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How It All Began Ch.07

hardcore TheTravellingMan 2018-01-15

"Well, whoring it is then." added Jack making Fay laugh, and he felt her muscles tensing as she did; his cock still wedged inside her. A zephyr breeze cooled his ardent cock as Jack looked to see Anita pulling the hand of the flame-haired waitress to help her up. Looking to Fay and then Jack's rigid cock, Anita smiled. Lars looked at Jack and smiled, using his strength, he wrapped his arms around Fay's torso. Jack felt the malicious tightness of Fay's sex and through a thin membrane; Lars' cock inside her. In only moments of their combined attention, Fay was groaning heavily in panting breaths in time with either Jack or Lars pushing into her.

Perchance To Dream Pt. 3

hardcore Mojavejoe420 2018-01-12

My hands gripped her hips, and I worked my cock back and forth, little by little until we overcame her vise-like pussy walls and got the head inside. I had wanted to hear those words come out of her mouth for a long time, but I tried to keep my best poker-face going. Her head jerked sensually from side to side and I felt her hands continue to run through my hair as she gently pushed my face deeper into her pussy. I could feel her hands rubbing up and down my bottom while her mouth moved between my shoulder blades and I felt hot little kisses on the top of my back.

Grace 9-The Estate (3 of 3)

hardcore aristidis500 2018-01-08

Grace leafed through the publication and found it was mostly filled with mulatto men, women and groups having sex in various configurations with shots of wide open legs and flowing sperm, some of it dripping off hot mouths. Voyeurs saw how the man’s long black meat slowly pushed itself into Grace’s red slit, disappearing inside her body. One of the men moved in between her wide-open legs, pushing his hard cock deep inside her black slit. The woman slowly undid the tiny panty-clip on Grace’s hip, and pulled the white fabric aside, giving her a close-up view of the blond pubic hair around her wet opening. Onlookers watched her up there with her eyes half-closed and her mouth open, panting, moaning, screaming, begging for more as white and black men shoved their cocks into her raw throbbing holes.

The Time Of My Life With My Kidnapper

hardcore Bronte34 2018-01-07

The man then untied the gag from my mouth so I could breathe, and then continued to finger fuck me. He moaned out loudly with pleasure as his hands grabbed the back of my head and pushed it down onto his hard, pulsating cock. The sexy bearded man fucked me harder and harder, grabbing my long black hair in his left hand with his right hand was on my right hip. He took his dick out of my ass and then shoved it back into my pussy and then pushed me down on my front to the cold basement floor and laid out on top and fucked me hard and fast. I gasped out loud with pleasure as my body spasmed and I came long and hard as well. 

Call guys best service

hardcore bava12 2018-01-06

The eldest woman who must be 35 called me near her and taking my dick in her hand she said. They didn’t looked big enough before due to her loose t shirt but when I pressed them hard I could not grasp them both in my hands. Preeti was no more in her control and she slowly whispered “Fuck me, fuck me hard” I was already very excited now and could not waste any moment of time. The other women still giving their expert sound effects and comments from behind but these didn’t matter neither to me nor Preeti I suppose. I dressed up and left the house fully satisfied with my first service and pretty sure that I would be called many more times in the house.

A Master Talks - Chapter 1

hardcore AlphaBeatHer 2017-12-24

It is a matter of individual preference, but in most cases it will be best to require her to present on her knees before her HoH to be told the extent of her punishment or maintenance and to receive any verbal discipline. If the HoH requires any of these things at any time his woman should be ready and willing to perform them and to expect punishment if she demurs in any way, but for her to offer this special adoration of her man in thanks for his leadership will help to cement the relationship, improve happiness and give her the enormous security and contentment that comes from knowing she appreciates her man to the fullest extent possible.

Deal with it

hardcore dnizzle14 2017-12-24

Think about it: All those little things you tought her; how to play with your balls when she sucks your dick, or how you keep trying to get her to deep throat, how to talk dirty to you, how to be a little slut for you. I was INSIDE her, man....YOUR woman! I know how her pussy tastes, how her tits look and feel, I know what she sounds like when she cums, I know things. She held me inside of her, balls deep for almost two minutes after. I used you pillow to prop her beautiful ass up so I could get DEEP inside of her, she screamed. In fact she mentioned you, I think right around the time I put it in her ass......

Celebrating Freedom

hardcore pleasureseeker420 2017-12-23

The thing that kept my attention though was both the picture that they made (as I said, I usually just like to watch the women together, it just always makes me happy), and the fact that the younger girl kept looking over and smiling coyly at me. She finally released me, nibbling on my bottom lip and giving a hard squeeze and twist of my left breast before shoving her hand into my pants and grasping the material and leading me to the door in which her partner had already disappeared. She pumped vigorously for a few seconds before yelling to her partner "Was I right in observing that she enjoys her other hole even more?" The older woman, under the assault of my prying tongue, was only able to vocalize a low moan, which the girl correctly took as a yes.

The Housewives Of Coxville County part 1

hardcore Milffann 2017-12-13

looks like he doesn't know whether he wants to rage or cry" said George To George Swallow's right sat his lovely wife Ivana, a handheld out however, in making idle chit-chat with Harold, George handed Ivana the As head nurse and health consultant of Coxville High, Ivana As soon as the name "Jenny" escaped George's lips, Ivana's left eye "Alrighty then, sounds like a plan", said George, his face beaming with Ivana said, a bit louder than necessary that it made George's eyes Jenny Summers, the Queen of Coxville, made Ivana Swallows sick. Jenny turned her face around to look at the black stud. black penis of his...Ivana lost herself in the thought again.

Selling Magazines

hardcore zimabean 2017-12-09

I started my sales pitch when she interupted me, she said "when I woke up this morning and my husband was not home, I told myself I would fuck the first man I saw." I looked at her not sure what to say or do. She was good at blow jobs and I was starting to think about cumming when she stopped, stood back up and dropped her robe on the floor. My cock stayed hard after draining my balls so I started to fuck her again. I moved over to her and pushed my cock easily into her and started to slow fuck her as we both stood there.

The Best Job!

hardcore zimabean 2017-12-06

My dad put me to work and I got to deliver meals and other stuff to customer rooms. I got plenty of boob shots and beaver shots and of course naked men. Most of the naked women I saw were not that hot but still seeing a naked woman was a big deal for me. She pulled me to her and I felt my dick push against her twat. I felt her pussy muscle tighten around my dick and this caused me to blow my wad. I got plenty of pussy during that ten years. Sometimes I got some pussy as my tip.It was really crazy. That is why I think that was the best job, I got paid and laid at work!

Brittany The Cheerleader

hardcore wedgietime 2017-12-05

Giving her another napkin to wipe the come from her hair and cheeks I told her I was going to make love to her like a woman and I pulled out a small bottle of lubricant, to which she responded, once more, by kissing me and saying I was very handsome. I placed her legs more firmly over my shoulders and turned my head to softly kiss one of her calves as I pushed harder, sliding just the first little bit of the tip inside of her. She was at the peak of ecstasy, mixed with a little bit of pain, he beautiful pedicured toes were curling uncontrollably and finally I felt her tight asshole clench around my cock like a vice as she began to come once more, even more violently than last time.


hardcore runzaton 2017-12-04

When I told Marsha I was interested in sex with other As I fucked Jane in one bed, Marsha asked Marsha if she liked our night, her response was wanted to see Marsha get fucked by some black guys. got to lay back and watch Marsha do whatever I told her night, I got so excited that I had Marsha give me 3 for me to watch Marsha than to even get fucked myself. J told his group that he'd be back, and took Marsha by J told Marsha that this was his friend Tom. He said told Marsha that Tom deserved a night of Passion. When I do bring other woman home, Marsha takes the fucked another woman, Marsha uses her tongue and mouth

Third Visit To The Master (And His Men)

hardcore kezza6969 2017-12-04

He left them, noting as he passed by that the non-member’s viewing room now had two naked occupants looking in anticipation at the spot lit body bound to the bench. As the long thick prick pounded into the depths of her cunt back and forth over her pleasure spot Gloria felt the first sensations of the night’s first orgasm caress her nipples, belly, clitty, vulva and thighs. When the fourth man took his place behind Gloria the spunk dribbled in white gelatinous bubbles out of her anus and down the crack of arse, through the wide crevasse of her open cunt and down her thighs.

Oh if only it could happen - Part 1

hardcore 2017-11-29

We met online and there was instant chemistry, I could tell immediately that there were going to be no games, we just wanted to get to know each other as well as we could when we were separated by such a long distance. I dropped to my knees in the sand and engulfed you in my mouth, I could feel your heat on my mouth through your sexy underwear and you moaned greedily as you pushed down against me. I circle your gorgeous button with my tongue and slide 2 fingers inside you, reaching for that rough patch that I know will send you over the edge. I stand up and drop my pants, my cock springs out and you say in a very husky voice, I want you inside me now.


hardcore 2017-11-27

Another great looking couple came closer, the man sat next to me, while the woman sat next to my man, the man leaned over touched my tits and rubbed my thighs saying “I know what is going on down there, they are our friends” he pulled my hand and laid it on his very hard cock, which felt like a rock and so huge under his pants, while his wife pulled my man’s hand under her skirt at the very same time.He leaned closer again and whispered “I was about to drop the same bundle of money if it was not so crowded and busy under the table what do you say to that?”

Spring Garden Encounter

hardcore danorth 2017-11-26

Then she put her lips around the tip and I felt her tongue swirl around me, my knees seemed weak, the feeling of her hot wet mouth on my cock was beyond description. She gasped, “Oh, yes, cum for me baby, cum for me so I can feel it inside me.” I felt the second contraction coming, again it was almost a cramp and as it spurted another wad of cum out of the tip of my cock she pulled my head hard against her nipple and said, “YES, YES, I AM CUMMMING…….” She dropped the soiled cloth to the ground and pulled her panties over her pussy and said, “I love the feeling of hot cum inside me,” and smiled with her lipstick smeared from sucking my cock.

Walking The Street In Heat

hardcore Nia_Marquardt 2017-11-19

I just wish there were more men like the ones my mom told me about, men who didn't give a shit what came out of our mouths, men who knew that what we said and what we craved were polar opposites, men who just took us without bothering to argue the point, simply using us for their own gratification. I sit here now, totally nude, my apartment door unlocked, my small tits hot, swollen beyond their normal size, nipples so fucking erect they could punture a fucking wall, my cunt (that's what I've been TOLD to call it!) inflamed, soaking wet, aching for a man.

Camera Man

hardcore eurorevenue 2017-11-12

When he came back to the camera, it looked like that woman on center stage was in her own little world. To his view, it seemed like every time the gongs went off, the oriental woman was drifting more and more away almost not hearing them anymore. The second gong sounded and all the guys in the crowd dropped their shorts leaving a room full of naked and horny men that all wanted nothing more than to paint the beautiful woman in a gallon of cum. David stared through the camera, getting a nice view of the womans body from between her thighs and straight up to her face as the first of many, shot off like a cannon onto her.

The Wife Game

hardcore hondo1906 2017-11-08

Go stay with your mother and after the 3 months are over I will deal with you; just get out of my sight." Leon called Tom and Thelma and they agreed to let the boys stay with them." The young men wanted to argue and complain about traveling 40 miles every day to go to school but they knew better than to further anger their father when he was like that; so they packed some things and headed to see their mother. Thelma grinned evilly and said, "Well sweetie, it looks like I won't be the first woman to get into your pants, but that's alright, by the time we get together you will know what you are doing, see you soon, baby!" Everyone smiled and stared at Doris waiting for her to reply but she just blushed and walked away knowing that her live would be changed forever and many new adventures awaited her.

New Girl Down The Hall

hardcore 2017-11-04

She took two steps back..and I simply enjoyed the feeling of all-woman moving right up close and personal with me. Don't you know you gotta frisk a person before you let them into your apartment?" A hardness in her eyes was slowly going away replaced by some pity as she saw me in my pain. Slowly she lifted her head off of my now semi-hard cock and said, "Man, I just wanted to show you how a woman of means can make you grow. With a glance down at my cock, she quickly kissed my lips again and then said, "If I am late to my appointment with my girlfriend, she's going to grill me till she gets all the juicy details.

A Romantic and Close encounter with my favoured gi

hardcore 2017-11-04

We saw the movie, Wolverine the Samurai-whatever it was they called it in Japan-ate dinner and I asked her if she wanted to meet a second time and she told me, "you'll never like my personality" and I said, "I'm sure we'll work it out once we get to know each other." The next time we met, it was in Akishima Station where we watched another movie, "Lone Ranger" and she often laughed at my joke when I called her, "kimosabi" which Johnny Depp would say every 10 minutes. We watched more movies and as the movies went on, I asked if she wanted a massage and she said she was alright, but I insisted and gave her one anyway-which she couldn't refuse.

Picking up a Stray

hardcore Rob_Rhodes 2017-10-24

job from a guy, years before a woman had found her way to my cock and down, "sure" he answered and slipped over to me, took hold of my cock and kissed my cock and balls like a good little slut until I pushed him steam dropped to a trickle, then took my cock into his mouth and gently and continued to suck and lick until I was hard again. balls, cock and ass, tongue fucking me as deep as he could while his milk my cock as he licked, looking back I could see he was hard as a his cum off me, I stroked my cock until it was hard again as he cleaned

The Fifth Visit To The Master (And His Men)

hardcore kezza6969 2017-10-20

At the other end of her body the man delved his tool into her pink wet crevice, slotted his knob into her cuntal orifice, and thrust his meat muscle deep inside her twat, as deep as it would go. As she began to willing oblige the woman Gloria felt the man position himself behind her own parted legs, felt his fat glans feel its way into her open orifice, and experienced the delightful sensation of being filled by a thick but stubby tool. Gloria reached out and ran her hands over his body, felt the hardness and size of his tool, the tightness of his smooth sac.