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No More Doubts for my Ma

hardcore bava12 2018-11-06

I was so relieved to see her; the one person I'd least expected – not that I'd expected anyone – and at that moment I felt in a sense like a c***d again in my mother's arms, knowing that everything would be all right now; although it hadn't been all right a couple of years back. She looked at me, “No Karan, it is me, I should have seen it, in fact I know, and I never stopped you dear” her hands caressed my face. She looked at me as if challenging and said hoarsely, "Well, do you still want me?" Mother was 39, at the time and perhaps doubtful of her female attractions, yet to my eyes she was the sexiset woman in the world.

Samantha's Email

hardcore 2018-10-05

DO NOT TELL HIM!!) I held on to his arms and lifted my legs up and he slid right in, it send a wave of pleasure up my spine and I gasped (genuinely) and moaned loadly as I breathed out (NOTE: condom was ribbed) everytime he pulled out and slid back in again I thought I was gonna cum, and I started whimpering which I could tell turned him on as he started fucking me harder, my pussy squelching each time he pushed in to me and I grabbed the pillow as I came hard on that lovely cock...

My Dreams Came True

hardcore adel5000 2018-10-05

and leaned his head down to kiss me once lightly on my lips. my panty-covered pussy, pushing his tongue hard onto my clit. he said as he leaned his head down to lick me again, running his tongue along the just pushed his tongue hard against my clit, and slowly moved his fingers in and out of and leaned in to lightly kiss the head of his glorious cock. go, almost touching my lips to my hand, and began to move my head up and down his "You are such a little slut Maddi, and I'm gonna fuck you like one," Michael said to me With that, Michael pushed me forward again against the wall and plunged his cock into

When Harry Met Sammy - Part 3

hardcore 2018-10-04

"First one to cum gets fucked in the ass by the other." There no verbal response from Sammy but he responded by whipping his gymnastic tongue around my cock and swallowing it whole, then raising and lowering his head to a rapid rhythm of his own. After a short while he wrapped one of his hands around my shaft and started sliding it up and down while sucking my sensitve cock head. I continued thrusting, fucking Sammy's ass harder and harder but maintaining my speed. I put two fingers into Sammy's asshole while my cock was still sliding back and forth. An orgasmic fire started to rise in my balls and at about the same time Sammy's breathing changed, coming in short rapid breaths.

Old Friends (He discovers that he is a cuckold and

hardcore magas911 2018-10-04

"George told me for years he thought you would inherit a bundle of money from your Dad. Jane thinks I am going to inherit a large sum from my folks when they die, she doesn't know they have been slowly transferring it to me for years." I just wanted to please you, the book said guys loved it, I don't know if I did it right." I don't think he has ever lost a case." We went to see him like we were, Bridget wanted to go change first. Bridget told him she wanted nothing from George but a few personal things and some furniture that had been in her f****y for years.

Sandra (Part 2)

hardcore rakithanudes 2018-10-02

I grabbed some jeans and a shirt, slipped them on quickly, then stuffed my wallet into my back pocket and said, "Okay, let's go." I opened the door again and took Sandra by the hand, leading her out into the hallway. After tossing our jackets aside, instead of sitting on my desk chair or grabbing a spot on the floor like I normally did when we spent time in one of our rooms, I walked over to my bed and sat down next to Sandra. I shifted my weight a little, but kept contact with Sandra, and started gently stroking from her neck, down her shoulder, and along her side until my hand reached her hip.

70 Goth girl takes me to a disco.

hardcore alibodge 2018-10-02

As she was feeling both our cocks, he moved his hand between her legs then started to massage her pussy; she was really getting turned on. We all sat letting heart beats slow and breathing steady then when we had got ourselves sorted out, we had a couple of drinks filched from the VIP bar, by now he was telling her how much he wanted to fuck her, so we started kissing her, fingering her and sucking her tits once more. She had got just so vocal as our cocks fucked her that I pushed my tongue into her mouth to try to quieten her down a little.

GFS Bestfriend pt.3

hardcore 2018-10-02

Liz had just come out of there and Charmaine went in, Danny was in the kitchen grabbing a beer. When she heard commotion in the kitchen, she got up in the spare room where she lay and went in there, hoping it was Danny, pussy tingling uncontrollably. Slipping his hands into the back of her panties and grabbing her ass cheeks, Danny slid his tongue into her hole as far as he could. She broke the kiss, smiling, and Danny watched her hands undo his belt and pants. Liz pulled him down on top of her, kissing him passionately, lips smacking loudly, tongue darting in and out.

thinking of me

hardcore adel5000 2018-10-01

He has experience, he is going to want to do things with you.” she said as she gently placed her hand on my shoulder. “You are so fucking hot” he said as he began kissing my neck, his hands massaging my breasts. “You are one hot fucking bitch Natalie.” he said it in a nice way as he began lifting me up his chest a bit and licked my neck. “Of course I can.” Greg rolled and looked at the clock and said “I guess your not k**ding, good thing you woke up.” He gave me another light kiss and got out of bed. but I guess the only thing to say is do you want to be my girlfriend?” Greg said as he smiled looking into my eyes.

An After School Encounter...

hardcore d4david 2018-09-30

Terrance said to me '...come on suck me with those sweet lips of yours...' I crawled over his leg and knelt between his thighs, I took hold of his throbbing tool and slowly started to stroke him gently, up and down as he laid there and raised his hips in lustful joy. I sucked his penis and kissed his testicles for close to thirty minutes before he pushed me away and said softly '...I really want us to be fuck buddies, I promise I want hurt you, I'll do it slowly...' I kissed his navel and slid my tongue up his stomach till he embraced me and turned me to my back.


hardcore bandit34c 2018-09-29

We went to a movie after dinner and then i took her home and waited at the door as she went inside and asked if i could call her again which she said yes she had enjoyed our date and would like me to call. She grabbed my hand and i was about tostop when she said "go slow Bob" I kept sucking her nipples as a worked my fingers inside her tiny panties and felt the softness of her pubic hair and slid my finger down over her pussy lips. That evening we went to bed and i told her it was time to do more and she said "anything is ok with me" im yours now and your mine.

Patty and her daughter

hardcore davedom 2018-09-28

Kate kissed me and said she wanted to fuck and I laughed and told her to take it slow we had all night. I continued to suck on her tits and rubbing her clit as Kate opened her legs wider with my cock coming around in front of her pussy lips. We kissed and I told her it was time to move to the bedroom, but before that happened Kate moved off of me and knelt down with my cock in front of her face. So with nothing holding me back I place the cock in her lips and leaned down like I was going to kiss her and pushed forward penetrating the teenage pussy.

Mandy and the Security Boss

hardcore 2018-09-27

First let me start by saying this is the first time I have ever cheated on my boyfriend of seven years. We went to his office and he said the usual stuff,but kept looking at my ass,which I just thought was natural. I had got a great job for the weekends and now my boss was making love to me,ways that my bf hasn't. Two weeks later the boss called and said I can start next weekend and he train me on site. He says are you happy you got my cock,I laughed and said yeah it was different and can't wait to be train. I told my boss and he says he loves me ,so I am confused but I have his baby growing inside me.

Busty Blonde Latina

hardcore keepemcumin 2018-09-27

While we danced I made sure to shove my cock on her fat ass and let her know what I wanted. She replied and let me know that she had promised her roommate that she would never have sex with me again. As she pulled it out, she kissed it on the head and said, “I have missed you!” And with that she began giving me the best blowjob I can ever remember. Right then she began squeezing my shaft so hard the head of my cock was swelling and she actually started licking the pee hole on my head and it felt fucking amazing. This let me know she did not tell here she sucked my off like a champ but that we just kissed probably and that her roommate was listening.

My Best Friends s****r

hardcore ZDA90 2018-09-26

I sat down and opened the beer, “So what do you think of my s****r?” I replied, “She is… well… she seems really cool.” “I saw what she was doing in the truck on the way up here” I turned red, “She tends to make people all hot and bothered, that just means she likes you.” I drank the last bit of beer and leaned over to my left and put the empty can into a black trash bag. Chelsea and I walked off into the woods to find a nice tree or shrub to water, “This looks like a good place to camp, come here a lot I take it?” as I unzipped my fly and pulled out my big limp cock.

Sissy's Play Date with a Real Girl

hardcore emmadeevine 2018-09-26

We kissed as her moans grew more intense, I started to moan and she warned me not to cum before her, I tried to calm myself as she rubbed her clit while I continued to fuck her, I took in the visual of her in my hold up stockings and her massive breasts powerig their way out of my black lace bra. Her body tensed, "Ooh God", she exclaimed, she then turned her head into the pillow and started making indescribable sounds as her body tensed and then fell limp having exploded in orgasm, my cock was ready to blow and I pulled it from her as her pussy juices followed soaking my bed sheets.

First time with dad - Pt. 4

hardcore pinks43 2018-09-25

Chris’s lovely cock was purple hard and sticking up between us, I laid him back on the floor and went down on him, pumping him hard and fast into my mouth, I looked up into Chris’s eyes to see his expression and could suddenly see dad right behind him. Finally I slumped off to his right and just lay on my back with my legs tightly shut, slowly, after a while, Chris got up on his knees and shuffled over to my head and watched dad as I licked and sucked him clean with him milking his own cock into my mouth so that those last few drops you guys think us girls know nothing about could drop onto my lips.

Clare Part 1

hardcore justD1974 2018-09-24

At the same time she hooked her thumb of her left hand into her dress top and pulled it downwards, exposing her bare breasts for my viewing pleasure, not helping my cook pushing hard against the inside of my trousers, begging for release. I didn’t expect it but I could feel my spunk going back and forth between our tongues and all she could do was moaning "MMMMmmmmm, OOooooooo, HHHmmmmmm!" Tasting my own cum never occur to me before but it was hot, my cook was still hardish and we both seemed to like it, the sensations and the pure sense of kinkiness sharing kept me hard. Clare pulled away and smiled at me, cleaned herself by wiping her cum covered face on the clean side of my shirt, she grabs her bag, kisses me on the cheek and starts running towards the front door.

my first time. part 4

hardcore longnthick2001 2018-09-24

I reached the landing and stood there staring up towards the attic room at the top of the house, my heart was beating so fast my tummy was full of butterflies, and my clit was throbbing and wet, i went upstairs and knocked lightly on his door, i could hear him walk towards the door, and i almost chickened out, but his door opened and he asked me to come in. he leaned forward and kissed me and pulled me firmly to him, he pushed his tongue deep into my mouth and kissed me passionately, my body melted into his strong arms, he stopped suddenly and walked away and said im sorry i can't do this, he opened his bed room door and said you better go, i walked to him and passed him the joint that had gone out, and closed the door.

Girlfriend Cheated and I Caught Her pt. 2

hardcore Swandived 2018-09-24

“I wanted his big cock inside of me, so I begged him to fuck me.” I clinched up and cum started to leak out of my dick. She slipped off her dress, sat on the edge of the bed with one leg up and began to finger herself with one hand while stroking my dick with the other. As she came up for air she gasped, “He rammed his cock down my throat when I sucked him off, but I got it all down up to his balls babe!” As she finished her statement she started to slide down for another gulp, as she did, I began to cum again.

The Ultimate Hand Job - Part Two

hardcore danorth 2018-09-23

I let my fingers trace a line along the lower edge of the bra and the fact that I was touching it aroused me and I noticed you held your breath a bit as my fingers moved along the line and approached your underarm. I pushed you back onto the bed and knelt again, this time I kissed your pubic mound as my hands caressed your thighs and then I moved my mouth down to your pussy. You moaned loudly as I approached your clit for the second time so I place my mouth around your now swollen clit and sucked it in gently as you tensed to the feeling of my lips and tongue on your nub.

honeymon night

hardcore savita009 2018-09-22

At 8 aunty again came to our house to request my mother to sent me for 2 more Then aunty told to take bath and wear a new dress Then within a time I lifted her inner skit upto stomach and removed my rod and placed in her pussy to fuck as it was wet my rod went very smoothly inside her Then Aunty told that on their first night uncle didn't fucked her on that day mother don't allow to got to auntys house so I said that I was on my field work. this time aunty lost she removed her saree. After that I kissed again and left aunty and went back to my house.

The Virgin I Fingered

hardcore MeskaWulf 2018-09-21

So I'd been having problems with my girlfriend at the time as I recently found out she had cheated on me or something of that nature, each night I'd walk home wondering what it is I did to deserve it, anyways i was walking down this street and a girl came out of her house to put the rubbish out and I thought she looked familiar, Shelly I shouted she turned and looked confused I told her it's me Joe " OMG she said how have you been" "pretty good I replied feeling a bit rough" she invited me inside,

Day With Matt

hardcore tiffanytvslut 2018-09-18

Matt pushed my head down softly, intimating his desire for me to work on Matt pulled my five-inch dick to the side, Matt pulled my face off his cock and up to his I slipped my skirt off as Matt started to lift my t-shirt over my head. Matt was really getting into a rhythm, pounding away at my ass, his balls Matt began moaning and clenched my hips hard, pulling me down on him I had to clean up and told Matt I would be right back. I pulled his cock out and held it against my cheek as I begged him to fuck Matt pulled me off his cock and held my head steady by placing his left