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Under the Covers - Chapter III - Final

hardcore Safire 2018-11-29

I cried out as he whipped his belt against my pussy, pain and pleasure shooting up my body. Although my pussy was dripping by the time he stopped his punishment, it was also burning with pain and soreness. “You won’t cum without permission again, will you, slut?” Mr. McIntosh pulled my hair back just enough to make it hurt. “You have such a good pussy, it’s a shame I had to punish it,” he moaned, fucking me deeper. I could feel my pussy start to contract and knew that an orgasm was building up and would soon explode. I screamed into the material of the couch as my pussy contracted and convulsed around his thick cock, which was still pumping his delicious semen into my womb.

Ms. Lattuca Gets A Taste Of Her Student

hardcore ShannynLattuca_x 2018-11-07

She would usually look him right in the eyes and bite her bottom lip while teaching and she couldn't help but notice the bulge in hispants whenever she did. "Shannyn, have I told you how fucking SEXY you look?" She saw the bulge in his pants. "Shannyn, you call me sir, got that bitch?" He spit on her pussy and shoved his tongue back in her hole, now rubbing his thumb on her clit. "Fuck, YES!" He shoved a finger in her tight pussy, his tongue now running over her clit. "Cum for me, slut!" He smacked her pussy and stretched her legs open even further, shoving a finger in her pussy, watching her tits bounce up and down.

Creative Teaching Methods

hardcore sithlord6969 2017-12-22

As I approached the building just before 2pm on the first day of class, I noticed a very striking blonde woman standing on The Quadrangle and looking confused. My Goddess and I walked together slowly along the western edge of the famous Tuscaloosa Quad, not saying much but looking back and forth at each other with shy smiles and eager eyes. As Alex finished reading through the class information packet, she lifted her eyes from the printout and locked her gaze on my upper right thigh. After Alex pulled the tunic the rest of the way off, she stood and started unbuckling my belt. Alex reached down to pull the tee shirt off my body.