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A New Slut Visits, part 1

hardcore DirtyGeezer 2018-06-21

Jenna was already ripe for submission, telling me she had cum countless times to my words, and making it clear all her holes were open to be used and abused - and that a little pain and piss play would be welcomed, along with humiliation and more... Jenna could tell this was more about his dirty fetish than anything to do with her, but his words and stuffed full pussy sent her over the edge for the first time, an orgasm ripping through her as her cunt was opened wide, knowing I was watching making her cum all the harder.

The Rendezvous

hardcore Master_Jonathan 2018-06-17

Perhaps she just wanted to get me out of the house as soon as possible - thinking that once in public, I couldn’t punish or berate her, or maybe she just liked the feeling of my watching her as she got naked in front of me. As her movements became more frenzied and her orgasm approached, I firmly pinched her left nipple hard between my fingers, and I used my right hand to repeatedly slap her right tit. Before she began to piss, I moved toward her, grabbing her right tit with my hand, squeezing hard and digging My fingers deep into her soft flesh. She looked so lovely laying there on the bed, legs spread wide apart, eyes covered by a blindfold, and mouth gagged.

Slave For You

hardcore MissCarmelle 2018-06-11

Carmelle obeyed and returned to him, her Master placed the heavy leather cuffs around her slender wrists and ankles, he ran his hands over her calves, listening to her fevered intake of air as his fingers caressed her skin. He increased the pressure, her arse began to sting with the tension of the hook pulling inside her. Her Master smiled at her, pressing a gentle kiss to her forehead before withdrawing his hand, he slapped her hard and she snapped out of the haze she had fallen into. She hung her head as much as the taut line between her collar and the hook would allow, he wondered for a second if he had struck her too hard. 

THE PET: Adventures 1 2

hardcore VirgilKnighting 2018-05-26

With her master’s newly hardened member hovering deep in her mouth, and her hand vigorously rubbing upon her clitoris, she lets out a muffled moan of lustful desire. It was because of this exact feeling that, whenever, her mouth is enveloped around her master, her hand was continually, and seductively, pleasuring her rear. Then, after carefully maneuvering her hand to the top of her back, she begins the slow, seductive, process of working his essence into her rear passageway, moaning intensely at each penetration, her fingers sliding deep into her opening. Still hovering above her master on all fours, only one thing remained; she encircled her master’s manhood into her mouth once more, sucking him clean, then proceeding to lick up any essence that may have dappled down upon his body.

You Are Loved, Little One

hardcore zibster 2018-05-25

She eagerly opened her mouth and sucked his finger clean, tongue swirling around and taking him deep into her throat, making him release a soft moan. Pulling back, he watched her gasp in a deep breath when his hand slipped down to her nipples, teasing them and his lips pulling on the other, hearing her moan. "What do you want, my love?" he questioned as he gently sucked on her other nipple, his hand slipping down to rub her clit slowly, teasingly.  Cumming hard, her pussy grasped him tighter, throbbing slightly and the juices slipping out around his cock.  He watched with a smile as she curled into a ball, his cum leaking from her well-fucked pussy.

slut gfs surprise

hardcore buckmasster 2018-05-19

I asked her if she wanted a cock in her mouth she moaned yes master. The other man pulled her off turned her head and shoved his cock inside her, at that moment she paused and you could see the look of confusion on her face. The other man and I knelt on the bed next to her head and I told her to suck our cocks like a good little Whore, she replied yes master in a loud more excited voice. The man between her legs then jumped up and slid his cock deep into her pussy she moaned with pleasure as he started fucking her pussy fast and hard. She replied yes master and began riding his cock like a horse.

Amy Goes From Hair Stylist to House Slave - 12

hardcore THIRDCOAST 2018-04-29

She gets a nice steady rhythm and I’m pushing back to meet her strokes, but she stops, wiping my juices on my latex covered ass. He must of removed his cock because the next thing I feel coming through my mouth hole is his big juicy man meat. Having been working on this with Master and Max’s cocks, I quickly get my rhythm and I’m able to swallow the monster shaft. The man firmly has my head holding mouth hole on his shrinking cock, while the young woman still has my ass cheeks spread. We are still on stage, but after I am given some water by the young lady, Master has me in his arms and we are walking down the conference room floor.

The Wrong Bus, Part 3

hardcore curiouscuck 2018-04-22

"Thank you Master." I tell him as I pull his underwear away and begin I look up at Master and he tells me "Go on girl get dressed "Come here girl." Master says as he opens a drawer and my stomach sinks plug in your ass all the time if you are going to walk like a slut." I "Yes and she even asked to be plugged didn’t you girl?" Master says to "Yes Master I asked to be plugged so I could wear pants." I reply what Ms. Mildred says trisha." Master tells me as he heads off into the "Yes Master, I like being your sissy girl and dressed up for you." I

The Zoo.

hardcore lolaaaX 2018-04-22

I live in the zoo with master, luckily he didnt want to ruin my natural beauty so he didnt change me. Master has over a hundred slaves, but only about 5 women. The others are all turned into a****ls. He removes their clits, most of them get no pleasure. They all wear beautiful make up and paint, and most of them have special tails. They are all masters a****ls. They are made to feel worthless, like a****ls. They belong to master. He punishes them like a****ls, he whips and canes them. He cleans them like a****ls, using rough brushes to scrub them. He scrubs their cunt and butt hole especially roughly. The young ones get excited when they see him, he punishes them extra hard.

The Introduction

hardcore sirmathos 2018-04-20

But first I want you to rub your clit and twist your right nipple." "Yes, Master." She began to slowly circle her clit with her index finger. Your safe word is Red." "Yes, Master, I understand." He put an arm around her, helping her to hold the cue stick and then ran His hand up the side of her dress. It will assure me that you will be thinking of Me all the time." "Yes, Master." "You will also shave again Friday morning to make sure you are entirely prepared for Me. You will wear casual clothes and bring nothing but a few personal items with you. I will have any out fits you need for the weekend." "Yes, Master." He pulled her close to Him and they looked out over the water.

The Dark Fantasy - Part Two

hardcore parkerprose 2018-04-20

“No.” she whispered and when I saw the Master’s (because that was how I saw him) eyes narrow I knew my wife was in trouble. My wife cried out abruptly; I watched as the Master quickly fastened clamps onto her distended nipples. I watched as he fucked her mouth, moving her head and showing her what he liked as he gazed down at her with glittering eyes. The Master was showing her who was in control by using her mouth slowly and not even close to coming. My wife watched as he placed his fingers in his own mouth and licked off her pussy juices. The Master made her look at him again and I saw the light of triumph in his eyes.

33 Dawns Birthday near-treat

hardcore alibodge 2018-04-15

Again without hesitation off she went, the thong still in place she trotted off again eyes and thoughts of about every male in the place following her, and again as she returned, by now blushing a little, her nipples clearly stiff and showing through the blouse, her bra in her hand. Just before we got to our destination Ray, in full view of the drivers mirror eased the soaking thong half out of my wife`s lovely sex, it was now hanging like a prick from her body, and she was told that she must not drop the soggy insert!

A Slave's Redemption

hardcore mrdreamgirl 2018-03-26

Master grabs his cock and jerks it as he edges it towards my mouth. Slowly, Master outlines the shape of my lips with the head of his shaft. Master laughs and he slides his meat out of my mouth. I try to answer but Master shoves his throbbing meat into my throat. Master rests his hands on his pelvis and rhythmically begins to thrust his meat into my mouth. Master seems pleased, so I continue to work his shaft the way he likes. You want this Master cock to breed your tight hole?” “That’s what I thought you little tramp.” Master spits on my face and asks "are you ready for this, you little whore?"

Extreme BDSM Master 2

hardcore 2018-03-17

I hadn’t even taken off my coat or put my bags away when I had my chin lifted up by a crop of some kind I daren’t look in to the guys eyes for fear of servier punishment he lifted my chin further forcing me to stretch my neck to the fullest hurting finding it hard to swallow in this position who was this Master I gathered my thought in my head if this Master owned me what was he capable of doing to me and where was Master George i was starting to shake all over even my legs were trembling to this point now how far had i gone with this but i knew i had signed my life away to my Master and his ownership of me.

Ultimate Slave Contract Between a Female Slave and

hardcore emittto 2018-03-06

The slave also agrees that, once entered into the Slavery Contract, their body belongs to their master, to be used as seen fit, within the guidelines defined herein. The MASTER accepts the responsibility of the slave's body and worldly possessions, to do with as they see fit, under the provisions determined in this contract. The slave agrees to accept any punishment the master decides to inflict, whether earned or not (except those listed in the Limits). I, the slave named _______________ hereinafter, submit, of my own free will, to MASTER __________, and agree to the following terms and conditions as stated in this Contract of Slavery.

جلنار جردلي Jilnar Jardaly the Hot Sex-Slave

hardcore JilnarJardalyLustCum 2018-02-26

She felt those big, strong hands pull open her ass, spit down the hole and then a hard cock, that felt like it was the size of a small tree-trunk, thrust its way into her poor, tight, utterly defenseless, little asshole! Jilnar turned her back, pulled her thong-panties to one side and slowly and seductively slid her hands, all they way down to her long, silky legs, until the reached her perfect, little ankles, just like she did at the slave-market. The men fucking her ass and pussy soon started to make those deep, moaning sounds that men make which, experienced gangbang-girls like Jilnar, know only too well.

The Training Part 1

hardcore 2018-02-26

She closed her eyes preparing for it as he gripped her hair, tilting her head back and shoving his 9 inch cock down her throat. Her master walked in front of her, His thumb pressed under her eyes softly sliding the tear away. "Yes master, Im sorry" Sasha said quietly, her voice trembling "Shes a pretty one" The other man said as his eyes slid down sasha's body, from her hair, to her round perky tits, down to her bare pussy. Her master cupped her chin in his hand, forcing her eyes to stay on his "Sound good whore?" He said gripping her hair, forcing her head up Sasha stared her master dead in the eyes, knowing there is pain and punishment to come.

Routine of a slave

hardcore emittto 2018-02-11

My master likes my asshole to be ready for his hard cock at all times. In order to do so, I wake up at 5 am, go to the bathroom, remove my night plug (it's fairly small, he likes keeping my asshole tight), and perform my daily enema. My Master's alarm goes off and he fucks my asshole deep and hard without lube. I clean Master's cock with my mouth and we proceed with our day. I have to walk like this up and down the stairs while my pussy juices leak down my thighs and the weights would jingle and making it very painful on my nipples and pussy lips. Then he would cane me 100 times, fuck my asshole again and cum for a third time, then he would edge me some more....

BDSM Club First visit

hardcore 2018-02-07

The slave told Master that it had heard of them and knew that they exsisted but it didn't know what exactly they consisted of and what all took place inside them. As soon as the slave walked out of the dressing room it saw Master shake His head no. The next outfit was a dress and as soon as the slave put it on it started to pray that this would not be the one that Master would choose either. As soon as the slave put on the third outfit it knew that this would be the one that Master would like. Next Master took the big rope and tied it around the slave's elbows and between the wrist restraints.


hardcore blushingredd 2018-02-03

I want you stick your fingers in your pussy and fuck yourself. You are not to cum until i say so and i want to see pussy juice on your fingers. Once i allow you to cum i want you to take one hand and pinch your nipples and the other stick in your mouth and fuck them like you were fucking my cock." I began to suck my other fingers sliding them in and out if my mouth still able to taste the left overs of your cum mixed in with mine. "Sir your pussy is satisfied, but it always craves you, and every moment it is without you it wants you." I heard your heart beat in the silence that followed.

Arabian Plaything Chapter 15

hardcore Victor-Bruno 2018-01-29

Belle twisted her body over and lay face down, feeling Haroun’s hand run lightly over her firm curvaceous nates. “Now we have a little fun, slave,” said Haroun, taking Belle by her long blonde hair. “And now you’re going to get properly fucked, my slave!” said Haroun, his voice now thicker with his own increasing lust. M-Master ...” Belle began to move her hindquarters in expert co-operation with Haroun’s ever-faster thrusts. And now, as Haroun began to pound into her furiously — in the savage way she had wanted at first — it seemed to Belle she was coming all the time. Then Belle suddenly realised that, for the first time for a long, long while, she had not been reacting and thinking like a trained slave.

Dressing Room in Mall

hardcore 2018-01-27

After cumming, Master orders me to clean His cock area quickly so He can get dressed. As W/we arrive and find a parking space Master orders me to put a vib into my pussy and put on the thongs He has in the bag. I open the bag and get the vib out and insert it into my pussy and then grab the thongs and slide them on me. Master goes to a rack of teddies and picks out two and then heads for the garter belts and panties. After Master and I cum hard, He takes out some wipes from the bag and I clean U/us up and the dressing room. Master grabs the leather dress and teddy with the garter belts and heads U/us to the cashier.

new master 3

hardcore lovesitall2013 2018-01-25

god i could feel the huge head down my throat and his balls on my chin, i started to choke and he pulled back some then pushed it right back, holding his cock there, telling me "thats it bitch take that cock!!" i couldnt breath and was choking but he just held his cock there for what seemed like forever then he pulled back and slowly started fucking my mouth pulling almost all the way out of my mouth and pushing all the way to his balls back down my throat! then he pulled out after about 5 mins of throat fucking and walked around behind me and wacked my ass about 5 or 6 more very hard times, telling me to get readdy to have my man pussy fucked like a bitch needs it fucked!


hardcore samsamtheplasterman 2018-01-23

I shook my head vigorously and gasped, 'Not enough, Master', just as I felt cum-load number three fill my ass and pussy at the exact same time, shaking violently now as both cocks pushed as far into me as they could get. Without warning, I felt two men lift me from the ground, holding an arm each and grabbing me roughly under each thigh, pulling my legs apart as they lowered me onto a lengthy, erect, hard-as-a-rock cock, making me squeal with delight as they plunged me down onto its length until my knees straddled its owner and hit the ground.