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wife takes a vacation without me

hardcore woreout 2018-12-02

She said I know and I told Ronny but she said let's enjoy the fresh air. She said you know you talked me into not wearing panties and I was afraid Ronny would see my pussy. Ronny was telling my wife how he had always thought I was the luckiest man he knew. She said he looked at her setting there showing her shaved pussy. He said you are so sexy I knew you would.She told me she had an overwelling urge to suck his cock. She said she didn't know that cocks could be that thick and she wanted it to stretch her pussy. She said they loved it and one night they watched as Ronny fucked me right in front of them.

cuckoldlifestyle 31

hardcore woreout 2018-11-02

I wanted to go and even said something to Ronny about it. But the ones I did know kind of laughted at me when Ronny said he didn't want me down there, he only wanted my wife . She asked what bikini she should bring along , Ronny said he'd take her shopping for a few new ones before they left.He came by last Saturday and picked her up to go shopping. They where gone for about five hours, I knew when she returned that new bathing suites wasn't all she would have and I was right. Afer she showered I was treated to a fashion show with all the new swimwear.He had bought her three suites, two T backs and one one piece.

Submisse the whore and wife

hardcore submisse 2018-09-28

Ronny, on the other hand, has been fucking my wife's hot little ass on and off for nearly three hours. I sink my shaft deep into your wife's pussy..." he did and she moaned again, "...and she gives Ricky here a little treat." I watched while Ronny repeated it again, a third time, a fourth. The men waved me off and went out the door, leaving me with Ronny, Rick and my wife, who stood squatting in front of me, her crotch about a foot above my open hand. Then, he pushed his fingers back up inside her, scooping over and over until he got the cum from Ronny's cock and Jimmy's cock and the rest of the dozen men she'd fucked today and spilled it into the bowl.