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No More Doubts for my Ma

hardcore bava12 2018-02-01

I was so relieved to see her; the one person I'd least expected – not that I'd expected anyone – and at that moment I felt in a sense like a c***d again in my mother's arms, knowing that everything would be all right now; although it hadn't been all right a couple of years back. She looked at me, “No Karan, it is me, I should have seen it, in fact I know, and I never stopped you dear” her hands caressed my face. She looked at me as if challenging and said hoarsely, "Well, do you still want me?" Mother was 39, at the time and perhaps doubtful of her female attractions, yet to my eyes she was the sexiset woman in the world.

Finally Fucked Lisa

hardcore SEACANDY71 2018-01-27

She got on her knees and started licking the shaft of my dick...at the bast all the way to the tip...she looked up at he with her blue eyes and said..."I've wanted to do this since I first met you" she then proceeded to sick my cock...her warm mouth And those beautiful lips wrapped around my dick...her hands on my ass then moving one to the shady and pumping it while her head moved faster...she licked and sucked me so well that I almost lost all control...seeing her in the mirror her round big ass on her knees as she serviced my hard meat...all I could stand.

Dreams (continued).

hardcore lovely16 2018-01-26

He grabbed my arm and told me to bend over I got on all fours when he started licking my pussy lips.. He licked and kissed at my love spot for a little while longer, before I felt him get on his knees behind me and put the head of his dick near my entrance. I moaned before reaching back to pull him deeper inside of me, I overlooked the pained because I knew soon, It only be pleasure. He grabbed my hair and started pounding my pussy, I fought my eager wanting to cum on his dick. I slowly slid down on his love stick when he grabbed me hips and started fucking me rapidly.

Holiday Fuck

hardcore gregger123 2018-01-26

Feeling I was on the verge of coming I pulled my cock out of her and intended to put it into her mouth, but I failed and splashed my semen all over her body - from the pubis to her face. We entered the room but didn’t close the door (if my wife wanted them to see her why not?). With no further questions I pushed Lily on the bed, moved her legs apart and started licking her hot pussy. Being unable to bear this voluptuous torture Lily screamed loudly climaxing a few times before I could pull my cock out. Long scream let me know both of the ladies climaxed and I pulled my cock out of Lily to let my cum flow on the sheet.

Sheer Maintence

hardcore 2018-01-26

Well, instantly or perhaps subconsciously I opened the door wider to look towards my neighbors home he was pointing to. As I did he looked back at me, and there I was in just a mini-shirt with my silky smooth nyloned Legs shinning in the afternoon sun, not to mention my painted toe nails sparkling thru the sheer pantyhose! I let the door open fully and sun light engulf me and allowed myself to feel and become more feminine! The next thing I know is we were in the entry way, and he bent over and started rubbing my legs! I don't know way, I was enjoying every inch, and I wanting him to continue.

GF's f****y Midwinter Lodge Retreat #3

hardcore imornery81 2018-01-26

Then Mom walked over to her and wrapped her arms around grandma and said, “I have always been jealous of your lovely big tits! When we got here, she said to honor Gram; we should take a vote whether to continue the Saturday love and freedom celebration. But as I turned back to look at Tina, I saw her mother and Amber come up the steps and discretely went into the bath together…naked. Tina smiled at me and said, “You would not have believed it had you not seen it and you would not have come to see it had I told you!” “Do you want to join Mom and Amber for some fun in the shower?” My jaw dropped and she laughed.


hardcore 2018-01-24

When she had the whole cock in her mouth and began to suck him hard her hand left his balls and went to his ass. She licked the tip of his cock and up the back to his balls as she pushed her finger in deeper and began to really fuck his ass deep and hard. She said ""There baby, don't you like your ass fucked and stretched while I kiss that cock and balls and cheeks? Relax and i will make you cum so hard I want to hear you scream." She kept the licking and finger fucking watching his cock flinch before she saw it shoot cum down his leg and heard him scream for her.

Tina the Redhead Returns

hardcore mechanicray 2018-01-23

Tina held out her arms, beckoning me to come to her and I moved in between her perfect legs and began kissing my way from her pussy, to her navel, to her tummy, to her titties, neck, chin and finally her lips. As I shot my load deep into Tina’s pussy, she looked into my eyes and told me that maybe next year we could celebrate Father’s Day with a c***d of our own if I would like. Today, I took Tina with me to the garage and introduced her to my workers and told them she would be our new receptionist and that she would handle all of the computer work, thus giving me more time to help work on cars.

thinking of me

hardcore adel5000 2018-01-22

He has experience, he is going to want to do things with you.” she said as she gently placed her hand on my shoulder. “You are so fucking hot” he said as he began kissing my neck, his hands massaging my breasts. “You are one hot fucking bitch Natalie.” he said it in a nice way as he began lifting me up his chest a bit and licked my neck. “Of course I can.” Greg rolled and looked at the clock and said “I guess your not k**ding, good thing you woke up.” He gave me another light kiss and got out of bed. but I guess the only thing to say is do you want to be my girlfriend?” Greg said as he smiled looking into my eyes.


hardcore BellDonn 2018-01-22

"Mmmmmmph…" she moaned into his mouth, as his hand began to rub her horny pussy over her clothes. Heart pounding, Erica slid her tiny feet up the bed, opening herself up completely to him, desperately needing some attention downstairs. Erica eagerly raised her ass up off the bed and he easily slid the dainty things down her short, sexy legs and off. He continued to eat her pussy, sucking her lips into his mouth as he pushed down his shorts and underwear, unleashing his 6 inch cock. Bill began to circle her clit with his tongue, sliding a finger far into her pussy at the same time. Her tongue slipped far into his mouth and her tiny hand reached down their bodies, reached under her leg and grabbed his cock.

Out running

hardcore BreastFriend99 2018-01-21

"Oh god that feels so good..." I sighed, "It's so warm, my cock loves being so deep in your mouth,,, your tongue is so firm around my shaft..." She stood and took me by the hand into the lounge where we kissed passionately again as I lifted her shirt up and caressed her ass, sliding my fingers down around her jeans waist band. She slowly stood up, careful to press hard against me so my cock stayed buried deep inside her as twisted around to kiss me passionately. Debs leant all the way forward onto my chest, her great tits pressing hard against me as her pussy milked my cock.

My Coworker and I

hardcore Cool263 2018-01-20

One of the guys I had met at the conference handed me another drink and said “It looks like you need one of these”. We didn’t take more than three or four steps when Jamie grabbed my hand and led me back to the dance floor. She smelled so good and I could feel my dick starting to get hard. We kissed and as I started to step way to head to my room, she once again grabbed my hand and smiled. She could sense that I was getting close and started stroking and sucking my dick even faster now. When she felt that she had sucked me dry, she removed my dick from her mouth, smiled and said “my turn”.

The Uninvited - Chapter 4 - Part 2

hardcore elausente 2018-01-20

She worked her hands down across Jen's breast and across her stomach, then reaching down a little further she began to tease slightly with her fingers, making her whole body shake and tremble with anticipation. Starting from the bottom of the bed where her feet were, kissing the inside of her leg all the way up until she reached her inner thigh, her body quivers with every touch of Jen's lips to her creamy skin. Nanci's back arched, her body trembled, and she came to a complete orgasm as Jen continued to work her fingers in and out of her, pleasing her with her tongue as well.

Fucking On A Train

hardcore morgan1969 2018-01-19

She moved her hands together, both index fingers rubbing the groove of her pussy, making the knickers wetter with each pass. Her fingers pushed harder onto her clit, then slid off to one side before she pulled back across her pussy hard. Hooking her fingers in the waist of her shorts, she slid them down to her knees and, leaving one hand to maul her tits, I reached down and stroked her pussy lips through the damp gusset of her knickers. She kissed me again, harder than before and wrapped her fingers around my cock, wanking me with quick, short strokes. We kept moving for a moment or two and then she slowly eased off me, cupping her left hand at her pussy and reaching for some toilet paper.

GFS Bestfriend pt.3

hardcore SafeSexting 2018-01-19

Liz had just come out of there and Charmaine went in, Danny was in the kitchen grabbing a beer. When she heard commotion in the kitchen, she got up in the spare room where she lay and went in there, hoping it was Danny, pussy tingling uncontrollably. Slipping his hands into the back of her panties and grabbing her ass cheeks, Danny slid his tongue into her hole as far as he could. She broke the kiss, smiling, and Danny watched her hands undo his belt and pants. Liz pulled him down on top of her, kissing him passionately, lips smacking loudly, tongue darting in and out.

My Dreams Came True

hardcore adel5000 2018-01-18

and leaned his head down to kiss me once lightly on my lips. my panty-covered pussy, pushing his tongue hard onto my clit. he said as he leaned his head down to lick me again, running his tongue along the just pushed his tongue hard against my clit, and slowly moved his fingers in and out of and leaned in to lightly kiss the head of his glorious cock. go, almost touching my lips to my hand, and began to move my head up and down his "You are such a little slut Maddi, and I'm gonna fuck you like one," Michael said to me With that, Michael pushed me forward again against the wall and plunged his cock into

My Roommates New Ex-Girlfriend Part 1

hardcore 2018-01-17

I mean you are a very beautiful girl and I dont know if you have noticed, but everybody has said that Zach has been fucking some girl in Ohio when he goes to visit f****y." With a shocked look on her face she asked me "Is that true?" Nodding my head, I replied "Yeah he's sent me pictures of him making out with her." With a heartbroken look on her face she hung her head and look as if she was going to cry. Now standing beside her, I said "I'm sorry that you had to hear that from me Mary, I thought you knew." Suddenly she turned towards me and wrapped her arms around me in a hug.

Stephanie The Farmers Daughter

hardcore nckboy 2018-01-17

When I got to the pit at tea time Stef was waiting on her Honda three wheeler farm bike, I give my tractor to the shovel driver and went to Stef, she was in the smallest cut off jeans and cut off tee shirt. Just then I heard the tractor coming back it was time to start work again, I pulled Stef back down on me and rolled over, sliding down her body I kissed her little pussy, smelling her young sweet fucked smell, I stuck my tongue inside her licking the remaining juice out of her as she squirmed on my tongue,

Birthday Present From My Wife

hardcore altaff143 2018-01-16

My wife said, that when i spoke about fucking sujatha, you got so excited and i could feel you get even more hard inside me and i also found myself enjoying the talk and imagining it and that made me cum a second time. Since i had a early morning fuck with my wife i could hold on for long and was hammering and fucking her wildly when she came for a 4 th time and then i started cumming inside her alongwith her and soon i collapsed above her and buried my face in her neck. I stepped inside and soon we were rubbing each other and washing each other and she putting her hand below to my prick said – in normal circumstances he would be up by now, looks like sujatha sucked him dry.

Chance meeting with an Ex

hardcore maturemancock 2018-01-14

I moved my hand onto the front of her trousers and was soon rubbing her, she slightly parted her thighs, just enough for me to get my hand in, as I sucked her nipples and rubbed her she did moan a little. I stood up and said “Sit on my coat” as she did I pulled her pants off her ankles, parted her thighs and ran my tongue up her pussy and right onto her clitoris, she gasped. Fifteen minutes or so had gone by when she showed signs of coming, her hand was rubbing the top of my head and she was moaning, then it happened, she groaned out, her body shook and her gash became wetter.

First Time Face Fuck

hardcore vdubya 2018-01-13

We kept kissing and I finally got the nerve (as I said, I was extremely nervous) to grab her tits. As I sucked on her tits, she reached down, undid my zipper and started stroking my throbbing cock. However, as my pants came off, she simply stated "you're going to love this" and lowered her mouth onto my cock. We kissed again for a couple minutes while she stroked my hard, throbbing cock. As my cock shot it's load into her hungry mouth, I could see her eyes go wide as if she was struggling to swallow it all down. Even as she struggled to swallow it, I could still hear her moaning as she sucked every last drop out of my cock.

Co-worker horny wife part 3

hardcore krazyfork 2018-01-13

“hi baby, how are you doing…no, I was sl**ping but it’s ok…I was tired so I came to bed…I had a really great time…Jim was very nice…he took good care of me.” While she was talking I had my face buried in her tits and my hands were rubbing and grabbing at her ass. “I’m glad the work wasn’t too bad this week…what are you going to do this weekend…I think next week will go fast…I’m only scheduled for two days next week…Oh my God…oh no sorry I forgot which days…” (Her Oh my God was not because of forgotten workdays but she recovered well) “Ok, I’m tried too…I’m going to get some sl**p…call me either tomorrow or Sunday…I miss you…love you too…bye.” She stretched out to hang up the phone and I got a quick nipple suck in as her tits crossed my face.

Girl toy

hardcore youngsex 2018-01-13

He removed the clothes just bought her and when she was naked put a silk robe on her that hardly covered her tits or ass. This is why it is to be shaved and smooth all the time so I may rub and kiss it like I do your tits." He spread her legs wide and said "Yes, that is good. Spread your legs wide and let me mount you and fuck your cunt one more time. My cock is rock hard just like it will be around you all the time." She then spread her legs so wide he got on top of her ass and pushed his hard cock deep into her cunt.


hardcore sammy75 2018-01-11

I used to work a couple of years ago with a girl called Vicki. time I had the door open my trousers were down around my ankles I lurched inside stumbling and falling and Vicki came in I pulled my trousers off properly and got to my feet adn moved looking like a vulnerable young girl playing at being an Vicki began to cry out but I put my free hand over her mouth and stayed inside her like that for a moment hand away from her mouth and Vicki still looking straight I continued fucking her hard and rough for some time occasionally got up and sucked the last drops from my cock and then lay