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Erotic Hardcore Sex stories

A large collection of group sex stories about hardcore sex.

Sarah - Part Fifteen

hardcore mike8253 2018-11-20

There was maybe fifteen minutes of deep tongue twisting and battling kissing, embracing, heavy breathing, muted moaning, and two wet fingers rubbing her clit, before Sarah told me that she was getting ready to cum. Spread out on the stairs, grasping at the railing, newels and stairs with her hands, screaming and moaning, Sarah took each deep thrust of my cock, telling me how good it felt. Sarah had just cum; she had made it clear that she wanted more cock in her pussy; she had ordered me to fuck her in the ass; and, she was still looking at me with that “needy” erotic look.

The Agency Girl - Part III

hardcore angieseroticpen 2018-11-20

She did not acknowledge him as she returned to the table and took the root and placed it inside the glass of water. Sal squatted down and began to stroke his hair as she looked him in the eye. No longer could he smell the ginger root and no longer did he think about his forthcoming pain as she moved to the bottom of the table. He did gasp loudly though when Sal took the base of the root and turned it a full circle inside him. Sal was stroking the base of his cock and his testicle sac as she moved the root in and out of him.


hardcore mike8253 2018-11-20

Jill was here to see if I was okay, even though we had only met once in seven months, and that was only to discuss Carol; her hair was done a new way, amplifying her attractive appearance; there was a slight nervousness about her; she had broken up with her boyfriend; and, she had spent a long winter by herself. Jill bucked her hips, holding my head in a death grip, and pulled my face into her pussy, all the while screaming into the shirt stuffed in her mouth. Jill, resting her ass on the end of the bed, held her legs back, and her knees by her head, and moaned into the t-shirt.

Teen Diaries 17: Language Barriers

hardcore TeenDiaries 2018-11-20

He came towards me slowly and I backed up into the wall and before I knew it, he was an inch away from my face, whispering something that sounded really romantic as he leaned in and started kissing my neck. I had no clue what he said, but it felt so good and before long his fingers were spreading my lips and massaging between them, eventually sending his middle finger to my hole and pressing inside. He rolled me onto my side and held me from behind as he put his dick back inside me and started humping me, rubbing my clit and playing with my boobs while he rocked me on the bed.

pathetic excuse for a man....

hardcore bava12 2018-11-20

Maybe I should have paid a little more attention to what was going on, but I was celebrating and these boys were drinking so to speak, so I didn’t find it too unusual when Angelique struck up a friendship with Charlotte Waller, who was the strikingly gorgeous blonde wife of Jason Waller of course. As we men were busy conversing, this Mako character excused his self and made his way over to the pool table where Charlotte and Angelique were engaged in a game. “Look Kyle, you can’t leave your own dinner party so early, without being introduced to a Waller Industry tradition.” He looked me in the eye and I knew I wasn’t going anywhere-yet.

Madhu : A Sweet Tribal Woman

hardcore bava12 2018-11-20

After reaching home Prakash called Madhu from house and asked her to take Sushma in her room and told that she will stay with her for few days. Prakash started kissing her, while moving his hand over her busts like caressing and massaging. Madhu started pulling down his pants with her feet, her palms started caressing his wide shoulders and while moving her palms on shoulder she let his shirt go off his body. When Madhu and he were in bed covered with blanket, Prakash recalled their first introduction from there he started thinking every episode of their closeness. Prakash took his face to another underarm, he kissed there, let his lips remain over there and started caressing there and around with his face.

Something New

hardcore Green_Man 2018-11-20

At the same time, Phoebe had started fist-fucking her dear friend with her little pixie hand, and Gwen was coming hard from all the attention. This was what I had in mind with the "new norm." Gwen had finally had enough coming and Phoebe and I kissed her and took her to the bathroom, washed her in the shower, sharing it with her, and dressed her. After three or four minutes I knew Jimmy couldn't hold out much longer, so I told Phoebe to open her mouth wide. After I made her come too many times to count, Phoebe sat on Jenny's face and got her own pussy sucked dry.

Last Stop Bubbles: A Lost Blondie-Verse Tale, Part Five

hardcore MadMartigan 2018-11-19

Shit surprises me, even as the monster inside rages just below to give it up already, to burn away, paint myself into scene and fuck any hot piece of tail I stumble across rather than waste time worry'n over a bitter reminder.  The punk ass motherfucker tucked deep inside me beats at the walls, but he’s the one who let me out and damn if I’m not gonna enjoy my time like always. “The fuck could a rich little china doll like you want from me?” I pull my finger out and push my cock inside her quivering little cunt, hard and fast and deep. “Make me burn more,” she begs, super tight pussy clinging to my shaft like a second skin as I slowly pull out.

Construction Zone

hardcore SheriPie 2018-11-19

As Sheri sat waiting a truck driver approached her car and leaned in her passenger window and said, “Hey there little darling. As Sheri turned the corner around the dump truck the worker was quickly behind her pulling her into him. As the worker fucked her there bent over the barrel another man walked up to her took his dick out of his pants and presented it the Sheri. As the worker finished up and shot his load of cum on Sheri’s ass the man that was in her mouth moved in behind her and began fucking her. He took Sheri’s hand and helped her up the first step of the dump truck then turned her around and lifted her up and guided his dick into her ass.

Bonnie Blue the Little Cum Slut

hardcore Green_Man 2018-11-19

One was sucking on her swollen nipples and another was finger fucking Bonnie to a quick, raging cum. And all the while the girls were finger fucking themselves and dripping pussy juices down onto their thighs and soaking the pillows. The girls started licking and sucking each other and making each other cum. We watched the other couples fucking and eating pussy and asses and enjoyed the view. I was filling her whole ass hole with throbbing cock and began fucking her and fucking her and she was begging her daddy for more dick. I pumped her and thrust all of my cock into her bung hole and kept fucking until I had to finally shoot my cum.

OHGIRL: And the Vice Squad

hardcore ohgirl1 2018-11-19

He flipped me onto my knees and held onto the cuffs as Stan grabbed my head and stuffed my mouth with his cock, while he sat on the bed. I opened my mouth and began to suck him off as Glenn started to finally pump me with his cock. “Now fuck that ass of hers.” Glenn ordered and I again heard the spitting sound before another large cock was shoved into my butt. I kept sucking on him until his cock was limp and then Glenn ordered the next man to fuck me. The officers turned on their flashing lights and I was totally surrounded by two unmarked cars, two police cars and the 7 cops who had just fucked me and cum in my mouth.

Sonia and Sylvie in Toyland

hardcore jpjai007 2018-11-19

As she said later, "Sometimes I miss the feeling of a cock between my legs, and this is almost better than the real thing." I had seen several models in London, but didn't buy one there because I was unsure as to what to look for in a quality model. The girl showed us how the base of each cock unscrewed such that a threaded end in each could be passed through the slot in the belt and fastened in place. Sylvie : "You are such a beautiful man, and I am going to make you feel so very good." These annoyances were minor as Sylvie, already very aroused, started moaning immediately and came after what seemed like two minutes.

Bad Habits Never End Well

hardcore sillyjenny 2018-11-19

I crave him so much that it hurts and makes it hard to breathe until he pulls me into his arms and fucks me like a man out of control. His big hand grabs my face and squeezes my jaw as he stares at me with his determined, lust filled eyes. I'm going to cum in your pussy and fill you up like the fucking whore you are!" he growls, pulling my hair back so that I am looking at the bed frame. My eyes are squeezed shut and when I feel Chris slide off of my bed, I finally open them slowly. I squeeze my eyes shut, hold my breath, and curl my fingers into my palm.

Being his dirty whore, again

hardcore BraveBitch 2018-11-19

“You dirty whore, I’m gonna fuck you hard,” Ross said, and I started moving my ass back and forth on his cock. “Oh fuck, I wanted to cum in your mouth but couldn’t hold it,” Ross said falling on the bed next to me. “I want to fuck your ass and hear you moan louder,” Ross said and I didn’t ask anything else. “You fucking dirty whore, I’m going to fuck your beautiful huge ass and I want you moan my name loud,” Ross said as spread my ass cheeks and I felt his cock pushing against my asshole. “You want to swallow my cum, you big dirty whore?” Ross said as he pulled out his cock.

Cuckold lifestyle

hardcore woreout 2018-11-19

I begged her, but she said Keith was coming over tomorrow while I was at work and she wanted to be clean for him and it was to late to take a shower. I couldn't sl**p all night and all next day at work all I could think of was her and him fucking in my bed! After eatting I said I need a shower and got up and started down the hall to the bathroom. I turned around and said well if he was that late getting over here you could have gotten a shower this morning and I could have got some pussy last night. She said she had gone over to Keith's house today while his wife was at work and they had fucked a few times.

Poolside Summer Fun

hardcore antooine 2018-11-19

He took a sip of his lemonade as Erica rolled over on her towel, resting her face on her arms, her legs slightly open so that when Mark stood at the foot of the chair, he could see her labia. Mark watched as she used her fingertips all over her body, caressing her breasts, nipples, neck, stomach, and thighs before once again taking her toy into her hand, and slowly pushing it inside, pressing the ears against her clit and setting them to vibrate. If I'm going to give you some great head, you better eat me out too.” Erica waited as Mark adjusted into her, and moaned, pointing her toes as he grasped her upper thighs and firmly attacked her lips with his tongue, moving from her clit, all the way up across the perineum and teasing her anus.

OHGIRL's Fetish Party

hardcore ohgirl1 2018-11-19

My pussy was really wet, since I had cum from the chin dildo experience, and their cocks felt great, as they took turns fucking me from behind. He came in my mouth after much extended play while his friends pinched my nipples, pumped the dildo in my cum filled pussy and smacked my ass. I wasn’t told about this twist in their party as their slave pushed his huge cock into my cum filled pussy and started to fuck me really hard. Logan was filming close ups of him and his friends and when Lou finally came, he pulled his cock out and they removed the dildo from my pussy, letting the huge amounts of cum ooze from my well fucked openings.

A Charmed Life

hardcore BradLee 2018-11-19

As I scrolled down to the picture in the email before me, I was pleased to see that Miranda was every bit the trophy wife; blonde, young, beautiful with curves in all the right places, and a look in her eyes that screamed out sex. When Miranda opened the front door onto the huge hallway of their mansion house and ushered me in I could see David shuddering in the corner on his knees and elbows, his body hiding what was no doubt and erect and dripping dick. It was clearly too much for David who looked from me to his beautiful wife and bit on his rope gag. I stood right beside David and pulled Miranda with my fingers in her hair to her knees before me.

Accepting Your Demons (Chapter One)

hardcore LadyLaVelvet 2018-11-19

There's a few things we need to cover before we get started." He stroked my face with the back of his hand making my body break out in goose bumps. We can see it in the way you dress, the way you talk, the way you hold yourself and even the way you walk" his voice was silky smooth, making me close my eyes and my body tremble. Dean fucked my face while Damon fucked my pussy with his fingers. Dean pulled out of me and Damon slapped me on the ass harder, leaving a red welt. "Fuck you're so tight baby girl." He said staring into my eyes. The way Damon called me baby girl and the way Dean called me a dirty slut or a bitch.

A Strange Kind Of Love

hardcore BradLee 2018-11-18

I hated how I needed her every second of every hour, and how her moan of pleasure each time I pounded my stiff cock in her cunt made me long to hold her, hold her forever and never let her go. “Oh, yes baby,” she purred, as she wanked my stiff cock in her tight palm, slowly at first, up and down, up and down, then faster and more urgently, staring up into my eyes all the time. “Jesus baby!” I hissed, “You’ll have me cumming all over your slutty face if you don’t cool it, and your cunt needs my cock before that. I threw the destroyed white dress beside her face and gripped her spread ass cheeks in my heavy hands.

Confessions of a BoyToy Continues: Elizabeth Johnson

hardcore seemywowzza 2018-11-18

A beautiful smiling Elizabeth greeted me like a long lost friend. With a peck to each cheek, a warm lingering embrace, a long thoughtful stare into my eyes, she slipped her hand around my arm to escort me into the great room. "Do you like my dress, Howdy?" Elizabeth asked, striking a silly pose as her voice took a sultry tone. Elizabeth pushed the fabric of her dress between her legs and held it firmly in place with both hands as her body began to writhe. Elizabeth licked at her lips and let me get a long unobstructed peek at those silky inner thighs before she pretended to have a shy streak and teasingly pushed the loose fitting fabric to cover herself.

My wife's creampie pussy and my best friend.

hardcore woreout 2018-11-18

All of a sudden the door opened and my buddy Tim came in, he had been fucking my wife regularly for a couple of years. At first he didn't notice my wife setting next to the work bench , he said hey buddy I came by to help you get this Jeep running. My wife spoke up and said Hey Tim. He immediately turned and look at her. Tim and I both watched her ass in those tight thin leggings as she walked to the door. After the door closed Tim turned and said you know I can't work on this thing while she is alone in the house.

College Tour

hardcore JackiePie 2018-11-18

Brad's big hands grabbed my ass cheeks and squeezed them as his gruff face buried between them, his tongue pressing firmly into my little asshole. "Oh fuck, you're so fucking tight, you bitch!" Removing his hand from my clit, he placed both hands on the sides of my face and turned it around as far as I could bend as he kissed me from behind, sucking and biting on my bottom lip as his left hand released my head and slapped my right breast. "Ohhhh yes, baby, stay relaxed," he reminded me as he got his head all the way in and began to work on getting the rest of his cock in my ass.

Extra Fun

hardcore allflavorsboston 2018-11-18

Mark was awesome, taking command and directed the play like a dominant man. Don't get me wrong, it was not a bad night at all, I enjoyed it very much, but I had to ask what my man thought about Mark and Tina. I wasn't offended or even cared what she thought but I told Mark my man wasn't a fan of hers either. Mark told me the feeling was mutual and we began our secret chatting while I was at work. When he did, I told him that I do but we couldn't let my man know because he would not be okay with me meeting Mark alone. Mark pushed my head down on his cock and began face fucking me.