how many times I dreamed of making love to you.” “Sweetie we have a lot of time to make love but I want you to take that big cock and fuck my wet pussy as you have always dreamed of fucking it.” She was looking him in the eye and felt his hands moving down her stomach. “I am going to fill that pussy with my cum my sweet slut.” Kewanna felt him swelling and knew he was close as she was, she wanted to orgasm together to feel the ultimate high from what was the best night of her life in a long time.

The temple

hardcore Teasyme 2018-05-18

I slowly slip around to face him as I straddle his lap, kissing him with a wild passion from the depth of my soul - his answering fire and the pulse of his cock cause me feel as if a waterfall has started inside my pussy. I am completely caught off guard by the gloriously huge orgasm that disintegrates me into nothingness at the same moment his whispers stop and he cries out loudly with his release - his cock quiver inside of me - wetness drenching us where our bodies join while the pleasure seems to go on, and on, and on.

Trailer Park Fuck- #2 Merida part 2

hardcore DeafAjax 2018-05-18

She pulled me down to kiss her and felt my cock and started rubbing it to make it rock hard. Once I got those fancy blue panties off of her, I started kissing just above her knees inside of her legs. Before long, Merida was moaning too much to be kissed and I focused intently on coaxing another orgasm with my hands. I smacked her ass and started going faster and harder, slowly building up to my maximum speed, fucking her so hard the couch was moving in the direction I was fucking her. Merida moaned like a whore while I fucked her and grabbed a big portion of her ass for handling.

f****y affairs part 3

hardcore mr_psycho2000 2018-05-18

Daniel holds melissas legs up while she begins to taste melissa's warm pussy, sucking and licking. Melissa begins to kiss nadine on her sweet pussy while daniel holds nadine up still kissing her and feeling nadines breasts. Nadine sits down with her hand between her legs as daniel and melissa kiss again feeling each other and shareing the pussy juice from nadine. Daniel sits on the toilet seat while melissa begins to lick her clit, nadine bends down and slowly licks melissa pussy from behind. As daniel begins to cum again nadine climbs over the top of melissa and gentle places her pussy in front of daniels face balanceing on the toilet and backtub.

The Last Night With The Love of My Life

hardcore wedgietime 2018-05-17

We never completely immersed ourselves into the roles like some couples do, it was more for fantasy fun than anything and the past few days were mingled with light bondage, the new jeweled butt plugs I bought her, and her moaning ‘Daddy’ as I licked her tight pussy. Getting carried away I began to lick one of her toes instead of kiss, she then slapped my wrist with her makeshift paddle (The flat of her hairbrush) and told me for not following her orders, I needed to restart. After several minutes of licking her tiny clit, sucking her labia, and pleasuring her with my fingers at different depths and speeds, she arched her back and let out a very long, breathless moan, coming all over my fingers.

Kathryn's technique

hardcore wilify 2018-05-17

She would dangle her foot slowly up and down gradually exposing her heel then her sole , then ask me what it was I was looking at. My heart would start to pound at the sight of her beautifully exposed foot and I was doubly aroused by the lovely smell of her feet which hit me like a d**g. Kiss this one and sniff the other ‘ Then she pushed me to the floor and held me there beneath her feet saying ‘ Kiss’em! Now the other Now both OOH SNIFF’em SMOTHER!!!Beat your meat and smell my feet. And if she stuck her feet anywhere near my face it was all over, I could direct traffic with the woody I’d get then.


hardcore adel5000 2018-05-17

Jakob dropped her hand once they were off the bus, not sure if Jessie would want to be seen in the company of a loner like him, but she grabbed it right back, holding it tightly until they parted at the rest rooms. “That’s just it—the challenge.” Jessie saw for the first time the real Jakob, and she was impressed by what she saw—a real person of real strength, a person who worked hard and loved it. When Jessie rolled off Jakob the girls got a good view of his body and his equipment, still fully erect. Jakob found the experience to be a tremendous turn-on; Jessie loved doing it just as much, even more when she noticed the effect her tongue had on his swelling cock.

Valentine's surprises - Part I

hardcore the_teaser 2018-05-16

She starts to open her legs a little more to allow me better access and I immediately feel that her pussy is getting wet. I grab Laurens hips and then start to pull her big round ass back while sinking again deep into her. I feel that this is getting too much for Lauren as her tight little pussy is contracting more and more around my dick and her moans develop to cries of pleasure. She can’t hold it back anymore and starts to cum uncontrollably, tremble becomes shaking and her pussy is now trying to milk my dick. I turn her face and kiss her but don’t stop pushing my dick in and out of her contracting pussy.

Indian girl narrates her true i****t sex encounter

hardcore 2018-05-13

Then she said but that guys size and thickness was wow, how did you feel when it was inside you, I said I was like filled and some hot thing crawling inside me, I was in heaven mom, I asked her hows dad in bed he satisfies you, she said yes and says he takes good care of me in bed, I know I saw you people having fun…I don’t know when my hand reached to her panty from tummy talking with her,,,, my hand was on her panty and I was trying to feel it, mom kept her hand on mine and saw me in my eyes, she pressed her hand on my hand and came close to me kissing me on my cheeks, I kept my hand inside her panty and started to rub her…she closed her eyes and pulled my head near to her shoulders and hugged me tight..

My 18 year old mistress. Part one

hardcore kindaperv 2018-05-12

She smiled at me, bright eyed, and said, "I was wondering what your next move would be. I was a bit dense and she had to continue to explain for some time before I offered to give her a ride home. My wife was and still is just not that into making out. No begging, no two hours of foreplay, no dinner and a movie, just sex! My wife is disgusted by cum and I have to wipe her clean after we have sex immediately after I ejaculate. She won't even let me cum inside her even though I had been snipped. It is a wonder we ever had k**s...apparently Ashley had no such problem with jizz.

Lets Meet

hardcore ladytrucka42 2018-05-12


An unexpected sex

hardcore Labouroflove 2018-05-11

She is young, fresh and have a good figure..nice round bum and a Cup C boob.During that time, i teach her how to kiss and also how to DIY for him. I told her, ok la i just need to kiss, lick, finger and touch..then she high just insert in..To my surprise, she say so why are you waiting for? Shiok, so i move down take off her short and squeeze gently her nice fleshy bum..This time i want to lick but she is so shy so i just finger her and she leads me on how to make her wet but showing me when to finger. After that she ask me to stand up, i stand on the bed edge and she slowly suck my dick..smooth suction and nice pace.

Ally's Club

hardcore auroran 2018-05-10

You two wait here and I will bring Diane in to meet you." She leaves, I look at Debbie and slide my arm around her waist, we kiss. Soon it is time to prep for the start of the meeting, so Ally takes Debbie and I back to her bedroom. When Debbie is in place, "Now I want you girl to fuck his ass as hard as you can, until I tell you to stop, understood?" Debbie is starting to get into a rhythm fucking my ass as I feel my cock sliding into Diane's tunnel. We walk into the house, I talk briefly with Ally, turn to say good night to Karen, but she is gone.

Personal Experience

hardcore adel5000 2018-05-10

Lucas paused as Mia leaned in closer still, her lips so close to his that he could feel the cool whisper of her breath. With a low moan of desire, Mia pressed herself against him fiercely, interrupting his words with a passionate open-mouth kiss, hungry for the taste of him. Finally, he broke their kiss, but Mia's sigh of disappointment faltered on her lips as Lucas lowered his head, breathed the single word, "below," and tenderly kissed her throat. She leaned back then, and he went with her, until she was reclining on the soft leather couch and he was above her, feasting on her nubile flesh, their fingers entwined, his lips approaching the deep curve of her cleavage, her breath coming in short, ragged gasps.

The power of rain

hardcore Jade93 2018-05-08

"I know," I replied as I turned her around to look deep into her light brown eyes and touch her caramel skin. We made love to each other as she used her hips and pussy muscles to ride up and down my dick as I held her in place with my hands on her butt as well as "return fire" with thrusts of my own. As time went on, our desire just got higher and higher until I felt her cum all over my cock! I felt her body tightened and was turned on by it as I kept penetrating her to make the orgasm come forth. When I was warmed up enough inside of her pussy, I took the oil and put it on my dick, making it slippery.

Threesome with Wife and s****r

hardcore deeptisharma 2018-05-08

Abhishek, I am cumming didi fuck me, I am cumming suck me yes eat my pussy kha jayoo (eat me) Deepti was raising her ass above the bed in excitement. Let’s ahve another drink before I let my husband loose on his bitch s****r Didi I want you to have my hubby's cock my wife annonced. Haaaaaan, Bhai, chodo apni randi behna ko..haaan Bhabi, bahut dum hai tere pati main mere bhai mein bahut zordar hai isska lund haaan bhaiya chod dalo mujhe bahut maza de raha hai tera lund teri behna ko mujhe bhi apni patni hi samjho, chodo bahi ( yesss b*****r fuck your whore s****r yes Deepti, your hubby's cock is very strong my b*****r's cock is strong it’s giving me pleasure consider me your wife, b*o!)

Tess' lesson plan changes

hardcore Tessa30 2018-05-07

John teases the wet opening of my pussy from behind, sliding the tip of his cock up and down as my tongue continues to plunge into Tess. I feel Sasha's fingers sliding over Tess' pussy just below my chin as I fuck her ass with my tongue. I dropped my dress and was once again naked, ready to get filled by John again, but, first....I crawled up onto the bed, lifting one leg over Tess' face and lowering my dripping pussy to her hungry mouth. I feel Sasha;s hand close around the hard shaft of John's cock and as I kiss my way down over Bianca's tummy, I wonder if she will guide him into me....I lift my ass higher into the air, ready to have him inside me again....

When it's Good, it's Damn Good

hardcore 2018-05-06

One of them invited her over and I'm pretty sure since the first time I saw her on that chilly, sunny autumn day, I knew what road we would be heading towards. It was these times that were most difficult, when her eyes lit up like other-worldly diamonds and her smile whispered enticing words of excitement, pleasure, and heart pounding risk. I deemed myself a better man that day, one who could resist temptation and stand with his head held high and chest expanded like Superman. The day finally came when Ashley surprised me with a visit while my fiance was at work. She started working her way down my body with her mouth, spending extra time to tease one of my small nipples.

One night of Pleasure (Incomplete)

hardcore erron45 2018-05-06

cheek and whisper “Daddy, I want you to fuck me till you cum deep inside of me.” I glide my hand down You grab your Dick and start to tease me by outlining my pussy with the tip and smacking my clit. from underneath and You kiss the sides and start to spit into my ass and run your dick through the crack. While I start to finger myself, tell you "baby I want it now, I need you to put it in" you spit on the tip of your you have to cum and I tell you I want a creampie;) I spread my legs and have you ride me putting all of fingers inside and start to play with my pussy, licking it all off my fingers.