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cuckold lifestyle42

hardcore woreout 2018-06-21

We headed out the door and I started toward her car, she said lets take the truck instead. She looked over my shoulder and said not really , I don't feel like being ****d by those guys ,lets leave. I told my wife let's play some games while we wait. As I walked toward the bar I looked back and saw when she leaned in real far you could see her total ass and if her legs where apart a little you could even see pussy lips. I drove off and looking back I saw his porch light come on and the door opened just as she got to it.

cuckold lifestyle 59

hardcore woreout 2018-06-18

She said if you are wondering if I'm going to get fucked tonight , I have no idea. I know she caught me sneeking peeks at her legs because she acted as if she where trying to see something and her hem moved up far enough to allow a garter clasp and part of the black strap to show. She walked to the front fender and leaned across it, her dress was still up in the back and her tanned ass cheeks where showing by the security light on the building. I walked up behind her and I could see her perfect ass cheeks framed in black garter straps. After we hit the interstate headed west toward home she told me that was Tim on the phone.

cuckold lifestyle 29

hardcore woreout 2018-06-18

I was minding the grill and was in the middle of a giant smoke cloud when the smoke cleared just long enough for me to see Mark looking straight up my wife's skirt. Mark looked up at my wife's face after he had a full minute of looking at her pussy, she was licking her straw and she made an eye movement toward the house. In a few minutes I saw her and Joe talking , then she started up the walk to the house as she passed me she said this will shut him up. My wife pulled up her skirt and said like this and she pulled her hand through her crotch and smeared it on my face, God that Joe must have been saving up for a month!

cuckold lifestyle 27

hardcore woreout 2018-06-03

I didn't say anything right at first..then she said I'm going shoe shopping and look, then she raised her dress to show me her naked slick pussy...NO PANTIES ! I saw her set down so I walked in , I found something to look at right inline with her , that way when the shoe guy sees her pussy so will I. Well a tall skinny black salesman came over and sat down at her feet, she was holding a hill in her hand, he got up to go get her size and when he did she opened her legs wide open real fast so I could see right up her dress.

The Stranger in Pink Shoes

hardcore arbymore 2018-06-01

Again her husband walked a few paces behind her and then I suddenly realised he was holding a small camcorder in his hand and it was clearly pointing at her legs. She turned to face the wash basin and the large mirror and her husband stood behind her and raised her skirt and pulled down her panties until they were round her ankles. Her husband then said, 'Cum inside the slut's cunt.' As my cock subsided inside her, her husband moved closer to her and shot a huge stream of cum over her ass. As I walked a few feet behind them I could soon see mine and her husband's cum trickling down her legs.

Chapter 1: My Roomate Takes My Girlfriend

hardcore JonMcman 2018-05-19

Another time, we were watching TV in the living room and Becky and Mark started talking about sit-ups, and Mark had said that he could do a thousand, and to prove it he pulled up his shirt to show his ripped abs. And Paul got all interested and wanted to know what that meant, and so Mark explained that he had seen my boobs when I opened the door to your room the other night, and then that he had seen my cooch and butt when I was in the bathroom bottomless while he was showering.


hardcore Apocolypse1 2018-05-18

I lay there, on that cold floor, trying to remember how I got there, when a door opened, and letting light into the room. She got up, turned, walked up to me, and injected me with a syringe that was in her hand. I looked down and saw that my dick had grown. Once again she wordlessly walked up and grabbed my cock, weighed it, and the stood up again. She walked over to the side of my vision, and when she came back she was holding a tea pitcher. I moaned, raised my head, and saw my penis lying on my stomach. She had my erected dick in her hands, under her pussy.

Saving Maddie

hardcore imornery81 2018-05-10

I turned and took the arm of the young red-head and said, “Let’s go, now.” And taking her arm I quickly walked her around the corner of the club saying, “Don’t look back.” We could hear people coming out and asking what happened, but the two guys were in too much pain to implicate us. I heard something squishy and I looked down and saw that her other hand was down between her thighs and she was furiously frigging her pussy with two fingers going in and out as her thumb rubbed on a beautiful little clit there at the top of her slit.

An afternoon distraction

hardcore 2018-05-10

Rather than leading me onto the main road passing the college I was led by the hand, happily, up through the campus and up a path which cut straight up the side of the hill on which Lincoln was built. A short walk brought us to the top of the large landscaped ornamental park on this side of the city, a popular place for dog walking and little else during the day, students would flock to the place when it got warmer to lay out in the sun and drink beer rather than working, but not today. Without another word she had stood astride me, moved her panties aside and dropped down onto me, sliding hard and fast around me in a sudden gasp, her wetness hot on me.

The Fantasy

hardcore 2018-05-08

I proceeded to lick her until she started to scream and I quickly slid right on in and pound away, holding on to her C-cup tits. Needing a short break before the next woman, I walked around the curtain to my wife, and stuck my dick in her open mouth. I walked between their tables and pulled out two of my wifes vibes. I pulled the vibes out, dripping, and walked past my wife to the next two women. I proceeded to fuck each in turn, returning to my wife for cleanup in between. Aren't you going to untie us?" One of the women to the left of my wife said. One husband took his sweet time opening the door, :)

Easy shag in a rough part of town

hardcore smallcock 2018-05-07

I said "That big girl over there", over the road was a big girl she looked 18, 16 stone, dark hair and was swearing and shouting at some others, he said "You can have her I'll sort it if you want?" As he walked towards her he called out "Kerry come here" as she came over to him, he whispered to her and she looked at me smiling. "Soon" I replied, as I banged her a few more strokes I said "I'm coming" and she said "Get off" as I pulled out she sat up and squatted on her knees she slipped me into her mouth, sucking me and wanking me i was coming very fast.

s*s seduces younger b*o

hardcore adel5000 2018-05-03

the hot water was making me look pretty good right now. "Here it comes!" I yelled as a long stream of cum shot out of my cock and onto her cock jerked about against her tits as she slowly moved her body against mine. then feel her wet silk thong pressed against my cock as she sucked my neck up to my licked between her lips, going deeper and deeper inside her every time. "Fill my pussy baby, I want to feel that hot cum spewing inside me." I sucked her tits as cum erupted from my cock inside her, there was so much it I watched her tight body walking to the door and she

Fucking My Friends Mum On Holiday

hardcore bigwillyuk 2018-04-30

a while later after me and will got sum drinks from the pool bar , we walked back over to the sunbeds and his mum was lay on her stomach with her bra strap undone , i had a quick peek at his mums hot tanned ass while will got his bag , he tapped on her shoulder and said mum , we are going over to the football courts , as she leaned up on her elbows her huge tits drooped down and i got a glimpse of her nipples , i was nervous but excited my cock started to grow again thinking of what was going to happen , then she walked out of the bathroom in just her underwear and them huge heels , she looked amazing , her white bra and tiny thong hugging her hot tanned body ,

Frankie & Bob Part 4

hardcore flirtyforties 2018-04-27

All the way home all Frankie could think about was her next orgasm, she was quickly becoming insatiable and couldn’t wait to feel Bob’s cock inside her again, she stroked him very slowly till they pulled up outside her house, thankfully today of all days there was room to park outside the door which meant she didn’t have to do the embarrassing no knicker walk for too far. Bob walked round and opened the car door for her and gave her his hand to guide her out, Frankie pulled at her skirt trying to pull it as far down as she could though it was only 19” in total anyway there wasn’t much pulling she could do, so she walked to the door with Bob close behind her, no sooner had she closed the door then Bob’s fingers where back inside her pussy punching away at her g-spot while she tried to walk in the house, she gave in to him in the hallway and just let him do what he wanted.

Visiting a Hooker Ch. 01

hardcore thininformant69 2018-04-27

My mates didn't know I was a tit lover because I didn't want them to think I was staring at every girls chest. Before I reached the last step the door opened and a tall black lady in lingerie smiled at me and invited me inside. Then, the sitting room door opened and a blonde lady of about 30 walked in wearing only a bra and knickers. She led the way as I stared at her arse as she walked. Once inside the bedroom she told me to sit on the bed. I started to cum after 3 minutes or so and unloaded into the condom whilst inside her. She opened the door to the blinding lights of the stairwell and said thanks.

Porno Store Pick-Up (Ronnie Rides Again)

hardcore dic_izinme 2018-04-23

The man approached me with his angry cock so I got back up on my knees fully expecting to have my mouth abused again but, he allowed me to do all the work. I love it." Then he took a break from his grunting and said, "Ride my cock you pretty bitch." He pulled out of me and got on his back. I'm done with you cocksucker get the fuck out!" He grabbed my pants and shirt and threw them on his lawn away from my car then he picked up my underwear and wiped his cock and balls off with it. "Don't you come around here looking for more dick faggot!" I walked around picking my clothes up off the ground with a semi hard on and got dressed in my car and went home.

I Took Him Home

hardcore 2018-04-21

I quickly order a drink as soon as I walk in, and go to the dance floor, meeting the growing throng of people. As I was getting my ass felt up, I looked across the room to the bar and saw a man sitting there. We walked over to the dance floor, and I started going crazy again. It took him a little while, but eventually we were practically fucking on the dance floor. His lips began to travel, and before I knew it, he was undoing my pants, kissing my bulge through my favorite thong. He began to work his lips all over my rapidly growing cock. The way his cock felt in my ass was amazing.

Creampie gangbang in a van: big titted Mommy whore

hardcore Smiler2000 2018-04-19

There was just something about sitting at a bar with her friends whilst guys just openly stood there looking her up and down, undressing her and more in their minds that really got her feeling very horny, tingly between her legs and rather wet. Thus, she was conscious that as she walked home with her big tits hanging out and round arse wobbling as she walked down the road in high heels, she probably looked just like a total slutty fuck whore. And so there was Dianna, with her big round sexy arse wobbling in her slutty high heels and massive tits hanging out as she walked down the road with her handbag over her shoulder, looking like a stylish e****t on the prowl for hard cock.

Kim & Dave, part 2

hardcore drdak43 2018-04-17

Do you mind if I take care of him and make it up to him?" Dave said, "No, I think you need to make it right, enjoy yourself, and make him enjoy it, too." With that, Kim put the waiter's cock in her mouth and began to bob her head back and forth over the length of it, as it grew even more in her mouth, and she reached for his balls with one hand and with the other she pushed the robe off her shoulders so her tits were visible as she rubbed them against his thighs.

Dream or True .......... You decide!

hardcore randolph01 2018-04-15

I was walking down a street and running alongside the pavement was a small brick wall about a foot tall, newly built to house a flower display – a pretty affluent part of town! She swung her legs to the side of the lounger and touched the ground with her feet all the while staring at me as though she was getting excited by my reaction to her revealing body. Without saying anything else she started flicking her tongue over the end of my cock causing instant sensations pulsating throughout my body. She then used her right hand between her legs to grab my cock and gently place it onto her wet pussy opening and I started to enter her gently at first before thrusting my cock into her.

Frankie at the Gym

hardcore 2018-04-15

Frankie laid back and the towel fell away as she rose to meet his eager fingers, still no words where spoken, he just looked her straight in the eyes while he pulled and tweaked her clit, she was soaking now as she willed his fingers to enter her, "I was going to ask you if you where wet" he said "but I can see and smell for myself" he said.

The Wonderfully Naughty Wizard of Oz (Chapter 3)

hardcore teflonsamurai 2018-04-14

Dorothy and Ku-Klip got up off the yellow brick road and held hands walking back to his cabin when they saw smoke. It wasn't suppose to stop until we got to the mountains." Dorothy pointed to her right and the woman turned and saw the mountains,"Ah were here." She walked around behind the carriage and reached into the back pulling out a small bag that she thew over her shoulder. Leandra grabbed her bag and was going to walk away but huge slates of rock came up from under the ground blocking her way. Leandra moaned as her green pussy slowly slide up and down that smooth rock cock. The rockman slide out of Leandra walked over and grabbed Dorothy by the hair and slide his cock into he mouth.

Original Giantess

hardcore markosp31 2018-04-10

He started to pulsate and he squirted a fucking load and kept fucking I was pushed out of one of the sides of her wet cunt and I tell you it was a little fun but at the same time I was trying to get escape when that happened, But when I came to the room was full of people and I could hear screams of tiny people being crushed and smashed and ripped apart I turned around and looking up there I saw a guy ramming this girl doggy style and there were body parts falling everywhere I kept looking around trying to figure out how to get out of here but I didn't think that was going to happen.

Adult Bookstore Exhibitionists

hardcore starshine0717 2018-04-06

Then the guy leaned over and looked up at me and said, "Can I come over there?" She kept sucking me and in case she didn't hear him, I said to her, "He wants to come over here." While still working my dick with her mouth and hand, she shook her head "no." I figured she wasn't ready for that, and to be honest neither was I. She didn't need me to encourage her this time-- holding the base of my hard shaft, she pushed it up and licked my balls, then licked up my cock to the head, all the while looking over at the other guy's hard dick in his hands.