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A Master Talks - Chapter 1

hardcore AlphaBeatHer 2018-02-22

It is a matter of individual preference, but in most cases it will be best to require her to present on her knees before her HoH to be told the extent of her punishment or maintenance and to receive any verbal discipline. If the HoH requires any of these things at any time his woman should be ready and willing to perform them and to expect punishment if she demurs in any way, but for her to offer this special adoration of her man in thanks for his leadership will help to cement the relationship, improve happiness and give her the enormous security and contentment that comes from knowing she appreciates her man to the fullest extent possible.

Grace 9-The Estate (3 of 3)

hardcore aristidis500 2018-02-12

Grace leafed through the publication and found it was mostly filled with mulatto men, women and groups having sex in various configurations with shots of wide open legs and flowing sperm, some of it dripping off hot mouths. Voyeurs saw how the man’s long black meat slowly pushed itself into Grace’s red slit, disappearing inside her body. One of the men moved in between her wide-open legs, pushing his hard cock deep inside her black slit. The woman slowly undid the tiny panty-clip on Grace’s hip, and pulled the white fabric aside, giving her a close-up view of the blond pubic hair around her wet opening. Onlookers watched her up there with her eyes half-closed and her mouth open, panting, moaning, screaming, begging for more as white and black men shoved their cocks into her raw throbbing holes.

Call guys best service

hardcore bava12 2018-02-03

The eldest woman who must be 35 called me near her and taking my dick in her hand she said. They didn’t looked big enough before due to her loose t shirt but when I pressed them hard I could not grasp them both in my hands. Preeti was no more in her control and she slowly whispered “Fuck me, fuck me hard” I was already very excited now and could not waste any moment of time. The other women still giving their expert sound effects and comments from behind but these didn’t matter neither to me nor Preeti I suppose. I dressed up and left the house fully satisfied with my first service and pretty sure that I would be called many more times in the house.

How It All Began Ch.07

hardcore TheTravellingMan 2018-02-02

"Well, whoring it is then." added Jack making Fay laugh, and he felt her muscles tensing as she did; his cock still wedged inside her. A zephyr breeze cooled his ardent cock as Jack looked to see Anita pulling the hand of the flame-haired waitress to help her up. Looking to Fay and then Jack's rigid cock, Anita smiled. Lars looked at Jack and smiled, using his strength, he wrapped his arms around Fay's torso. Jack felt the malicious tightness of Fay's sex and through a thin membrane; Lars' cock inside her. In only moments of their combined attention, Fay was groaning heavily in panting breaths in time with either Jack or Lars pushing into her.

Perchance To Dream Pt. 3

hardcore Mojavejoe420 2018-02-01

My hands gripped her hips, and I worked my cock back and forth, little by little until we overcame her vise-like pussy walls and got the head inside. I had wanted to hear those words come out of her mouth for a long time, but I tried to keep my best poker-face going. Her head jerked sensually from side to side and I felt her hands continue to run through my hair as she gently pushed my face deeper into her pussy. I could feel her hands rubbing up and down my bottom while her mouth moved between my shoulder blades and I felt hot little kisses on the top of my back.

The Time Of My Life With My Kidnapper

hardcore Bronte34 2018-01-31

The man then untied the gag from my mouth so I could breathe, and then continued to finger fuck me. He moaned out loudly with pleasure as his hands grabbed the back of my head and pushed it down onto his hard, pulsating cock. The sexy bearded man fucked me harder and harder, grabbing my long black hair in his left hand with his right hand was on my right hip. He took his dick out of my ass and then shoved it back into my pussy and then pushed me down on my front to the cold basement floor and laid out on top and fucked me hard and fast. I gasped out loud with pleasure as my body spasmed and I came long and hard as well. 

A Sexy Romp Through Space-Time

hardcore wraithe_13 2018-01-24

Her aching pussy spasmed pleasantly as she recalled being on her hands and knees while Ron and Harry took turns thrusting themselves into her from behind as she used her mouth to pleasure the other one while her body shook through uncountable orgasmic waves until both boys finally screamed her name as they shot their hot loads all over her face and ass simultaneously. “Fine,” the stranger grumbled, apparently more frustrated than surprised to see a flying phallus cock block him, “I'll take the other hole.” Hermione didn't care what he did at that point, her wand was already fucking her just the way she liked, hard and fast, and she was building towards yet another orgasm.

Back from hols and out for the night .....

hardcore pb200302 2018-01-24

She could see a bulge, she wanted to unzip his trousers, take out his prick and suck for all she was worth but instead, she looked him in the eyes, smiled and softly replied ‘Thank you Tom’, the drinks fine for now but I’ll remember that for later’ Tom turned to go but then Debs remembered the key ‘Tom’ she said ‘Yes’ he replied, ‘What’s this for?’ lifting the key in her hand. Tom was still concentrating on her pussy, his licking becoming more and more intense, Debs began to make muffled moaning sounds as she felt her feelings increase, she was going to cum soon and there’s nothing she could do to stop it.

Helen, a wonderful SSBBW

hardcore jimhen 2018-01-23

A little bit of , it was wet, red hair, clean and tight. She squirted as I stuck it in One thing I love about fat women is they are surprisingly good in bed, weight doesn’t get in the way at all. Helen was easy and it felt perfect. Again she seemed a bit confused but didn’t even ask this time. It felt good having all that woman on top, surrounding my cock. She couldn’t stop either and it was obvious both of us wanted this fuck badly. I was rock hard and it was starting to hurt, but it felt so good being deep inside. I can’t… breath I have wanted this for so long and now I can’t stop.


hardcore JerichoX 2018-01-23

Obviously when Jack had converted the large home into a Bed and Breakfast, he'd had to do some rearranging of the rooms. She was still on the bed, spread legs apart, one hand tweaking the rock-hard nipple of her left breast, the other snaking underneath her body to reappear at her pussy, three fingers working rhythmically in and out of her moist hole. I stared, pulling at my cock with abandon, as her fingers again found their way through her lush lips and abundant pubic thatch into the slick wetness of her cunt, triggering waves of pleasure in both her and me. The sound of her fingers slurping in and out of her cunt and the sounds of her mouth sucking greedily on my rod filled the room.

Private Party

hardcore 2018-01-22

‘He is massaging her clit with the head of his dick, her hips are bucking up and down she wants him inside her badly,’ the line went a bit quiet because I could hear him tell her, ‘aks him to push it in you, he won’t until you ask him and most women reckon he is a real treat so I would ask him nicely, he likes it when women beg.’ And I could tell the phone was moved closer to her, I could clearly make her out saying, ‘please fuck me, I’m ready now, don’t tease me, I have been waiting for ages to have a big dick like your stretch my pussy, pleeease...’

Jamie 2 Jaydee

hardcore Onmyknees4u2use 2018-01-20

She would wear white pantyhose to gym and with her sneakers, ohhh my god, the first time i was told to remove her sneaker and show that i am grateful for her looking so feminine, was wow, but to have licked each of her feet for over an hour each,  then she taped her sneaker over my mouth and nose and she said, "good boy" i then spent hours breathing deep and telling her how much i love the taste and smell of her feet, And that i understand my place and i love proving my obedience.

Sev At The Theater With A Stranger

hardcore imornery81 2018-01-19

Then the lights dimmed for a moment and came back up and the models both stood and walked primly to a slit in the dark gray backdrop and disappeared from sight.  The people around me had all turned and were beginning to head toward the stairs.  The dark haired beauty in front of me sighed, turned and looked up at me with a wistful smile.  “That was very nice.  I just wish the opening of the show was delayed for a few minutes more.  She winked at me and then started to step past me toward the stairs herself.

Long black hair and a thick cock

hardcore bibands 2018-01-13

Then I pulled out my cock and started to stroke with thoughts of long, dark-haired beauties in my thoughts. During my masturbation marathons, my fantasies usually start out with a beautiful woman with long hair and end up with me sucking some dude's huge cock. She had the most beautiful, long black hair that reached a very nice ass. "Here you go," Sheila said with a smile, flipping her hair back and out of the way so she could continue eating. She pushed me down on a couch and jumped into my lap – and yes, that beautiful hair covered my face. Sheila quickly got into my pants and began a nice slow blowjob while I ran my hands through her hair.

Favourite Fantasies #8

hardcore hard_for_yu 2018-01-13

When I can feel my woman raising her hips to get more of my tongue in her cunt or to press her clit harder against my mouth, I get unbelievably turned on. We went out into the hallway and while we were waiting for the eleva-tor, she whispered in my ear, “I just want you to know where I’m going to start when I see you later.” With that she un-zipped my pants and took my cock in her mouth. The cli-ent was unusually nervous, and by the time I finished the court reporter had been asl**p for hours – and probably felt put down.

Spring Garden Encounter

hardcore danorth 2018-01-09

Then she put her lips around the tip and I felt her tongue swirl around me, my knees seemed weak, the feeling of her hot wet mouth on my cock was beyond description. She gasped, “Oh, yes, cum for me baby, cum for me so I can feel it inside me.” I felt the second contraction coming, again it was almost a cramp and as it spurted another wad of cum out of the tip of my cock she pulled my head hard against her nipple and said, “YES, YES, I AM CUMMMING…….” She dropped the soiled cloth to the ground and pulled her panties over her pussy and said, “I love the feeling of hot cum inside me,” and smiled with her lipstick smeared from sucking my cock.

Naza's Kinky Adventures:Chapter 1

hardcore BoobGuy1987 2018-01-08

Naza, on the other hand, is still intently watching the screen and acting nonchalant like she didn't notice the woman's eyes on us. "It's s-so lewd, putting your penis in your little s****r's butt!" I look to the left again and I realize the woman is now looking straight at us as Naza bounces away carefree. Naza excitedly lowers our window and starts squeezing her boobs again like a cow, then sprays her milk out our window and makes it hit the window the woman is looking through. I give her tits one more big squeeze so a huge milk stream comes spraying out, pull out my cock and let my cum explode onto Naza's face and body from between her legs.

The Neighbor

hardcore zimabean 2018-01-01

I answered "Yes, I am so sorry, I will just go home and never say anything about this Mrs. Kerns." "Lets not get excited here, no need for anyone to be sorry or feel ashamed or anything as these things happen we are adults here so lets just work this out and go forward." Jenna said. Then she surprised me by knelling down next to me and saying "Let me see if I remember how this is done as it has been a long time." She put some of the soap on her hand and started to stroke my cock ever so slowly. Jenna slowly rubbed her hands all over my body then started to explore my cock and balls.


hardcore wastedaway 2017-12-29

Tina heard some movement behind her and then felt the fingers of someone (Was it the woman or the man?) pulling her dress up. She started to feel the beginnings of the most powerful orgasm she had ever experienced when all of a sudden her wrist was grabbed by the woman and pulled away from her pussy. The long cool fingers of the woman stroked the crack of her ass and then gently and firmly pulled her buttocks wide apart to completely expose her tiny rear opening. "Go over to the window and move forward until your nipple clips are touching the glass." Tina did so, feeling the hot flush on her face of exposing herself this way.

Strip Club Sex

hardcore virginblood 2017-12-27

I was so horny, I needed just to look at some guys maybe talk and talk sex at the strip club I knew.... I went to the bar and I wanted to buy a drink but the guys there wouldn't let me.. One short guy walked over never looking at my face and his pants showed and obvious hard on. Then another guy walked over on the other side me he whispered in my ear, how beautiful I look and how he could make me cum. He kept saying he can tell my pussy was tight and I needed Dick inside it. I think this guy dick is lesbian hater and want to get in some tight pussy.

Brittany The Cheerleader

hardcore wedgietime 2017-12-24

Giving her another napkin to wipe the come from her hair and cheeks I told her I was going to make love to her like a woman and I pulled out a small bottle of lubricant, to which she responded, once more, by kissing me and saying I was very handsome. I placed her legs more firmly over my shoulders and turned my head to softly kiss one of her calves as I pushed harder, sliding just the first little bit of the tip inside of her. She was at the peak of ecstasy, mixed with a little bit of pain, he beautiful pedicured toes were curling uncontrollably and finally I felt her tight asshole clench around my cock like a vice as she began to come once more, even more violently than last time.

The Best Job!

hardcore zimabean 2017-12-21

My dad put me to work and I got to deliver meals and other stuff to customer rooms. I got plenty of boob shots and beaver shots and of course naked men. Most of the naked women I saw were not that hot but still seeing a naked woman was a big deal for me. She pulled me to her and I felt my dick push against her twat. I felt her pussy muscle tighten around my dick and this caused me to blow my wad. I got plenty of pussy during that ten years. Sometimes I got some pussy as my tip.It was really crazy. That is why I think that was the best job, I got paid and laid at work!

Prostitute part 3

hardcore Penelope22 2017-12-20

She arrived there just after 4 and chatted briefly with the woman, then went into the same room as she had been in the night before. The woman walked back to the kitchen and the policemen both came in and closed the door. Her ass hole was a little sore but she had been fucked to 2 orgasms, not many girls will complain about that. She most liked when guys would fuck her and then want to lay and chat for the remaining time they had paid for. They were shy guys, wanting to be with a woman but unable to, or not brave enough to find a girl. One guy came in 3 times in the following week just to lay with her.

Curse of the gypsy woman - Part one

hardcore qudduse 2017-12-18

Her eyes fluttered, but she tried harder to focus and watched as the fingers went in and out of her, glistening in her sticky juices which also started to run from her opening and down between her ass cheeks. As she brought her fingers to her mouth to taste herself, her mind decided to let itself go with the flow, and she turned her focus back to the story and her hand back to finger fucking her pussy. She obviously sensed it too, because on the moment of my release, she jumped forward, making my cock slide out of her ass and turned around, dropping to her knees and grabbed hold of my proud shaft, pointing it straight at her face and mouth.