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Under the Covers - Chapter III - Final

hardcore Safire 2018-11-29

I cried out as he whipped his belt against my pussy, pain and pleasure shooting up my body. Although my pussy was dripping by the time he stopped his punishment, it was also burning with pain and soreness. “You won’t cum without permission again, will you, slut?” Mr. McIntosh pulled my hair back just enough to make it hurt. “You have such a good pussy, it’s a shame I had to punish it,” he moaned, fucking me deeper. I could feel my pussy start to contract and knew that an orgasm was building up and would soon explode. I screamed into the material of the couch as my pussy contracted and convulsed around his thick cock, which was still pumping his delicious semen into my womb.

Entangled Chapter IV : Freeing Rapunzel

hardcore sprite 2018-11-26

“Cum for me.” I repeated, this time in a fierce whisper as she met my gaze frantically and exploded violently, climaxing as I held her throat, and then again as I released her and drew her shivering, quaking body to me, her hair slithering around us, binding us together as we clung to each other, her sobs for breath turning to hiccups and those, in turn, to giggles as we made love once more, this time tenderly, slowly, making it last through the night until she gave in to exhaustion.

A pervert controlled

hardcore paulo066838 2018-11-16

2 – Tomorrow morning, you will be taken to the square and hung from the castration pole, you be left there for the whole day to be whipped, kicked and insulted by any woman that wishes to punish you. My wrists and ankles were chained together so I could only walk slowly along the wing, all the guards carried short but heavy leather whips and they thrashed me the whole way, shouting at me to hurry up, while the men booed and insulted me. “When you’ve finished abusing him sexually, tie the bastard up and give him a good beating” she said, “We want to hear his screams echoing around the whole wing if not, it’s you two who will get a whipping in the exercise yard” The other woman went to the other black guy and took his cock in her hand.

Fuck Me (Chapter II)

hardcore Safire 2018-11-16

“Tell me you want my huge, hard cock to slide into your tight, wet pussy, slamming my hips against yours, while you scream out my name as you reach your orgasm.” “Ohh!” I moaned, “I want your huge, hard cock to slide into my tight, wet pussy, slamming your hips against mine, while I-gah!” I was cut short because, suddenly, his cock slammed into my pussy, pumping in and out like lightning. The whip cracked against my ass several more times, and my pussy started tingling. “Do you want your pussy whipped, baby?” he whispered. Each time the whip cracked against my clit, pleasure would flood my body, overwhelming any pain I might have had.

103 gran takes us to visit the duke

hardcore alibodge 2018-09-19

Then said for her it was to be a long session of whipping, piercing and sewing, for May a little whipping and a lot of bondage, and for me, Fred`s old job to take the women from their chains, securing them and assisting the duke and duchess, as and when they were in the mood, usually every four hours or so for the whole-time. It took six more hard and telling strokes before she stilled and telegraphed her readiness for that final shot which slammed triumphantly across her tender nipples as we all knew it would, her body rose to the limits of her bonds till only her shoulders and heels were in contact with the bench, her scream, that long awaited climaxic scream echoed round the cave partly ecstasy, part in triumph, part pain, we had all known it would come as her nipples were struck and we were not disappointed, least of all Rose!

A Story for Bree

hardcore mollflanders 2018-07-29

Hard hewn hands grabbed her hips, and the soft crown of a mammoth cock opened her rosebud before thrusting deeply into her sperm filled bottom.  The cock played against the fingers opening and closing in her cunt and her nipples were flayed by the whip until her breasts were covered with blood.