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Friends s****r Liked Me From c***dhood

hardcore bava12 2018-06-20

After some time laboni came to drawing room with tea and cup in hand and when she bent down to put the tea on table it give me sight of her boobs from her dress as the T-shirt was loose enough to hold those ripe mangoes. I started sucking her nipple and fondling her second boob with my hand and she was holding my hair and was pushing my head on her body and was making sexy moans like ahh ahhh ahh..suck it like baby…ahhh. She was gone mad I lowered her pant and she was in black panty my fev colour her body colour and black panty was in damn contrast I throw her pant down and also her panty and started rubbing her wet pussy with my fingers and sucking her bobs at same time.


hardcore bava12 2018-06-17

Instantly her eyes started talking with me with joy but with in few moment she became sad and told dear Robin, I am unlucky, don’t say something like this again, go back home and she left her drawing room. in out, in out, in out, she stopped moving hand, moaning loudly ouch ouch ohhhhhhh ahhhhhhh ah wow wow, she sitting, legs wide open me lying, my face is behind her ass, finger in pussy, pushed two fingers, in out in out in in in out in in out in in out, her apples dancing, eyes closed, biting own lips, moaning oh oh oh ah ah ah dear dear deeeeeaarrrrrrr oh oh oh wow wow wow, pussy flooded, her inner thighs also wet with pussy juice because my quick fingering

My Mother Nailed

hardcore bava12 2018-06-03

Jacob was just looking at it and then he opened his mouth and lowered it on to her breasts and started sucking and biting on it while he pinched the other nipple mom moaned aaaah , ooooh no aau no please and then this went on for some time after which they kissed again, this time more passionately and my mom was completely his, he sucked her again and went down and kissed her navel and her belly and kissed her between her legs on her cunt I guess, she just put her head up and bit her lower lip and moaned like anything, the sexiest cries from my mom really turned me on.

Defloration Of Pooja In Lucknow

hardcore bava12 2018-05-22

I took in her my arm n started licking her neck her raw flesh was waking a****l of my inside. I started licking her back of neck n pushing n crushing her v hard on wall she was moaning aaaaaah aaaaaaaaaah mmmmmm babbby aaaaah. N rubbing my penis on her pussy above her panty I told her I wanna fuck her. N started rubbing my penis on her pussy. I can feel her pussy tightness around my hard penis. I slowly started pushing my dick in her tight pussy. I held her n crushed her boobs on my shoulder while fucking her pussy like mad. Her full body continues shivering n she started taking my big n thick penis completely in her tight pussy.

Fun Day With British Porn Star Delta White

hardcore michaelalwayshorny 2018-05-21

I pulled her french knickers down feeling how wet they had gotten from are teasing, my fingers rubbing over her clit getting nice and wet before easing them into her tight little pussy, it was so tight and gripped the two fingers I had slipped inside, I started to pound her pussy faster as I licked and sucked on her clit, here hands on the back of my head grinding be deeper into her as her breath got faster and faster, her moaning louder as my fingers thrust in and out of her dripping wet pussy hard and deep till she could take any moan and screamed out exploding as she came squirting her juices all over my face.

The Last Night With The Love of My Life

hardcore wedgietime 2018-05-17

We never completely immersed ourselves into the roles like some couples do, it was more for fantasy fun than anything and the past few days were mingled with light bondage, the new jeweled butt plugs I bought her, and her moaning ‘Daddy’ as I licked her tight pussy. Getting carried away I began to lick one of her toes instead of kiss, she then slapped my wrist with her makeshift paddle (The flat of her hairbrush) and told me for not following her orders, I needed to restart. After several minutes of licking her tiny clit, sucking her labia, and pleasuring her with my fingers at different depths and speeds, she arched her back and let out a very long, breathless moan, coming all over my fingers.

Sharing with a friend

hardcore starshine0717 2018-05-15

Then I heard her breathing harder and starting to moan, and I realized his hand slid down behind her back and he was fingering her. This time I heard no moaning, but I didn't creep upstairs, and I sat and watched TV. She told me that he felt up her ass again as he kissed her, turned her around, pushed her down on the counter, pulled down her thongs, squatted down and ate her out from behind again, also licking her asshole. (Later she told me that he whispered to her, "Can I eat you and make you cum in my mouth again?" and she had said yes.) There was much movement in the back seat as they re-positioned themselves.

A bl**dy time with the Asian neighbour

hardcore maturemancock 2018-05-12

I stood on the doorstep and grabbing her arms I said "Course you can" and pulled her inside. She flung her head back moaning then said "I can't, please don't", as I lifted up her top and slipped it over her head I pulled her tits out of her bra and bent down to lick her nipples. As I pushed her onto the steps I grabbed her tits from behind and rolled her nipples in my fingers, gently moving my hand over her box through her pants. Pulling her panties to one side I was too far gone to care, grabbing my cock in my hand I fed it into her tight wet bl**dy crack, as I humped her she was moaning far more than normal.

The Night Out Part 2

hardcore mbo98 2018-05-06

Taking your legs in my arms i begin to slowly kiss the inside and work my way up your thighs, reaching that tight sweet pussy i can't help but tease you with my tongue and fingers. Laying down on the bed you stand up and tell the brunette to sit on my hard cock. so you tell her to sit on my face so i can taste how good she is, but secretly its just cause you want to ride my cock like a dirty dirty whore. Teasing her clit with my tongue and with you riding my cock she cums and i lick away slowly taking in hers and your tastes all over that pussy.

First Encounter....Hardcore SEXXX!!!

hardcore maltamale 2018-04-30

I started sucking on her left breast while rubbing the other one....She was enjoying it....She then started guiding me towards her pussy...she couldn’t handle any more tension and pressure....She spread her legs wide giving me a nice view of her tight shaved pussy....I started sucking and licking her clit....her outer and inner lips...she was moaning and moaning...I started finger fucking her while licking and sucking her clit....Suddenly I heard a long moan as she gushed her squirt into my face...It was delicious and drove me more insane...I sucked even more and more her clit and continued finger fucking her harder and harder while also inserting another finger into her ass...

Naughty text messages

hardcore rogue-1966 2018-04-22

My tongue repeatedly dances across her clit, causing my lady to start breathing heavy and moan softly telling me how good that feels. I moan out here is cum, placing my hand on the back of my lady's head, holding her mouth down on my cock.  She  leans down as she starts fucking my cock faster and harder she moans out softly she gonna have a little orgasm, I start pumping my hips, she sit ups slightly giving me better access to slide my cock in and out. My lady slides up my body, taking a hold of my head and starts kissing me, opening her mouth sharing my cum with me ..............

Teenager at the pool hall

hardcore maturemancock 2018-04-19

As we walked towards the toilets I asked her how old she was ൚" she replied, "Are you a virgin", "No but I'm randy", "Do you have a boyfriend?", "No no-one wants to go out with a fat bird like me", "Don't put yourself down you have a pretty face", "Thanks" she said. Pulling out I bent down and licked her off to her second climax, as I fingered her her juices ran into the toilet, as soonas she'd come I slotted my tool back into her cunt and carried on as before, she started to cry, I said "are you Ok", she said "Yes you're so good it's fantastic", as I banged her another five minutes I could feel myself starting to come.

My first meet

hardcore redhead29 2018-04-09

We had a kiss and a cuddle and nick released my boobs from by bra and started kissing them, I said I wanted to taste him, he had a big grin on his face as I got in between his legs, I have had a few cocks in my time but nicks really was a great specimen, nice and thick and meaty, I started slowly licking it with my tongue, nick moaned as I took it tight in my hand and flicked my tongue over his head, his cock tasted great and I sucked his tip hard.

Just a Job

hardcore hotsandra94 2018-04-07

As a student, beside part-time job in office I started to work as e****t and massage girl. Soon, my schedule was full and many clients wanted to take session with me. I thought “Wow that is a lot of money”, and said “OK, please follow me and come for massage - of course you will be naked”. Soon I was massaging and jerking his dick, doing handjob, while he was moaning and enjoying in it… Than I started to suck his cock slowly,taking care about every inch of it… He pushed his cock thru hall on massage table. He was moaning, saying that this is best massage he ever had while I was squeezing his cock with both hands…

The neighbour's argument

hardcore maturemancock 2018-04-07

As she talked more she started to cry, I got some tissue and was wiping her tears away when she said "You're so kind", with that I looked and saw she'd slightly parted her legs as she sat, I could see her bare thigh from where her sari had come apart. Unbuckling my jeans and dropping them to the floor, she reached out and touched my cock, it twitched, as I took my undies off my 6" stood up proudly, she reached and ran her finger up my stem, as I bent down I put my fingers in the waisband of her knickers and pulled them down, she gasped, I ran my finger up her wet crack and she moaned.

marrried cousin fucked by me

hardcore savita009 2018-04-02

In sl**p I moved my hands near my to check and felt that It was Radhika and fingers rolling into my vest. I came down slightly to get access of Radhika and her milky white boobs, and started licking her nipples. After fully sucking her boobs went further down to lick her navel part, that was so soft that I bite little hard with my teeth, this made her moaning hard. I slowly started rolling my tongue up and down on her pussy; this made her moaning slowly and asking me to do more and more. It was really hard, and hot, which Radhika held with her hand and started moving my up and down.

Working Kelly part 4

hardcore goofiegumdrops 2018-03-30

She kissed Ali full on the mouth as they slowly sucked on each other's faces I reached down and rubbed my fingers slowly between Kelly's cute cheeks rubbing her hot tight anus and creamy cunt before putting my fingers up to my nose and inhaling her natural scent. Kelly noticed the glazed look that had befallen my face and grinned wickedly saying "just imagine how good it's going to feel inside there and how nasty it's going to be watching me lick and suck her arse off that fat cock of yours? I pulled out again to inspect how nasty Ali's slippery loose hole looked as Kelly moved in close as well to see as a stream of melted merge run ran out of her open swollen anus and down her pussy.

Little Reds Riding Ass!!!

hardcore redhead123 2018-03-29

She looked down and saw his hard on pressing against his shorts as she bit her lip, her hand followed her eyes as she began to stroke his cock through his shorts. She didnt know that it was his first time too as he started to lift his lower body a little, he wanted her to enjoy it, he rubbed her clit as she slowly ground onto him, moaning and tightening around him, she knew she was going to cum so she brushed his hand away. He growled as he pushed in balls deep, she could feel his balls slapping against her as he fucked her hard, grabbing at her shoulders as he got as deep as he could, she was moaning loudly as thrust after thrust made her cum.

The LuvDoctor Chronicles: The rabbit hole (p

hardcore luvdoctor30 2018-03-28

Her face, to see how soft it was, her ass to see how juicy it was, her lips to see how smooth and wet they were, her breast to feel how hard her nipples could get from my touch, and in between her legs, just to hear her sweet moan and watch her body ache for me. I knew that she wanted me to do, her eyes looked at me as if begging for me to do it and do it now, but I took my time and kept making my way straight down. Til that night, we kept it professional while out on the floor like nothing happen, but there were times where we looked at each other, and let one another know that we really need to do it again.

Tying my husband up

hardcore lauren003 2018-03-16

Rubbing up and down my clit and soon entering my middle finger into my pussy, he said oh gosh I want to fuck you so hard. Soon I reached orgasm and I was moaning from pleasure as I road hard back and forth on his cock. He moved to lay next to me, and while his mouth covered over my left boob and nipple, his hand found its way between my legs and he started rubbing up and down my clit while he sucked hard at my nipple. He removed his cock from my pussy and placed it by my bum hole and slowly entered it into my ass.

Naughty Wife

hardcore coswapcpl 2018-02-23

Well 15 minutes goes by and I hear her starting to moan, sounds like the massage is over and he is eating her out. I hear her cum and I begin to think the door will open anytime soon. To my surprise I hear the sounds of fucking happening on my bed as he is pounding her and she is cumming again. I hear the sound of pleasure she makes when a hard cock enters her tight hot ass. Boy did she take a good hard fucking form me later and her ass was pounded good and I made sure her face was covered by my huge load that was built up listening to her fuck.

internship fuck with sexy nurse 2

hardcore hcdude 2018-02-22

Slowly I lifted her tee shirt from the back and unclasped her bra and released her melons. I made her lie down and placed ma dick and tried a push. She held my dick and placed it on the pussy again and asked please baby be slow. Almost 1 inch dick went inside. She almost screamed and I started kissing her on her boobs. I again made her lie on her left side with her back facing my chest and lifted her right leg and placed my dick on her wet pussy. I got up with ma dick in her pussy only and sat on her left thigh. She sat on ma glistening dick and took it all inside and started moving.


hardcore 2018-02-19

This happens few month earlier when i was back to my home in durga pooja holidays from my college.Guys truly saying I never want to forget this sexual encounter of mine.This is about Shanti aunty.She lives in my apartment on 3 rd floor which is below to floor.Shanti aunty is a fair(like a pale white color) looking lady which is very conscious about her body specially figure.I usually go to gym in my college i wish to continue my work out in holidays in my society gym.

VACATION 2008 - Part 4

hardcore maturemancock 2018-02-19

Moving my arm around her shoulders and pulling her towards me she said “How old are you” “52” as I kissed her on the lips, as my hand ran itself over her breasts, “Does it matter”, “No” she mumbled, as we were in a full on clinch I ran my tongue onto her neck and back to her lips, she moaned slightly. Kissing her as I rubbed her slit she moaned, running my tongue back down to her cleft I pulled her gusset to one side as my tongue teased her clit and around the outside of her pussy she was thrusting at me, as I slipped my finger into her cunt and rolled her clit on my tongue she exploded in minutes, writhing around as she had her first MASSIVE orgasm.