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Candy Cane

first-time navyjamie 2018-12-04

It's the most sensuous thing, the way you blow the smoke from your hookah into my mouth, your lips so close to mine, yet not close enough to touch, or to kiss me passionately the way I’ve secretly wanted you to for all of these years. We both know you've wanted me for a long time now, everything from my short blonde hair, my big green eyes and soft pink lips; to my natural breasts, slender waist, and round ass; you crave all 5 feet and 3 inches of me, just as I crave all 6 feet and 2 inches of you.

Online Adventures to Reality

gay-male baconbutty 2018-11-16

Curious 18 yo male looking for chat with genuine guy in the UK. I was surprised at the amount of replies within the first minute. It was rather confusing thinking why so many people just want to cheaply look at some random guys dick on cam. Then who knows," I said feeling like a little bit of a hypocrite, with the hint of wanting more than chat. I might just start wanking now!" Max said whilst pulling his cock out of his jeans. Max must have sensed it cause he sucked and sucking licking and lapping at my cock, I exploded and shot 3-4 streams of cum down his throat. "Mmmmm, I want your cum in me Mike, fuck me and cum!" said Max whilst putting another finger into my now loosening hole.

Beach Patrol

first-time Boss01 2018-11-09

Pushing me onto my back, she began kissing her way down, starting at my lips, then over my nipples, and ending at my eight inch hard-on. After repeating this maneuver about four or five times, Nancy looked up at me with that crooked grin again and said, “Gentle is okay, but it’s time to fuck me like you mean it. Between my girth and her tightness, the friction and heat were driving us to the point of no return. We were both reaching our peak when she said, “Now it’s time to keep your promise, Danny boy.

Afterschool Special

first-time skux475 2018-11-08

Her nipples began to harden as the thought of sex rushed through her head. Ty noticed and instantly grew a hard on.  "It's okay", Isabelle said as she sat right on top of his hard throbbing shaft covered by his trousers. Slowly, Isabelle clasped her hands on Ty's shaft and began to come closer with her mouth as she slowly took in that amazingly hard, long shaft. Slowly she began to feel his shaft tearing her apart, "Oohh" A loud moan came out of her. Soon they moved from the couch to the floor, where Ty lay Isabelle on her back and fucked her deep in the pussy. His throbbing cock began feeling that rush he felt before, so he quickly pulled out.

Finally I'm not alone

gay-male jackgay 2018-11-03

"I don't know R, I've always wanted to tell them but I just can't find the right time to do it, I'm 18 now I just want to live freely." I said with the same worried look on his face. I gently rubbed it onto the entrance of Ricks smooth asshole, and watched him moan, I pushed my finger inside and I saw his cock jump, I rubbed the vaseline all over my dick and before I put it in I said to him Its been about two minutes and Rick started to speed up, his sweat is dripping off his forehead onto my chest and I rub it in, I'm snapping out my trance more, and realize he's almost at his point of coming, right now he's fucking me while kissing me and I have my legs wrapped around him, his big balls are slapping against my ass.

The Jerk Off Folder

first-time yesplease17 2018-09-20

"And you decided to go with my bikini photos?" She looked at me for an answer with a smirk on her face. Kelsey grabbed both my hands and slid them up her body, ending them on her petite breasts. "Someone's happy!" Kelsey said, staring down at my boxers. Kelsey giggled as she pulled off her short shorts, revealing her matching light blue panties. I could feel the shape of her ass as she moved my hands into her panties. Together, we pulled off her panties as I felt every inch of her perfect legs on the way down. Our bodies pressed against each other again, but this time I felt the warm tightness of her pussy. Kelsey smiled as she felt my warm cum shoot up inside her.

My New Life with Daddy!

bdsm HedonistReborn 2018-07-01

Now that he's not allowed to be afraid to hurt me anymore, it makes the fact that we're about fuck for the first time since we split up so much more exciting, and I can hardly contain myself as I wait outside my house for him to pull up. Maybe I won't be able to make him feel good enough to want to keep fucking me. To make up for deep throating, I try to use my hands instead, but when I do he grabs my hair and pushes his cock further down my throat. I know I'm making my Daddy's big cock feel so good, and it leaves me soaking in my panties.

A New School Ch. 01

first-time Sexy_highschool 2018-05-21

Jake: 6 foot 1 , 18 years old , dusty brown hair , big brown eyes , olive skin , 185 pounds , a little bit muscular, but not over the top , extremely fucking adorable. As my staring went on, I noticed Jake's friends close by. Paul and Cameron were heading over and before I knew what was going on Jake pulled me close and kissed me hard on the lips. I reached 8 inches and swirled my tongue as I moved his dick in and out. "You taste really good." He said licking his lips. I blushed hard and managed out a "thank you" as he continued flicking my clit and swirling his tongue in my pussy.

The Time Has Come

first-time story_lein 2018-04-04

Micki surprised me as she reached out and unbuttoned my pants and let them fall, my hard member stressing against the fabric of my briefs. I said yes and almost blew my load at her first touch; my fantasy was coming to life. I drove deep and I could feel the tip of my dick hit the surface of her cervix and I could feel the sensation come over me, the tingling mixed through our bodies as I came hard, filling her with my seed. She said she had a lot of studying to do and wanted to commit time to school when I asked when I should come down.

My Swiss Miss

first-time swollenbell 2018-01-13

Mila told me of the fun she was having with the children, how much she loved hanging around with the family and teaching them the ins and outs of the local culture, food and other things to do. Looking into my eyes with hers she spilled out her words, how she had heard about me from my sister, and conjured up a dashing foreigner, how she had met me and fallen hard, how she wanted to lose her virginity with me and had planned out the night in the Chalet since she knew the weather was going to turn nasty, and how she had taken me to the breeding rock because she wanted to get pregnant with my child.

Students of Degrassi

celebrities scenequeenxx 2017-12-03

Manny and Spinner could be spotted sitting on the steps outside locking lips. Spinner and Manny walked the few blocks to her house and as soon as they got inside, manny threw spinner up against a wall and started taking off his clothes. Manny could feel spinner's buldge in his pants and she suggested that they move up to her room. When they got up there, spinner pulled off manny's pants and saw seh wasnt wearing any underwear. Manny was panting and had sweat beads all along her forhead. Manny got off the bed and spinner layed down on it and manny planted herself ontop of his dick. pretty soon they were cumming together and manny collapsed ontop of spinner and they fell asleep.

Beachy Keen Pt. 02

lesbian pistachiobabe 2017-12-03

"You two are kicking me out to the back seat in my own car!" Matthew laughed, "i'm driving, i don't care who I sit next to!" Roxanne and Charlotte giggled and agreed Charlotte would sit in the front on the way home. "Maybe Matthew isn't into you but..." Charlotte walked forward and twirled roxanne's dark hair around her finger. Roxanne smiled and continued to place kisses along charlotte's collar bones. Roxanne quickly licked her index and middle fingers of her right hand, then brought them to Charlotte and began to stroke her slowly. While fingering her best friend, Roxanne leaned in and began to lick Charlotte's raised clit. Roxanne reached to grab Charlottes hand tightly, and looked at her porcelain face while she moaned to orgasm. Roxanne removed her fingers and kissed her best friend lightly on the cheek.