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cuckold lifestyle 29

hardcore woreout 2018-11-26

I was minding the grill and was in the middle of a giant smoke cloud when the smoke cleared just long enough for me to see Mark looking straight up my wife's skirt. Mark looked up at my wife's face after he had a full minute of looking at her pussy, she was licking her straw and she made an eye movement toward the house. In a few minutes I saw her and Joe talking , then she started up the walk to the house as she passed me she said this will shut him up. My wife pulled up her skirt and said like this and she pulled her hand through her crotch and smeared it on my face, God that Joe must have been saving up for a month!

cuckold lifestyle 59

hardcore woreout 2018-11-14

She said if you are wondering if I'm going to get fucked tonight , I have no idea. I know she caught me sneeking peeks at her legs because she acted as if she where trying to see something and her hem moved up far enough to allow a garter clasp and part of the black strap to show. She walked to the front fender and leaned across it, her dress was still up in the back and her tanned ass cheeks where showing by the security light on the building. I walked up behind her and I could see her perfect ass cheeks framed in black garter straps. After we hit the interstate headed west toward home she told me that was Tim on the phone.

The Stranger in Pink Shoes

hardcore arbymore 2018-11-12

Again her husband walked a few paces behind her and then I suddenly realised he was holding a small camcorder in his hand and it was clearly pointing at her legs. She turned to face the wash basin and the large mirror and her husband stood behind her and raised her skirt and pulled down her panties until they were round her ankles. Her husband then said, 'Cum inside the slut's cunt.' As my cock subsided inside her, her husband moved closer to her and shot a huge stream of cum over her ass. As I walked a few feet behind them I could soon see mine and her husband's cum trickling down her legs.

cuckold lifestyle 27

hardcore woreout 2018-11-10

I didn't say anything right at first..then she said I'm going shoe shopping and look, then she raised her dress to show me her naked slick pussy...NO PANTIES ! I saw her set down so I walked in , I found something to look at right inline with her , that way when the shoe guy sees her pussy so will I. Well a tall skinny black salesman came over and sat down at her feet, she was holding a hill in her hand, he got up to go get her size and when he did she opened her legs wide open real fast so I could see right up her dress.

cuckold lifestyle42

hardcore woreout 2018-11-06

We headed out the door and I started toward her car, she said lets take the truck instead. She looked over my shoulder and said not really , I don't feel like being ****d by those guys ,lets leave. I told my wife let's play some games while we wait. As I walked toward the bar I looked back and saw when she leaned in real far you could see her total ass and if her legs where apart a little you could even see pussy lips. I drove off and looking back I saw his porch light come on and the door opened just as she got to it.


hardcore 2018-10-02

I looked at my watch and remember that I needed to go to the bank to get the rent money. When I got to my bank I went inside and walked up to the stand where the withdrawal slips were. "Excuse me, sorry." she said softly with a smile then she started filling out a slip herself and paid me no more mind. I didn't know which direction she went so I took a little time to look around. As I made my way farther into the room, I saw what looked like a very large display on the wall. I heard what sounded like a door open behind the tarp.

Ms. Thickness

hardcore dirtystep 2018-10-01

Part of me hoped she would come to my club as I saw that big ass of her's from the side as she and her friend. Ms. Thickness, on the other hand, was very mellow and gave me a long, deep, stare before she followed her friend. "Let's smoke a joint first!" she said looking into my eyes as we continued to gyrate against eachother. I then lifted her dress up and over her ass and saw her pale, big, bubble-butt in a black thong, in front of my face! I let my free hands travel down her hot body and find the huge-ass of hers and the folds of her bushy pussy!

Dream or True .......... You decide!

hardcore randolph01 2018-09-28

I was walking down a street and running alongside the pavement was a small brick wall about a foot tall, newly built to house a flower display – a pretty affluent part of town! She swung her legs to the side of the lounger and touched the ground with her feet all the while staring at me as though she was getting excited by my reaction to her revealing body. Without saying anything else she started flicking her tongue over the end of my cock causing instant sensations pulsating throughout my body. She then used her right hand between her legs to grab my cock and gently place it onto her wet pussy opening and I started to enter her gently at first before thrusting my cock into her.

Day at the beach!

hardcore slapnuts69 2018-09-26

We read, swam in the ocean when we got hot, we ate lunch and then Merry suggested a walk to help settle our stomachs. I woke up around 4 and Merry said, "Well you ready to call it a day?" I asked to allow myself some time to wake up, I hit the water, which did the trick, when I got back she had everything packed up. "No" she said, "I like to walk to the sign, then just wear a towel to the car." The toll guy saw what was happening immediately, and said "Have a nice night!" Merry threw the towel off and gave him the OK sign with out removing her mouth from my cock.

Saving Maddie

hardcore imornery81 2018-09-24

I turned and took the arm of the young red-head and said, “Let’s go, now.” And taking her arm I quickly walked her around the corner of the club saying, “Don’t look back.” We could hear people coming out and asking what happened, but the two guys were in too much pain to implicate us. I heard something squishy and I looked down and saw that her other hand was down between her thighs and she was furiously frigging her pussy with two fingers going in and out as her thumb rubbed on a beautiful little clit there at the top of her slit.

The Hairdresser

hardcore CharlieFarnsbarns1 2018-09-24

“Is it that time?” she said, “well no worries I will lock up and then come and meet you guys at Smithies, O.K, Love you babes, see you in a bit, mine’s a vodka and cranberry juice, ha ha, BYE” She put the phone back and walked back over to him. Slowly she took one step away, moved her head down and took a good long look at his cock. “Oh you sexy little bitch!” he replied as he watched and felt that perfect pink pussy devour his cock. His eyes fell to her pussy and he watched as his cum started to ooze out between the fleshy lips, it ran over her arse hole and then pooled on the table below.

Me being a slut

hardcore Chrissysummer69 2018-09-19

I got him hard again he stuck his dick in my ass for a moment I squirmed and he pulled the quarter of his dick he got in my ass and said he would come to quick so we rolled over and I started to rub him I'm lazy and when I tired and I have to ride it the worst time so I just wanted this fucker to cum so I am going up and down on his cock and grinding my pussy down I came and squirted so we rolled over and he finished in top of me slamming his dick in my already sore cunt...

Working at the coffee shop

hardcore Ari32 2018-09-14

Amanda, Danielle, Cole, James, and I were working at a local coffee shop. Cole starred at us and laughed as he said "Easy access eh girls?" "Oh very funny!" Danielle comes out with clyde's latte. Danielle, Amanda, and I were sitting at the bar stools while James and Cole were talking in the kitchen. "Hey Ari may I talk to you for a minute?" Cole said. Its my first time!" "Oh, That sucks." He pushed his 8inch cock deep into her. The next day I walk in with Amanda to find Cole actually doing the dishes! wanna come over?" The volume was up all the way so I could hear bitch bailey. "Hey bailey welcome back." I said.

Completing My Training

hardcore 2018-09-09

It rested by my G spot and as Master gave me another jolt he drove his rock hard cock into my gaping anal opening. We continued on our walk, stopping occasionally when we met someone with their sex slave. He then shoved his cock into my pussy and gave me a few jolts with the electric collar. Then he massaged the oil into my skin as he explained that as his sex slave he wanted me to look beautiful and not torn up or worn. Then spoke for the first time that day, “But, Master, what about your other sex slaves?” I want you to be the best sex slave, cock sucker, fuck whore and cum dump slut in the world.

Bar pussy

hardcore galvestontxstud 2018-08-30

The door swun open and in walked thos very sexual creature of a woman. So about an hour till closing I went to the bar and ordered another bee and just noticed the bbw from ealier that night was alone. She thanked me and gve me hug. As I was getting in my own truck she pulled up to me and asked if I could follow her home. I ater he pussy right there in the entryway and after she came I carried her to her bed and fucked her till we both couldnt walk. We fucked again for about three hours and each time I came it was deep inside her swollen pussy.

Another escapade

hardcore kiwifurball 2018-08-29

Nothing more happened as we sat there and so eventually I got up and walked a little further down the cool stream so I could have a piss... going a little red I said I did, she asked me why I did not do anything while we sat on the rock together... after I had stopped she licked her hand clean and then fingered up most of my cum and swallowed it... behind the block she knelt down on the grass and undid my fly and looking up said "now I will suck you" and she did... I pulled her clothes down and fianlly got to taste her pussy, after she had washed it in the stream I would have expected it to be clean but she was so excited that it was all sticky again...

Original Giantess

hardcore markosp31 2018-08-27

He started to pulsate and he squirted a fucking load and kept fucking I was pushed out of one of the sides of her wet cunt and I tell you it was a little fun but at the same time I was trying to get escape when that happened, But when I came to the room was full of people and I could hear screams of tiny people being crushed and smashed and ripped apart I turned around and looking up there I saw a guy ramming this girl doggy style and there were body parts falling everywhere I kept looking around trying to figure out how to get out of here but I didn't think that was going to happen.

Chapter 1: My Roomate Takes My Girlfriend

hardcore JonMcman 2018-08-24

Another time, we were watching TV in the living room and Becky and Mark started talking about sit-ups, and Mark had said that he could do a thousand, and to prove it he pulled up his shirt to show his ripped abs. And Paul got all interested and wanted to know what that meant, and so Mark explained that he had seen my boobs when I opened the door to your room the other night, and then that he had seen my cooch and butt when I was in the bathroom bottomless while he was showering.

The Fantasy

hardcore 2018-08-17

I proceeded to lick her until she started to scream and I quickly slid right on in and pound away, holding on to her C-cup tits. Needing a short break before the next woman, I walked around the curtain to my wife, and stuck my dick in her open mouth. I walked between their tables and pulled out two of my wifes vibes. I pulled the vibes out, dripping, and walked past my wife to the next two women. I proceeded to fuck each in turn, returning to my wife for cleanup in between. Aren't you going to untie us?" One of the women to the left of my wife said. One husband took his sweet time opening the door, :)

In Plain Sight:An e****t's Story - Part 2

hardcore MICHELLEK111 2018-08-08

At first Mr. Keller started with the basic small talk about the weather and how it was a nice summer and led into asking, “What are you going to do for work when the summer ends?” “I haven’t gone through all the videos from the store yet but I’ll spend some time later reviewing them to see if I can figure out what happened,” Mr. Keller said. Mr. Keller pressed the fast forward button and the little time banner in the upper corner started speeding by 6:00am, 7:00am. “No, no, no, no, no,” Mr. Keller said with a smile on his face while holding a hand up in a stop gesture.


hardcore Apocolypse1 2018-08-05

I lay there, on that cold floor, trying to remember how I got there, when a door opened, and letting light into the room. She got up, turned, walked up to me, and injected me with a syringe that was in her hand. I looked down and saw that my dick had grown. Once again she wordlessly walked up and grabbed my cock, weighed it, and the stood up again. She walked over to the side of my vision, and when she came back she was holding a tea pitcher. I moaned, raised my head, and saw my penis lying on my stomach. She had my erected dick in her hands, under her pussy.

a trip to the store

hardcore 2018-08-03

I thanked her as we walked outside and while she placed her hand on my ass, she said softly "don't mention it." I told her that she was a blessing and almost a guardian angel (I was just trying to make conversation. I started to walk to the bathroom signaling her to follow me. She said "I want you to come in my mouth." As I was about to cum, I pulled out and jizzed all in her face. As we got to our cars, she asked "what are you doing tonight?" I said "nothing." She then replied "let's go back to my place and do it again." I got in my car and followed her home.

Slut School Pt. 9

hardcore azid619 2018-08-01

Sarah prepared herself, she planned for this moment and knew the instant her arms and legs were freed up she'd overpower her mistress and make a bid for freedom, as Mandy's hands placed onto the tight rope around her thighs and arms she braced herself, ready to strike like a tensed up cobra. "Good job I got some handcuffs with me!" Mandy laughed as she leaned her knees down on top of Sarah's arms so she could move her hands freely without having to hold onto Sarah's wrists anymore, and grabbed the handcuffs off the floor, which had been dropped during the scuffle.

hardcore macownjp416 2018-07-20

As she took my hands again she jumped as I swung her to my left, then out to my right, then straight out in front and rather than stopping her swing she spread her legs and sailed right into me squeezing my waist with her thighs as she grabbed my head and kissed me hard. This time when we octopussed my hands grabbed her hips while her arms swung into the air and I directed her away into a perfect double spin, twisted myself around her, and twilled her into another dip, and kissing her as then crowd cheers the band hit their accent. My left hand reached back to her hips pulling her close while my right hand lets of her hair, slides down her back, and unhooks her bra.