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Fucking my friend's wife on Christmas Eve

hardcore wzzzyzk 2018-08-31

"You sure he's going to be okay with this?" Honestly, I wasn't entirely sure how cool he'd be - these things are a little different when friends are involved - but selfishly I absolutely wanted to see another one of "the guys" fuck Anna. I'm not really an ass man myself, but I knew Scott was, and to be honest it would still be pretty fucking hot watching Anna let him use her there as well. I'd pulled away from the action as this was going on, letting them have their moment, but I was well aware Scott wasn't going to last long inside her. I let myself unload, emptying my balls deep in Anna's pussy as I watched him spray his cum all over her pretty face.

Fuck me on the kitchen floor

hardcore bjohnson84 2018-08-03

You know I am enjoying your attention because you can feel my legs shaking and hear me softly moaning your name "Kitty, oh wow Kitty don't stop, just like that, swallow my cock like the naughty slut that you are, oh god Kitty yes...". You pull my throbbing member out of your mouth and say in a soft husky voice "Brian, I need you inside of me, I want your cock deep inside my tight wet pussy. I slowly part your pussy lips with the head of my cock and play about there for a moment, enjoying your wetness.


hardcore 2018-03-19

He took a moment then to stop and play with my breasts, fondling, touching, staring. I pulled his shit up over his head and he slid his arms out, dropping his hands down to my chest. I took his very hard cock in my hand and stared at it for a minute while I played with it. He took a moment to consider me and then somewhat roughly pulled me up and tossed me on the bed. He took his dick in hand and rubbed it hard and quick, being so close to orgasm himself it took only a few strokes before he was shooting cum all over my chest and neck, with some reaching onto my face.

Morning at the Beach

hardcore updown 2018-01-24

After a few moments,you decide to expose yourself completely to the brilliant blue sky, sliding the skimpy panties down off your long silky legs,and pulling off the bra to let your breasts bob freely, the nipples hardening in the gentle breeze. I continue to pound in and out, sending lightning bursts of pleasure through you and becoming more and more excited as I watch your naked pussy lips swallow me inside, seeming to reach out after my cock each time it pulls back. Caressing your soft, sweet-smelling hair with one hand, I slip the middle finger of the other up your clenching ass as we scream and cum together, my cock shaking and spurting hot cum deep inside you, while your pussy quivers and contracts around it, producing its own creamy love juice.

My Life as a Shemale Part3

hardcore gigi750 2018-01-10

She thought for a moment as if what she was about to tell me she didn't want to say but said it anyway, "Tim thought you might feel like that, he invited me here for us to have sex, for you to discover what you were born to do, which is to be a man and take control of a woman." I was shocked, I felt a little betrayed as if I had been set up by those I have come to trust and Sam saw this and hastily continued, "Its not like that Danny, Tim cares for you, he wanted to make sure that the tragedy that happened to you did make you feel this way, that it was, well, more natural or that nature had made a mistake and stuck you in the wrong body.

A Friendly Fuck

hardcore ab-2007 2017-11-14

A minute later another teacher came over and pulled her away to meet the principal and that was the end of it - except that Linda looked over her shoulder at me and smiled again as she was led away. Linda's little foot massage had affected me more than I wanted to admit; it wasn't every day that a pretty woman did something like that to a guy in a public place. I was momentarily uncomfortable knowing that her daughter might wake up at any moment and see what we were doing, I even tried to say something about it, but Linda placed a slender finger to my lips and shushed me.

He touched her...

hardcore toprichard2000 2017-10-17

She sought to focus her lust the first time since her eyes closed in a vain attempt to capture the moment. She took this battle to the insides of his mouth as well and they continued to wage war as their hands began to fondle each other’s most sensitive place. Her hand still locked on his cock, she kept trying to climb his body like a ladder. She was reaching that plateau… That level of intense lust that every woman hits before orgasm where they simultaneously scream for release but never want that feeling to stop. The thrusting gave way to passionate kissing and he slid from between her wet lips dripping cum onto the ground.