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Erotic Hardcore Sex stories

A large collection of group sex stories about hardcore sex.

A Day In A Lungi

hardcore bava12 2018-01-30

That is why I didn’t like the idea when my mother told that I will have to stay out of home for the night to give company to an aunty who is our distant relative. Her left boobs have completely popped out of the munde with her blouse’s pointed cone of her nipples fully visible to my eyes for the first time. In that ecstatic situation what I didn’t realize is that her boobs on my back and her hand on my belly are showing its effect on my dick. My thing is showing a big impression on the lungi just as much as the impression of aunties boobs on her blouse.

Mom Gives in

hardcore bava12 2018-01-30

“Thanks Anita ji” he said and slapped mom’s ass hard and my mom let out a moan. Till now Sunita aunty had finished sucking the other guy and he changed places, he came over to my mom and this guy went to get his cock sucked. The other guy came over my mom, Sunita aunty took a break and came over to help and guide the man’s hard cock into my mom’s cunt. The man mounted her big body, slipping both his hands luscious butt and waited for Sunita aunty to guide his cock tip through the enormous cunt lips, all flooded now with warm wet pussy juice. Meanwhile Sunita aunty finished sucking the second guy and got on the bed.

Velvet's Present for OHGirl

hardcore ohgirl1 2018-01-30

When the video of her taking on 22 different guys went viral on all of the porn sites, we nearly tripled our business and with that came an increase in our rates as more and more men wanted to fuck the 18 year old slut that had been the main attraction of a frat gangbang. I replaced the batteries in my camera after nearly an hour of my mom being banged by all of their stiff pricks and I continued to film as Shawn covered my mom’s face with long streams of white jizz while Hondo and JJ continued to stretch out Brandy’s well used openings.

Nat and Sandy Pay the Rent - Part 3

hardcore Jaymal 2018-01-30

The first sight to greet Sandy when she was led shakily by Alan and his friends back into the living-room was Natasha, held down by a pair of naked, ripped young men, while a squat but equally muscular individual, with heavily tattooed arms, came hard in her rectum. Alan's friends were indeed watching with tumescent satisfaction, as the climax shook its way violently free of Sandy's body, leaving her limp and exhausted in Gavin's hold. 'Come on, Sandy, take it up the ass one more time, take it up the ass like a good whore!' He took a handful of her slick, messy hair and dragged her head back, as his powerful, steel pole continued to plough her shithole, his swollen balls bouncing off her flushed cheeks.


hardcore bava12 2018-01-30

Michael s big black body moved in between Neha.’s white legs pressing her into the sofa, her legs in the air spread wide as he placed the massive head of his black cock to her cunt rubbing up and down her slit. Michael s big black body moved in between Neha.’s white legs pressing her into the sofa, her legs in the air spread wide as he placed the massive head of his black cock to her cunt rubbing up and down her slit. Neha then surprised me even more, I couldn.’t believe it, her hips bucked up and down,.Oh god Jeff, then I want him to pull his big black cock out of me with his cum all over it and I want him to straddle my face and fuck my mouth with his big balls bouncing off my chin..

Stroking Midnight

hardcore Dancing_Doll 2018-01-30

“This is turning into a hell of a dirty New Year, “ he admitted with a grin, running his hands through my hair playfully, as he watched me suck all our juices off his cock. Chase smiled, delighting in how twisted the evening was quickly becoming and his hands slid into my long hair to gather it up into a messy blond ponytail, pulling it back off my face so that my boyfriend could watch me devour his cock. I latched onto Chase’s forearms, shocked as Ryan bent me forward, spreading my ass cheeks with his hands before pressing his tongue against my asshole, feeling the drops of cum on his lips before sliding his tongue aggressively into me.

Oral Affection

hardcore Britt4u 2018-01-30

He apparently loved to lick, eat and suck on her pussy and she told me that at times, they wouldn't even get to the fucking. I knew that she wasn't thinking like, "Yep, she has small tits and she has a few extra pounds around the middle." It was more like, "Eric would love to eat that juicy little twat and suck those dark nipples." That time he'd been doing it doggie style and when he moved away, to my total surprise and amazement, Megan got behind me, used her fingers to hold my pussy lips open and began licking the cum out of me. Megan also told me that any time I wanted some tongue work done that I was welcome to come over, and Eric seconded the offer.

Both girls had nice cocks..

hardcore scorpiodragon 2018-01-30

*she moaned, I moaned too MMMMMMMM she almost instantly grew inside my mouth I can feel it in my throat I gagged and gasped for air at the same time, my eyes watering I had a big smile on my face and I said WOW you have a nice big dick, almost 10 full inches (when hard) I wanted more. i moaned yes please *I want your dick* she then put it all the way inside, mmmmmm feels good i said why thrusting hard cock deep started to really pounded me...

Teen Diaries 22: Parking Lot Fuck

hardcore TeenDiaries 2018-01-30

My battery died, do you have jumper cables?" I asked the guy as he got out of his car. "Alright, I'll buy the jumper cables, then fuck the shit out of you, then jump your car. He pushed me against the back of the driver's seat as he started sucking my nipples and groping my boobs, shaking them together, lifting them up and letting them drop and bounce. "Nice to fuck you, Lindsey," he said as he started unbuttoning my jeans. He lurched forward on top of me and started kissing me as I felt the head of his dick touching my pussy. Joe leaned forward and squeezed my boobs together as he started to drill my pussy.

Submission Day

hardcore megXXX 2018-01-30

She gasps, opens her eyes, and sees Danny pressed up against her, his calloused hands stroking gently over her bare stomach, burning hot trails along her skin. “You were saying?” Danny teases, running his hand down her body and between her legs. “If you fall, or try to stand at any time before I tell you to, then I’ll punish you,” Danny says as he slowly strokes her pussy, ignoring his hard cock pressing painfully against his jeans. After a few minutes and plenty of pre-cum, Danny pulls out of her mouth, picks her up, and shoves his cock deep into her pussy. Yes, you should," Danny mumbles and Meg laughs, reminding him about his bag next to the door and the now melted ice cream pint that he bought for her.

Caught in the act

hardcore sassys 2018-01-30

I felt his pants drop and he nudged my legs apart and said to me, “You need a real cock not just some toys to satisfy you. I cried out as I felt the pain, yet I couldn’t help but press my ass back towards his cock as his fingers brought me closer to an orgasm. Just slow down and let me give you want you need, what you begged me for,” he said to me, as he finally slid his cock in slowly, making me want more and yet not able to get it. With that he removed his thumb from my ass and moved his hand around and started rubbing my clit as he fucked me fast and furious.

My Horny Boyfriend

hardcore Shy_Annie 2018-01-29

"Hey, babes..." said Harry pulling me close to him, one hand reaching out to press my boobs. "Fuck it..." said Harry starting to undo my blouse buttons. He took my boobs in his hands, one in each palm. Harry sat beside me and immediately pulled my hand down to his rock hard dick. He undid my blouse buttons pulling my boobs out and unzipped his pants to reveal his dick. He reached out, took one in hand and squeezed it and tweaked my nipple. The bus was pretty empty and no one was looking our way. He gave a rough squeeze to both my boobs and said, "Go back to sucking." His hand continued playing with my boobs squeezing them painfully.

Deadwood, another ride for Laurie

hardcore LK213 2018-01-29

I could feel her softly rubbing her clamped nipples on my back which made me cock twitch in my jeans. I tossed the chain on the table next to the chair and then I took both her breasts in my hands and pushed them together and started sucking on her swollen sensitive nipples. I grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her back so my lips were next to her ear and said, “You want my hard cock don’t you, you little whore?” My cock was pressing hard against my jeans with just the thought of my cum soaked into her panties and resting against her pussy lips. She looked up at me as she slid her tongue slowly down the shaft of my cock and started sucking my balls.

How I Became the Volleyball Team's Slut - Part 9

hardcore GoJohnnyGo 2018-01-29

“You fucking bitch, I’m going to make you pay for humiliating me last year.” She shoved 3 fingers deep into Cassie’s pussy, soliciting an audible moan from Cassie. The new cock was pushed quickly into my mouth while the other was positioned in front of my wet pussy lips. The coach hovered with the camera, clicking pictures of Cassie’s pussy, and of her face buried between by ass cheeks. “You are going to beg slut!” Yelled Steph, every thrust brought a moan of pleasure to Cassie, her back and head now arched, enjoying every thrust. Cassie had an incredible orgasm with the pussy being fucked, but now a new orgasm brought on by the fake cock in her ass.

Jerome tries a hard anal session on me

hardcore Anitaslut44 2018-01-29

I had put some gel deeper in my anus and had stretched my rear entrance with a huge black dildo. Jerome had already established from the beginning of our relationship that he was an "ass man" and his main desire was to see my stretched "gape" and having a slut not being able to resist his dick entering her asshole. He took no time at all in lubing his huge black dick and then ramming his full eleven inches deep inside my anus. After spending some time fucking my well gaped asshole, Jerome decided it needed to be stretched even more. With this huge toy buried in my anus to the hilt, Jerome made me suck his giant black dick until he shot his creamy, massive load down my throat.

Lisa's New Boss - Chapter 3 - Dogging Debut

hardcore AlphaBeatHer 2018-01-29

When I drew my closed lips away from Gordon's dick he tipped my head back and said. I opened slowly and turned from side to side displaying a mouthful of thick, white cum to men in a car park that I had never seen before in my life. Without me even having time to take in what he said or open my mouth, the nearest guy grabbed my hair. When I showed and swallowed my fourth mouthful of cum at the car park I noticed with horror that there were now six men surrounding me rather than the four there were. Having cum in the car park, it was a while before Gordon was hard again.

Curing a Whore

hardcore scarlet 2018-01-29

Pulling me up by my hair, his fingers prised at my mouth until it was wide open before he spoke in a calmer voice, “well done my little Slut.” Without bothering to rearrange himself, he started the car again and I finally saw the murky background of what had just happened. Swinging the car speedily to the side of the road, he pushed his cock back inside his trousers and looked at me.“Come in Slut, if you want some more,” he said, his voice going creepy again as he opened the door and slammed it before walking away and into the broken down house.

Seduced Mom with the Help of Stranger

hardcore bava12 2018-01-29

We both entered inside the home and mom tried to get up from bed but he told mom not to wake up and gone near to the bed.Mom requested him to sit in the nearby chair and thanked him for coming and helping us thinking he is real doctor. Idea looks excellent and we both entered the home where I hidden myself in the same place and Sundar went inside the bedroom and mom kept her hands on boobs without any action with eyes closed.Sundar: Your son just came (mom opened her eyes) and I sent him to buy some other medicines which is available only in Sairam medicals which takes atleast 1 hour for him to come back.

A Mom’s Yearning And Her Son’s Passion

hardcore bava12 2018-01-29

The moment she saw him the first time, all my fears vanished, though twice her age , her groom looked like a king…with broad chest and shoulders, an air of arrogance and power surrounding him, with piercing eyes…but she managed to steal a glimpse of tenderness or so imagined and she submitted herself to her patidev..on that night he devoured her like a wolf..squeezing her ill formed breasts..tearing past her pussy ,biting savagely her neck as he thrusted his manliness ..with so much passion and energy that even now she gets wet imagining about…he enjoyed each inch of her body at the cost of her helpless screams of pleasure and pain..he fucked her ,fondled and would be gone…but more of his b********y was revealed as he began to make her an object of abuse and self pleasure..she was reduced to just a whore in his harem..birth of dev made him immensely happy but he continued to harass and abuse her..all she could do was pray..later that bastard died on the way to meet another women of his endless harems land lordship and perverted business can offer…tears flowed through silently

My Gift of Me

hardcore smiler77 2018-01-29

"Good girl, then stop looking at me so bloody defiantly and open your mouth!" You say with a wry smile and I feel a rush of juices expel from somewhere inside me, and in my head I hear the words "I love you!" unspoken, but more real than anything I've known before. I gasp in arousal at how I must look to you, how lucky you must feel to have a little fuck doll, so willing, so eager, yet with an edge that makes you sometimes want to slap her pretty little face until she cries. You hold it, your eyes , they tell me "don't you dare to look away!" as you introduce your thumb to my overwhelmed cunt and push hard, enjoying the hesitance on my face, if only it were permitted.

susan roughly gang banged

hardcore theninja 2018-01-29

they then picked susan up off the floor and laid her face up on our dining room table with her head hanging off one side and her arse the other side once they had got her positioned how they wanted her, the first lad that had fucked her began to fuck her well abused cunt again, as soon as he came in her cunt he was replaced by the next one and he moved round to the other side of the table and began to face fuck her, the second one filled her cunt up and the first lad was pumping his cum down her throat, susan was soon been face fucked by the second lad as her cunt was being fucked by the third lad, this continued until they had all fucked her cunt twice and the last lad was now roughly face fucking her, at this point i was told to get up and it was now my turn to fuck her i soon had my cock pounding her cunt and the feeling of fucking her when she had five loads of cum in her was to say the least amazing, as soon as i had added my cum to her cunt i was told to face fuck like they had, i did this with great relish and managed to cum for a second time that night in my wife,

Fall In Flames

hardcore Liz 2018-01-28

“You’re very welcome, it was lovely to meet you, John.” As he stepped through the door and Kate went to give her a hug, Sally pouted her lips and made a face like she had a hot potato in her mouth. Kate felt his hand grip her flowing locks and start to guide her, forcing a little more of his cock into her mouth with each bob of her head. As she looked into his sex-hazed eyes, Kate took a deep breath, gripped his firm buttocks and pulled, forcing his entire length into her waiting mouth and down her throat.

A Week Of Pleasure - Part 4

hardcore SMurphy 2018-01-28

As his lips moved over mine, I felt him tug away the pillows that covered me. He thrust his hips forwards and buried his cock inside me. I heard the slap of our hips meeting and felt his balls press against me with each thrust. James reached forward and tangled his hand in my hair, pulling gently so I arched back. I fell forward, my chest hitting the bed as tremors racked my body but James kept my hips up and continued thrusting until he too came. He buried his cock deep inside me and, with his hips jerking and balls slapping against my clit, he pumped his seed into me.


Teen Diaries 6: Catfished into sex

hardcore TeenDiaries 2018-01-28

"I'm getting ready to, Jim. You might want to pull in close." Jim got close to my face with the camera as Greg pulled his dick out of my mouth and started to jack off fast. Jim started to cum from my moans and pulled his dick back, keeping the head in my mouth. Greg handed Jim the camera as he grabbed my ankles, my red heels still on as he slowly took them off and started sucking my toes. Greg put my ankles on his hairy shoulders and started rubbing his fat dick against my wet lips, then pushed the head in and pulled it all the way out.