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Consensual Impregnation

hardcore kaptinhot 2018-09-10

Looking down at me, you grab my hand and say "You have now." You slowly pull my hand up, sliding it over your shirt, rubbing my open palm over your soft tummy. Goosebumps form in the cool air, drawing your skin tight as I reach your breasts, kissing the underside of each perfect orb before taking a nipple between my lips with a firm suck. I caress your belly and ask, "What do you hope it will be for our first?" As the warm water cascades down your skin you turn in my arms, looking up into my eyes before standing on your toes to kiss me.

my best friends b*****r

hardcore 2018-08-15

I kiss the head of his cock and lick up the salty pre-cum. I slide the head in my mouth and suck slowly. Jake grabs the back of my head and pushes it down onto his cock. "Damn Sarah, you are such a little tease and you are going to pay for it." I bite my lip to stop from smiling at that. I try to grab his head and push him closer, but he pulls away. He doesn't stop fucking my with his fingers, fast and hard. I moaned and Jake stopped right above my pussy. A teasing slut like you probably gets fucked all the time." I start to cum and he fucks me as my tight hole squeezes him more than before.

Just a little something I wrote

hardcore spadgett1994 2018-07-03

Suddenly I pinch your nipple and suck your clit hard, you take a sharp breath in and hold it for a few seconds, I carry on sucking your clit as a scream rolls forth from your lips, Waves of pleasure crashing down on your body like a tsunami, the waves just keep coming over you, you scream with each pulse of pleasure getting louder with each one, you grab my hair and pull me up to your face, push my head against yours and kiss so wildly, our hands roaming each other’s body, you find my the button on my jeans and unzip them, flinging them down my body, you do the same with my boxers, pull my shirt over my head… You throw me on my back, look into my eyes, and without a word… You throw me on my back, look into my eyes, and you start to move yourself down my body, lightly tracing your fingertips over my skin, making me shiver with every touch.

Pleasure by the Pool Part 1

hardcore PurringPussy 2018-06-23

Steve runs his hands down her legs and bends them straight and kisses on her toes. Steve stands straight up in the pool and resumes running his hands along her legs, past her knees, now to her thighs. This lasts for a few very pleasurable minutes and April stops it suddenly and blurts out, “this isn’t working.” Steve is astonished and he starts to apologize, but that wasn’t her meaning. She lets out an unbridled, “Oh man, Steve, that’s it.” Her body twitches, her right hand shots down to her pelvis as she assists in keeping her lips spread and one of Steve’s hands begins squeezing her left breast.

Laundry Day

hardcore mrman1982 2018-06-04

Ariel is a perky little 18 year old red head who moved out into an apartment with her best friend Amanda who is a very fit black haired girl. With her 4 fingers rubbing the g-spot and thumb rubbing the clit, Amanda takes her free hand and muffles Ariel's now louder moans by putting her face back between her legs. "Well good thing your doing laundry, lets get cleaned up together and I will clean this mess up myself." Amanda grabs her, kisses her and says, "You know we are going to have to do this again sometime." Ariel chuckles "Maybe next laundry day just in case I make another mess like this."


hardcore teddyluv 2018-05-15

Her small feminine hands press against his broad masculine shoulders, her right foot flat on the bed on his left side she uses her left hand to position him into her, she lowers her right knee and the tip of his dick penetrates her, she bites her lip and slowly lowers her left knee. His arms around her waste feel like a safety net, his kiss, a harness, his dick the tight rope her pussy is walking on with precision. Her feet now flat on the bed, hands back on his chest she kisses him and slides her pussy walls off of his cock, with the same pace she slides them back on to him, her thighs get a nice work out from the repetition of her movement.

Messaging with an old friend who likes it rough

hardcore FlashingGordon 2018-05-14

still with my lips on yours i smile and release your legs, your need to breathe so strong that you arch your back you glup the air down filling your lungs till it hurts, your stomach so tense with the pain and confusion, your legs spring down past me to meet the bed and the movement f***es my cock so deep into your pussy, the shock and depth emptying your lungs again as i start to fuck you, hard, fast sliding my full length over and over i see your eyes starting to roll with the pleasure and lack of oxygen you look about to pass out, i slap you straight over the face, my hand print vivid on your skin, and at once your eyes burst into life you pull against your bindings and thrust your pelvis down claiming every centimeter of my dick x x x x


hardcore 2018-05-07

Strong, calloused fingers strummed at her bra straps before sliding one off her shoulders and kissing them. “Mmmmm!” She moaned hungrily under his exploring lips, her hands roaming over his head and along his neck. At times his hands or tongue left her, and she would want to open her eyes, but before curiosity could get the better he’d just send her into la-la-land again with that mouth of his. Taking them and spreading them gently, his fingers nudged aside apart the petals of her lower lips. She became a mustang under his touch, and soon he found himself with his arms gripping her legs apart to hold her still enough; he didn’t want to fully subdue her, never.

Dancing with Couple

hardcore starshine0717 2018-04-01

I tell you to pick out my clothes and that you can make me as hot as you want me to be. You tell me you want to show me off and that we are going to pick a couple that we like and flirt with them. You do the same to me, so I start rubbing my body against his as we dance. You pull my dress off my shoulders and start playing with them, squeezing them. I grab you and start kissing you hard. I want to watch you fuck her, hard, from behind. You tell him to sit down and that you want to watch me ride him as you fuck her. You tell me to ride him as hard as you are fucking her.

Morning thoughts...evening fun.

hardcore milesscott 2018-03-14

I can see the light bounce off of the wetness on her finger as she moves it from her pussy to my mouth. Her mouth starts exploring my face, ears, neck...moving down my body to my nipples, chest, stomach, thighs, toes, but avoiding my penis. She's never seen me so horny - slightly sweaty with anticipation, my dick hard, my mouth slightly open, my chest moving up and down as I begin breathing heavily. She lowers her panty covered pussy to my face rubbing herself against my nose and mouth. She climbs back on my face, still looking toward the foot of the bed, and very slowly lowers her pussy onto my lips, mouth and toungue.

Beach (Working)

hardcore Raptor987 2018-03-06

As the moon came from eclipse and the wind gently blows across your face, your looks fire, you know how much this excites me. Gently exploring each other's lips, cheeks and neck; then it happens, that deep longing kiss. I slowly work my way across, alternating with soft kisses, short warm licks with my tongue and gentle bits. As you begin to relax, turning your head to admire the cool glow of the full moon you begin to slip away. You know it's coming, as you almost forget, I trace small circles in that spot, the center of your back just above your waist, I feel your whole body shivers. I continue my survey: nibbles, warm licks cooled by the gentle breeze and soft kisses.

"do you forgive me?

hardcore adel5000 2018-02-15

"My god, Darin, I want to feel you explode into me… all your hot cum shooting into me." She hangs her head and looks at him through the top of her eyes, grinding into him and squeezing his cock as tight as she can. Darin," she moans loudly, "I LOVE having your cock in my mouth." She cups his balls in her free hand and begins to caress them with her thumb. "Your cock is so wonderfully hard, Darin," Jennifer says sweetly, "I love it." She runs her hands all over his chest and then takes them back to her breasts. "No, honey," she stops him, "just you." With a confused look Darin asks, "You aren't coming in?" Jennifer smiles widely and says, "No, baby.

Our little secret

hardcore mrace1 2018-01-31

As my tongue was exploring the ridges of her ear, her hands were slyly pushing my shorts off inviting me to brush my cock across her pussy. Can I put it in my mouth?" she asked, opening her lips with her tongue rolled out like a carpet. She relaxed and took more of me each time, loosening up and sucking hard as her tongue found its way around my cock as I let out some moans. She moved up to me and straddled me and said "Let me taste how sweet I am", Licking my face and gave me a deep kiss as our tongues danced and exchanged each other's experiences. After we kissed I asked "I thought you said your lips...", She interrupted, "Shhh, this is Our little secret".


hardcore LaMaluca 2018-01-17

At times his hands or tongue left her, and she would want to open her eyes, but before curiosity could get the better he’d just send her into la-la-land again with that mouth of his. Her tied hands tentatively touched his head as if prepared for reproof, and Leon glanced up with fire in his eyes. Her body became a ticking time bomb the closer Leon came to Nikita's center, hidden by tightening thighs. She became a mustang under his touch, and soon he found himself with his arms gripping Nikita's legs apart to hold her still enough; he didn’t want to fully subdue her, never. "Yeah?" Leon teased softly, allaying her with gentle kisses when pleasure grew too strong.


hardcore tastefuldlite 2018-01-10

Once we're in the room he slides down my body kissing and licking all the way down. He repeats don't move baby and begins kissing my mound. I feel his warm breath on my clit then a suck and a lick. I feel my body tremble uncontrollably as I head for another mind blowing orgasm stronger than the ones before. He squeezes my nipples and says yesssssssssss enjoy yourself girl. My back arched, head back and eyes closed, I can't help but tremble all over with this orgasmic experience. He pulls me closer to his face, says I love you baby, kisses me tenderly and we both fall asl**p with him still inside of me, his arms around me.

Arrested a women and got offered sex.

hardcore 2018-01-03

She went into depth how she would wave from her apartment with hope I would come up. Offers I had many times for tickets and arrest, officer can we stop off or you take me to a hotel. I wanted things she did not and realized marriage based on sex alone was not working. My shift ends and I shower at the station, I put on my work out clothes and walk by her apartment. Her lips suck the head of my cock and she works her tongue in and out of her mouth. I kiss her and she grabs my cock, she jerks several strokes and I blow all over her belly and chest.

Hardcore pounding is more than she wanted.

hardcore 2017-12-31

First time I have used the key and wonder; will she welcome or fear me. She moved in this home and in the excitement she locked the only key inside. She is working from boxes and ask I set up her bed for her. “ after your game on the way home, stop by and try that key” I might be in bed or taking a nap, but you are welcome anytime. Like most teens I do not see the opportunity and its more of a hot women to enjoy. No rough sex and no legs up hard pounding. Eventually I talked her into a night of sex the way I wanted to give. Eventually she got sore each time we had sex.

Second time of the day

hardcore alsobbbwlover 2017-12-28

I put one leg between mine and one over me and I slide my very hard and wet cock into her still quivering pussy slowly at first and I hold on to her big soft thigh. I pound her pussy and I feel her starting to cum and I let out my first spurt and it hits the very end of her love tunnel and her pussy grabs my cock as she cums and I feel her warm pussy juice around my cock and I spurt my second time filling her love tunnel. Her body trembles and her little toes curl and she has a very hard cumming and grabs my cock even tighter and I fill her pussy with my cum.

I Love Older Women Chapter 1

hardcore Love-Older-Women 2017-12-16

The beeper went five minutes later and this was what she wrote "Darling can you please bring a case of Champagne as I only have 2 bottles left in fact make it 5 cases as there will be a lot of people calling and I want to give them Champagne yes come now if you want but go to my father's house and Sue will give you a key and put the Champagne into the fridge in the back storeroom Sue has been phoning everyone and that is saving me a lot of time it will be hard for the girls tonight but to be honest I am happy he is away he was a good father but a dreadful husband when we had sex he only thought of himself he was in and out and never cared about how I felt Lots of Hugs and Kisses your May xxx ".

Eva, My fuck-buddy

hardcore happytaquito 2017-12-04

Eva went in to prepare the tea, and came back few minutes later with two cups of tea saying, "The k** is still sl**ping, the home is ours now," with a big smile drawn on her face. She came to attention, and said, one second, quickly dressed, went out and closed the door behind her so the k** doesn't know anybody is there. The moment I started licking her pussy again, she grabbed my hard-on penis and said with a heavenly smile, I will try to make up for you what happened earlier today. I was going crazy, but her moving hands on my back to my butt was only saying, come on, it's time for the pussy dance.

Tonight, I'm In Charge

hardcore stephyoung2 2017-12-02

Tim moves his eyes down Steph's body taking in her all black leather outfit. Tim kisses Steph back slipping his tongue inside her mouth. As they kiss, Steph reaches behind Tim placing her hands on his back. Tim moans into her mouth more enjoying the feeling of having his hard cock released out of the confines. Steph then reaches behind Tim pulling his hands off the table. Steph closes her eyes enjoying the feelings that Tim are helping to give her. Steph puts her legs down and reaches out to Tim. She grabs him placing him over her legs lining his ass and cock up with her pussy. Tim reaches down and grab onto Steph's hips violently fucking her hard.

First attempt..............be gentle

hardcore bubbleman 2017-11-04

As Jake's hands made contact with Susie's body, so did his lips on her neck, kissing her, surprising her to the point where she almost screamed with fright, but she immediately realised who's touch it was. He pulled her back to him, one hand moving round to hold her belly while the other hand was slowly moving up from her hip, up the side of her body and coming to rest on her pert breast. One sharp tug and Susie's blouse is open, the buttons dispersed all over the kitchen, her crisp white lacy bra on display for anyone to see, her erect nipples trying to escape to confines of the lace.

Camping Fling. Part one.

hardcore 2017-10-29

My friend and college room mate, Ben, and I decided to go camping. I brought along a mutual, and beautiful, acquaintance, Mandy, and her tagalong nag of a room mate, Becky. We were having a good time, playing never have I ever, learning and humiliating eachother, taking cheap shots so the other team (boys versus girls) would have to drink. MY room mate, Ben, Continues drinking and singing merrily. I fondle her chest, pinching and kissing and her nipples, freshly touching the cool night air after I releases them from their lacy prison. She drops to her knees, taking me in her mouth once more, performing like a professional porn star once again, I explode in her mouth.