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Friends s****r Liked Me From c***dhood

hardcore bava12 2018-02-24

After some time laboni came to drawing room with tea and cup in hand and when she bent down to put the tea on table it give me sight of her boobs from her dress as the T-shirt was loose enough to hold those ripe mangoes. I started sucking her nipple and fondling her second boob with my hand and she was holding my hair and was pushing my head on her body and was making sexy moans like ahh ahhh ahh..suck it like baby…ahhh. She was gone mad I lowered her pant and she was in black panty my fev colour her body colour and black panty was in damn contrast I throw her pant down and also her panty and started rubbing her wet pussy with my fingers and sucking her bobs at same time.

Defloration Of Pooja In Lucknow

hardcore bava12 2018-02-17

I took in her my arm n started licking her neck her raw flesh was waking a****l of my inside. I started licking her back of neck n pushing n crushing her v hard on wall she was moaning aaaaaah aaaaaaaaaah mmmmmm babbby aaaaah. N rubbing my penis on her pussy above her panty I told her I wanna fuck her. N started rubbing my penis on her pussy. I can feel her pussy tightness around my hard penis. I slowly started pushing my dick in her tight pussy. I held her n crushed her boobs on my shoulder while fucking her pussy like mad. Her full body continues shivering n she started taking my big n thick penis completely in her tight pussy.


hardcore bava12 2018-02-09

Instantly her eyes started talking with me with joy but with in few moment she became sad and told dear Robin, I am unlucky, don’t say something like this again, go back home and she left her drawing room. in out, in out, in out, she stopped moving hand, moaning loudly ouch ouch ohhhhhhh ahhhhhhh ah wow wow, she sitting, legs wide open me lying, my face is behind her ass, finger in pussy, pushed two fingers, in out in out in in in out in in out in in out, her apples dancing, eyes closed, biting own lips, moaning oh oh oh ah ah ah dear dear deeeeeaarrrrrrr oh oh oh wow wow wow, pussy flooded, her inner thighs also wet with pussy juice because my quick fingering

My Mother Nailed

hardcore bava12 2018-01-28

Jacob was just looking at it and then he opened his mouth and lowered it on to her breasts and started sucking and biting on it while he pinched the other nipple mom moaned aaaah , ooooh no aau no please and then this went on for some time after which they kissed again, this time more passionately and my mom was completely his, he sucked her again and went down and kissed her navel and her belly and kissed her between her legs on her cunt I guess, she just put her head up and bit her lower lip and moaned like anything, the sexiest cries from my mom really turned me on.

A bl**dy time with the Asian neighbour

hardcore maturemancock 2018-01-20

I stood on the doorstep and grabbing her arms I said "Course you can" and pulled her inside. She flung her head back moaning then said "I can't, please don't", as I lifted up her top and slipped it over her head I pulled her tits out of her bra and bent down to lick her nipples. As I pushed her onto the steps I grabbed her tits from behind and rolled her nipples in my fingers, gently moving my hand over her box through her pants. Pulling her panties to one side I was too far gone to care, grabbing my cock in my hand I fed it into her tight wet bl**dy crack, as I humped her she was moaning far more than normal.

my bhabhi (s****r in law)

hardcore 2018-01-10

I changed the sofa and sat beside her (by this time it was usual for us to sit beside her even closely on sofa) few moments later keeping eyes on TV screen Bhabi asked me " Rahul you brought something for me that I only expect from my hubby. During the whole session, while she talking horny and breathing heavily, many times I was feeling she herself squeezing and rubbing her bare apples, nice smooth belly, navel, fingering her tight juicy pussy, her thighs. Sometimes she rubbing my thigh, squeezing, I whispered please rub a bit right between my legs my penis is throbbing, she stopped rubbing, took away her hand from me and told No. Me squeezing with left hand her tits, she heavily breathing, moaning coming out but she is controlling.

Sid and the big breasted celebs pt.2- Ayesha Takia

hardcore sidhorny22 2018-01-10

Once inside I first asked her a question which was nagging my mind ever since the phone call," Ayesha why do you want to have sex with me." She looked at me Nd said," Sid, Neha told me about the wonderful time you both had together and she also told me you were loaded with cum as well as a big cock. I hoisted Ayesha up and put my cock in her pussy and took her near to the wall for support and started fucking her hard. I'm gonna cum."Hearing this she took out my cock from her pussy and started jerking still sitting on my thighs and sure enough after 10 minutes I came and drenched her with cum from head to toe giving her skin a whitewash.

Naughty text messages

hardcore rogue-1966 2018-01-09

My tongue repeatedly dances across her clit, causing my lady to start breathing heavy and moan softly telling me how good that feels. I moan out here is cum, placing my hand on the back of my lady's head, holding her mouth down on my cock.  She  leans down as she starts fucking my cock faster and harder she moans out softly she gonna have a little orgasm, I start pumping my hips, she sit ups slightly giving me better access to slide my cock in and out. My lady slides up my body, taking a hold of my head and starts kissing me, opening her mouth sharing my cum with me ..............

My First Sex Experience With My Neighborhood Bhabh

hardcore 2017-12-29

I went to my bed and thinking Kamini bhabhis body and thought of jack my dick once but shunned that idea. Next day morning I realized that I did something wrong and Kamini bhabhi may complain but I went to office and didn’t looked at her home. Few days went like normal ones but now my urge to have sex with kamini bhabhi didn’t lower. I said bhabhi play station is working fine and she took me to drawing and asked me to sit. Next day I went at her home at 9.30 PM to help Kamini bhabhis k**s in studies. Her softs lip were stroking my dick up and down, I was moaning oooohhhh bhabhi aaaahhhh she continued with more vigour.

Tourist Girl

hardcore dark_whisper 2017-12-23

I pin her naked body against the wall again, and kiss her roughly and f***efully, invading her mouth with my tongue, biting her lips, as my knee parts her thighs and presses hard against her pussy. She is moaning and grunting as I fuck her beautiful face, her soft fat on her upper arms and back jiggles as she gags and chokes on my dick. I've seen Hassan with my freshly fucked girls before, so I don't have to look - she's most likely sitting in the corner of the sofa, trying to hide her breasts and pussy from his eyes, and he, wearing nothing but Speedos and a coat of his own black body hair, casually puts her hand on her thigh or belly and talks about how he is going to fuck her.

b*****rly-s****rly Love

hardcore stephyoung2 2017-12-23

I took my hands off the bedspread and placed them around his hot naked body thrusting my pussy up against his cock as I felt him start to fuck me as hard as he could. I started crying out in pleasure feeling my whole world turn upside down and inside out we fucked, my entire body shaking in multiple orgasms as I grabbed tighter onto him not wanting to let go for anything in the world. I reached up and grabbed onto the headboard as he started slamming into my pussy making sure that I felt all of his wonderful rock hard cock inside of me.

Tying my husband up

hardcore lauren003 2017-12-20

Rubbing up and down my clit and soon entering my middle finger into my pussy, he said oh gosh I want to fuck you so hard. Soon I reached orgasm and I was moaning from pleasure as I road hard back and forth on his cock. He moved to lay next to me, and while his mouth covered over my left boob and nipple, his hand found its way between my legs and he started rubbing up and down my clit while he sucked hard at my nipple. He removed his cock from my pussy and placed it by my bum hole and slowly entered it into my ass.

VACATION 2008 - Part 4

hardcore maturemancock 2017-12-19

Moving my arm around her shoulders and pulling her towards me she said “How old are you” “52” as I kissed her on the lips, as my hand ran itself over her breasts, “Does it matter”, “No” she mumbled, as we were in a full on clinch I ran my tongue onto her neck and back to her lips, she moaned slightly. Kissing her as I rubbed her slit she moaned, running my tongue back down to her cleft I pulled her gusset to one side as my tongue teased her clit and around the outside of her pussy she was thrusting at me, as I slipped my finger into her cunt and rolled her clit on my tongue she exploded in minutes, writhing around as she had her first MASSIVE orgasm.

Macy's Blog: Hot New Friends

hardcore macyalexander 2017-11-28

I love playing with a cock in my mouth – I played and sucked a long time, but he didn’t want to come again yet, so we got out the baby oil so he could give me a nice massage. He has a nice cock and lucky for me, not as thick as Troy’s so I could handle another half hour of fucking, we moved around a couple times, finally moving till my ass was in the air for doggy-style… he really began pounding me until he really started moaning and shaking until he came.

Fun Day With British Porn Star Delta White

hardcore michaelalwayshorny 2017-11-28

I pulled her french knickers down feeling how wet they had gotten from are teasing, my fingers rubbing over her clit getting nice and wet before easing them into her tight little pussy, it was so tight and gripped the two fingers I had slipped inside, I started to pound her pussy faster as I licked and sucked on her clit, here hands on the back of my head grinding be deeper into her as her breath got faster and faster, her moaning louder as my fingers thrust in and out of her dripping wet pussy hard and deep till she could take any moan and screamed out exploding as she came squirting her juices all over my face.

A Weekend in Blackpool - Part 2

hardcore maturemancock 2017-11-27

As she moaned I banged her hard and she was moaning, I had my finger round and was rubbing her clit and feeling her tits, she was loving it, I said "You dirty fucking bitch you love it", and she was saying "Yes yes yes", after a couple of minutes I pulled out and laid her on her back, I re entered her and banged her harder, God she was moaning, she said she was coming, as I banged her into her first vaginal orgasm ever. She gave a muffled screaming and then carried on saying "Yes yes yes", as I fucked her ass I had three fingers in her pussy, she was rubbing her own nipples, not long after I pulled out, turned her around and pushed my cock into her mouth, she gagged on the size but continued to lick me and wank me, then I came.

The Night Out Part 2

hardcore mbo98 2017-11-26

Taking your legs in my arms i begin to slowly kiss the inside and work my way up your thighs, reaching that tight sweet pussy i can't help but tease you with my tongue and fingers. Laying down on the bed you stand up and tell the brunette to sit on my hard cock. so you tell her to sit on my face so i can taste how good she is, but secretly its just cause you want to ride my cock like a dirty dirty whore. Teasing her clit with my tongue and with you riding my cock she cums and i lick away slowly taking in hers and your tastes all over that pussy.

My cuckold journey II (part 2)

hardcore keywest1 2017-11-20

She then started teasing me lightly 'you like me fucking other guys, you love it don't you', 'I don't think one guy is enough for me anymore' , 'you would love to watch some other guy pound your wifes pussy, eh?'. The bed springs squeaked a little and there was the sound of bodies moving around then Angie started moaning quietly at first then more loudly. He started slowly fucking her, building up the pace as the groans of the bed competed with those of my wife. I licked around her pussy lips savouring the smells, seeing small drops of spunk that Brians cock must have left as his cock softened.I moved up to lick her clitoris and she moaned softly.


hardcore 2017-11-18

This happens few month earlier when i was back to my home in durga pooja holidays from my college.Guys truly saying I never want to forget this sexual encounter of mine.This is about Shanti aunty.She lives in my apartment on 3 rd floor which is below to floor.Shanti aunty is a fair(like a pale white color) looking lady which is very conscious about her body specially figure.I usually go to gym in my college i wish to continue my work out in holidays in my society gym.

The teacher fantasy

hardcore 2017-11-12

Now the second time she bent down with her ass pointed in my direction I definitely felt like she wanted me because me and my friend was joking around and he flicked a rubberband at me landing on my pant leg and I could of easily picked it up myself or she could of told me to and hand it to her. Yeah you like it!?!?" Wrapped up in the moment I said, "No fuck, I love it!" The biggest smile came across her face as she bit her lip looking back at me and replies, "cum in me!" So I start plowing her harder and harder as she moans loud and louder clawing at her table screaming over and over, "I'm cumming!" Slapping her round ass hard grasping her waist as I continue to penetrate her tight pussy.

Sexy japanese on Indian black dick.

hardcore kingabhi2 2017-11-09

I looked in her eyes deeply & said “Please…..” she looked away smiling. That she could feel my erected dick & My dick could feel her soft Ass. I said in lust “It’s Ok I don't mind” I moved my face next her & touched my chick towards her & said “listen.. I took cup of coffee & went in living room & sat on sofa. I stood up, went close to her & said in naughty voice “Is Today’s office day is important?”. She went little back, looking at me shocking & said in low voice “yeah”. Then I hold her tight & started moving my wet lips over her beautiful face. Her fair color tits were looking awesome in bra & opened shirt buttons.

Just a Job

hardcore hotsandra94 2017-11-03

As a student, beside part-time job in office I started to work as e****t and massage girl. Soon, my schedule was full and many clients wanted to take session with me. I thought “Wow that is a lot of money”, and said “OK, please follow me and come for massage - of course you will be naked”. Soon I was massaging and jerking his dick, doing handjob, while he was moaning and enjoying in it… Than I started to suck his cock slowly,taking care about every inch of it… He pushed his cock thru hall on massage table. He was moaning, saying that this is best massage he ever had while I was squeezing his cock with both hands…

Naughty Wife

hardcore coswapcpl 2017-10-26

Well 15 minutes goes by and I hear her starting to moan, sounds like the massage is over and he is eating her out. I hear her cum and I begin to think the door will open anytime soon. To my surprise I hear the sounds of fucking happening on my bed as he is pounding her and she is cumming again. I hear the sound of pleasure she makes when a hard cock enters her tight hot ass. Boy did she take a good hard fucking form me later and her ass was pounded good and I made sure her face was covered by my huge load that was built up listening to her fuck.

DVD Scene part 2

hardcore lauren003 2017-10-25

Standing in front of my husband just in my underwear, he ran his right hand up my inner thighs, he moved my G string aside and started rubbing my wet pussy. I started blowing him sucking his cock with passion, before he told me to stop and sit on the couch. He kneeled down and spread my legs, moving my G string aside with his hand, his tounge started licking up my wet pussy to my clit. He removed his cock from my pussy and his cum slowly leaked out onto him, I turned my head to kiss him. He started moaning as I closed my eyes and soon I felt his hot cum landing on my face.