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School Time Dream Coming True In Office

hardcore bava12 2018-05-29

And every now and then, whenever she came to my room for something, she will try to explain it on my computer and she will stand close to me, me sitting on my chair, her boobs at the level of my mouth and she spoke and moved, going up and down in front of my eyes, her legs will be rubbing with mine, often she will slip and sit on my lap feeling my hard cock or other times, in the name of support, almost manhandling my cock. One day when her hands got on my hard cock and it was obvious that there was nothing really to slip about, I asked, “are you trying to seduce me?” quickly realizing that it was an audacious statement, so quickly clarified too,” see, things should be clear, I hope you don’t misunderstand.”

Ana in a rock concert

hardcore Anitaslut44 2018-05-24

Ana was smiling but her face began to tense as Robert rubbed her pussy until he pulled his hand out and I watched him grab onto the sides of her pants and slid them down just enough to expose her firm round ass. I watched Robert quickly pull out his cock and started to rub and slap it against Ana's ass. She turned to look back but Robert quickly turned her head back forward and started to fuck her fast until suddenly he stopped and Ana grinned as he shot his load into her. Ana's mouth and eyes opened wide as the huge guy grabbed her hips with his large hands and started to fuck her.

Gay Euro Trip, Part One

hardcore BearCubaDub 2018-05-17

I looked at myself in the mirror and saw my young tone body, shaggy brown hair, and a eager smile that said I was looking to get fucked; I also noticed that the bulge from my hard dick was visible through my pants. I went to open the door when a 40 something French man with a goatee told me they were closed. I grabbed his dick and looked him in the eye as I started to stroke. His moaned and his dick started to ooz pre-cum. I coughed and he pulled me close and started to slap his dick on my face. He put his dick all the way in and pressed against my prostate hard and I started to cum.

for my man and for everyone else to ponder....

hardcore 2018-05-14

"is this your first time here i whisper in your ear, you have no idea what i look like behind my black valvate mask, we dance to the pounding beat of the music playing around us and i can feel your hardening cock as you rub up against my arse. your fingers flick over my clit, it feel so good, you insert two finger into me, slowly pumping it harder and faster, "ugh, i moan please dont stop" i plead,my nails scratch along as much bare skin as i can find, before you curl your fingers and flick it back and forth across my g-spot, you feel my body start to shake, and my breathing gets harder, "oh fuck yes" i almost scream, the next thing you know you feel a gush of wetness and my pussy clamp down around ur fingers.

When it's Good, it's Damn Good

hardcore 2018-05-06

One of them invited her over and I'm pretty sure since the first time I saw her on that chilly, sunny autumn day, I knew what road we would be heading towards. It was these times that were most difficult, when her eyes lit up like other-worldly diamonds and her smile whispered enticing words of excitement, pleasure, and heart pounding risk. I deemed myself a better man that day, one who could resist temptation and stand with his head held high and chest expanded like Superman. The day finally came when Ashley surprised me with a visit while my fiance was at work. She started working her way down my body with her mouth, spending extra time to tease one of my small nipples.

After Work - An erotic fantasy written by Rod Hous

hardcore RodHouston 2018-04-29

Your tight short black dress rides up high on your thigh as you sit, and you do not bother to adjust its position knowing that your long shapely legs turn a lot of heads. Passing, you turn your head, smile, and say "Thank you for the drink", and continue on quickly enough so that he does not have time to respond. You make sure your dress is well up your legs as you lean back, again exposing smoothly shaven flesh, as he returns with a bottle of Scotch, two glasses, and a bucket of ice, setting them on the coffee table in front of the couch. Your hand travels to between your legs to rub your clit and you shudder with intense sensation as your ice cold fingertips touch your hot pussy.

Amherst - Part 4

hardcore brownboi4any 2018-04-28

“Oh, sure, baby, go ahead!” Donnie said smiling. Soon, Donnie couldn’t hold it any longer and began injecting my bowels with his seed. A minute later, I slowly rolled to his side, leaving only leg over one of his, rested my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes. “Ok, it was a lot of fun, but I gotta go” Donnie finally said in a jolly mood as he slowly got off the bed. Then, done laughing, but still with a wide smile, I said: “First off… the shaving is not necessary. “Sure, why not?” I finally said unable to contain a wide blushing smile while looking down to his enormous gut and caressing his hand.

Mature Work Fantasy

hardcore 2018-04-28

A couple of people arrive and take their places in the conference room then helps them selves at the counter. We start talking and more and more people start to arrive as 9:30am approaches. The meeting comes to a close and people start gathering their things. The woman who's obviously too old for me goes into the kitchen and opens the fridge, hands me a beer, then goes into her bedroom. We started talking about the company and getting to know more about each other. She laughs so hard that both of her tits bounce out of her night gown, she ignores her tits and keeps talking like it's no big deal.

Sex in a dressing room

hardcore 2018-04-27

I must have looked quite frustrated as he waved me over and -probably jokingly- asked "Why not share a cabin?" As I just wanted to get dressed and be gone, I wasn't thinking this through and simply answered "okay". Then I sat down on the bench, looking up at him, spreading my legs, and starting to circle over my lips to keep me aroused. I could feel how his shaft brushed over my lips and pushed deep into me, spreading me from the inside. He slid forward to the edge of the bench and reached for my breasts and started to work on them. As the feeling of being spread got more intense, once his shaft started to enter me I let out another satisifed "mmmmh".

Online Relationship: Slave to Master

hardcore asianchick29 2018-04-19

Of course, you had a bag of a change of female and male cloths and other things I did not know about) I pushed you away, being the virgin, I was nervous, and asked for you to wait, but you just pulled me back and kissed me until we ended up on the bed. You smile and piss on my body and near the end I got down on my knees and drank some of your pussy and swallow. The water is turned on and it is hot filling us both then I wash you with soap and you wash me with soap and near the end I climb onto your cock and ride you.

Your Weekly Massage

hardcore fotisampini 2018-04-17

shoulders gently as you lay your head on the bed close your eyes trying him as he slowly slides his shaft between the skin of your cheeks and His cock pushes forward, the head parting your lips, sliding over your You feel your clit, so firm now, and then his cock as it press his cock firmly against you and groan with pleasure at the sensation. smiling wondering if he came inside you while you were oblivious. Then in a panic you feel the head of his cock against your anus, He pushes slowly deeper, his shaft parting your ass cheeks. You feel him thrust deep and hold it there as you start to cum.

so I'm a slut!

hardcore 2018-04-13

You hold me softly, you kiss me tenderly, say that 'it's okay to cry, let the tears come.' You tell me you love me, call me by my first and my last name, like one day I will have your last name. You come in my pretty face and I look up at you with the big blue eyes you fell in love with, we both know you're the vulnerable one now. You hate me for letting anyone else in it, but when you come back you want to know the sordid things I did with them. But more than that, you want to know that those men and womem made me think all the more of you.

Bella and Mr B

hardcore Alphabet63 2018-04-12

Mrs S quietly opened the door and walked to the other teacher whispered into his ear and then he left. Looking up, he saw all the girls working hard, so he slipped a hand into his pocket and started to rub himself as best he could. He kissed her on the neck quietly and continued to stroke her nipple as his other hand reached around to the front of her waist and slid down her leg to pull up her skirt. "Hey" she replied, "I couldn't wait for you, so I've started without you" she said smiling, whilst lifting her bag off her lap and flashing her lifted skirt and bare pussy to him.

The Hotel

hardcore scottishlegend 2018-04-11

When she calls out “Mr Harris.” I turn to look at her “If you need anything during your stay, please don’t hesitate to ask.” I can hear the pity in her voice now, and I simply nod and give a sad smile to her. With a wicked grin, she takes my throbbing cock in her hand and gives it a shake saying “Not yet big boy, this is going to take a while.” She then starts to rub the head of my cock. I start to kiss down her neck and into her collarbone, she lets out a small growl and wraps her arms around my head and running her hands through my hair.

"The Lady and The Gentleman" or "A

hardcore 2018-04-11

"If you keep talking like that my smile is not the only thing you experience tonight!" She bites her lip as my hand moves down her back and finds her ass that is squished tightly into her white dress. Jessica took her keys out at the top of the steps to open the door but with her ass right in front of my face, as I stood a step lower, I could no longer keep my hands to myself. I took a grab at her long red hair and pulled gently back at it while slamming my cock deep into her pussy.

An unexpected life changer; part 1

hardcore BigRoMans 2018-04-11

He took one look at Amanda and jumped out of the bed and gathered the few clothes lying about the floor. Chloe constantly held my arm and for the first time since earlier, I had a genuine smile on my face. Chloe's head fell back in pleasure as she pulled me harder against her chest. She then looked down to me with a strained look on her face, that I could only read as 'I need this cock inside me!' Which moments later was confirmed as she rose slightly, pulling her panties to one side and gently probing the tip of my cock at her entrance. "Mmmm Robbie feels so good" Chloe moaned as she slowly let herself down onto me.


hardcore darien2021 2018-04-05

It wasn’t a good idea, but the next thing I knew I was ascending stairs in some dingy apartment complex with peeling paint on its walls and exposed pipes that ran this way and that. The next thing I knew my face was lit up with a chill and then a burning sting as the drink met the edge of my lip. My thoughts of what those breasts looked like outside of the halter were momentarily placed aside as my mind centered on my stinging face. She tossed the cloth into the sink, stood back and smiled, placing her hands on her hips and said “Good as new” in English in a terribly Russian accent.

Public Sex

hardcore OrgasEm 2018-04-05

You stare for a long moment, your cock begging to be released, begging to be plunged deep inside that hot, sopping wet pussy before you. You moan in desperation and grab hold of me, kissing me frantically as you plunge yourself as deep as you can go into my sopping wet cunt. You’re so close to cumming, your toes are curling inside your boots and white stars begin erupting in front of your eyes. You turn me around and you fall backwards onto the toilet, my pussy slamming down hard on your cock. Almost in sync, my pussy clenches down HARD on your cock and you cum, throwing me backwards into your chest with your powerful climactic surge.

The Hotel

hardcore scottishlegend 2018-04-05

When she calls out “Mr Harris.” I turn to look at her “If you need anything during your stay, please don’t hesitate to ask.” I can hear the pity in her voice now, and I simply nod and give a sad smile to her. With a wicked grin, she takes my throbbing cock in her hand and gives it a shake saying “Not yet big boy, this is going to take a while.” She then starts to rub the head of my cock. I start to kiss down her neck and into her collarbone, she lets out a small growl and wraps her arms around my head and running her hands through my hair.

Catching Her Attention - Vampire Pt 4

hardcore 2018-03-29

I watched her into the night and found that it was already 1:30 and things were starting to settle down, if I wanted to get a man to satisfy this overwhelming lust I was going to need to pick one out soon. She had this great way of getting the drinks out to the people quickly yet could somehow make each one feel like they had her undivided attention while she was doing it. "So I can't help but notice you had been staring at me most of tonight and yesterday night at the bar," she gave me a smirk, "do you like what you see?" She looked at her watch and back up to me, "Hey I know it's getting late, but would you like to go back to my place.


hardcore scottish-couple 2018-03-28

He sat on the living room floor and said things like, "Sartre was a fool." "Daniel needs to find his own girl." I hugged her and kissed her and she leaned her head back and gave me a good, long look. We lay still for a long time, and I thought maybe she had changed her mind, that she didn't really want to talk. While Arlene took care of the baby, he would just stand back in the corner of the room and watch like he was a stranger in his own home. Arlene was hysterical, she said she needed help." Liz breathed a long, slow, ragged breath.

Dish not on menu.

hardcore 2018-03-28

Stripping her clothes off and tossing them about the room, I dropped to my knees to kiss and lick her nubile figure...her thighs, her hips, her cute little ass-cheeks, the small of her back, the damp area below her pubic triangle. What a hot little fuck she was; stopping again, I flipped her over like a trembling leaf and yanked her ass back to me. Reaching for the warming lube I kept on the bed-stand, I slathered my cock with a small handful, and smeared more between her wiggling butt-cheeks. As she said "Okay!" and turned to the kitchen, I enjoyed the view of her ass in tight slacks, then peeked under the table to see if my little table-cleaning honey was alright.

Sexy Indian Barbie Doll

hardcore kingabhi2 2018-03-25

I am busy” then pause “yes I am busy… bye” she throws her mobile aside & now puts her hand on my chest and orders in soft voice “put your dick inside my pussy” I did holding her ass in one hand. Then Gaurav went at her back, removes his shorts & started penetrating her ass fast with his black dick by holding her in arms. Gaurav puts his dick inside her pussy & Manish immediately comes behind & starts penetrating in his full speed & power.. While they were in action, fatty Rahul comes forwards after some time & puts his dick inside her mouth holding her head.

English alice

hardcore jamesandrews 2018-03-25

Alice didn't smile, she just reached her arms around my neck standing on her toes and pulled me down to kiss her, our lips gently feeling their way into a sensual rhythm, my hands now on her waist then the small of her back pulling her closer to me as my ardour grew with each passing moment. "Mmmmm yes!" She sighed as I guided my stiff cock between her puffy pink cunt lips, our eyes dancing with passion and amusement at our naughty antics as I sank my manhood deep into Alice in one steady thrust, my mouth on her neck, her hands gripping my arse as I pounded into her straight away.