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Hot Didi And Hot Mom Make Me i****t

hardcore bava12 2018-06-23

We take drink and smoke too much and after party when we are coming back didi and her bf (Asis) was in back seat and me and my gf (Ria) in front, at back seat they were making fun too much, they kissing each other and sometimes Asis pressing boobs of didi (Tanya) and she also enjoying and cooperate to do so. We hug each other partner, smooching, kissing deep everything was going on; then Ria show me that my didi was topless and I see her boobs were open and sucked by her bf then we also do the same thing. Ria hold my dick and put it out from zip and start giving me a good blow job seeing it didi said wow what a sex u r Ria, making real fun in open place gr8.

Friends s****r Liked Me From c***dhood

hardcore bava12 2018-06-20

After some time laboni came to drawing room with tea and cup in hand and when she bent down to put the tea on table it give me sight of her boobs from her dress as the T-shirt was loose enough to hold those ripe mangoes. I started sucking her nipple and fondling her second boob with my hand and she was holding my hair and was pushing my head on her body and was making sexy moans like ahh ahhh ahh..suck it like baby…ahhh. She was gone mad I lowered her pant and she was in black panty my fev colour her body colour and black panty was in damn contrast I throw her pant down and also her panty and started rubbing her wet pussy with my fingers and sucking her bobs at same time.

Soft 3some With A Friend And His Wife

hardcore bava12 2018-06-19

Again like last time, me & Raja got talking about general things while Nisha was feeling shy and not giving eye contact. After some time, Raja asked Nisha if she was feeling thirsty and would like to drink some water. As he got up to leave, I gave Raja the keys of office and asked him to lock the door from outside till he gets the drink as it would be risky if someone came in and saw me talking to a girl. However, she got off the table, made me stand up (Raja is sitting & watching from the other side now), unbuttoned my jeans, brought it down, kneeled down & pulled down my undies.

A Slut's Curiosity

hardcore CherryRedGirl 2018-06-19

But another part of me, the side that I kept hidden and locked away in my deepest recesses of my mind, wanted to be held down, slapped, choked, screamed at, used and abused like a slut. He kissed me gently, running his hand up my thigh and slowly spreading my legs. He pressed harder and harder, my eyes rolled back in my head as everything started fading, and just as my body went limp, he released me, throwing me back onto the bed as I gasped for air. He held my head there, fucking my throat until I couldn't take any more. He slapped his cock against my pussy, and traced my lips, teasing me and getting me slick with pre-cum.

Madhu : A Sweet Tribal Woman

hardcore bava12 2018-06-10

After reaching home Prakash called Madhu from house and asked her to take Sushma in her room and told that she will stay with her for few days. Prakash started kissing her, while moving his hand over her busts like caressing and massaging. Madhu started pulling down his pants with her feet, her palms started caressing his wide shoulders and while moving her palms on shoulder she let his shirt go off his body. When Madhu and he were in bed covered with blanket, Prakash recalled their first introduction from there he started thinking every episode of their closeness. Prakash took his face to another underarm, he kissed there, let his lips remain over there and started caressing there and around with his face.

My Mother Nailed

hardcore bava12 2018-06-03

Jacob was just looking at it and then he opened his mouth and lowered it on to her breasts and started sucking and biting on it while he pinched the other nipple mom moaned aaaah , ooooh no aau no please and then this went on for some time after which they kissed again, this time more passionately and my mom was completely his, he sucked her again and went down and kissed her navel and her belly and kissed her between her legs on her cunt I guess, she just put her head up and bit her lower lip and moaned like anything, the sexiest cries from my mom really turned me on.

SEX with my wife’s friend and her daughter

hardcore bava12 2018-05-30

I HAVE TO FUCK RUPA TONIGHT.[this I emphasized strongly] If at all I want to ejaculate in her, I will withdraw and get a blowjob by her & ejaculate in her mouth or I shall enter your vagina & shall ejaculate inside you.” I then said jokingly “I don’t mind if she conceives and gets pregnant. I made Rita give Rupa, her daughter a cunnilingus as I kept fucking her- & being in such great heat we reached our orgasm and climaxed quite fast – I must have given around 20-25 thrusts inside Rita’s vagina & I soon ejaculated in her.

Get Your Man Into Eating Your Pussy

hardcore jpjai007 2018-05-26

But there's no way around this one---you HAVE to say exactly what you want: "Honey, could you go down on me." "Honey, I need your tongue.." The more explicit and urgent the better: "Lick me!" "Eat me!" "Suck my pussy!" Especially, if you're somewhat prudish or restrained, the more graphic and desperate your language, the more you will turn your man on and, maybe get his head between your legs, fast. The best way to get your man started on the road to great cunnilingus, it to draw the connection in his mind between kissing and oral sex.

The Most Romantic Night With Bhabhi & Sister

hardcore bava12 2018-05-23

“Any unsatisfied firls/ bhabhis/ aunties in Gujarat who want the best sex in the world can contact me at youtubemate@gmail.Com. I bet that would be the best sex of your life.” bhabhi is 27 years old, having big round tits which can make any man go mad after her. I removed s*s’s tshirt 1st and started pressing her big tits while she continued kissing bhabhi. Then i asked s*s to suck bhabhi’s boobs and she went closer to bhabhi and started sucking them like she was sucking some mangoes. Teri began ko bhi chut bhi chuss.” even pita got more bolder hearing bhabhi and she pressed her pussy more tightly to my mouth and i started licking her more hardly. Later on we switched the positions and i gave my dick in bhabhi’s mouth and Piya started licking bhabhi’s pussy.

The Lesbian Card

hardcore Daleharris 2018-05-19

I was still hard and by now my shorts were down at the foot of the bed and I had taken my shirt off while Jen was rubbing me. Jen looked at me while still rubbing my cock with her right hand. Then Jen confessed she had just ended a relationship a few weeks ago with her girlfriend and it had been some time since she had sex with a guy. Jen go out of bed, closed the shades all the way and turned off the living room lights. Jen called in sick that next day while I had to run back to my place to get cleaned up for work.

Mom Had Too Much To Drink - Part 1

hardcore abigfan 2018-05-19

I couldn't clean her up without getting wet myself, so I dropped my clothes and got into the shower. I lifted mom up and held her tightly against my body as I adjusted the water with the other. Holding her against my body, mybcock started getting hard. She moaned and put her arms around my neck, lifted her lips and started french kissing me. I turned off the water, dryed mom as good as I could with one hand, and I rubbed her hairless pussy just hard enough to start to driver her wild. I came and pumped stream after stream of cum into my mothers tight pussy. I wrapped my arms around my mother, holding and squeezing her boobs and pulled her tight into my body.

Rediscovering Sex With My Wife

hardcore bad1068 2018-05-19

Anyway we remained friends but their texts and I later found out dinners did not stop and eventually we came to a head. Then one day after a wedding we got home I told her in the privacy of our room that she looked really beautiful and lovely. I could feel her staring to cum and decided to prolong it by stopping and licked her body all the way back up to her breasts. After Cumming she laid me down and started to kiss my chest all the way down to my hard cock. After a while she lay in my arms and we were kissing and touching each other I again started to play with her pussy and asked if she really fancied a threesome.

one night at work

hardcore winky419 2018-05-17

Middle of the night working the desk, noone around so I decided to pass the time with a dip in the pool. I'm sure it gets boring here in the middle of the night." I handed him the towels as he asked me, "Care to join me? I can't sl**p and my friends are all sl**ping." "Sure as long as my boss doesn't find out." He laughed and introduced himself as Mike and we went back to the pool rooom. You feel like you've got a nice dick in those pants too." "want to see it?" I nodded as he continued to suck my breasts. I was a bit disappointed I didn't get to try Mike as they checked out and were gone by the time I got to work next night.

Making Me His Part2

hardcore 425olds 2018-05-17

And suddenly its felt like a massive risk - if this went wrong, I could be blowing my chance with Tim. He'd made it plain he wanted to dominate me. I started kissing the length of his rigid cock through the tight cotton of his trunks, after a few passes up or down, when I got to the head I took it into my mouth, still through the cotton, between my lips. Tim looked at me and said: What do you want?" You come when I call and you can have my cock anytime you want, especially if you suck like that. There wasn't much talking but we looked at each other with love desire and a****l lust as Tim thrust his cock in and out of my anus.

Sharing with a friend

hardcore starshine0717 2018-05-15

Then I heard her breathing harder and starting to moan, and I realized his hand slid down behind her back and he was fingering her. This time I heard no moaning, but I didn't creep upstairs, and I sat and watched TV. She told me that he felt up her ass again as he kissed her, turned her around, pushed her down on the counter, pulled down her thongs, squatted down and ate her out from behind again, also licking her asshole. (Later she told me that he whispered to her, "Can I eat you and make you cum in my mouth again?" and she had said yes.) There was much movement in the back seat as they re-positioned themselves.

Hot Sex with "Hot Chick” – The Fi

hardcore 2018-05-14

Spring turned into summer and I started see less of Hot Chick cause she went to summer school to finish some courses and I was working full time downtown. She was like – “This is bad… I love fucking you and you’re the only guy who makes me cum like you do but now its unfair to these two people we have feelings for…” And she was right… I give her a hug, kiss her and walk away. I didn’t see Hot Chick around school when the new year started. She takes my hand and goes “One last time like the first…” She slowly starts undressing all the while kissing me.

Fast and Furious

hardcore unassumingmistress 2018-05-12

I have been told by more than a few chaps that this is their favoured technique when having sex, when what they really should have said is they were working towards their boy scout campfire badges; ‘the best way to start a fire is by ensuring your materials are all dry and are rubbed as hard and fast as possible’, thus mistaking passion for friction! He paused for a second, and after turning round for a brief kiss I seized my opportunity for some control and pushed him back onto the bed, after a momentary fumble of what was left of his clothing, I knelt between his legs and got to work tasting his cock.

My incredible granny experience

hardcore francisjoe69 2018-05-08

Apparently she liked the dirty talk because she grabbed my butt and vigorously sucked my cock and licked my balls all in one continuous, fluid motion. I immediately went to her, cupping her face in my hands, “You’re the very same person you were a few minutes ago and just as beautiful.” She instantly kissed me, pushing her tongue into my mouth. After several minutes of me tonguing and sucking her clit, Phyllis suddenly wrapped her legs around my head, moaning, “I cumming. As she leaned in to kiss me, I noticed my cum on her chin and face, but I didn’t care. She tightened her sphincter muscles, gripping my cock, and within moments I was releasing my second cum load, this time into her ass.

Sex with an Xhamster member

hardcore BeckyInLove 2018-05-07

When I asked if he wanted to come over and we can finish what we started the other night, Ron told me I had just made his cock hard and he would be right here. He said he wanted to fuck me so bad and asked me how I would feel if he got carried away or forgot to pull out when he gets off. I started to suck his cock and Ron stopped me and said that I took care of him the other night and he wanted to return the favor. I think Ron started going soft when he heard it was Michael and I grabbed his cock and asked him what happened.

before sl**ping 3

hardcore warcry01 2018-05-06

then i ll kiss you like i am drinking you my angel...your zestful lips are lefting jar sweetly, and taking my cock inside, between your tongue and palate. taking you up from your hair, holding you face to face with me and start to kissing those perfect consistency lips like i am thirsty... i am grasping your ass when i am eating your neck, squeezing those cheecks, you can feel my fingers on your skin hardly..then i am holding your hair with one hand and with other hand is going to your pussy between your ass cheeks. i m taking my position behind you and when i m going inside i m whispering to your ear " i adore you baby, i realy adore you" when i am pulling your hair with my hands...

Toyboy and naughty milf

hardcore mart40 2018-05-04

me..really close, our legs were touching and the chemistry was such a turn on...he took my drink out of my hand and then kissed me gently...then more intense..his tongue sliding in my mouth..he was an amazing kisser..really passionate...his hand stroking my leg..moving up till i could feel his fingers on my bare skin...he pushed me back slightly, all the time kissing me..those kisses alone were worth it..his tongue sliding inside my mouth..his hand slid up to my breast...squeezing it...then back down over my hip over my dress and underneath up between my legs, rubbing my lacy knickers..then pulling them to one side so he could rub my pussy which was so wet...eventually we moved upstairs....he sat on the edge of the bed...we were kissing and then he pulled my dress up, over my head...i took off my bra so his mouth was right by my

Leaves Wife for College Student

hardcore billstew 2018-05-04

Candice started giving him a hand job and as they kiss he lifted up her skirt, pulled her panties down to wear her pussy was exposed and started to finger her. They got on the bonnet of the car, Candice spread her legs and Julian slipped his cock inside her. During a few minutes of non-stop fucking Julian though he should pull out so he asked Candice should he pull out. After they got back in the car they fucked again and Julian shot another load inside her. Julian responds by kissing her and they then fuck everywhere at her place and Julian is cums inside her a lot during that time. They started an affair to a point that Julian decides to leave Michelle for Candice.

BBW & the Sexiest Man

hardcore 2018-04-25

I went to see him & we were talking all of a sudden he walks over & passionately kisses me, and says "I've been wanting to do that for a long time". I began to move my hips and he continued to lick me and before too long I came SO hard! His curved dick was rubbing me the right way but to maximize my pleasure he put a pillow under my belly & slowly went deep! He was right on my g spot so I knew it wouldn't be long ;) He grabbed my big ass & said "Oh I've waited so long for this!" He was giving me every inch and once again I came on his dick.

Playing with Olivia and Amanda

hardcore michaelalwayshorny 2018-04-24

I was loving these two hot sexy friends going at each other and decided to help them go further, I told olivia to lay down and got amanda to kneel infront with her face between olivia legs, I could see olivia wanted amanda to taste her pussy, I got behind amanda and eased my throbbing cock into her sweet wet pussy pushing it in nice and deep making her moan out with pleasure, I started slow and as I was slipping in and out of her olivia pulled her closer and watch as amanda starting licking her pussy, I started going fasted pounding away at amandas tight little pussy and each thrust was pushing her face deeper into olivias.