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Call guys best service

hardcore bava12 2018-11-24

The eldest woman who must be 35 called me near her and taking my dick in her hand she said. They didn’t looked big enough before due to her loose t shirt but when I pressed them hard I could not grasp them both in my hands. Preeti was no more in her control and she slowly whispered “Fuck me, fuck me hard” I was already very excited now and could not waste any moment of time. The other women still giving their expert sound effects and comments from behind but these didn’t matter neither to me nor Preeti I suppose. I dressed up and left the house fully satisfied with my first service and pretty sure that I would be called many more times in the house.

The Time Of My Life With My Kidnapper

hardcore Bronte34 2018-11-22

The man then untied the gag from my mouth so I could breathe, and then continued to finger fuck me. He moaned out loudly with pleasure as his hands grabbed the back of my head and pushed it down onto his hard, pulsating cock. The sexy bearded man fucked me harder and harder, grabbing my long black hair in his left hand with his right hand was on my right hip. He took his dick out of my ass and then shoved it back into my pussy and then pushed me down on my front to the cold basement floor and laid out on top and fucked me hard and fast. I gasped out loud with pleasure as my body spasmed and I came long and hard as well. 

Grace 9-The Estate (3 of 3)

hardcore aristidis500 2018-11-19

Grace leafed through the publication and found it was mostly filled with mulatto men, women and groups having sex in various configurations with shots of wide open legs and flowing sperm, some of it dripping off hot mouths. Voyeurs saw how the man’s long black meat slowly pushed itself into Grace’s red slit, disappearing inside her body. One of the men moved in between her wide-open legs, pushing his hard cock deep inside her black slit. The woman slowly undid the tiny panty-clip on Grace’s hip, and pulled the white fabric aside, giving her a close-up view of the blond pubic hair around her wet opening. Onlookers watched her up there with her eyes half-closed and her mouth open, panting, moaning, screaming, begging for more as white and black men shoved their cocks into her raw throbbing holes.

Perchance To Dream Pt. 3

hardcore Mojavejoe420 2018-11-16

My hands gripped her hips, and I worked my cock back and forth, little by little until we overcame her vise-like pussy walls and got the head inside. I had wanted to hear those words come out of her mouth for a long time, but I tried to keep my best poker-face going. Her head jerked sensually from side to side and I felt her hands continue to run through my hair as she gently pushed my face deeper into her pussy. I could feel her hands rubbing up and down my bottom while her mouth moved between my shoulder blades and I felt hot little kisses on the top of my back.

How It All Began Ch.07

hardcore TheTravellingMan 2018-11-11

"Well, whoring it is then." added Jack making Fay laugh, and he felt her muscles tensing as she did; his cock still wedged inside her. A zephyr breeze cooled his ardent cock as Jack looked to see Anita pulling the hand of the flame-haired waitress to help her up. Looking to Fay and then Jack's rigid cock, Anita smiled. Lars looked at Jack and smiled, using his strength, he wrapped his arms around Fay's torso. Jack felt the malicious tightness of Fay's sex and through a thin membrane; Lars' cock inside her. In only moments of their combined attention, Fay was groaning heavily in panting breaths in time with either Jack or Lars pushing into her.

A Master Talks - Chapter 1

hardcore AlphaBeatHer 2018-11-09

It is a matter of individual preference, but in most cases it will be best to require her to present on her knees before her HoH to be told the extent of her punishment or maintenance and to receive any verbal discipline. If the HoH requires any of these things at any time his woman should be ready and willing to perform them and to expect punishment if she demurs in any way, but for her to offer this special adoration of her man in thanks for his leadership will help to cement the relationship, improve happiness and give her the enormous security and contentment that comes from knowing she appreciates her man to the fullest extent possible.

The Best Job!

hardcore zimabean 2018-10-03

My dad put me to work and I got to deliver meals and other stuff to customer rooms. I got plenty of boob shots and beaver shots and of course naked men. Most of the naked women I saw were not that hot but still seeing a naked woman was a big deal for me. She pulled me to her and I felt my dick push against her twat. I felt her pussy muscle tighten around my dick and this caused me to blow my wad. I got plenty of pussy during that ten years. Sometimes I got some pussy as my tip.It was really crazy. That is why I think that was the best job, I got paid and laid at work!

Cheating On Vacation

hardcore virginblood 2018-10-02

Devon was hard by the time we went into the room I wouldn't let him know I saw it. He told me because when he saw me his dick jerked in his pants and got hard. I went back to my room extremely horny so I tried to wake her up so she could lick my pussy and she was too d***k so I took a cold shower too. He laid me on my back opened my legs wide and he took off his pants his Dick was rock solid hard and his head look so angry his shaft all the veins was popping out and I was melting.


hardcore 2018-10-02

I looked at my watch and remember that I needed to go to the bank to get the rent money. When I got to my bank I went inside and walked up to the stand where the withdrawal slips were. "Excuse me, sorry." she said softly with a smile then she started filling out a slip herself and paid me no more mind. I didn't know which direction she went so I took a little time to look around. As I made my way farther into the room, I saw what looked like a very large display on the wall. I heard what sounded like a door open behind the tarp.

My First Call Girl/e****t

hardcore michaelalwayshorny 2018-09-26

I was loving it and rebecca was moaning to as my hand moved down to her legs, she moved them apart letting me slide my hand up her thigh, I was right no underwear just her sweet wet pussy, I push two fingers deep inside her making her moan out, I pulled her dress down so I could suck her tits as I kept pounding her tight pussy hard and deep with my fingers. I eased out and then moved down her body and rammed my cock into her dripping wet pussy, making her breath catch as I started to pound her hard and fast, loving how here pussy was pulling me in we each thrust, squeezing her hard nipples as I kept fucking her, I was getting close to cumming so I eased out and turn her over.

Helen, a wonderful SSBBW

hardcore jimhen 2018-09-16

A little bit of , it was wet, red hair, clean and tight. She squirted as I stuck it in One thing I love about fat women is they are surprisingly good in bed, weight doesn’t get in the way at all. Helen was easy and it felt perfect. Again she seemed a bit confused but didn’t even ask this time. It felt good having all that woman on top, surrounding my cock. She couldn’t stop either and it was obvious both of us wanted this fuck badly. I was rock hard and it was starting to hurt, but it felt so good being deep inside. I can’t… breath I have wanted this for so long and now I can’t stop.

Picking up a Stray

hardcore Rob_Rhodes 2018-09-15

job from a guy, years before a woman had found her way to my cock and down, "sure" he answered and slipped over to me, took hold of my cock and kissed my cock and balls like a good little slut until I pushed him steam dropped to a trickle, then took my cock into his mouth and gently and continued to suck and lick until I was hard again. balls, cock and ass, tongue fucking me as deep as he could while his milk my cock as he licked, looking back I could see he was hard as a his cum off me, I stroked my cock until it was hard again as he cleaned

Deepthroat squirter From Heaven!

hardcore lincs1985 2018-09-10

She was pushing her huge boobs into my face to suffocate me and fuck me was this a turn on! The next minute sara-jayne threw herself down onto my huge cock and started gagging and salivating all over my cock and balls. Sara-jaynes face took around half hour of this torture but just as she was getting ready to let me make her squirt everywhere, she was struggling to breath, splatttt, she was sick all over my cock and balls. 5 seconds later and she was squirting over and over, my cock wanted to enter her gorgeous figure from behind, i didnt have to wait long!

The Island

hardcore Sillswede 2018-08-30

I am still bowed down on the deck when you come over and put your foot on my shoulders and say, "As your queen you will obey my every command. Here I am on a moonlit night, in a tropical cove, enveloped in a potpourri of sounds and scents, with equally the most mysterious and beautifully sensual woman I have ever met in my life, and I am at the same time scared to death and sexually stimulated more than I have ever been before. My finger is now sliding in and out that tight hole, I can feel my prick inside of you with that finger as you hurtle your perfect ass back to my awaiting stomach.

Len and Masie 7

hardcore sandhilman 2018-08-27

He could feel her warm body pressed against him and hear her slow deep breathing and for one fleeting second he thought he was in bed again with Rose. ‘You look as if you needed that,’ she said as he finished, ‘no don’t pull the flush I want to go as well.’ He thought about the last few days and how they had changed his life so radically and realised he was whistling - rather tunelessly it has to be said - as he went about his chores. She twisted her head around a little until her face was close to his and kissed him long and softly, then putting her lips close to his ear said simply

Living in Cockington.

hardcore 2018-08-20

He thrust several more times deep and hard into the blondes pussy and then finally he pulled out, the woman quickly spun around and I watched as he shot his sticky old cum all over her pretty young face with a groan. After that I decided it was probably not a good time for a visit so I quietly left, but as I headed for the front gate the blonde haired woman suddenly appeared at the front door dressed in a little T-shirt that barely covered her big round tits and cut off jean shorts that showed off her lovely tanned legs.

Jamie 2 Jaydee

hardcore Onmyknees4u2use 2018-08-18

She would wear white pantyhose to gym and with her sneakers, ohhh my god, the first time i was told to remove her sneaker and show that i am grateful for her looking so feminine, was wow, but to have licked each of her feet for over an hour each,  then she taped her sneaker over my mouth and nose and she said, "good boy" i then spent hours breathing deep and telling her how much i love the taste and smell of her feet, And that i understand my place and i love proving my obedience.

Talking Dirty To Your Woman in Bed

hardcore samera 2018-08-16

Especially when they are as close as possible in bed or somewhere else, he must know how to get her very excited with a use of choice words that will drive her over the edge of passion. This is something that can be very real if a man knows how to talk dirty to his woman in bed. Women secretly long for and want their man to excite them and dirty talk is a way to get the job done. Women feed and thrive off being sexy and if a man knows how to talk dirty in the right way to his woman. Therefore, the very first step to talking dirty to your woman in bed is to have the determination to divide and conquer her.

Deborah buys a Maren (everyone loves raymond)

hardcore griffen1 2018-08-15

Deborah held the beautiful Maren and ran her hand up and Deborah took Carols hand and was led to the back room, Deborah felt the objects tip pass her lips and begin to my dear?" Carol asked as she began to move the Maren in Cried out Deborah as she began to cum hard. Immediately Carol began to fuck Deborah hard and fast. sounds of cum with each stroke as Carol rammed the Maren Deborah's ass pushed back hard against the large Maren Carol slipping the Maren from her pussy and then placing Deborah felt the head of the Maren push at her anus. Deborah relaxed more and felt Carol pushing into her. cum more for me." Cried out Carol as she drove the Maren

Turning to Darkness P-3

hardcore VictorL4fun 2018-08-13

Sally stepped forward, “No need to look so shocked” she said in a friendly voice, “I think i****t is great, and I think girls your age should have lots of sex at home before they start doing it at school.” Rachel looked into the woman’s face trying to understand the contradictions flying around her. All she could think to say in protest was “Iv got homework to do.” Her dad said “Forget it, it’s the week end.” He started sucking on her left tit and rubbing her pussy while Sally caressed her right breast. The adults abused Rachel like this for a few minutes, sucking and licking and finger fucking her, before Sally said “I just have to eat your daughter’ lil pussy now.” Dad said “sure but you gotta strip first.” The woman was out of her clothes in a flash.

My Farther Took My Innocence

hardcore Dandi_Darri_Yum 2018-08-12

I was laying naked in my bed, my body flushed with feelings and urges most girls don't experience till years later, when he entered my room. Then, I spread my legs wide, raising them, bending my knees, arching my feet and pointing my toes, posing for Doddy like the little whore I already knew I was. "Take it like a woman!" he growled, continuing the in-and-out, in-and-out, in-and-out fucking of my cunt. It was at this point that I thought of mom, remembering what she had told me about men, about their needs, about the absolute necessity that a woman be submissive, obedient, taking whatever a man chose to give her, in whatever manner he chose to give it.

Amelia's Challenge

hardcore wastedaway 2018-08-11

As if reading his mind, Amelia reached up with her other hand and began to slowly roll up the sleeve of her silken blouse, exposing her sun bronzed arm to Anthony's eager gaze. And while she could not hope for an easy victory, Amelia found herself caught up in a delicious urgency to subdue this arrogant young male's strength, and make him completely submissive to her female domination. And if the truth were known, this was how Amelia Stone had come to most enjoy her sexual pleasure - with her being totally in physical control of the male, dominating him like some fabled Amazon! On the other hand, Anthony was caught up in a frenzied mood that seemed to demand that he challange the full extent of the exciting female strength possessed by this magnificent young woman.

Megan and Her Mom.part 2

hardcore adel5000 2018-08-10

As I continued to pin her to the floor with my body and my left arm, my right hand I looked over to where Megan lay on the bed, her naked body now covered with “Everything’s okay, baby,” Sandra said, not taking her eyes off mine as she slowly which each time her mother would reply, taking my cock out of her mouth just long Meanwhile, my left hand traveled down the lovely body of daughter Megan. I pulled Megan’s head back by the hair to look at her face, and was pleased to elbows and knees beside their bodies while continuing to fuck the girl. “Yes!” I cried one final time as I rocked the girl, her mother, the bed, the entire

Motel Spiking

hardcore altaff143 2018-08-09

Pa Angel stood watching as his wife stroked Liz's head, checking the hot chocolate was empty then slowly and gently removing the top fluffy pillow putting it in the cupboard. Liz gave a soft grunt as the man pulled her flat, off the pillow his hands pushing her thighs apart pressing the knees out and down onto the soft bed. Junior nodded again and began to strip until he was naked his ginger shaved head and pink skin giving him a large pig like appearance. Liz began to make higher pitched moans her tits been mauled by his big hands her thighs lifted by his parents so all her weight fell each bounce onto his bedpost like cock.