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Bare Beach By Bicycle

humor petdyke 2018-09-12

I long to see her laying on her belly, bare bottom baking in the sun for her bums first ever tan. I know she longs for my index to dwell down to tickle her throbbing clit to help her come hard. I whisper in her ear as she pants from her hard coming, I want you to turn over and open up now. I know well that she will come soon again from my passionate kissing her lovely looking love lips. I get terrificly turned on from eating her sweet salty sexy slit, especially when she comes hard. I arch my back a bit to start a slow dance of my hotspot on the tip of her index, longing to come.

Taking Care of My Grannies Part III

humor captjim51 2018-08-13

Well the night went as expected, and by midnight this fine granny had been fucked twice and I had filled her pussy with plenty of cum. With that she rolled me over on my back on the bare sand and said “close your eyes and sit still so you don’t get sand in your face” I did as I was told and Joan proceeded to dig two holes in the sand on both sides of my face with the ice scooper from the hotel. Then she said “open your eyes” and I was really surprised, apparently, she had placed both her knees in the sand holes on either side of my face lowering her pussy an inch from my mouth.

I loved those nipples

humor adam2010 2018-04-07

I would sit by the hotel pool, with my mirrored shades on, watchng the girls and admiring the variety of naked breasts. She would sit by the pool edge, training a leg in the water and reading a book, occasionally getting up and wandering off for an hour or so, before returning. I had a very pleasant surprise when she climbed out of the pool as (I guess from the cold of the water) her nipples was rock-hard and had erected to a least an inch long. We stayed in her room all afternoon, and I got to have plenty of fun with those nipples - it wasn't just cold water that got them hard!