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The Rendezvous

hardcore Master_Jonathan 2018-11-27

Perhaps she just wanted to get me out of the house as soon as possible - thinking that once in public, I couldn’t punish or berate her, or maybe she just liked the feeling of my watching her as she got naked in front of me. As her movements became more frenzied and her orgasm approached, I firmly pinched her left nipple hard between my fingers, and I used my right hand to repeatedly slap her right tit. Before she began to piss, I moved toward her, grabbing her right tit with my hand, squeezing hard and digging My fingers deep into her soft flesh. She looked so lovely laying there on the bed, legs spread wide apart, eyes covered by a blindfold, and mouth gagged.

A New Slut Visits, part 1

hardcore DirtyGeezer 2018-11-26

Jenna was already ripe for submission, telling me she had cum countless times to my words, and making it clear all her holes were open to be used and abused - and that a little pain and piss play would be welcomed, along with humiliation and more... Jenna could tell this was more about his dirty fetish than anything to do with her, but his words and stuffed full pussy sent her over the edge for the first time, an orgasm ripping through her as her cunt was opened wide, knowing I was watching making her cum all the harder.

You Are Loved, Little One

hardcore zibster 2018-11-19

She eagerly opened her mouth and sucked his finger clean, tongue swirling around and taking him deep into her throat, making him release a soft moan. Pulling back, he watched her gasp in a deep breath when his hand slipped down to her nipples, teasing them and his lips pulling on the other, hearing her moan. "What do you want, my love?" he questioned as he gently sucked on her other nipple, his hand slipping down to rub her clit slowly, teasingly.  Cumming hard, her pussy grasped him tighter, throbbing slightly and the juices slipping out around his cock.  He watched with a smile as she curled into a ball, his cum leaking from her well-fucked pussy.

Slave For You

hardcore MissCarmelle 2018-11-17

Carmelle obeyed and returned to him, her Master placed the heavy leather cuffs around her slender wrists and ankles, he ran his hands over her calves, listening to her fevered intake of air as his fingers caressed her skin. He increased the pressure, her arse began to sting with the tension of the hook pulling inside her. Her Master smiled at her, pressing a gentle kiss to her forehead before withdrawing his hand, he slapped her hard and she snapped out of the haze she had fallen into. She hung her head as much as the taut line between her collar and the hook would allow, he wondered for a second if he had struck her too hard. 

THE PET: Adventures 1 2

hardcore VirgilKnighting 2018-11-14

With her master’s newly hardened member hovering deep in her mouth, and her hand vigorously rubbing upon her clitoris, she lets out a muffled moan of lustful desire. It was because of this exact feeling that, whenever, her mouth is enveloped around her master, her hand was continually, and seductively, pleasuring her rear. Then, after carefully maneuvering her hand to the top of her back, she begins the slow, seductive, process of working his essence into her rear passageway, moaning intensely at each penetration, her fingers sliding deep into her opening. Still hovering above her master on all fours, only one thing remained; she encircled her master’s manhood into her mouth once more, sucking him clean, then proceeding to lick up any essence that may have dappled down upon his body.


hardcore junocuckolds 2018-09-21

Frightened, you draw back your hand and mumble, "Sorry, Master." Imagine as the large, muscular man continues to slide his engorged length into your wife's bowels as her panting, fevered moans once again fill the nearly dark room; "Oh my God, fuck me, fuck my ass, I can't believe....... As he reaches to insert a finger into her fuckhole he says to her, "Darling, I want you to kneel with your ass over his mouth, and keep your amazing asshole tight for me, I don't want you spilling a drop of what you have there." As he expertly moves his finger in and out of her cunt, you can here the squishing as your wife attempts to reply between fevered gasps, "Yes, my Master,.......oh.........I won't........oh...I won't.......I promise not to spill.....God...oh my.........a drop of your precious load!"

Completing My Training

hardcore 2018-09-09

It rested by my G spot and as Master gave me another jolt he drove his rock hard cock into my gaping anal opening. We continued on our walk, stopping occasionally when we met someone with their sex slave. He then shoved his cock into my pussy and gave me a few jolts with the electric collar. Then he massaged the oil into my skin as he explained that as his sex slave he wanted me to look beautiful and not torn up or worn. Then spoke for the first time that day, “But, Master, what about your other sex slaves?” I want you to be the best sex slave, cock sucker, fuck whore and cum dump slut in the world.

Enslaved Chapter 5

hardcore Victor-Bruno 2018-08-10

Kim did not seem at all disconcerted by this order and got at once on the end of the bed, bending forward with her hands on Quentin's plump thighs. Quentin released the pony-tail and placed his hands under Kim's firm young breasts. I w-want you...„ There was an urgency in the girl's voice yet Quentin knew, what she said could not be true. „Pour me a glass champagner first.“ Kim did so and Quentin grinned as she ran off, schoolgirl-like to the shower cubicle. She really is most delightful, thought Quentin, as the young girl sank to her knees by his head. „T-Thank you, … thank you, Master,“ said Kim. Soon Quentin began to grunt piggishly, sounding rather like an a****l at the trough.

Lil One - 5

hardcore THIRDCOAST 2018-08-09

She has come to the ranch to help Master and myself get through my training to become a pain slut. Mistress says that the men’s pleasure is evident from the amount of cum covering my body. He held my body in check, like he knew how much I needed to cum. I wanted to clean his cock like a good little cum whore. She told me that I would be presented to my Master this evening as his trained pain slut. My pussy was leaking down my legs just thinking about Master training me again. Master stopped and felt my tender flesh, soothing me with his touch. I wanted to thank her but she left before Master would let me up.

LIBRARY FANTASY SERIES: The Making of S, the Story

hardcore pornmaster1 2018-08-05

“You want me to bust my nuts in your mouth and you don’t even know my name,” I said huskily. “What would your husband say if he saw you with your mouth full of a stranger’s hard black dickmeat?” Still clutching her hair, I fucked back into her greedy lips as she looked up submissively with a wild look in her eyes and emitted a mewling sound. “If you’re ready for some dick, grab those fat cheeks of yours and hold your slutty asshole open,” I said in a low voice. Here comes the juice, fuckwhore!” I pumped faster, clutching her hair with both hands now, fucking her mouth like a pussy, saliva drooling all over the place.


hardcore edintx99 2018-07-31

When I looked up I saw her: short cutoff jean-shorts, long legs, full breasts tied up in a red plaid cotton shirt. She glanced at my eyes and then the head of my cock which was now fully visible beyond the leg of my shorts. Realizing she had stopped while gagging, she jammed the knife handle back into her cunt and continued at an even faster pace. Rocking and gyrating in my lap, she panted in my face, “Yes, master. She wrapped both hands around the base of my still hard cock and began stroking and squeezing it. Jenny began scooping up the cum with one hand, eating some, smearing the rest down her breasts and belly.

We Found Pleasure in Her Pain

hardcore edintx99 2018-07-30

I cuffed her wrists and winched her arms above her head until her tight ass was raised a foot off the bed. I leapt on the bed and jammed my cock half way down her throat several times and then withdrew when she gagged. I began thrusting into her tight asshole like a jack hammer, sweating and grunting with the effort. I felt the heat and flush in her upper body through my hands. I ran my hands down the side of her body--feeling each rib slip past my fingers-- as I made my way to her hips and then the inside of her thighs. Her whole body began to twitch, the muscles in her firm ass rippled.

The Training Part 1

hardcore 2018-07-24

She closed her eyes preparing for it as he gripped her hair, tilting her head back and shoving his 9 inch cock down her throat. Her master walked in front of her, His thumb pressed under her eyes softly sliding the tear away. "Yes master, Im sorry" Sasha said quietly, her voice trembling "Shes a pretty one" The other man said as his eyes slid down sasha's body, from her hair, to her round perky tits, down to her bare pussy. Her master cupped her chin in his hand, forcing her eyes to stay on his "Sound good whore?" He said gripping her hair, forcing her head up Sasha stared her master dead in the eyes, knowing there is pain and punishment to come.

The Wives

hardcore likitlikeapro 2018-07-19

When he got his cock in her he then began to fuck her hard not caring it was her first time. Many times the master would grab a woman in the garden while she worked and fuck her right there in front of the c***dren and other wives. She was brought naked to the breeding bed every night and he would suck her tits and finger her and let her suck his cock before he rammed his cock in her and fill her with cum many times each night. He then pulled her to him and began to suck her clit as his fingers stayed in her cunt fucking her hard. The rest of the night she sucked cock as the men took turns fucking her cunt and ass.

Master for me and my girlfriend

hardcore 2018-07-11

That's right slut, a pig whore has to know how to lick an ass." After she cleans his cock, he comes to me and again without any warning shoves his throbing cock in my ass and starts to fuck hard. After a while he stops and almost sits down on her face "Stick your tongue deep in my asshole while I stroke pig, I took a dump not long ago and I want it clean." After about 5 minutes Master cums in my girlfriends mouth and f***es her to swallow, then drags her to me and tells her to kiss me and let me taste his Masters cum and shithole mix.

Routine of a slave

hardcore emittto 2018-07-11

My master likes my asshole to be ready for his hard cock at all times. In order to do so, I wake up at 5 am, go to the bathroom, remove my night plug (it's fairly small, he likes keeping my asshole tight), and perform my daily enema. My Master's alarm goes off and he fucks my asshole deep and hard without lube. I clean Master's cock with my mouth and we proceed with our day. I have to walk like this up and down the stairs while my pussy juices leak down my thighs and the weights would jingle and making it very painful on my nipples and pussy lips. Then he would cane me 100 times, fuck my asshole again and cum for a third time, then he would edge me some more....

how i treat my london's subslut

hardcore mikeman1969 2018-07-10

i ear your throat chocking on my cock, i feel all your saliva running all over my ball, i use your face like a mop to clean my billy my balls my ass where all your saliva smile and mess fell ! hum what a pleasure to ear the sound of a whore throat on my cock ! hum i look at you on the floor like a stupid cunt licking the toilet bowl! i'll go to the shower but u know that the week end just start and it will be so hard for u to be use and abuse as just thinking about that u restart to be wet can't waiting to be use again and again....

Ultimate Slave Contract Between a Female Slave and

hardcore emittto 2018-06-28

The slave also agrees that, once entered into the Slavery Contract, their body belongs to their master, to be used as seen fit, within the guidelines defined herein. The MASTER accepts the responsibility of the slave's body and worldly possessions, to do with as they see fit, under the provisions determined in this contract. The slave agrees to accept any punishment the master decides to inflict, whether earned or not (except those listed in the Limits). I, the slave named _______________ hereinafter, submit, of my own free will, to MASTER __________, and agree to the following terms and conditions as stated in this Contract of Slavery.

What a first time experiance.

hardcore 2018-06-19

Stacy is a pettite 18 year old girl with red hair that goes just below the ears, tits that are just enough to squeeze in one hand, and silky smooth legs that run directly to curvy hips. He placed her down on her knees, looked into her eyes and asked, "Would you like to suck my dick before I fuck you?" Quietly she replied "Yes master." Not suprised but wanting to make sure, "What was that you said? With a look of desire on her face she replied, "Yes master I would like to suck your dick. He didn't even have to ask, she quickly got to her knees and sucked his dick before offering her virgin pussy to him.

"Wake-up Call" (D/s, B/d, WS, Humilation

hardcore imashadow 2018-06-10

I started naming off all of the things I had done to prepare for the day, from fixing his coffee and breakfast, to taking a shower and putting on make-up, to doing my hair, and peeing. Holding onto my shoulder, Master pushed his foot into my belly, and I felt a little more urine trickle into the crotch of my panties. As my cries grew louder, Master began tugging my totally soaked panties down my cold wet legs, and when he got them to my ankles, he lifted one foot and then the other to remove them completely. Pulling his pants off, standing only in his shoes and socks now, Master pressed his hard cock against my ass hole and began pushing.

The Punishment

hardcore 2018-06-09

"So why did you break MY rule?" Through her sobbing and tears, she answered, "I wanted to be ready for you Sir, to be warmed up for you." She straitened herself up and said in a soft voice, "Master, I didn't hear you come in." "I never left; I have been here the whole time." "I promised you a long time ago I would never leave you bound alone, I kept that promise." She began to sob again and asked "Master, can you find it in your heart to forgive your slut slave who broke her promise to you?" I stood up and walked over in front of where she was kneeling, took off the blindfold, and raised her chin so that she could see my face.

33 Dawns Birthday near-treat

hardcore alibodge 2018-06-09

Again without hesitation off she went, the thong still in place she trotted off again eyes and thoughts of about every male in the place following her, and again as she returned, by now blushing a little, her nipples clearly stiff and showing through the blouse, her bra in her hand. Just before we got to our destination Ray, in full view of the drivers mirror eased the soaking thong half out of my wife`s lovely sex, it was now hanging like a prick from her body, and she was told that she must not drop the soggy insert!

slut gfs surprise

hardcore buckmasster 2018-06-07

I asked her if she wanted a cock in her mouth she moaned yes master. The other man pulled her off turned her head and shoved his cock inside her, at that moment she paused and you could see the look of confusion on her face. The other man and I knelt on the bed next to her head and I told her to suck our cocks like a good little Whore, she replied yes master in a loud more excited voice. The man between her legs then jumped up and slid his cock deep into her pussy she moaned with pleasure as he started fucking her pussy fast and hard. She replied yes master and began riding his cock like a horse.

A Modern Kajira, Part 5: Chores

hardcore 2018-05-25

kata unfolded the board and set it upright, then crawled to her Master’s feet and lifted the pile of clothes, rising in a squat to display her open, semi-wet pussy and her cum-crusted inner thighs like a territorial mark. She blushed to see him looking at her, and bent her head still lower as she turned, arms full of clothing, and hoisted Master’s suit and tie onto the ironing board. She would be front of His masterful rod, with it right in her line of sight and in her mouth where she could taste the salt of His skin; and furthermore, the nadu position would be hell on her pussy, as it would be wide open and the protruding dildo would be right against the floor, pushing itself deeper inside her with the slightest motion.