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Velvet Crush and Her New Boyfriend

hardcore ohgirl1 2018-12-03

“How much more freaky can a girl, who has fucked 50 men in one day, been triple penetrated, likes having all of her holes filled and lets men cum on and in her be?” I asked with a raised eyebrow. “Yes. I’ve been in a few adult films.” I said casually while they watched Anthony fast forward through 6 or 7 scenes of me being gangbanged, sucking cock and swallowing cum. Brice was squeezing my ass as I rubbed my pussy on his cock, his mouth sucking and nibbling on my breasts, while his b*****rs watched and Anthony made comments. I looked up into so many different phones as I sucked cock and watched as other guys held their friend’s phones and filmed them as I was fucked from behind or on a chair or table.

The Delayed Parole.

hardcore agunna 2018-12-02

My lips moved from her lips to her earlobes, sucking and licking them intermittently, the tip of my tongue trailing down her body to her chest, I pulled down her bra, a huge mound of her boobs was revealed, I sucked round her areola before slapping my tongue back and forth over her nipples. As my tongue continued sucking and licking, the nipples began to harden, she began to moan, pulling my body deeper into her body, I pulled down the bra on the other side of her boobs, and moved my mouth to the other nipple. She positioned my body better in between her thighs, pushed my face further into her chest, my mouth got a hold of one nipple, sucked and licked as much as I could.

OHGIRL: Back in Business

hardcore ohgirl1 2018-11-28

Not too long after I began sucking his cock, Smitty was sitting on the arm of the couch while my mouth inhaled his long, hard joint and Black was fucking me from behind. My buzz and the sex was a stimulant that I hadn’t enjoyed in years and the feeling of 4 young men pumping my wet, horny cunt and filling it with their warm seed had felt unbelievable. My dress was on the floor, along with my wet panties and Josh stood there in front of me, a tall, lean and muscular young man with a long hard cock waiting for my lips.

Denise's Wild Side Emerges

hardcore ohgirl1 2018-11-26

We had fucked on a number of occasions, so it wasn’t a big deal that he had slid into bed with me at the house and stuffed my black cunt with his white cock before we left for a day at the beach. I came quickly as he licked me, horny and excited from the pot, the many sex questions and by being surrounded by six guys and soon I was sucking his cock in front of his friends. David fucked me in the ass, in front of them, and ejaculated deep inside of my booty before we left and I sat back and enjoyed a cigarette as he drove me back to Ryan’s house.

OHGirls Promotion

hardcore ohgirl1 2018-11-26

I asked him what this entailed and he told me that he had shown my pics and stories to another guy he knew and that they both wanted to have sex with me at the same time. Lowell took a hold of one and started squeezing it and Jarred reached over to pull down my thong underwear. I was about to cum again when Lowell pulled his cock from my lips and moved down to replace Jarred. The next two weeks went by rather quickly and Lowell took advantage of his position the entire time. His friend Jarred came to our offices and fucked me four more times while Lowell sat watching.

OHGIRL: My New Sex Condo

hardcore ohgirl1 2018-11-17

“I never did mind watchin’ other guys fuck you, but you know you’ll always be my whore, no matter how many men stick their cocks in you.” he stated with a swagger while he picked up the pace and turned my grunts into high pitched moans, as I began to cum. They made comments about me being a good whore and sucking cock like a pro as Shawn fucked me hard for his friends to watch. I swallowed my mouthful of cum quickly and stood up, trying to pull my dress down to cover my freshly fucked, bald cunt.

OHGirl & Velvet: Life as Sex Addicts

hardcore ohgirl1 2018-11-14

Gerald always stopped by when he knew I was home and on occasions, I would run into my son, James, and even though he felt uncomfortable fucking his pregnant mom, his huge black cock always found its way back home, to my well used cunt. I was getting used very well when another male came in my pussy and then kept fucking me until he stayed erect and then found my cum-filled ass and began to stroke his cock in it. My face was covered in spunk from the shots that missed my mouth and streaked my cheeks, lips and hair and it looked good for the camera when I finally sat back on the bed to smoke a cigarette and let my online fans watch the cum ooze from my holes and drip from my chin and tits.

OHGirl & Velvet on Vacations

hardcore ohgirl1 2018-11-08

My young stud and current lover, Hondo, had just spent the hour plowing my wet cunt with his giant white prick and now I was sitting on a lounge chair in the sun, smoking my cigarette and letting the breeze blow across my bald, cum filled, gaping twat. After about 15 guys had finished with me, they moved onto the bed and a few of the girls that were watching were amazed to see my lover’s huge cock as I sucked it hard and mounted his monster. Each night I found a group of guys that wanted someone just like me, a hot sexy girl that most men could only dream about, but whom would fuck and suck any cock that was offered her.

Samantha's Email

hardcore 2018-10-05

DO NOT TELL HIM!!) I held on to his arms and lifted my legs up and he slid right in, it send a wave of pleasure up my spine and I gasped (genuinely) and moaned loadly as I breathed out (NOTE: condom was ribbed) everytime he pulled out and slid back in again I thought I was gonna cum, and I started whimpering which I could tell turned him on as he started fucking me harder, my pussy squelching each time he pushed in to me and I grabbed the pillow as I came hard on that lovely cock...

Playtime Stories 15 - ABS Wildlife

hardcore 6988slutty_rbckyy 2018-10-03

“Thank you very much.” I said, as I thought, you seem nice, I’m sorry I sucked your man’s cock in your stall a minute or two ago. She looked over her shoulder and said in a low voice with an urgent tone “No, I want to feel your cock in me. I kneeled and looked into his eyes and said, “I want to suck your cock.” After I went to the bathroom and fixed my makeup I left my motel phone and room number with the applicable dates on the inner doors of each stall and a caption that read, “Nasty but gorgeous Tgurl-whore will suck and fuck for free.”

Final Fantasy

hardcore ILLKEEM1 2018-10-03

When i noticed she was asl**p i got up and started to take a good look at her body and was slowly pushing up her towel when she grabbed my hand,i was so scared and shocked,immediately she pulled me up the bed and we started kissing.i grabbed her her ass with one hand and her juicy breast with the other...my dick was so hard it could break a diamond,i pulled the towel down and sucked on her boobz kissing and worshiping in with my tongue,'Urghh!!",she moaned as pleasure swept through her body,she quickly pulled down my boxers and began stroking my dick.

A Strange Saturday...

hardcore d4david 2018-10-02

Mr Reginald smiled and told the others '..see y'all later got work to do...' some laughed and others jived '...yeah bet you do...' I got into Mr. Reginald's truck and off we went, once we reached his home he pulled into the drive way and said '...come on in we'll get started after I make some calls...' I asked him '...just what do you want me to do...' Mr. Reginald smiled and reached down by the sofa and picked up a bag and tossed it to me saying '...go in the bath and put those things on and come back...' I looked in the bag and saw a wig stockings high heels and bra, startled I looked at him as he said '...now go do what I asked and be quick about it...'

An After School Encounter...

hardcore d4david 2018-09-30

Terrance said to me '...come on suck me with those sweet lips of yours...' I crawled over his leg and knelt between his thighs, I took hold of his throbbing tool and slowly started to stroke him gently, up and down as he laid there and raised his hips in lustful joy. I sucked his penis and kissed his testicles for close to thirty minutes before he pushed me away and said softly '...I really want us to be fuck buddies, I promise I want hurt you, I'll do it slowly...' I kissed his navel and slid my tongue up his stomach till he embraced me and turned me to my back.


hardcore querico44 2018-09-25

Lisa said "Is this your new playmate?" I said "Yes, I want you to meet Dick my new friend." He stood up to shake her hand and his massive cock throbbed in his jeans and was impossible to not notice it. I got my clothes off then finished taking Dick's pants off and began sucking on him as I jerked on my cock. Dick moaned as she sucked more of his pole into her mouth and he reached over stroking my throbbing cock. Dick sucked me hard and fast till I shot my load of hot cum in his mouth. I leaned over taking hold of his cock and sucked and stroked Dick's hard shaft and made him cum once more.

Power Granny meets She Hulk

hardcore lilguy41 2018-09-25

I through them around fucking Superman over and over, milking his dick till he filled everyone of my holes” Power granny Said pushing her hand between She Hulk legs “ Well you surprise how that Superboy screamed. Their mouths over flowered in my pussy juices, Super girl, Superman and his secret id wife.” Power Granny Said “Really” Power granny Said rubbing She Hulk hair, pushing her fat nipple in her mouth. “Damm look how much I can fit in that pussy of yours” Power Granny Said sending vibrating that made She Hulk whole body vibrates. She Hulk sucked Power Granny finger tasting her juices. She Hulk pushed her down and started rubbing Power Granny pussy lips, sucking them.

telephone man

hardcore kita430 2018-09-25



hardcore 2018-09-23

I know you must miss me fucking you." He then sat Lily in a chair and took Bev to his bedroom and pulled her clothes of and shoved her on the bed and began to suck her tits as he fingered her pussy. I am still hard and want a piece of your ass." He spread her ass cheeks and next shoved his cock all the way in her ass and fucked her harder and harder for a long time before he finally filled that sexy ass with cum. Rub that pussy." As she rubbed his face hard he finally grabbed her by the ass and pulled her tight and sucked her clit as he next tongue fucked her cunt.


hardcore 2018-09-21

He got her naked and as he sucked on the big thick nipples he finger fucked her cunt and she just spread her legs. He then pulled her across his lap and sat her on his throbbing dick and shoved every inch of his long thick rod deep into her fuck hole and began humping her as he sucked a tit and bit the nipple. He finger fucked her ass as his mouth went back and forth between each nipple sucking and biting and pulling the big round nips. He loved the feel of his big dick in her tight sexy ass and he fucked her harder as he rubbed her nipples and gave her tits a couple slaps.

The Bribed Fuck Toy...continues

hardcore d4david 2018-09-20

Billy reached over and opened the door to the janitors closet and tried to push me inside, I bucked and tried to push away when Steve caught my arm saying '...I ain't had my dick sucked in some time and never by a good dick sucking Bitch...' They all broke out in raucous laughter once again as Steve and Billy managed to push me into the closet. As Steven held me he shuffled his cock closer to me encouraging me '...come on open you mouth and start sucking, the quicker you do this the quicker it'll be over...' I tried to pull back but only manage to sit on the rim of the mop bucket with the ringer pressing into the small of my back.

Her Secret

hardcore 2018-09-17

His hand was covered with cum as he fingered her cunt and then he mounted her one more time and shoved his cock in her and fucked her again loving the feel of her tight hole. She spent a lot of time on her hands knees with a cock in her ass while their fingers worked her cunt and clit. Today she was sitting naked on the bed with Jim as he sucked on a nipple while fingering her cunt and she was rubbing his huge cock and balls. She began stroking his cock more and arching her back so he could suck on her tit and roll his tongue over her nipple as she covered his fingers with cum.

The Business Meeting Part 2

hardcore FunChatman 2018-09-16

She had no difficulty accepting the offer and lowered her mouth down slowly onto my it, her red lips greedily sucking onto the shaft as her tongue flicked around my cock head, under the glans and then up and down the shaft. I pushed her silk panties to one side traced around her pussy lips with my tongue, watching them glisten in response as I felt my way around her. Each push of my cock seemed to release more of her juices to run down my shaft, so that pretty soon, as I lay on my back with her raising and lowering her pussy onto my cock, my shaft and balls were soaked.

First Time Face Fuck

hardcore vdubya 2018-09-12

We kept kissing and I finally got the nerve (as I said, I was extremely nervous) to grab her tits. As I sucked on her tits, she reached down, undid my zipper and started stroking my throbbing cock. However, as my pants came off, she simply stated "you're going to love this" and lowered her mouth onto my cock. We kissed again for a couple minutes while she stroked my hard, throbbing cock. As my cock shot it's load into her hungry mouth, I could see her eyes go wide as if she was struggling to swallow it all down. Even as she struggled to swallow it, I could still hear her moaning as she sucked every last drop out of my cock.

Anxious for his cock...

hardcore petersamples 2018-09-09

I of course wanted the pleasure of wrapping up his dick so he could pound my womans sweep pussy, so I took the condom and as I opened it I made her bend over and hold the edge of the tub, I had Shane stand behind her and I got on my knees and sucked him for another minute or so to make him as hard as I could, I rolled the condom all the way down his shaft and gripped it is my left hand as I spread her pussy lips with my right and guided him in for the first thrust.

Shared wife

hardcore 2018-09-08

One day hubby's cousin Dan was visiting from out of town ans was staying with us for a week. i had alreary told my hubby how i wanted my lifestyle and he agreed as long as he always got to watch. That next day his I noticed Dan smiling at me a lot and i later asked hubby what was up with that and he told me of their conversation the night before. That night hubby and Dan and I drank some more and watched TV and hubby decided to put some porn on, wasn't sure why, then the scene was a woman sucking cock. He looked at my hubby and he said yes you were definitely right the best for sure, you are so lucky.