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Madhu : A Sweet Tribal Woman

hardcore bava12 2018-11-29

After reaching home Prakash called Madhu from house and asked her to take Sushma in her room and told that she will stay with her for few days. Prakash started kissing her, while moving his hand over her busts like caressing and massaging. Madhu started pulling down his pants with her feet, her palms started caressing his wide shoulders and while moving her palms on shoulder she let his shirt go off his body. When Madhu and he were in bed covered with blanket, Prakash recalled their first introduction from there he started thinking every episode of their closeness. Prakash took his face to another underarm, he kissed there, let his lips remain over there and started caressing there and around with his face.

Hot Didi And Hot Mom Make Me i****t

hardcore bava12 2018-11-27

We take drink and smoke too much and after party when we are coming back didi and her bf (Asis) was in back seat and me and my gf (Ria) in front, at back seat they were making fun too much, they kissing each other and sometimes Asis pressing boobs of didi (Tanya) and she also enjoying and cooperate to do so. We hug each other partner, smooching, kissing deep everything was going on; then Ria show me that my didi was topless and I see her boobs were open and sucked by her bf then we also do the same thing. Ria hold my dick and put it out from zip and start giving me a good blow job seeing it didi said wow what a sex u r Ria, making real fun in open place gr8.

My Mother Nailed

hardcore bava12 2018-11-22

Jacob was just looking at it and then he opened his mouth and lowered it on to her breasts and started sucking and biting on it while he pinched the other nipple mom moaned aaaah , ooooh no aau no please and then this went on for some time after which they kissed again, this time more passionately and my mom was completely his, he sucked her again and went down and kissed her navel and her belly and kissed her between her legs on her cunt I guess, she just put her head up and bit her lower lip and moaned like anything, the sexiest cries from my mom really turned me on.

Friends s****r Liked Me From c***dhood

hardcore bava12 2018-11-20

After some time laboni came to drawing room with tea and cup in hand and when she bent down to put the tea on table it give me sight of her boobs from her dress as the T-shirt was loose enough to hold those ripe mangoes. I started sucking her nipple and fondling her second boob with my hand and she was holding my hair and was pushing my head on her body and was making sexy moans like ahh ahhh ahh..suck it like baby…ahhh. She was gone mad I lowered her pant and she was in black panty my fev colour her body colour and black panty was in damn contrast I throw her pant down and also her panty and started rubbing her wet pussy with my fingers and sucking her bobs at same time.

SEX with my wife’s friend and her daughter

hardcore bava12 2018-11-17

I HAVE TO FUCK RUPA TONIGHT.[this I emphasized strongly] If at all I want to ejaculate in her, I will withdraw and get a blowjob by her & ejaculate in her mouth or I shall enter your vagina & shall ejaculate inside you.” I then said jokingly “I don’t mind if she conceives and gets pregnant. I made Rita give Rupa, her daughter a cunnilingus as I kept fucking her- & being in such great heat we reached our orgasm and climaxed quite fast – I must have given around 20-25 thrusts inside Rita’s vagina & I soon ejaculated in her.

A Slut's Curiosity

hardcore CherryRedGirl 2018-11-15

But another part of me, the side that I kept hidden and locked away in my deepest recesses of my mind, wanted to be held down, slapped, choked, screamed at, used and abused like a slut. He kissed me gently, running his hand up my thigh and slowly spreading my legs. He pressed harder and harder, my eyes rolled back in my head as everything started fading, and just as my body went limp, he released me, throwing me back onto the bed as I gasped for air. He held my head there, fucking my throat until I couldn't take any more. He slapped his cock against my pussy, and traced my lips, teasing me and getting me slick with pre-cum.

The Most Romantic Night With Bhabhi & Sister

hardcore bava12 2018-11-13

“Any unsatisfied firls/ bhabhis/ aunties in Gujarat who want the best sex in the world can contact me at youtubemate@gmail.Com. I bet that would be the best sex of your life.” bhabhi is 27 years old, having big round tits which can make any man go mad after her. I removed s*s’s tshirt 1st and started pressing her big tits while she continued kissing bhabhi. Then i asked s*s to suck bhabhi’s boobs and she went closer to bhabhi and started sucking them like she was sucking some mangoes. Teri began ko bhi chut bhi chuss.” even pita got more bolder hearing bhabhi and she pressed her pussy more tightly to my mouth and i started licking her more hardly. Later on we switched the positions and i gave my dick in bhabhi’s mouth and Piya started licking bhabhi’s pussy.

Get Your Man Into Eating Your Pussy

hardcore jpjai007 2018-10-31

But there's no way around this one---you HAVE to say exactly what you want: "Honey, could you go down on me." "Honey, I need your tongue.." The more explicit and urgent the better: "Lick me!" "Eat me!" "Suck my pussy!" Especially, if you're somewhat prudish or restrained, the more graphic and desperate your language, the more you will turn your man on and, maybe get his head between your legs, fast. The best way to get your man started on the road to great cunnilingus, it to draw the connection in his mind between kissing and oral sex.

Soft 3some With A Friend And His Wife

hardcore bava12 2018-10-31

Again like last time, me & Raja got talking about general things while Nisha was feeling shy and not giving eye contact. After some time, Raja asked Nisha if she was feeling thirsty and would like to drink some water. As he got up to leave, I gave Raja the keys of office and asked him to lock the door from outside till he gets the drink as it would be risky if someone came in and saw me talking to a girl. However, she got off the table, made me stand up (Raja is sitting & watching from the other side now), unbuttoned my jeans, brought it down, kneeled down & pulled down my undies.

Toyboy and naughty milf

hardcore mart40 2018-10-05

me..really close, our legs were touching and the chemistry was such a turn on...he took my drink out of my hand and then kissed me gently...then more intense..his tongue sliding in my mouth..he was an amazing kisser..really passionate...his hand stroking my leg..moving up till i could feel his fingers on my bare skin...he pushed me back slightly, all the time kissing me..those kisses alone were worth it..his tongue sliding inside my mouth..his hand slid up to my breast...squeezing it...then back down over my hip over my dress and underneath up between my legs, rubbing my lacy knickers..then pulling them to one side so he could rub my pussy which was so wet...eventually we moved upstairs....he sat on the edge of the bed...we were kissing and then he pulled my dress up, over my head...i took off my bra so his mouth was right by my

The Delivery Girl

hardcore stunic 2018-10-02

She was laying face down, her ass looked fantastic, i gave it a quick spank and she screamed with pleasure, at this point her ass was in the air as she was burying her head into the pillow, i teased my cock along her pussy lips, then slid it inside, i slowly started to thrust back and forth, getting quicker until my cock could get no deeper, her screams of pleasure muffled by the pillows, my hands on her hips, i was pounding her hard and fast when her second orgasm electrified her body, i pulled my cock out and made her suck her juices off it like the greedy little slut she turned into.

My Son Seduced And Fucked Me Hard: Mom Son i****t

hardcore 2018-10-02

He inserted his hands inside and started pressing my boobs and nipples. I liked it, did not realize when my hand reached his pant and I pulled his disk out, man it was big,,, he asked me” how it s mom” I said “its big nice”. I smile an d said “carry your baby.” he took me to be in his lap and loosed my nighty, he bent down answer straight put his fingers inside my pussy, ohhho I loved it, he took my panty and started licking my pussy, it was cleanly seven so he got mad.

The Big Switch

hardcore totallyurs 2018-10-01

We heard the door go and went back to the living room, where the final guest arrived.to be greeted with my wife on her knees and Bob on the floor under he sucking her tits, while our young host - with just a white towel round his waist - holding her by the hips, his delicious cock half erect resting on her ass. I saw her tummy muscles tense momentarily as she felt her precious place being invaded and started to gently wank him, my fingers round the base of his penis and my cock buried in the crack of his bum but not actually in his ass hole.

Good Morning Bill

hardcore good4utrouble 2018-09-30

You open my robe, your hands sliding it down my arms and letting it flutter to the floor of the balcony, my naked body now fully exposed. My breathing is already heavy as I squirm on your lap wanting to feel your cock inside me the electrical sensations shooting through my body as you kiss and gently bite then lick at the sting on my collar bone. I reach to raise my breasts to you wanting to feel you suck my nipples into your mouth. I need your cock now as I reach down and place the head of you at my very hot, wet entrance. Your warm hands grasp my hips and you slide your cock between the lips of my wet pussy.

The Half Aunt

hardcore hunter043 2018-09-29

On the next day when I was talking with my friend on phone outside my house then I again saw her this time she was wearing a tight white top and blue Minnie skirt ...she was looking stunning in that dress...I think she was going out for some partyn all...while she was waiting for her driver to come..I went near her and started talking to her...about myself n asked about herself...Her voice was little bit manly...but she looks totally feminine. When I was repairing the socket then she came near to me...when I saw downwards I saw her huge cleavge...my dick started erecting as I haven't saw such a big huge cleavage till then and that to so closely...she saw me doing that.suddenly I removed my eyes from there but she knew wati wanted from her so she grab my pant and pulled me down..and told me that do u know why I called u by the name Lulli...

My little cupcake…

hardcore 2018-09-28

She came up to me all slow and said “Shhhh...” She started kissing me and I didn’t fight it… I caressed her back and undid her bra, she was a little thrown back by it because I undid it without her realizing it. She starts sucking my cock and then stops and starts kissing me and tells me how she had the biggest crush on me… She then say “I want you to fuck me slowly. I was holding her tight while my cock entered her pussy I was on top of her slowly going in and out, kissing her neck and her lips.

Amy Goes From Hair Stylist to House Slave - 8

hardcore THIRDCOAST 2018-09-25

Chloe moves where her thigh meets her hip, placing soft kisses along the way. She placed her wetted fingers at the entrance to Gayle’s needy opening and pushed them home. Chloe’s fingers first moved in and out, twisting and turning, driving Gayle to another level a pleasure. She pushed Gayle’s head down, and she continued to place soft kisses on Chloe’s body. Chloe placed a hand on her head and started to move her hips to Gayle’s tongue lashing. Chloe clasped her hands onto Gayle’s head and held it in place, as she rubbed her sex on her face. I make eye contact with Chloe and Gayle and they follow me to my dungeon.

schoolgirl in the graveyard

hardcore maturemancock 2018-09-24

I then came round the front of her and sucked her nipples, going from one breast to the other, and slowly moving my hand up her thigh, as I got towards the top of her legs she parted them so I could rub her pussy through her knickers. I was still rubbing her pussy and she was moaning, I knelt down and started to lick her pussy thru her panties and she became more vocal, I pulled her knickers to one side and licked her clit, and she exploded in around a minute, she said "What's happening I feel nice but I'm going dizzy and I can see lights flashing" I told her that was an orgasm.

First meeting

hardcore 2018-09-23

You feel me move my lips to your exposed womanhood and I begin to firmly yet gently sliding my tongue around your clitoris ,then sliding it in your warmth , tasting your sweet juices as they flow into my mouth,,,moving even more to a place where most never go , I slide it soaked with your juices into your ass hole and with that your body shakes uncontrollably, I alternate between all that you have to offer, your inner senses just let go in reflex , you have no control , your mind thinks one thing your body does another , then you feel me stand behind you grasping your waist you feel my fingers grip as you have lost control , then you feel the head of my pulsating penis resting at the entrance of your essence , in one full smooth motion you feel it enter , sliding into you , feeling the length of its shaft , it's thickness spreading you as it rubs the back of you G spot , sliding it in then out , with every motion you push closer to my body to take it as deep as you can .

Three J

hardcore 2018-09-23

that's so good mmmmmm where has your sexy husband learned to suck dick like that Julia?" Jon asked while moaning and groaning. She started rubbing her pussylips and clit and said to me; "Please Jamie, please fuck Jon for me, pound him hard with your huge cock and cum in his ass" She just grabbed me by my cock pulling me up then spreading Jon's asscheeks open and pushed my rock hard cockhead inside of him. Julia came seconds later squirting out her sweet juices all over Jon's face and sprayed like a faucet all over his chest.I started licking it off his chest, sucking on his nipples then slowly pulled out of him.

Fast and Furious

hardcore unassumingmistress 2018-09-19

I have been told by more than a few chaps that this is their favoured technique when having sex, when what they really should have said is they were working towards their boy scout campfire badges; ‘the best way to start a fire is by ensuring your materials are all dry and are rubbed as hard and fast as possible’, thus mistaking passion for friction! He paused for a second, and after turning round for a brief kiss I seized my opportunity for some control and pushed him back onto the bed, after a momentary fumble of what was left of his clothing, I knelt between his legs and got to work tasting his cock.

The Whore And The Gangbang---1

hardcore 2018-09-18

He is on knees on bed while I am bend like doggy and starts to suck it!! He starts slow but soon fucks me really hard!! Rahul was stirred up fully seeing me fucking all these guys!! But enjoying I guess and sfter sometime they started to abuse me they were saying words like Whore, sluts and Randi and after listing this words I got satisfaction and realized that I am now turned into a complete whore. My manager straight goes to fuck and puts me on my tummy on bed, lift my ass up in air and start inserting the finger inside my ass!! Now he puts a pillow below my ass and starts fucking me!!

New Carpet

hardcore HRLS 2018-09-15

So I kneel down behind you and start slowly flickering my long tongue and light feather kisses around your sexy ankles, working up and around your beautiful calves. Maybe stopping at the back of your knee to give a little suck and kiss, as I rub up and down your sexy beautiful legs with my hands. I slowly insert my finger, just a little, flickering it slowly in and out, as I continue to stroke the side of your leg and rubbing lightly with my free hand. I start kissing, sucking hard, then soft, licking down and all around your sweet tasting pussy, catching every drop of your sweet juices. You hover over my long, thick cock, taking it at the base and you start slapping your swollen, wet, hot pussy with it.

What a wake up call

hardcore scottishlegend 2018-09-07

You climb into my lap straddling me completely naked your hair tied back in a ponytail and wearing your glasses looking like a sexy librarian who is the right side of dirty and you were teasing me by grinding your hot wet pussy against my cock teasing me and getting me hard again in the way that only you can. You let out a groan of pleasure as I stretch your pussy to its limit and you start to lift yourself up and down sliding the full length of my cock each time almost completely coming out of you before you slam back down and let out a scream of ecstasy each time you start to spasm around my cock as an orgasm rips intensely through your entire body you arch your back and let out an ear splitting scream and I lean forward and Bury my face in between your breasts kissing and sucking on them as your orgasm intensify as I suck on your nipples.