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Trailer Park Fuck- #2 Merida part 2

hardcore DeafAjax 2018-09-21

She pulled me down to kiss her and felt my cock and started rubbing it to make it rock hard. Once I got those fancy blue panties off of her, I started kissing just above her knees inside of her legs. Before long, Merida was moaning too much to be kissed and I focused intently on coaxing another orgasm with my hands. I smacked her ass and started going faster and harder, slowly building up to my maximum speed, fucking her so hard the couch was moving in the direction I was fucking her. Merida moaned like a whore while I fucked her and grabbed a big portion of her ass for handling.

The Short Redhead- #2 Merida Part 1

hardcore DeafAjax 2018-05-17

My school had a basketball game one night in a neighboring town and I decided I'd go and watch the Ladies kick ass at basketball and the guys struggle and flail to even appear to be a team (We had a lot of problems on the guy's basketball team and there was so much internal strife that my non-confrontational ass couldn't take it and quit the team). Merida was getting really into it and started rubbing her hand up and down my stomach before slipping her hand in my pants to grab my rock hard cock. I put both of her legs on my shoulders while I began kissing her inner thighs and teased my way slowly to her wet, pulsing pussy.