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Taking a chance

mature Robert0909 2018-11-28

She said she did not want to break up anybody's relationship either. Her own kids were grown and had left home. So she now had more time to pursue her own interests. I booked a room at a good hotel, and a couple of weeks later found myself on the motorway, hoping to share a bed with a woman I'd never even shaken hands with. Shortly, she sat straight, looked me in the eye, and said, 'Shall we see what fun we two old fools can have then? The sheets were cold and we just smiled into each others' eyes as our hands lightly caressed our bodies as the bed warmed. She said, 'I love to feel you respond, growing in my hand.

Sung Hee's New Job - Part One

mature Zamm 2018-11-26

I wanted to speak to my husband about the job first, but I knew he was in an all-day client meeting and couldn’t be disturbed. I stood and closed the blinds on my view and clicked the link Rick had included in the email. By the time they had both cum inside her and the camera had angled down to show white goo leaking out of both of her holes, I was wet between my legs and wanting more. As I stepped out of the bathroom, I knew that if my husband wanted to fuck me again, I’d let him, and I’d probably cum the second time.

The Office Mom

mature Onceamarine 2018-11-19

I don’t need to be told twice.  I practically jump up, pulling her right leg up onto my left shoulder.  I use my right hand to guide my erection into her dripping and waiting pussy.  It slides all the way with ease, and she lets out a loud and long moan of pure pleasure.  My hips start moving back and forth, pumping my thick long cock in and out of her pussy.  Her leg looks so good propped up over my shoulder.  My right hand starts rubbing the inner thigh of her left leg, and I realize just how fucking sexy she is, especially for a woman in her fifties.   

Secretary Seduced Me

mature jack3678 2018-11-16

I couldn't help myself from thinking about how badly I would love to be unbuttoning that blouse, and rubbing her tight ass as we were walking to the car. She has her high heels propped on the edge of the coffee table, with her other hand rubbing up and down against her pussy through her white pants. I sit back down on the couch, and as we begin kissing again, I now have my hand rubbing her pussy. She smiles at me and slowly pulls her thong down revealing a smooth shaved pussy with firm pink lips. She steps forward to me, lifts her left leg up onto the arm of the couch, her right hand sliding down and spreading herself open for me.

Best Friend's Cheating Aunty

voyeur Eurylade 2018-11-15

The view was just as good from behind with a firm butt that always sat inside a pair of tight jeans to show it off to the best effect. I seemed to stop breathing as I stood there watching her put her hands on the door frame as she looked into the living room obviously talking to someone. I was really enjoying it and I rubbed my own dick through my trousers as I watched him banging her cunt causing pre-cum to ooze from my tip making me feel wet and cold. I imagined myself standing over her head looking down at her while I wanked, her whole body swaying from the sheer force of Michael fucking her.

Taken by My Boss' Husband

mature MsGracie 2018-11-15

Everyone was leaving school early to run home and get all that they needed before going out to Mrs. Burke’s place. “I just need you to sign out your laptop and turn in your classroom key, and you should be good to go, beautiful!” he said with a big smile. “I will see you tonight Gracie,” he said, as he stood up from the chair to reach out to shake my hand. Upon entering the house, I can hear Mrs. Burke’s voice and a few familiar voices talking and laughing pretty loud coming from the kitchen area. The feel of his spasms and his hands, roughly, squeezing my ass and inadvertently spreading my pussy even wider, causes vibrations that wrack my body.

The Boss's Wife Part 4

mature ReligousEagle 2018-11-15

I opened the mail and it was from Lee, announcing that Louise was going to be in and out of the office over the next few weeks and any problems were to be directed to Becky who was one of the other girls in the office. I have a feeling Claire has already told you about Louise so I do not need to tell you how important it all is.” Louise told me that Lee could not see how there was anything going on. Louise told me that not only did Lee have a girl in Newcastle, she knew that whenever he was away he was always straying, and no doubt that on this trip he would have at least one girl.

Holiday of a lifetime

mature Legsman 2018-11-14

I retired to my room where I wanked my hard cock while thinking of Ann's nylon clad pussy. "I love having my feet massaged John it turns me on, look," as she said that she raised one foot on to the bed and parted her legs. I bent her over but couldn't resist tongue fucking her tight ass again as I fucked her nyloned feet with my hard cock. I felt my balls tighten as Ann turned her head to look in my eyes as I ass fucked her. I couldn't hold back any longer, I felt my balls tighten and my cock spasm as I released my hot spunk deep inside her tight, wet ass.

Benefits Of Being A Samaritan, Part 2

mature ReligousEagle 2018-11-13

As she recalled the moment my cock was sliding into her wet pussy, her hand slipped between her legs; she could still feel the remains of semen inside her. I gently eased the gown off her shoulders and let it fall; it was now between us, she pulled away slightly, ta king her hand off my cock so that the robe could drop to the floor. I could feel how wet she was on my cock, and the sound of my skin slapping against her body got louder until she stopped pushing, her legs trembled as she came. With my wet finger I gently pushed into her ass while my tongue went back to her pussy, sucking on her swollen lips.

MILF Attraction

voyeur Portinoi 2018-11-12

Dennis didn't like that Jeff was staring at her bending over, but he was used to it because a lot of his friends talked about his mom in a sexual manner, sometimes followed by a punch or shove by him. Dennis fixedly stared at the enormous cock head as it penetrated his mother’s tight pussy, her body jerked as it breached her cuntlips; it looked as if she was a virgin. Jeff fell to his knees holding Claire tight against his body, smashing her heavy tits against his chest, his cock began throbbing harder than before, his heavy balls tightened against her buttocks, and her insides looked as if they were on fire. Jeff continued to ram his big 9-inch dick hard into her tight pussy for what seemed like an eternity, until he pumped her full with his cum.

Room Service

mature SensualSharon 2018-11-11

Todd got up and extended his hand towards Louise and she took it and they began to dance around the room. She rolled him over onto his back and took his hands to her breasts and slowly and gently he rubbed her nipples and she rotated her hips in little circles grinding her clit against his cock and she brought them both to their inevitable orgasmic release in harmonizing cries. The following Wednesday Louise and Gord got together as usual, but she told him they would only be able to meet for two hours instead of four for the foreseeable future, since her husband was getting suspicious, which was not true.

Beach Shock

mature carolinafun 2018-11-06

I pulled her head off of me and moved to a sitting position on the couch as she was kneeling between my legs still holding my cock with her aged hand. Wanting to go slow but filled with lust for this aged, but horny as hell woman, I began fucking Jan hard and fast. Just ream me good baby,” Jan instructed as she took my cock in her hand and lowered her ass to its tip. Stand up and fuck my ass like a man,” Jan yelled as her hands hit the coffee table. “Eight years is a hell of a long time but it’s a good thing sex is like riding a bike don’t you think?” Jan asked.

He sat, waiting.

mature mattguize 2018-11-05

Laid on the bed, her eyes closed, her mouth open, as she enjoyed the sensations. Gently, he began to stroke her slit through the material, as he continued to suck on her nipples. When she gasped that she was close, he moved to kiss her, and as her orgasm hit, she screamed into his mouth. With a wicked gleam in her eye, she sat and grabbed his cock and pulled him towards her. His hands moved to her head, fingers running through her hair, as she began to lick and kiss and suck. His hands flew to her breasts, pulling, groping, teasing and twisting. Her fingers pulling hard on her nipples just like he had.

The beginning

mature sexyvette2469 2018-10-31

Multiple times I felt her leg pressing against mine. Without hesitation, my wife responded for me asking ''What time would you like him there?'' Jo responded she would be up early and the coffee would be on. Climbing on her bed, I laid my hand on the fan hub and asked Jo to turn it on. Jo told me sometimes it took a few minutes to start the vibrations as her hands moved on my chest and teased at my now rigid cock. Then she opened her legs, telling me she wanted me to pleasure her with my mouth, kiss her to orgasm. Kissing her thighs, I moved higher until the warm dampness from her body captured me and pulled me to her honey.

Benefits Of Being A Samaritan, Part 3

mature ReligousEagle 2018-10-31

My hand on her buttocks pulling her closer, I licked her pussy through her panties, then pulled them to one side to slip my tongue inside her, going in deep and quick. I had a quick look at the menu, and asked Jean to order my meal and beer whilst I got the bags out the car and finished checking in. I got undressed in the bathroom, but as usual I left the door open, I was in the shower and noticed Jean have a quick look in and pull the door to while she was on the phone. I went in, turned the shower on and was under the water, my face full of soap, when I felt Jeans hand on my cock.

Taking Chances Pt. 2

mature Sisyphus 2018-10-29

All Tom said was, “I love you” which she understood was his way of encouraging her, letting her know he would be there for her and knew how difficult it would be to tell Martin she was leaving him. She could not continue living a lie, sneaking off to be with her lover, pretending everything was alright with her marriage when what she wanted more than anything was to be with Tom. Sometimes, the pretending hurt so much, it took all of her energy to sit with Martin at night after dinner, or go shopping with him, as if everything was normal.

Black Satin Stilettos

fetish YoursSINSerely 2018-06-11

She knows it's the black satin stiletto high heel that makes his cock throb and grow and want her so much. He doesn't know that the stiletto high heels make her want to push him over onto the bed and bite the inside of his thigh while her hand is stroking his hard cock. His cock will grow inside his pants, for it is the black satin stiletto high heels that turn him on. That much light in the room will also give him perfect vision to count the wrinkles around her fifty-five year old blue eyes, but he already knows they are there, and he doesn't care, because right at that moment, it will be all about the shoes—those black satin stiletto high heels.

Clara and Jennifer Ch. 01

lesbian ohsowomanly 2018-04-21

Jennifer called everyone "honey" or "sweetie." No one else seemed to care, but each time she heard it, Clara felt warm and happy. She began to look forward to Jennifer's little visits, and felt disappointed when she didn't show up. She began to pay more attention to her clothes and when Jennifer complimented her, why she felt wonderful. But slowly she'd become used to Jennifer's freely given hugs, hand squeezes and cheek kisses. She had never thought about women sexually but here her body was reacting to Jennifer in a way it hadn't reacted to anybody -- including her husband -- for many years. If Jennifer felt the way Clara suspected she did, she would surely "get it."

Letters to Cassie: From Kathy in Memphis

interracial luvz2x 2018-03-28

How he would bite my nipples and tease my clit with his tongue until I was begging for him to plunge his big black cock into my wet pussy. I shared how turned on I got when I swallowed hot cum and how good he would feel with my lips wrapped around his erect manhood. Then I was in the parking lot of Rode Way Inn, Memphis, taking deep breaths, taking my hand on and off the door handle, and trying to get my knees to quit shaking. I've read a lot of these "fuck stories" where women get excited and have a big orgasm when they feel cum being pumped into their pussy.