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School Time Dream Coming True In Office

hardcore bava12 2018-11-24

And every now and then, whenever she came to my room for something, she will try to explain it on my computer and she will stand close to me, me sitting on my chair, her boobs at the level of my mouth and she spoke and moved, going up and down in front of my eyes, her legs will be rubbing with mine, often she will slip and sit on my lap feeling my hard cock or other times, in the name of support, almost manhandling my cock. One day when her hands got on my hard cock and it was obvious that there was nothing really to slip about, I asked, “are you trying to seduce me?” quickly realizing that it was an audacious statement, so quickly clarified too,” see, things should be clear, I hope you don’t misunderstand.”

Ana in a rock concert

hardcore Anitaslut44 2018-11-07

Ana was smiling but her face began to tense as Robert rubbed her pussy until he pulled his hand out and I watched him grab onto the sides of her pants and slid them down just enough to expose her firm round ass. I watched Robert quickly pull out his cock and started to rub and slap it against Ana's ass. She turned to look back but Robert quickly turned her head back forward and started to fuck her fast until suddenly he stopped and Ana grinned as he shot his load into her. Ana's mouth and eyes opened wide as the huge guy grabbed her hips with his large hands and started to fuck her.

The Hotel

hardcore scottishlegend 2018-10-05

When she calls out “Mr Harris.” I turn to look at her “If you need anything during your stay, please don’t hesitate to ask.” I can hear the pity in her voice now, and I simply nod and give a sad smile to her. With a wicked grin, she takes my throbbing cock in her hand and gives it a shake saying “Not yet big boy, this is going to take a while.” She then starts to rub the head of my cock. I start to kiss down her neck and into her collarbone, she lets out a small growl and wraps her arms around my head and running her hands through my hair.

Dirty train Encounter

hardcore strellenbosch 2018-10-02

after looking round once more you unzipped my fly and release my now rock hard cock and rub your thumb over the tip feeling a drop of pre cum you look me right in the eyes and put your thumb in your mouth and lick it before putting your hand back and wank me slowly . you sit down on the toilet and unzip me my rock hard cock is released you lick the tip before running your tongue up the thick swollen shaft and then putting your mouth around as much of it as you can, I can feel the back of your throat before you take it out and spit on it.

Bonding over his mom.

hardcore 2018-09-27

Me and My wife Michelle of six years met at a work party and and instantly hit it off, we dated on and off for about two years before we finally got married, she was 29 when I met her and I was only 23 but I didn't mind the age difference because she was amazing, and a MILF if there ever was one she had a son named Matt who was 10 at the time we met and you would have never guessed,she had the most amazing body, Jet black hair, blue eyes, amazing breasts and tiny hips with an amazing ass, me and her son got along great, his dad left them for another woman and I was trying to fill the role of dad as much as I could, I moved in with her and we got married shortly afterwards, her son was a good k** but when he hit 15 he started downward, he was always given shit at school, his friends constantly would tell him how they wanted to fuck his mom and would chant MILF when he walked by them in the hallways.

My girlfriend’s big night out - A true story

hardcore inconspicuous2012 2018-09-25

There were plenty of people around, most of the guys turning to check out my smoking hot girl, her large tits bouncing around and her sexy legs on display. Now, the blouse had been showing off a lot of cleavage to start with but this extra inch, when she sat up again, gave Matt a massive eyeful. She leaned down as if going to her purse again, but this time, she looked back under the table to see Matt stroking his cock. Matt didn’t know about the panties and I saw the smile on his face as he believed that was his doing. Matt instantly started rubbing is dick furiously while Phoebe knelt before him, holding her tits together and opening her mouth, her head tilted back slightly.

A Day at the Beach

hardcore Cyberbeast 2018-09-25

I came here to get away and there's no one here but me & you so you can just go to the other side of the beach!" She had tried to get up from her chair while stating this but being awoken and startled by this harsh man had thrown her off balance and made the workings of getting her feet back under her a bit more difficult than normal. He pulled her head back savagely and worked his mouth down her neck and back up again sucking and biting her along the way. As Alexis choked on the sudden invasion of her mouth Adam pushed in and out of her for a moment.

Their Valentine Surprises

hardcore xx-man-xx 2018-09-16

His startled look told her that he more likely was wondering how his wife could know that his online mistress had long straight blonde hair and pencil-eraser nipples. “I don’t know much about gyms, Dan, but I’d like to get a workout.” Your eyes opened wide and I knew I might as well have asked you to bend me over the nearest piece of mystery equipment and slip it to me. His cock was throbbing as much as my erect nipples and swollen clit; I grabbed the upright flagpole in one hand, regained my feet and pulled it down to try to straddle it, but he was just a bit too tall.


hardcore fitzy40 2018-09-11

Sheryl went at her normal time and I rushed into my office and clicked on my recording it was even better this time obviously she was gaining in confidence, she checked on my desktop started the video and then she stripped completely naked and I wasn't disappointed she had big boobs even bigger than i anticipated with big rosy brown nipples they swayed a she walked her pussy was shaved completely and you could see her pussy lips as she walked and her ass was big and round the perfect bbw, my groin ached uncomfortably as I watched her on the screen I released it big and hard already leaking pre-cum and stroked it slowly as I watch the events unfold in front of me, she sat down on the chair in front of my pc put one ankle on my desk and started to trace her fingers up and down her slit as she watched the simon and candy vid stopping every now and then to tease or pinch her clit before long she was fingering herself faster and faster she went until her hand was a blur my hand sped up sympathetically with hers as we both approached our orgasm, we both came together again her shouting out my name as she did me cumming all over her on the computer screen.

The Hotel

hardcore scottishlegend 2018-09-10

When she calls out “Mr Harris.” I turn to look at her “If you need anything during your stay, please don’t hesitate to ask.” I can hear the pity in her voice now, and I simply nod and give a sad smile to her. With a wicked grin, she takes my throbbing cock in her hand and gives it a shake saying “Not yet big boy, this is going to take a while.” She then starts to rub the head of my cock. I start to kiss down her neck and into her collarbone, she lets out a small growl and wraps her arms around my head and running her hands through my hair.

The Bird's... Bee's..And babysitter

hardcore 2018-09-06

I ran back to my room and laid in bed for about a half hour not being able to sl**p until I saw my bedroom door slowly crack open, "Justin are you awake?" I didn't reply, she turned the light on and my eyes opened, she said "Oh come on I know your not sl**ping you don't have to fake, You can come downstairs and watch an hour of TV if you'd like while I do my homework in the kitchen" I got up and went downstairs and sat on the couch and turned on the TV while she walked to the kitchen.

Sex in a dressing room

hardcore 2018-09-05

I must have looked quite frustrated as he waved me over and -probably jokingly- asked "Why not share a cabin?" As I just wanted to get dressed and be gone, I wasn't thinking this through and simply answered "okay". Then I sat down on the bench, looking up at him, spreading my legs, and starting to circle over my lips to keep me aroused. I could feel how his shaft brushed over my lips and pushed deep into me, spreading me from the inside. He slid forward to the edge of the bench and reached for my breasts and started to work on them. As the feeling of being spread got more intense, once his shaft started to enter me I let out another satisifed "mmmmh".

Full Moon Rising

hardcore adel5000 2018-08-29

Heather leaned against the wall of the crowded Goth club and absently swept her long, His hand firmly cradled her head and his powerful body pressed against her, holding Slowly, he slid his hand from her silky hair down her shoulder and arm to press against He lifted his head to look at her with heated, hungry eyes that blazed more gold than Heather turned away, her hands firmly planted against his chest. He moaned into her mouth and his arm closed about her waist, his hand cupping her His fingers tugged on her buttons while the wet heat of his mouth closed on her throat. grip in her silver-blonde hair, he tipped her head forward and brought her lips once

Gay Euro Trip, Part One

hardcore BearCubaDub 2018-08-28

I looked at myself in the mirror and saw my young tone body, shaggy brown hair, and a eager smile that said I was looking to get fucked; I also noticed that the bulge from my hard dick was visible through my pants. I went to open the door when a 40 something French man with a goatee told me they were closed. I grabbed his dick and looked him in the eye as I started to stroke. His moaned and his dick started to ooz pre-cum. I coughed and he pulled me close and started to slap his dick on my face. He put his dick all the way in and pressed against my prostate hard and I started to cum.

Changing Room Adventure with Clara

hardcore holden1357 2018-08-27

”You’re such a guy!” laughed Clara brushing her hair back over her ear, “It’s a good thing you bumped into me here, you need expert advice.” Clara scanned the giant clothing shop were we had recognised each other through the crowd of customers “I think the changing rooms are over here, you might as well try the shirt on.” As we walked away I couldn’t help but admire her cute ass in the pair of tight jeans she was wearing. Then, with the cutest look on her face, Clara slowly took my finger out of her mouth moved it down, over her body and into her lacy white panties, guiding it into her smooth, tight pussy.

First date

hardcore Sillswede 2018-08-27

The light of the room reflects a golden aura around your flaxen tresses as they curly frame your face, tickling past your silken shoulders, Your eyes, a beautiful shade of almond, draw me in, ominous yet inviting, dark yet shinning above a coy smile, framed by lips that pale the color of the rose in my hand. I take one into my mouth and with my lips over my teeth gently squeeze and rotate it while licking the tip with my tongue the other will not be ignored, I slide my hand up the soft mound of flesh to its waiting erection.

After Work - An erotic fantasy written by Rod Hous

hardcore RodHouston 2018-08-23

Your tight short black dress rides up high on your thigh as you sit, and you do not bother to adjust its position knowing that your long shapely legs turn a lot of heads. Passing, you turn your head, smile, and say "Thank you for the drink", and continue on quickly enough so that he does not have time to respond. You make sure your dress is well up your legs as you lean back, again exposing smoothly shaven flesh, as he returns with a bottle of Scotch, two glasses, and a bucket of ice, setting them on the coffee table in front of the couch. Your hand travels to between your legs to rub your clit and you shudder with intense sensation as your ice cold fingertips touch your hot pussy.


hardcore perry47 2018-08-22

After a little stroking, she opened her mouth in an exaggerated O shape, and took my cock head in slowly, swallowing me inch my inch. As soon as the first burst of spit drips down I place both of my hands on the back of her head and begin to viciously fuck her mouth, my cock a blur as it ratchets between her lips. It's such an amazing visual, a girl struggling with my cock between her lips as it fucks her mouth silly, uncontrollably drooling over herself. But between my knee pressing down her free hand and of course my giant cock fucking her face she really doesn't have any option to move and wipe it away.

In the road

hardcore devilove 2018-08-18

Repassing before me, she exceeds a few meters, and drops his car keys, and looks to pick them up gently, being careful to keep your legs straight, and offer her buttocks in my eyes already sparkling. S exchange smiles, it's up to me and gently masturbate me, my hands rest on her ass so much that I have already watched these beautiful buttocks and kneaded. She then retired slowly, turns to me and my tail looks very red, she takes it in her hand and caressed by telling me that c is exactly what she needed ... I look very happy by telling him that I, too, it's either on the toilet and told me that it must also be empty with a mischievous smile.

The Villa - Chapter 8

hardcore donrubble 2018-08-15

You stir, slowly sliding your hand up and down my cock making him twitch. This time you really turn on me, "Senior!" then handing me a folded piece of paper "Your bill." And you walk off around the corner. My cock twitches in response to this information, I moan and you let out that little giggle that I have come to know and love. My hand moves around between us, still under your skirt and slide effortlessly between your slightly parted legs. My hands under your bottom, your legs around my waste, I slide into you, pushing you against the pillar. I pull you away from the pillar and begin to walk into the living room, still with my cock deep inside you.

I knew he wanted to fuck my wife

hardcore 2018-08-12

Dave tells me that he wants to test one of his buddies. he denies wanting to fuck me when Dave asks him about it does sound sexy as Dave starts rubbing my toy around my face, telling me to imagine Tyrone's big hard black cock saying we didn't have to tell Dave and it could be our face away trying to stop this but when I feel his tongue He starts to dry hump me and his rock hard black cock is his monster black cock is turned facing me! quick kiss on my lips as he tells me to strip for him. hard black cock right under me. saying, "I knew it!" Tyrone is in shock and looks like

The Villa - Chapter 12

hardcore donrubble 2018-08-11

"I think that will go with the dress." I go to get my wallet out and you stop me, shaking your head, you lead me inside telling me I have spent too much already and you will pay for it. You turn me around and start with my hair, washing and then conditioning it, all this time my hands are behind my back, stroking and teasing you. I feel one of your hands cup my balls as the other, with the sponge, presses down on the head covering the whole of my cock in suds. My eyes roll back in my head and I have to put my arms out and lean against the wall to stop myself falling over.


hardcore darien2021 2018-08-10

It wasn’t a good idea, but the next thing I knew I was ascending stairs in some dingy apartment complex with peeling paint on its walls and exposed pipes that ran this way and that. The next thing I knew my face was lit up with a chill and then a burning sting as the drink met the edge of my lip. My thoughts of what those breasts looked like outside of the halter were momentarily placed aside as my mind centered on my stinging face. She tossed the cloth into the sink, stood back and smiled, placing her hands on her hips and said “Good as new” in English in a terribly Russian accent.

a long time with mom

hardcore savita009 2018-08-08

I tell her all the time how beautiful she looks; knowing that it makes her feel good to have another man tell her that, even If he is her son. I manage to at least divert my attention long enough to feel myself softening, just as Mom comes walking into the room dressed in a small orange bikini. "You know I love you, Holly?" I feel her shiver all over as I run my fingertips up her back and untie her top; then moving to the neck and pulling on that too. I put my hands on her hips and as I look into her fiery eyes, I pull her down swiftly; driving my thick cock deep inside her in one stroke.