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Cuckold lifestyle 51

hardcore woreout 2018-11-07

About eleven my wife stood up and said OK Kyle, I've been setting here all night thinking about that cock of your's and my pussy is wet, lets go fuck. My wife spoke up and said, Honey aren't you going to thank Kyle for fucking me so well and leaving you all that nice hot cum to enjoy for breakfast? She was headed toward the front door and without looking back she said not just some of it and she flipped the back of the skirt up far enough for Kyle and I to see the pink butt plug at home in her ass.

Part 2: Kyle & Amanda (Good Samaritan and Sexy

hardcore beingbrash 2018-09-12

She leaned over toward Kyle and said, “I’m Amanda by the way and you were simply amazing back there.” His smile tuned her on and she thought how good looking and muscular Kyle was. Amanda leaned even closer and kissed Kyle’s cheek and ran her hand along his right thigh. Amanda tilted her head sideways toward Kyle and held his hands as they commenced a romantic kiss. She pulled at Kyle’s shirt and encouraged him to get naked and Kyle started pulling off Amanda’s clothes. Amanda needed no lubrication or encouragement, as Kyle’s cock penetrated her pussy. Kyle looked directly into Amanda’s sexy green eyes and smiled a huge grin and moaned loudly as he climaxed.

“You’re such a whore, Shelby!

hardcore adel5000 2018-09-11

I have a hard time keeping my fingers out of my cunt when I think about it…” I began recalling the dirty events of that night on the beach after I met those three guys. John came in front of me and thrust his cock in my mouth to get it wet enough to penetrate my ass while he finger fucked it pretty hard. Together, Kyle and John started fucking me in a nice, hard rhythm while Mike stood back and watched for a few minutes before joining the fuck fest and thrusting his glorious meat pole into my waiting mouth. And after awhile of being fucked and a few orgasms later, Mike decided he wanted his turn on the rest of my body.

Prison Bitch 1

hardcore 425olds 2018-06-02

"Normally, I'd draw this lesson out, showing you how to suck cock properly, but you've been such a fucking tease that you'll have to wait next time for a real lesson," Kyle said, fisting a hand in James' hair. James whimpered and did as he was told, opening his mouth hesitantly, his hands gripping Kyle's hips like he could stop the bigger man r****g him if he tried hard enough. Though I bet your ass will feel better." He pulled back, leaving the fat head in James' mouth, letting the other man suck in a breath of air before he f***ed himself down again. Pulling his cock out of James' mouth, Kyle spat in the boy's face and backhanded him sharply, hard enough to split his lip and send his glasses flying.

A Taste of Brandy (Chapter 1 of 3)

hardcore beingbrash 2018-05-11

As he slide the garments to the floor, he immediately began kissing her strong legs and smooth shins; he ran my tongue along her left leg up beyond her knees and then down her right leg. At last, Kyle slipped a finger from each hand under her panties and against her lips. He leaned forward separating her lush lip with my fingers; a hand touched on the back of his head and gently drew him in, as if he needed any persuasion. He started massaging her clitoris with two fingers on his left hand and this created a response he had yet to see from Brandy.

A beach walk

hardcore lauren003 2018-05-08

While driving home Kyle suggest that tomorrow, we go to a more quiet beach than the main bathing one we had been going to, and take a long walk to be out of site of everyone. Once I was in bed, I was rather horny and thinking about having sex on the beach, made me a bit wet. I took my bikini bottoms off, Kyle's pants were down and his cock was soon hard, I kneeled down in doggy, and he entered my wet pussy from behind. Once home we chatted to my parents to find out that they were meeting up with friends for dinner, and that we had the house to ourselves for a little while the night. Heading to bed soon after rather satisfied and having a good sl**p that night.

Mom needs it

hardcore qudduse 2018-03-17

It wasn't until Allie began to recover and start stroking Kyle's hair that I realized I had been rubbing my own pussy through my skirt. But Allie didn't act on the subtle cue, so Kyle began leading her left hand toward his cock and simply murmured, "Please." My son's cock was a good seven inches long, with a large purple head and fat, heavy balls. I knew my 18-year-old son couldn't last long, so I wasn't surprised to feel his cock swell larger in my mouth. Without warning I stood up in the tub above Kyle, who looked surprised until he realized that my pussy was now at his eye level.

Weekend affair with my mature boss...

hardcore bigwillyuk 2018-03-06

After about a month of working there , Debbie began to turn me on more and more , she wasn't the hottest of women but for her age she certainly looked good and I think it was the heels she wore that did it for me . I couldn't take much before I felt I was going to cum so we stopped and got into doggy I was pumping her hard from behind looking into the mirror , hardly believing what I was seeing " I'm fucking my 42 year old married boss " it turned me on so much .

The Photo Shoot

hardcore 2018-03-03

“I suggest we heat this up even more for your special man” she said as she put the camera on the sofa, she walked over and turned me around, and I felt her hands take the side of the thong, she pulled it down and I felt the pvc slide from between my cheeks and the air hit my hot pussy. Emily laid back on the sofa and her legs wide apart I wanted to taste her but wanted her mouth more, by body slid between her legs and we passionately kissed liked we did when we first dated, like the first time we fucked.

The Poker Game

hardcore dickslapme19 2018-01-27

His dick was just about completely hard and he took it in his hand and started slapping me with it on the face after a few smacks he grabbed the back of my head and f***ed his man meat in my mouth suck that cock bitch he said and I start takin all of it in I started massaging his nut and started getting tight im about to cum he said grabbing the back of my head and fuckinn my throat and then it all happened 3 of his cum shots hit the back of my throat swallowin it all kyle took out his softening cock and dick slapped me one last time good bitch he said.

Samaritan Saves Stranded Stranger

hardcore beingbrash 2018-01-13

Amanda was frustrated because she knew better than to travel to the middle of “Nowhere”, Kansas without a full gas tank. Whether it was the Kyle’s good looks, his confident demeanor, or the fact that he was her savior, Amanda could not help but say,” we could make it more pleasurable.” Amanda moved in tight to Kyle and he responded by grasping her shoulders, holding her as she kissed his neck. Kyle pushed her shirt further up and began kissing in Amanda’s pink nipples and milky white breasts. “Oh my gosh that was fantastic”, Amanda said as she kissed Kyle’s forehead. Kyle stood up, gathered his clothes and said, “Thank you.” I need to get the gas, I’ll be back.”

The Lost Virginity on the Sand.

hardcore lush2222 2017-11-20

With that dad started to stir and Kyle cheekily said, "Dont you fucking freak out as well." Over the next few minutes Mum frantically explained to dad the situation in an effort to calm him down. Kyle tries to reassure me, "Fuck sake mate dont freak out!" He gives the nod for mum to help. Dad explains the situation again but I feel fragile "I dont want to strip off...what if someone who I know sees" Liam jumps in now but his patience is less forthcoming "Fucking hell mate you miles from London and who really gives a shit anyway." I remain curled up on my towel. I gingerly release the towel and stand there naked, sporting a semi hard on "Fuck sake mate..wasnt hard was it" reply Kyle I smile a little.

Chillin' Sinsations (Chaprter 2 of 3)

hardcore beingbrash 2017-11-12

As her hand ran across Kyle’s shirt, she rubs his chest and adds, “Now I want to show my thanks for your great work but I have the pressure to please you as wonderfully as you pleased me.” She had cupped his balls while holding a piece of ice in her hand and now she was rubbing it along the underside of his penis. Sensing he was about to explode, Brandy took his cock in her left hand, stroked it rapidly, while at the same time, lifting his scrotum and rubbing the prostrate. Kyle looked right at Brandy’s cheery face and smiled, “That was amazing. Kyle and Brandy had both experienced amazing orgasm at the hands and mouth of their partners, but the night was still young and they both desired more.