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The Best Teacher Tutor Ever, Part II

hardcore CommunicationDirectr 2018-11-08

As she slipped my stiff cock into her mouth, I inserted a lone finger into her hot pussy. She spread her legs and I dipped my head between them, slowly moving in, lightly kissing her lower abdomen as I worked my way to her pubic area. I slowly worked my way up her body with gentle kisses, until I reached her breasts. With one free hand, I worked my cock back and forth and I kissed her neck and behind her left ear. She rocked back and forth feverishly, pressing her hands on to my chest, her head tossed back, her mouth wide open, gasping for breath, her hair covering her shoulders, with a wild look in her eye.

The Best Teacher Tutor Ever

hardcore CommunicationDirectr 2018-11-02

“Well,” she responded, leaning over on to her desk, her skirt riding higher on her thighs as she reached for a pencil, “Let me give you my personal cell and if you think you need some extra help, on anything, just text me and I’ll do whatever I can.” I slipped my middle finger into her very wet pussy, as she closed her eyes and put her head on the seat back headrest. Holding her hair back with one hand, she leaned over, lifted the head of my cock and put it up to her sweet lips. I held her hair and then watched as she slowly withdrew from my cock and looked up at me, a small dribble of cum hanging from her lower lip.


hardcore querico44 2018-01-13

We finished up the chapter and sat talking for a few minutes, then to my surprise she turned to me and said "Is this the kind of visual stimulation that would give a man an erection?" and she lifted her shirt above her breasts exposing her braless chest. While my hand slowly making it's way up the inside of her thigh until I reached her warm furry pussy, Marcie had worked my underware down over my cock and past my knees. I held out for about two minutes before shouting "You're going to make me cum Marcie, I can't hold it any longer." She said "That's good, Ive already cum twice." I reached up grabbing her tits and pulled her down on me as I started squirting my hot cum in her over and over again.

Girlfriend #2: Private Tutor

hardcore jraq822 2017-12-27

It wasn't long before her tongue started worming her way into my mouth, playing tag with my own tongue, checking if all of my teeth were still there, and letting me know that her tongue was pierced. "You see," I said while I was thrusting in and out of her tight hole, "My cock head is rubbing against the walls of your pussy, causing friction." I started to pump her harder now. Once we were cleaned off and dressed again, she giggled and said, "Those were some big blasts of cum, David, but I thought projectile motion wasn't being covered until next week."