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Erotic Hardcore Sex stories

A large collection of group sex stories about hardcore sex.

Very cuckold afternoon

hardcore woreout 2018-12-04

She said Chuck likes me to wear stocking while he fucks me. I pushed the stainless chastity cage into her untill my balls where touching her pussy lips. When I came back to the pool with the big black rubber cock she told me to shove it in her as far as it would go. I listened as she told him that she was setting by the pool having a few drinks with her biggest dildo in her pussy. While she was sucking him she pulled the rubber dick out of her pussy and told me to hold it. She let him fuck her ass for a few minutes and then told me to put the dildo back into her pussy while Rick fucked her ass.

My Daughter's Best Friend - Part 8

hardcore John_Doe 2018-12-04

My other hand moved up her other leg, caressing the shapely limb before drawing around back and placing my palm upon the soft cheek of her ass.  My tongue rolled around inside her wet cunt, slipping and sliding against the inner walls while drawing the sweet honey from it's pot onto the spoon of my tongue. I kissed parts of her upper body, over her chest, across her neck as my hands ran up the smooth shapely spine of her back to grasp a hold of her shoulders from behind.  I could feel my cock still throbbing away inside her warm hole below, slipping around as her ass gyrated and twerked upon my waist.

Allison (Part 1): Daniel

hardcore sartfo 2018-12-04

“If you’re not going to get jealous and kick my naked ass out on the street half-way through, it sounds like a plan,” he shot me a cocky grin, setting his vodka down on the side-table beside the couch, his eyes locked on mine as he spread his arms out behind him, finally giving Allison free access to the bulge beneath the fly of his trousers. I allowed myself a quiet little smirk, promising myself that I’d revisit these thoughts and feelings again, later, when there wasn’t a sadistic, lust-drunk nymph dressed in painfully alluring club-clothes to satisfy, just begging to get bent in every way a person can bend and fucked in every one of her tight, young, holes.

Grace 10 – Graduation (2-4)

hardcore aristidis500 2018-12-04

Irene (Grace-9, the photographer who shoots for magazines and websites) had agreed to host an exclusive evening soiree at The Estate’s recently renovated ballroom in honor of Grace’s graduation. Irene, Roger and Jean were perfect hosts as Grace and her parents mingled with f****y and friends and enjoyed the exquisite finger food and champagne. I’ve heard, and ehhh… seen… so much of you.” She looked at her not knowing what to say as Celia came closer to a blushing Grace and whispered; “It’s great to see you in person. She came closer, looked at Mike and Celia and said; “Relax Grace. Her voice came closer to Grace’s ear; “They…eh…need to taste your body, Grace…” Grace blushed and looked at her, shocked.

OHGirl & Velvet: Mother & Daughter Porn St

hardcore ohgirl1 2018-12-04

It wasn’t the huge bash of the night before, but as the night got farther along, my mom and I became the center of attention and even my dad loosened up and joined in as he, Nelson, Rudy and three of Rudy’s friends took their turns fucking us during a small orgy. My stomach was growing bigger day by day and I had another pregnancy video gangbang to do during the following week, while my mom returned to Rudy’s house for two parties and a Gonzo film shoot, that took place while driving through LA and picking up guys to fuck and suck off.

She Had a Hot Massage in her Suite

hardcore HotLittleMoments 2018-12-04

The masseur was massaging the inner tops of her thighs and Em knew he would hotly massage her pussy any minute, for the second time. He had played with her breasts and pinched her hard nipples, and thrown her legs apart and given her a three-finger pussy massage, and Em had come very loudly. She had said to Em (this was while she was licking Em’s pussy in Em’s hotel room one evening when her husband was away in Tokyo on business) “Ask for Tattoo-san,” and winked. He picked her up, slick and glistening with massage oil and the sweat of hot sex, and carried her to the big bed.

cuckold lifestyle 52

hardcore woreout 2018-12-04

I reached in and got a nice black cotton skirt and said put this on while I look for a top. She laughed and said "look at me I'm a nine to five office worker that wants to be fucked". Stop it, I told her I have yard work to do and you have to go get even more sexy for your evening of hard fucking. She smiled and said I know , but I'm doing it anyway..she told me her pussy was already wet enough to fuck just from thinking about the evening. She said last night at eleven is when I got my first cock of the evening, you want to be mine tonight?

Sarah - Part Fifteen

hardcore mike8253 2018-12-04

There was maybe fifteen minutes of deep tongue twisting and battling kissing, embracing, heavy breathing, muted moaning, and two wet fingers rubbing her clit, before Sarah told me that she was getting ready to cum. Spread out on the stairs, grasping at the railing, newels and stairs with her hands, screaming and moaning, Sarah took each deep thrust of my cock, telling me how good it felt. Sarah had just cum; she had made it clear that she wanted more cock in her pussy; she had ordered me to fuck her in the ass; and, she was still looking at me with that “needy” erotic look.

A Winter Break (Part One)

hardcore GingerWords 2018-12-04

She opened her legs and my hand slipped between, holding her pussy lips with two fingers, while a third slid inside. Anna moaned quietly as I begin to gently stroke around her clit, using the wetness from inside her to make her slick. Let me feel your tight pussy cum." I bit her neck gently as my fingers circled and slid over and inside her pussy. Leaning her head back onto my shoulder, Anna let out a long, low moan as her first orgasm shuddered through her. It rolled on gently, like after shocks, and Anna squeezed her muscles to tease out every sensation of pleasure, my fingers still inside her.

My Naughty Gayatri Akka

hardcore bava12 2018-12-03

My dad was enjoying that because her ass was touching his upper parts of cock and I think mom was not enjoying it. I don’t like to have sex with them because they are not safer to be trusted. G: I’m gonna tell mom and dad that you were peeping through the hole in uncle’s room. Me: when I was watching into dad’s room I seen dad squeezing and chewing mom’s boobs. Big boobs like mom and aunt. Slowly my cock started to rise up and my throat was drying by seeing that white cleavage in black blouse! I started to press her boobs slowly by one hand and my other hand was trying unhooking her bra from backside inside the blouse.

Teen Diaries 23: My Boyfriend is Watching

hardcore TeenDiaries 2018-12-03

He peeled them off slowly and I lifted my legs up as he worked them to my knees, leaving them there as he looked at my bald little pussy. I felt his hands get close to my hole and a finger started spreading my lips as he slowly slid it in. "Do you like big dicks, sweetheart?" Justin asked from the chair. His big soft head stimulated my g-spot like never before and I could feel myself getting close to cumming again. He slapped my ass with his free hand and held onto my left ass cheek as he started moaning, saying "Oh fuck, baby" over and over. Justin got on his knees between my legs and started eating my pussy.

Velvet Crush and Her New Boyfriend

hardcore ohgirl1 2018-12-03

“How much more freaky can a girl, who has fucked 50 men in one day, been triple penetrated, likes having all of her holes filled and lets men cum on and in her be?” I asked with a raised eyebrow. “Yes. I’ve been in a few adult films.” I said casually while they watched Anthony fast forward through 6 or 7 scenes of me being gangbanged, sucking cock and swallowing cum. Brice was squeezing my ass as I rubbed my pussy on his cock, his mouth sucking and nibbling on my breasts, while his b*****rs watched and Anthony made comments. I looked up into so many different phones as I sucked cock and watched as other guys held their friend’s phones and filmed them as I was fucked from behind or on a chair or table.

Young, Dumb, Full Of Cum

hardcore Dionysus696969 2018-12-03

With a pleasant moan Amanda began to run her tongue up and down the length of my throbbing cock, all of a sudden her mouth had engulfed my smoothly shaven balls, I leaned back and moaned in pleasure as my hand explored Amanda's back until my fingers got low enough to run my hand across her ass, gently caressing her soft smooth checks, my fingertips rubbing small circles around her tight smooth rose bud, slowly I worked my middle finger deep inside. I lay back in the reclined car seat, my body was is spasms of ecstasy as Amanda's velvety mouth continued to suck my cock hungrily, her saliva dripping down my balls as her tongue flicked across the head of my cock, the pressure building as I started hump and buck, as I was moaning and squirming in pleasure, Amanda reached between my legs and slipped her middle finger deep inside me.


Cuckold Lifestyle 2

hardcore woreout 2018-12-03

Some time during the night I noticed my wife was missing , I thought she might have gotten sick and went in the house ( she was drinking more than she usally does). After about another ten minutes Mike came out and grabbed a beer and went over and started talking to Eric , he and Eric had rode together to the party. I looked out to the pool and there was my wife butt naked laying on her back on the diving board and Eric was plowing her cunt as hard as he could. So I went to the spare bed room and looked out the window and watched him fuck her for almost thirty minutes.

Alexandra part three

hardcore wranglej 2018-12-03

I let her down onto my cock slowly, making sure she could feel every inch of me sliding into her aching pussy. Sliding my hands up from her hips I slipped them under her bikini top, cupped both of her large firm tits and began to roll her nipples between my fingers. She moaned louder now and began thrusting her hips forward and back, grinding my cock against the walls of her pussy. She slowly began licking her cum off of my cock, never breaking eye contact. With one slow movement she slipped her lips around the head of my cock and down, taking my full length into her mouth. She finally moved her head back up, letting my cock slowly slide out of her throat and into her mouth.

Last Stop Bubbles: A Lost Blondie-Verse Tale, Part Five

hardcore MadMartigan 2018-12-03

Shit surprises me, even as the monster inside rages just below to give it up already, to burn away, paint myself into scene and fuck any hot piece of tail I stumble across rather than waste time worry'n over a bitter reminder.  The punk ass motherfucker tucked deep inside me beats at the walls, but he’s the one who let me out and damn if I’m not gonna enjoy my time like always. “The fuck could a rich little china doll like you want from me?” I pull my finger out and push my cock inside her quivering little cunt, hard and fast and deep. “Make me burn more,” she begs, super tight pussy clinging to my shaft like a second skin as I slowly pull out.

Punished Party Piss Pot

hardcore AlphaBeatHer 2018-12-03

I can't be sacked, but if I don't make these guys happy again, they won't want to work with me and I will have a lot less chance of making good money in the future." Trudy opened her mouth and before her brain could even begin to come to terms with her situation a jet of hot piss hit her tonsils. He passed the crop to George who took it in his left hand while taking his prick in his right hand he put it to Trudy's lips again. After a few minutes of good, hard fucking he took it out and pushed it straight back into Trudy's mouth.

cuckold lifestyle 17

hardcore woreout 2018-12-03

I started on her feet and worked my way to her thighs...then I noticed the Danskin wasn't zipped up all the way , I said did you know this zipper was down? I don't believe you I said ( I really did I was just in a hurry to get to that pussy) well pull down my pantyhose and have a wiff of what Keith's crotch smells like. They kept trying to rub her legs as she walked by, that kind of made her horny, so when she went on brake she called Keith to come up and wait on her to get off. It was almost dark when she walked out to Keith's truck , she said her coworkers where joking and saying that don't look like your husband's truck.

How I became The Volleyball Team's Slut - Part 6 -

hardcore GoJohnnyGo 2018-12-03

“Alright sluts, you’re going to be good little whores and enjoy all the cocks given to you. “Oh FUCK!” I screamed into my gag, as more juices flowed out of my pussy onto the guys face. While I was lost in thought, the guy behind me drove his hard cock into my pussy. My pussy tightened around his cock as his cum spurted out into my tight fuck hole. I gasped as the rush of air entered in my lungs, combined with the cock in my tight pussy. My moans never stopped as I came to rest on the guy’s thighs, his cock buried all the way in my ass. Suddenly, the tongue teasing my clit was replaced by a hard cock slamming into my wet cunt.

She Got It Hot in Honolulu

hardcore HotLittleMoments 2018-12-03

Em spent the morning by the pool with her new Brazilian hidden in a nice little white bikini she’d bought at the hotel shop in Kawaii to replace the one that had been hotly ruined by the surf and her randy American. Mike said, “I would like to strip you.” Em’s nipples tried to break out of her bra. Em said, “Oh god!” Then he put the two little towels in place, one over her hips and the other over her breasts. Em lay there with her nipples and her pussy on fire and imagined how it would feel when the little towels were hotly drawn off her soon.

My Sex Fantasy With My Mommy

hardcore bava12 2018-12-03

Then he told me that nowadays these things are not bad because sex is like watching tv or playing game just enjoy it and leave it da. After this all problem started on a certain day when my mom entered my room when I was changing dress. He just gave me some i****t mom son sex stories and videos and told me to watch it. Finally I got a good circumstance to propose my feeling because that day was my birthday and my mom came to my room to wish me. On seeing it I slowly removed my underwear and to my surprise my penis was at a great size that I have not ever seen it like this.

Julie's Roadside Stop

hardcore Texcycler 2018-12-03

Julie pulled the car to a stop alongside the road and waited for the officer to approach. The officer stepped back from the door to allow her to open it, and Julie stepped out of her car, standing to face him. “Now my partner is going to take a look and make sure I didn't miss anything,” he said as his hands pressed down on her back. He began to fuck her fast, driving his cock hard and deep, causing her to moan and gasp as the other man used her hair to force her mouth up and down the length of his cock. Julie, her eyes watering, slumped her upper body down and let her head rest against the trooper's legs as she caught her breath.

My Widowed Daughter and Myself

hardcore bava12 2018-12-03

Now that I was seeing a woman in my bed-room and that too - in the semi-darkness at night - I was getting sexually excited - though it was my own daughter ! My innocent daughter's tender body was completely curled up, with ler legs over her head and her cunt completely on top. Again, thrusting my strong cock into my daughter's cunt, I asked her, " Did he manage to satisfy you and make you get your orgasm, when he fucked you ? Now my lovely little daughter cum mistress, from tonight - your young and tender body is for my pleasure. She shyly replied, " OK Papa, if that is how you want me - all hairy - I shall grow hair all over my body, for your pleasure.

Aunty Seduced Me In Train

hardcore bava12 2018-12-03

I remember we were playing cards when arpita aunty came down to our compartment from ac coach and mum was not much amused by her visit but my cousins and other aunt’s were happy seeing arpita aunty. And as she was alone uncle had booked a berth in 2 tier AC coach.Arpita aunty- I am feeling tired and very hot, I am going back to my seat. Then I won again next couple of games and then I said, “Now I have won so many games, what will I get”.Arpita-“wait for some time then we will decide who will get what.” And she placed her foot on my cock completely.