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No More Doubts for my Ma

hardcore bava12 2018-06-08

I was so relieved to see her; the one person I'd least expected – not that I'd expected anyone – and at that moment I felt in a sense like a c***d again in my mother's arms, knowing that everything would be all right now; although it hadn't been all right a couple of years back. She looked at me, “No Karan, it is me, I should have seen it, in fact I know, and I never stopped you dear” her hands caressed my face. She looked at me as if challenging and said hoarsely, "Well, do you still want me?" Mother was 39, at the time and perhaps doubtful of her female attractions, yet to my eyes she was the sexiset woman in the world.

My Sister in Law Finally Comes Around

hardcore cunticker 2018-05-20

She got up and with the robe falling completely open revealing a small white bikini pair of panties she came over to me and bent down and we kissed again this time long and deep. While our lips and tongues were still locked together, she began groping for my rock hard cock stroking it through my pants as she fumbled to unbuckle my jeans and pull my zipper down. It is hard to describe the pleasure of gently slipping my fingers under the panties and pulling them slowly off as the sweet aroma of her pussy juices penetrated the air making me even more excited, as if that were possible.

First time with dad - Pt. 4

hardcore pinks43 2018-05-20

Chris’s lovely cock was purple hard and sticking up between us, I laid him back on the floor and went down on him, pumping him hard and fast into my mouth, I looked up into Chris’s eyes to see his expression and could suddenly see dad right behind him. Finally I slumped off to his right and just lay on my back with my legs tightly shut, slowly, after a while, Chris got up on his knees and shuffled over to my head and watched dad as I licked and sucked him clean with him milking his own cock into my mouth so that those last few drops you guys think us girls know nothing about could drop onto my lips.

Romance Comic Cover Stories - Chapter IX

hardcore Victor2K 2018-05-20

Marcia was friend of Gloria my girlfriend. It was a shock to hear from Marcia such thing, but given that she always had quite a ‘wild life’ (I know I didn’t told you before but now I am telling), but for us she seemed pretty much normal and never made too much questions about our intimacy, at least to me. Soon I was laid on the couch, with Marcia humping me and Gloria giving me her pussy to lick. I guess Marcia had her share of fun with other girls, but for my girlfriend, it was the first time. Well, I also did Marcia from behind and saw her eat my girlfriend and Gloria bursting in pleasure with every tongue blow.

Co-worker horny wife part 3

hardcore krazyfork 2018-05-19

“hi baby, how are you doing…no, I was sl**ping but it’s ok…I was tired so I came to bed…I had a really great time…Jim was very nice…he took good care of me.” While she was talking I had my face buried in her tits and my hands were rubbing and grabbing at her ass. “I’m glad the work wasn’t too bad this week…what are you going to do this weekend…I think next week will go fast…I’m only scheduled for two days next week…Oh my God…oh no sorry I forgot which days…” (Her Oh my God was not because of forgotten workdays but she recovered well) “Ok, I’m tried too…I’m going to get some sl**p…call me either tomorrow or Sunday…I miss you…love you too…bye.” She stretched out to hang up the phone and I got a quick nipple suck in as her tits crossed my face.

Snowed In (Part 2)

hardcore farmboy27 2018-05-18

He hoped the power would stay on but for now, the lights were out, he candles served as a beautiful backdrop, and as the water turned off, she was grabbing his hand and luring him to the tub. He was getting hard again and wasn't going to miss a chance to make her feel like a woman. He knew she was enjoying because she had settled back into his body, resting her head on him. Maybe it was the warm water, maybe the candle light, but one thing was for sure, he was enjoying her and every moment they were together. She looked confused until he slipped down and started lapping up her creamy, wet pussy.

i****tuous Glamour Photography Part 3(Homecoming)

hardcore altaff143 2018-05-18

"Hello mum" he said moving back and looking into my eyes before pulling me back into his arms and putting his mouth near to my ear on the side away from Richard. Every time I moved when Richard was not in the room or was looking away I could feel Peter's gaze on me. "No thanks darling, I'm in Peter's room looking at his photos" I called out feeling as guilty as hell and incredibly worried as we hadn't heard him open the study door. "You look lovely mum and I so want you" he muttered as he kissed me and pressed his hard cock into the softness of my tummy.

at 38 i was man-handled

hardcore rjsoni80 2018-05-14

He asked me with a mischievous twinkle in his eyes “ so madam u like my fucking so much that you decide to come here for more.” Angrily I said “ No” and “ Please mujhe chooroo” My struggling excited him for some reason and he cupped my face and he kissed me had on my lips a long deep wet kiss. Munna came behind me and he grabbed me and said “Roma Darling I think u should wear your Managalsutra since it’s going to be like your first time again” and started to laugh. May tuje ragad kar chodta." i felt really excited and I boldly held his head by both my hands and pulled him towards myself and kissed him violently my tongue f***ed inside his mouth and searched every part of it.

Coming Home

hardcore desishana 2018-05-13

He paused at her pussy and took a few long soft strokes to heighten her pleasure. He pleased her with his fingers for a moment more as he unbuttoned his jeans and pulled out his throbbing member to stroke some pleasure of his own. She looked up at him and left his member long enough to place a kiss upon his lips to which he took fiercely and decided that he could wait no longer to have her. His lady moved, moaned and gasped at all the sensations he provided and he took pleasure in the grip of her inner muscles, the slick heat of her pussy and the sheer sight of a woman enjoying her man.

A "Step" in the Right Dirction 3

hardcore imornery81 2018-05-13

Then Tara felt for the large long puckered nipple and grasping it deeply between her finger; pulled it straight out and shook the whole breast by her nipple from side to side several times as Jane closed her eyes and sucked in a deep lung full of air before letting out a primal moan of pleasure! I watched as the suck turned into almost a gnawing and then Tara pulled back her lips revealing the grip her teeth had on the stretched flesh as Jane moaned and then shuddered as a small pleasure wave washed through her body!

Sexy Shopping

hardcore 2018-05-12

‘My dear’ I said in a mock authoritarian way so she would be sure I wasn’t being ‘sexist’ (heaven forbid I would be thought of as not PC), ‘I have been around an awfully long time now and I can assure you I do like looking at all the pretty girls,’ I rolled my eyes and raised my eyebrows in what I hoped was a comedic way, ‘and I can assure you, I can absolutely, 100% assure you, I am an expert on such matters and you are amongst the finest I have ever seen. I wanted to put my hand straight between her legs and ram my fingers into her tunnel of love but I sensed she wanted to go more slowly so I told her to take off her shoes and lie, front down, on the bed.


hardcore daddyjon 2018-05-11

I continued into the reception room where they had started dancing , I located Pauline, and determined to carry out my lusty plan I approached her from behind, with my arm round her waist I said, into her ear, "Follow me, don't make it too obvious, go to the corridor on the way to the toilets .... "Yes, Yes Jon," she panted "Oh Fuck, Oh Fuck, Nowww" then her body seemed to stiffen and her muscles held my cock deeply inside as I too began my orgasm of pumping three or four spurts of hot spunk into this woman's cunt, both of us jerking and twitching, hold each other tightly together, kissing deeply, then panting as we became overtaken with pure sexual electricity surging through our bodies.

Math Fuck 101

hardcore 2018-05-11

Even now Joanne's breasts felt tight and swollen as she remembered the sounds of Miss Wright's heavy ragged breaths filling her ears. The girl's little vulva was so hot, Miss Wright pulled back for a second, blowing cool air onto it before tenderly kissing the soft hairy mound, and then back to nudging and fluttering across her clitoris. Up until this moment, everything seemed like a totally abstract concept: Her teacher's appearance, the masculine inflection of her voice, the way she sometimes called her "dear" or "k**"...She didn't realize it coming until she heard the phrase uttered by Miss Wright that blasted her from the cocoon of comforting abstractions:

Not her type

hardcore Daleharris 2018-05-07

It all started when a friend's girlfriend decided to bring along a friend of hers along on our spring break skiing trip to Colorado. We were asked that none of us guys ( since there were 5 guys and only 2 girls going ) hit on Theresa while on the trip. Even though I was insulted by Theresa's demands on not wanting to be hit on, I still made small talk with her on our long road trip. We unpacked and us guys decided to hit the outdoor hot tub. The girls toon got bored with our goofy guy talk and decided to leave. As I was waiting to shower, I was reminded once again by my friend's girlfriend to stop flirting with Theresa.

Wife and myself first time we did it

hardcore bandit34c 2018-05-06

About 2 weeks in we began the goodnight kisses and as time went by they got more passionate and we both knew we were falling in love. We watched tv for a little while as we talked i began rubbing her arm and soon her back. I knew she was having thoughts because my dick go as hard as a rock under her cheek and she just stayed there even moving around a little to feel it. She was the first to go further she slowly moved her and up my leg and began feeling my cock though my pants and then she kissed it through my pants.

Serviced Apartment

hardcore tenderman01 2018-05-04

Keeping her hands pinned above her head with my right hand I moved my left hand to her breasts, her hard nipples and soft breast felt amazing through the thin material of her summer dress. I continued to kiss her neck as I moved my hand inside her dress and bra feeling the delicious heat from her breast. As I moved my hand out of her bra and down to her thigh she parted her legs, standing higher on her toes. I moved my hands up her thigh, as I got close to her pussy I could feel the heat radiating from between her legs. after a short while I felt her legs start to quiver and she let out a whimper and moan as she came soaking my hand.

Afternoon at the pool

hardcore SteeleK 2018-05-04

She kissed me fiercely and I could feel the passion in her body boiling over. She reached over my head and turned the shower on hot, really hot! I could already ready feel her body starting to shudder. She bit down on her hand to avoid making noise and I braced myself as her supporting leg went loose. I pulled her body back against my and began to kiss her neck. I went back to her breasts and kissing her neck as the hot water sprayed over us. As we were toweling off, she turned to me while trying to slither back into her swimsuit, and whispered, “I’m like a genius with the good ideas!”

exp. with mom

hardcore savita009 2018-05-03

He was on top now and started a steady pace of fucking his Mom. It felt so good to be finally fucking my Son. I knew now that I had wanted to do this for a long time. This was the ultimate bond between a man and a woman, it just so happened that we were also Mother and Son. My orgasm started and my pussy spasmed and contracted milking his cock and pulling his load higher up into me. He lay on me and I felt his cock giving little spasms inside me as it made sure all his sperm came out. He let go of my boob and took his now hard cock and placed it between my legs so it rested on my big pussy lips.

Wife having fun with an Old Man with Husband'

hardcore deeeepinside 2018-05-03

Sanjay laughed and said "Looks like Mrs. Aiyyar is going to have lots of love bites tonight". Like Sanjay said, Mr. Aiyyar returned from his morning walk sharp at 7:00. After seeing Mr. Aiyyar entering the building, Varsha went towards the main door and waited till she heard the lift stopping at the 4th floor. But one condition, you should record the complete act in the video." Varsha smiled and kissed Sanjay and said "Okay honey!" Next morning Varsha intentionally went 5 minutes after 7:00 to get the newspaper. Although Mr. Aiyyar seemed to enjoy sucking Varsha's breasts, to her surprise, Varsha did not notice any hardness in his penis. Like Varsha had fantasized, Mr. Aiyyar started kissing her naked body.

Fun at Work (part 4)

hardcore bootyliciousvxen 2018-05-02

I imagined having a long day with him at my new apartment, ordering in and sharing a few laughs as we organise my stuff. Hailed a cab and spent the next 20mins imagining how good my day would be. I almost ran into my new apartment when the driver said I still had change. After the last box was brought up by the movers, we spent a good hour and a half un-boxing my stuff. He kissed my neck, my collarbone, while his hands were busy touching my breasts. "God, these feel good," he said as he looked at me, referring to my twins. He continued to kiss my neck and biting my ear a little.

Village Ki Yaade

hardcore suemichiel20 2018-05-02

That day, the weather was a bit clear, even though there were light rain, I started and scaled a peak and by the time I returned it was 4.00 P.M. I had entered a village and was walking along when there was a heavy downpour. Her husband waited for some time, informed and seeing that the rain was not stopping, informed that he would be going to the field to check the state and then buy the goods and try to be back by 3.00 to 4.00 P.M. and then went to buy the foodstuff and probably to get a smoke, I took my clothes off and wore my towel and went out in the rain for a bath.

Brittany The Cheerleader

hardcore wedgietime 2018-05-01

Giving her another napkin to wipe the come from her hair and cheeks I told her I was going to make love to her like a woman and I pulled out a small bottle of lubricant, to which she responded, once more, by kissing me and saying I was very handsome. I placed her legs more firmly over my shoulders and turned my head to softly kiss one of her calves as I pushed harder, sliding just the first little bit of the tip inside of her. She was at the peak of ecstasy, mixed with a little bit of pain, he beautiful pedicured toes were curling uncontrollably and finally I felt her tight asshole clench around my cock like a vice as she began to come once more, even more violently than last time.

I was cumming in her mouth and she was drinking ev

hardcore sravanraj143 2018-05-01

I was slowly started breathing in her ears by touching her ears with my lips, very gently kissing her ears. I put my hands on her legs and slowly moved them around touching her knees, side of her thighs. She put her hands on her back and started feeling my penis over my shorts, which was touching her from the back all this time. She held my face in her hands and slowly started kissing my cheeks, lips, biting and nibbling my cheeks and lips. While kissing me, she moved her hips a little and arranged her pussy to come very close to my penis. I put my hands under her hips while she was moving her pussy around my penis.

A Game of Dares

hardcore 2018-04-30

I've recently met up with my friend Tara from college and we were talking about the fun times we had and the things we'd get up to and I couldn't help but think that some of you on here might like some details. "We want to play dares, you in?" Tara asked him. He smiled and said "Nikki, I dare you and Tara to make out." Tara and I kissed lightly for a few seconds then turned to look at the boys. I pushed play on the radio on the bedside table and Tara pulled up a desk chair for Rich to sit on. "Nikki I dare you to undo Aaron's zipper with your mouth!" Tara yelled at us.