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Being his dirty whore, again

hardcore BraveBitch 2018-11-29

“You dirty whore, I’m gonna fuck you hard,” Ross said, and I started moving my ass back and forth on his cock. “Oh fuck, I wanted to cum in your mouth but couldn’t hold it,” Ross said falling on the bed next to me. “I want to fuck your ass and hear you moan louder,” Ross said and I didn’t ask anything else. “You fucking dirty whore, I’m going to fuck your beautiful huge ass and I want you moan my name loud,” Ross said as spread my ass cheeks and I felt his cock pushing against my asshole. “You want to swallow my cum, you big dirty whore?” Ross said as he pulled out his cock.

Under Pressure

hardcore Dirty_D 2018-11-23

Hands pressed into his chest, I tipped forward till the ends of my hair brushed against his face, ignoring his request even though I had just asked him what he wanted. Back arching, I jammed them harder into his conquering mouth, my hands knotting in his hair, pulling roughly, hauling his head down into my tits. Both hands caught in my hair, he forced my head down onto his, pushing past unwilling lips down an eager throat. The flat of his hand crashed down on my pussy; a sharp slap that jumped to my core, My body jerked with the force that raced through me, leaving my lips in a moan that mingled want and pain, my breath making a sharp, quick gasp.

One night in heaven

hardcore Quietman29 2018-11-15

Megan didn't know what it was about Ben she was drawn too, maybe it was his quiet demeanor that didn't give away much, but when she looked in his eyes she could see could see something she wanted. Abruptly Megan pulled away from Ben then grabbed his hair, pulling his face into her ass. She pulled from her new fuck toy and sat on his rock hard cock, she began to grind herself on Ben. Instinctively Ben grabbed Megan's tits and tore her bra from her. Satisfied Megan stood and and looked down at Ben. Her tits jiggled as she placed her hands on her hips.

Teasing a Tease

hardcore Tanksdad 2018-11-15

I slipped two fingers inside her hot wet pussy and started pumping them in and out of her slowly. I moved up and aimed my rock hard cock at the entrance to her tight, lubed anus. I pulled my throbbing cock out of her tight ass and started stroking myself while getting up and moving in front of her. I kept pumping my cock and shot four more blasts of cum on to Emily from her face to her hot wet pussy. “The next time I tell you to send me a picture of your dripping wet pussy after I made you cum, I bet you fucking send it to me,” I said angrily. I slowly slid my hard dick in her ass again and started pumping into her slowly.

Miss Trottle After School

hardcore Texcycler 2018-11-12

“Sorry Miss T,” Rich replied in a sheepish tone, although he to was struggling to contain a grin as he, like Steve could not believe they were staring at their teacher with a wet white blouse clinging to her heaving breasts, leaving very little to the imagination. Miss Trottle started humping as soon as he had his cock inside her, eagerly pumping her gooey little pussy onto his long, hard teenage fuckshaft. Miss Trottle started to scream in pleasure as Steve started to get faster, thrusting his hard cock all the way into her pussy and Rich was still teasing her clit with his moist finger.

Girlfriend on Loan Part Two The Appetizer

hardcore cogelon777 2018-09-15

Still holding her hair I turn her head so that her ear is near my lips and growl “I hope that means you are going to let me put it in your ass later!” She just looks at me with a cute smile and sparkly eyes and says. I can feel her body relax as I lick away at her in a frenzy then tense slightly as I begin to use the rest of my tongue and lick harder like I’m eating a delicious ice lolly that’s melting all over my face and making it a little sticky.


hardcore chanelno5 2018-08-30

You are building up to an orgasm as I tease you changing direction going the opposite way to your rhythmic hip thrusts however you are so turned on you begin to come. Lifting your leg on to my shoulder I rub your clit back and forth hard and fast applying extra pressure as my cock falls out your mouth and you begin to come trying to hold back the moans but as the wave of pleasure fills your body you cant keep it in any longer. Your legs begin to shake as you enter an earth shattering orgasm brought on by the riskiness of the situation. The orgasm is so powerful you take my fingers off your clit as you regain your breath

A Taste of Her

hardcore cranfordmason 2018-08-20

Just before my fingers reach under the shirt tail, I let them softly run back down to her knees and feel the goosebumps pop up on her thighs. I decide not to tease her any further, and I run my right hand up between her legs until I feel the moisture gathering on the lips of her pussy. She gasps one last time and cries out sharply, "Oh honey!" She pulls her knees back towards her chest, and I work my tongue rapidly but firmly over her slippery clit as she cums, with a little squirt that dribbles from my lower lip and down my chin -- a taste of her. As the tension releases from her legs and hips, I slide my tongue back inside her and let her juices cover my face.

Anytime you want to play

hardcore 2018-06-04

touching, kissing, probing every inch and everywhere consider it a sex game where everything is fair moisture on my finger a sweet, erotic taste going down upon you increasing moans of pleasure you know that I can tell going deep inside of you slowly first, increasing erotic through and through I’m at your beck and call coming in behind you satisfied and panting just knowing what’s in store should I leave you wanting more I didn’t come to tease nightly erotic intrusion I slowly kiss your breast in your dreams, I leave you completely satisfied anytime you want me I’ll be right by your side I’ll love you for an hour I’m here for you, forever anytime you want to play

Tutor Tits (i found this on another site, it remi

hardcore 1superhornyguy 2018-04-05

We still found a couple of occasions during those early summer weeks to let her be seen at that higher level of total nudity by a few guys in other settings but there was a shift of sexual excitement occurring that left her more enthralled by the tamer exposures of her partially covered tits when it was Brandon who got to see them. Behind the insufficient privacy of a full-length window in the storm door, within seconds, her weight had sagged down onto my hand as she bucked against it and only as she recovered from her grunting and writhing did I notice that she had added to her excitement by completely unbuttoning her shirt in a brazen early morning flashing to the neighbor guy sitting in his patio chair who never looked up from reading his paper.

Hot night with a old uni ex...

hardcore remi85 2018-01-01

As we entered the front door I picked Julie up and carry her to the lounge room and put her down on her parents massive size sofa, pulled up her mini skirt and pushed her g-string the a side and started sucking and teasing her shave pussy and clit. I fucked her hard and fast for a few minutes and she was screaming out loud "oh fuck me hard baby..." then I slow down because I was very close of cumming, as I slow down Julie turn around and told me "don't slow down baby, fuck me hard and I want to feel your hot cum inside me." and also "You don't have to worry about cumming early because we have the whole weekend of fucking to look forward to".

Roleplay Starter: Mountain Meadow

hardcore pobox731 2017-12-13

They work well as a team and soon there's a cozy fire, plenty of dry fuel and a small tent. His hands slide under her arms and he cups both her breasts, much like one would cover a c***d's eyes, before asking "Guess who?" "I howl at the moon." he says as he kisses a path from her shoulder to her neck. "My, Mister Wolfman, what great big eyes you have." she says in her best little-girl Red Riding Hood voice. "And oh my, what large hands you have." she says softly, her lips just brushing his. She eventually puts her hand over his mouth and announces "I have to pee." takes some paper, and modestly goes in search of a bush for cover.

Short but sweet..

hardcore mbo98 2017-11-26

We carry on talking and as we are i feel you start to bring your foot up the inside of my leg very slowly. as you work your tongue back over the tip of my throbbing cock you take my balls in your hand and start to tease them between your fingers. We let our lips press against eachothers as you slowly start to rock back nd forth. You sigh with pleasure as you ride on my cock faster, and you look me in the eyes and tell me your going to cum.. You keep riding for abit longer as we look eachother in the eye and continue to press our lips against one another.