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The cuckold waiting room.

hardcore woreout 2018-11-06

The husbands talk to each other while their wife's are being fucked in the private rooms. The wife's return to waiting room to pick up their cuckold husband. She said I didn't tell you this part but the wife's are asked to not discuss any thing with their husbands. A lady opened a door to the right and asked me to come with her. As I got my phone out I saw a small sign with a web address on it. It said watch your wife being fucked. I started looking at each room and when it opened you could see a white woman being fucked by a guy. I found my wife's room and she was giving a tall well built black guy a blow job.

King-Queen Competition

hardcore bava12 2018-11-01

Manish, said that all the information, tasks and rules of the competition would be communicated through here and to start it, asked me to go to Ayushi’s room 202 at 9pm and get acquainted. Before going back to hostel, to freshen up, I asked Ayushi to come join me in my class today. We bid good bye to Akash and Pallavi and I kissed Ayushi before leaving to her room. That entire day and the night nothing happened, which helped Ayushi and I have enough rest before the next competition. The competition was simply, 25 boys were asked to stand in a line and girls had to remove their boxers without using their hands.

hotel meet up (extract)

hardcore 2018-10-04

She quickly made her way to the bathroom flipping the light switch on and instinctively moved to close the door but I place my hand on it to stop her. I had pulled the sheets from the extra bed in the room and twisted them around and tied a knot at each end, rummaged through her purse and pulled her small vibrator out, open the sliding door that led onto the room's balcony, shut the air conditioner off so the room warmed, turned the lights on and flipped through the listings of the television. At this point I pulled her thong from my pants pocket her eyes opened up wider as she watched me out it to my nose and inhaled deeply.


hardcore sidhuputt 2018-09-29

as I have a little frankness with my aunt, I said that she was much prettier than any girl in this world, she laughed and told me to go to my bed room and rest as you would be feeling tired after the journey. I knew that as I was looking closely at my aunt`s(sangeeta`s)breasts,i had to have a hand practice's started to think and rub my cock ,it went of in few minutes and then I started to wash my self. her nipples were brown.i put my mouth to them and started sucking them.sangeeta was getting hotter and hotter.after a few moments, she bent down and kissed on my cock.it was hot and hard.

Brandi Gets Her Hair Done And A Little Bit More. #

hardcore Nohj2 2018-09-23

Brad asked me, "Do you want to go back in and watch the football games while we get started?" Brad was looking at Brandi's hair suggesting how much to cut. I got back in the office and Brad was standing behind Brandi messaging her shoulders. Brad said, "Brandi we have about twenty minutes more for this color to be on." Brandi said, "Brad we have talked about football, hairdressing and my job. He jumped up and went through the office on his way to the restroom he noticed that the speaker was on, the shade was pulled up so he knew that you had been watching. Brad's dad pulled me off his cock and said, "I don't want to cum this way.

My first gang-bang number eight was my b*****r

hardcore 2018-09-18

Growing up I shared a room with my younger b*****r, and at night I would lie and listen and watch as he wanked himself, his bed illuminated by the street lamp, my own in the darkest part of the room, I also enjoyed the pleasure of masturbation, but unknown to him. I went into the bedroom where I had entertained the men and noted there was a window still open, at the far end of the room, anyone could have entered the window and taken advantage, I mean I was 'hog-tied' and blindfolded, and besides everyone had had their fun with me so no-one would have interested in checking in on me.

Here Cums The Bride

hardcore 2018-09-12

room opened and in came two of Judy's bride's maids. The man came into the room and said, "My name is John As Judy opened the envelope I noticed John locking the Then John began to slowly pull Judy's panties down over when John got on his knees behind Judy and began running After that John started to pull his pants up and Judy room Judy was in the bathroom with the door closed. I said "Dressed like that?" and Judy watched Judy suck on John's cock till it was hard. John worked on Judy's pussy until she had a little John's cum hit Judy she began to convulse in an orgasm With his work done John fixed his pants then helped Judy

Sharing My Room With s*s: part 2

hardcore adel5000 2018-09-11

Abby casually placed her hand on the back of my thigh, and then turned her head Abby pulled her head off my shoulder and looked in my eyes for just a moment. room." She ran her finger along my dick one last time, then pulled her hand out Abby reached her right hand down and ran her fingers along my thigh as I kept Abby's hand reached back down to my thigh and quickly traced their way Abby's mouth sucked a little harder, and I felt her tongue press Abby held me there a moment, holding the tip of my dick ever so slightly inside I pushed the door to Abby's room open slowly.

Original Giantess

hardcore markosp31 2018-08-27

He started to pulsate and he squirted a fucking load and kept fucking I was pushed out of one of the sides of her wet cunt and I tell you it was a little fun but at the same time I was trying to get escape when that happened, But when I came to the room was full of people and I could hear screams of tiny people being crushed and smashed and ripped apart I turned around and looking up there I saw a guy ramming this girl doggy style and there were body parts falling everywhere I kept looking around trying to figure out how to get out of here but I didn't think that was going to happen.

Do Not Disturb

hardcore sidhuputt 2018-08-24

I sat around for a few minutes and finally decided that what I usually did, back home- take a good, long morning jog, would probably be the best thing to do.I splashed on some aftershave to counter the sweat and after putting on a pair of running shorts, socks and shoes and a t shirt, I grabbed an apple out of the fruit bowl and headed downstairs. I wondered if Shweta had come in to pick up her dress, so I stood quietly behind the shower curtain, waiting for her to leave.The shower curtain moved aside and she looked at me with her sexy eyes.

The internet date....

hardcore london_bloke 2018-08-14

She described herself as looking a little like Cameron Diaz, and sounded very horsey on the phone when we'd chatted. She looked down at it, and without saying a word got up and left the room. I kissed and sucked her clit until she came in my mouth writhing in pleasure, before getting her on all fours and shagging her from behind on her folks living room carpet in front of the fire. Emma groaned in pleasure and commented on how hard my cock was as i slipped in and out of her tight pussie, her cheeks roughly parted by my firm hands so I could get a good view of my cock slipping in and out of her.

Hazed part 1

hardcore rhythmicdelivery 2018-07-29

As I was slipping off my boxers, I heard the voice at the back of the room shout, "get naked right now or you're out", then another voice replied meekly "I'll leave", I looked round and was again slapped. As I stood there completely naked looking at the blank wall in front of me, wondering where this was going to end up, a buzzing sound filled the room and a projector screen lowered from the ceiling in front of us. Apprehensively she began to undress, once she was fully naked she got on her knees, a massive white cock emerged from the bottom of the screen, she looked in awe at it and laughed, suddenly two more massive cocks appeared from the left and the right.

The welfare queen of the 70's let me sick the

hardcore 2018-07-11

Donna reached back and jerked it a few times, than pulled her house dress up and bent over the washing machine. Then she said thats perfect, now speed up some, I did and she gave a soft moan, I could hear her stop breathing and then blow out hard. She could tell I was still nervous, she told me to lay back, when i did I looked, she placed my cock in her mouth. She told me i could stop by at any time, If I like could give her another baby; I gave her a fearful look, she said she controlled who got her pregnant, she would not do anything i did not agree with.

First Lesson from My Uncle

hardcore 2018-07-08

That day by some reason I felt more tired and go to bed early. Then also I was eager to see his bed room. In between these thoughts I noticed that his right hand is in between his thighs. I can’t see the full length of the cock. My heart beat hard. I fell on the bed. His right hand moved down on my thighs. He now is lying near me on the bed. I cried. UMMAAAAAAAAAAAA…I cried. KILL MEEEE….CHAKKARA MOLE MAMA SUKI PPIKKAMETIIII … .OOOHHH….UUUUMMMM… I’m flying into the heaven of joy. We are wet in and out with pussy – cock juices and swept. He fell on my top. It is only enjoyable. This is the beginning of my sexual enjoyment.

Getting To Know The Inlaws

hardcore zimabean 2018-07-05

Now just to let you know up front, my wifes whole f****y is smoking to die for hot, her mom, dad, granny, and even their dog! My wifes dad did not seem to care but I was getting a little jealous, well you know, when you have super d***k women geting hit on all the time things happen. Wifes mom stood up and leaned back against the counter spreading her long legs, her pussy opened up showing that she was way wet and wanting my cock. I buried my cock deep insode Wifes mom's cunt. I figured what the heck and granny lifted her shirt showing off a body almost as hot as wifes moms including neatly trimmed bush.

Black cock fucked, but had a shocking secret

hardcore 2018-06-30

The strange thing is what happend on Sunday som hours before i was traveling home, then he took me home to his house, we went inside, had a hot steamy shower, with much oralsex... out of the shower, got picked up and into his bed, then he asked me to start riding him with my face away from him, and i did what i got told. And then he got up and closed the door to the room, picked me up from the bed and took me into the bathroom again, and into the shower, then i asked what the hell was gong on, then he smiled at me and said, that those two females was his wife and daughter...

The Music Teacher [fic]

hardcore itachifan 2018-06-28

They were all about either kissing the guys or the girls but then one asshole decided to mess things up and said to me "I dare you to go into the teacher's room and steal her underwear". I simply took another swig of vodka and got up and quietly made my way to their room. "Fuck" I shouted, but a hand went over my mouth. The fucking hot fucking music teacher that I had wanked off to so many times before. The minute she touched it I thought I was going to cum right there and then. She let me cum in her mouth (first time for that too) but the fun didn't end there.

Recent business trip (True story)

hardcore 2018-06-27

I got back to my room at about 11:00PM after a work dinner. There was knock at what I thought was my the door. It was actually a woman knocking on the door right next to my room. I could hear them pretty clearly. They were chatting about work so I went to watch tv again on my bed. She was telling him exactly what she liked, where to finger her and slide a finger in her ass while he licked her clit. Shen then went down on him and I could hear his moans, he was calling her a bad girl and telling her suck his cock. My mind was telling me to knock and ask to watch but I held back.

Haze Balls! I fucked my pledge's girlfriend

hardcore 2018-06-24

She told me that she knew a song on guitar, so I handed her my instrument and then sent a text to you and it said for you to come up to my room right now. Listen to me and you better not talk or say one fucking word to me or I’ll cut your ass and you will no longer be a pledge of my fraternity. Besides if she was really about to fuck me he had the right to know he didn’t deserve Erin anyways. You’re about to walk in my room with me and stand in front of the dresser and film Erin and me having sex. But I took my phone and told him to get the fuck out of my room.

b*****r and s****rs

hardcore Foreverstiff 2018-05-28

It was my dad: 43 years old, about 5'11, stocky built; My Mom: 44 years old, 5'8; Lauren my s****r: 5'1, 17, slim body but with C cup bra; and Taylor my other s****r: 5'4, 16, slim body with B cup bra, but an ass that was absolutely astonishing. Instinctively I grabbed a bat and was about to leav Lauren's room, but that's when I heard moms voice. On my way, I passed Lauren's room and noticed her door was open a little. Lauren walked up and started to push me back on to my bed. Lauren started to move faster making sure to add a little twist and circle her tongue around the head of my cock.

A Vision of Pure Beauty Pt 2

hardcore EuroFighter-Typhoon- 2018-05-25

We arrive at the hotel, I'm tired because its late and I haven't slept since the night before, some how I'm suppose to get a few hours sl**p and be fresh-faced for the meeting in the morning. Turn on the shower and begin too brush my teeth and shave at the same time. As I am walking down the street It begins too rain again, everybody starts running to try and find some shelter. The sight of those big milky white breast made my cock begin too harden. I grab your waist we begin to kiss passionately spining around Knocking over the table lamp. Thick white pussy juice begins to flow out of your wet cunt with every thrust.

The lady got ditched at a hotel

hardcore 2018-05-15

I got a call from a room complaining about noise. I asked him where it was coming from and he said it was coming from the room next to him. As I approached the room he was complaining about, I heard a radio. I got up and started fucking her she seemed to want more and more. She got on top of me and fucked me good. I thought I wouldn't see her again, but she came by the desk and asked to use the Jacuzzi. I told her OK, just don't let anyone hear her. She came by the desk after I left the pool area and I let her in the back rooms.

Killer Hitfurry

hardcore hwarcliffe 2018-05-15

Getting him to the parking levels where the Van was parked I loaded him into the coffin and locked it down then drove out to where he was needing to go as the house came into view I had a feeling I knew what was to befall the bad Guru stopping in front of the huge house I got out and opened the van to let the coffin be carried inside as it was opened he fell to his knees and started begging for his life to be spared it was a pitiful scene to see a grown man begging like that I wanted to shoot him in the back of his head just to make him shut the fuck up

In A Room.

hardcore genuineguy 2018-05-13

He close the door and crossed to the bed. He stood there clothed, she was naked, He looked upon her, her body untainted, He looked, he touched, she shivered, she rushed and she breathed low, Her wetness, he tasted, she opened, she twisted, her body rocked and rolled, He teased, he pleasured, he pleased and knowing she would soon explode, He stood there with her taste on his lips, He stood there with her taste on his lips, He looked at her and wanted more. He looked at her and wanted more. His duty done, he looked to the floor, He knew it was over as he looked to the floor, He left the room closing the door.