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Getting Even

interracial mstrb77 2018-11-17

she got out of the car topless, and smiling about what Tony would think when he finds that she entertained 6 black men for the weekend. She dropped on the bedand spread her legs.She watched as Rudy stripped and she saw his cock and thought, "He is bigger than Tonys 5 1/2 inch by twice both length and width, So big will it fit, will it hurt?" Naked Rudy wasted no time in getting atop her with his cock headed for her wet cunt. She has been meeting black men every since and Tony has not been able to stop it, in fact has liked to watch her as she got fuck by the big black cocks go to work on his pretty white woman.

Vicky Bound for Vacation - Last Chapter

bdsm BigD 2018-11-17

I grabbed the hem of Vicky's dress and pulled it up, over her head and let it hang on her cuffed hands. As soon as my cock head had passed Vicky's lips, Christina shoved her hand between my legs and cupped my balls. Vicky reached out, took the straps of Christina's dress and pulled it down leaving her naked except for her high heels. Vicky reached back in the hand bag and pulled out what looked like a miniature stun gun. Christina's body arched, her arms pulling at the restraints above her head, and she was screaming into Vicky's pussy. Vicky's eyes were glazed over watching how cock pushed and pulled on Christina's cunt lips.

Titties Bay

group Dehumanization 2018-11-17

You rest your head on my shoulder and I kiss the base of your neck, stepping forward into me you feel the press of my hard cock against your hips and a sudden jolt of excitement runs through you. The man beside you takes your hand from his shaft and stands up, you hear him moving down towards the woman and she is thrust forward her hair slipping down on your hips. She is a small woman one with soft and silky smooth skin her hips are exposed and the gently rocking of the man behind her pushes her tongue gently in and out between your pussy and clit.

How It All Began Ch. 03

group TheTravellingMan 2018-11-17

"Ok, Jack, this is Karen, Zoe, Miriam, Debs.", said Fay pointing out each girl in turn. Gasping again, Zoe's hand was rubbing on his crotch sampling the hard girth of Jack's cock as Fay's own fingers reached to pull at the fly of Jack's jeans. Karen paused to show Zoe and Fay what she had in her hand, each returning a smile as the three of them surveyed Jack's rock hard meat. Gasping with every grinding undulation of her body, Karen looked across to see Zoe and Fay interlocked by their legs alongside Jack's prone body rubbing their cunts together. Smiling at their wanton display and writhing onto each other, Karen squatted over Jack's cock to show it fucking her; making both Zoe and Fay moan at the spectacle.

Blondie and the Angel from Hell

group sprite 2018-11-17

Fucker knew me too well, too, dusting his sticky cock with more coke (did I mention how plentiful that shit was while he was around?) before sticking it up my ass, his iron fingers gripping my hips as he slammed into me hard enough to move me across the tiled floor half a foot at a time until I bumped my head into the fridge. I slept like the dead through the next day, awakened occasionally by Lena, her head between my legs, eager to drive me to the edge of sanity with yet another orgasm, coaxing me into returning the favor, laying opposite her, slowly lapping and licking and sucking her clit until she surrendered into ecstatic convulsions against me, then we’d both drift off again until next time our carnal lust grew too great to contain…

First Night at A Swingers Club

group Pegasus4 2018-11-17

The couple who were watching us went around to the other side of the bed and the woman, now completely naked moved onto bed alongside Jackie whilst her partner joined her, kissing her on the mouth and working his way down her body gradually until his head was between her legs, kissing and licking her clit and slipping his finger into her sopping wet pussy. I had now moved between Jay’s legs and Jackie had my cock in her hand, guiding me towards Jay. Matt had reached over and was caressing Jay’s tits, teasing and stroking her nipples. Whilst the man fucked her, thrusting hard into her, she reached forward and stroked my buttocks, working her fingers between my legs to caress my balls as my cock moved in and out of Jay’s wet pussy.

Unexpected Guests

group CuriousKevin 2018-11-17

Helen said, "I'll join you." Before I had a chance to let Lisa out on my side, Charles was already moving to give way. Charles sat down, turned to me and asked, "Do you know what Lisa has been doing for the last ten minutes?"  Lisa got up and asked Charles to help her move the coffee table. Helen then looked me in the eye and said, "Do you want to fuck me? While I worshipped Helen's nipples, Lisa and Charles came into the room. Helen lay on top of me as Charles continued to fuck her back door. Charles pulled out of my mouth and Lisa moved in and started kissing me, eager to get at the cum that remained in my mouth.

Paula's online fun gets real

group pjlush 2018-11-16

She looked over to John, seeing him so excited and so hard in front of her she started to pant, bouncing harder on the cock in her and pushing Ray's face closer to her pussy as she started to cum against both men, tits bouncing and juices dripping down Andy's rock hard cock.  "And you can cum in me first next time if you want, while Ray and his girlfriend eat my pussy, I bet you'd love to feel her tongue on your balls while you are in me and I'll suck their cocks while you are fucking me so you can watch it while you enjoy my tight cunt."

If love is war, then what is lust?

lesbian curiousanon 2018-11-16

I was still a little pissed because this wasn't how I wanted to spend the day with her but I was looking forward to having my way with that little blonde whore, Amber. I pulled away to let her take her jeans off and kissed along Nicole's stomach down to her clit. As soon as I felt her muscles start to tighten around my fingers, I pulled away, scolding her for getting close to cumming without asking my permission. Shortly after I started rubbing and pulling on her clit, she yelled out, her body jerked and I felt her gush all over my hand and thighs. I looked over at Amber and Nicole, who was suckling Amber's nipple, and told them to watch as I fucked Sarah.

It Was What She Wanted

hardcore DarkSide 2018-11-16

Melissa gave me her hands and I placed the rope around them; knotting it so that it was tight enough and yet not too restrictive. For a moment, Melissa left the ground as the finger tried desperately to touch her g-spot. Melissa was startled as a car was heard pulling up outside. Footsteps were heard walking to the barn door and Melissa was once more alone. I walked to the door, nodded to the two men outside as I got in my car and left. Melissa was still shaking from her orgasm when the two men entered the barn. Seconds later a slick finger slipped into her anus in one go as a pair of hands left her breasts and moved to her hips.


group r5taylor5 2018-11-16

After we got all our things together we started over to Chase and Amandas house.My wife Lilly, was so fired up by the waterfall encounter that I was sure things were going to be incredible this evening. As soon as we are out of the car Chase tosses me a beer and Amanda hands Lilly a  mixed drink.Joking I said "I'd like a drink of that." and realized it was almost strait vodka with very little orange juice. He laughed and so did I as the ice was finaly broken on the subject.You know Chase said"Lilly sure has some nice tits." "Yes I know" I assured him as I smiled.

Attention Seeking Whore (I Am An ...) Part 2

fetish CumGirl 2018-11-16

With one last firm caress of your tremulous cock; with a final thrust of three fingers into the deepest depths of my pussy; with one final glance at gorgeously exposed, cock sucking me; three bodies explode, starbursts consuming our minds, waves of pleasure resonating through our twitching bodies, girl and boy cum spurting from our wonderful sexes. Silent screams, lost amongst the too large rubber ball pressed and strapped into my mouth, soaked now with drool that coats my chin, splatters down onto y wildly heaving breasts, splashes onto the mechanical monster that I grip fiercely with every remaining ounce of my strength between my uncontrollably twitching thighs.

When the lift got stuck

group OldGeezer 2018-11-16

Simon didn’t though, until Melinda told him that if he would take his shirt off as well, then she would take her blouse off. “OK, guys”, Melinda announced, as her hands went behind her, “who wants to see my tits?”. I moved away to let the other guys do the same, and watched as Melinda relished in the feelings that fingers and hands were giving her. “God, I feel so horny”, Melinda then told us, “I want to be fucked, who’s going to be first?”, Each seemed to be able to keep it going for a good time, so Melinda was well and truly fucked, orgasming several times as our cocks penetrated her pussy, ass and throat.

Romance On The Rails, Chapter 2

group Master_Jonathan 2018-11-16

Terri and Becky, it turned out were a couple college girls on their way back to UCLA. As I sat there watching the two girls, Becky took the initiative and began unbuttoning Terri's white blouse. Becky also reached back but she went between her legs to pull her tight pink pussy wide open, its inviting depths beckoning and a drop of her sweet dew seeped out. As I pounded Becky's pussy and plunged my hand in and out of Terri, the girls' moans became cries of urgency. Terri and Becky scrambled to get into position, both girls kneeling, heads back and mouths open, like a couple cute baby birds waiting to be fed.

Let's Go To The Bahamas Pt. 1

group GreySessed128 2018-11-16

I scream, I’m going to cum baby and you pull your fingers out, locking your lips over my pussy and sucking hard. I suck hard, playing with your balls as once again, you’re finger fucking my pussy and sucking me off. I want to clamp my legs around her head, but you hold them apart, leaning in to watch her tongue lash at my pussy. She shoves two fingers into my cunt and starts fucking me with them, using her other hand to flick at my clit as she looks up to you. I don’t want to move, I want to watch you fuck her ass so she leans forward, pulling you with her and once again buries her face in my cunt.

Poker Night

group rckbkr 2018-11-16

The men begin to undress and as their massive cocks spring to life, your breathing speeds up and you feel like you're ready to explode. You take him into your mouth and begin to suck while you're slowly being pounded. The dick you had been sucking on originally, returns to your warm, skillful mouth and another man kneels by you and slaps your clit with his hard cock. He slowly enters you and you moan so hard, that the vibrations cause the man inside your mouth to erupt. The feeling is such a turn on that you have another orgasm before the man inside you was all the way in.

You Can't Judge a Book By Its Cover - 3

bdsm Tanksdad 2018-11-16

“I know you will because you have no other option,” Jennifer said as she struck my back six times with the crop. When I started shuddering, nearing another climax Tony lifted his face from my wet snatch and waited until I calmed back down. “Feed her your cock, you miserable piece of shit,” Jennifer said as she kicked Tony right in his crotch. Is that fucking understood?” Jennifer shouted as she let the crop fly hitting both Tony and me repeatedly. Jennifer said, “Now fuck her pussy, you minuscule dicked imbecile. “Hold it if you want a chance at fucking Tony, my pet,” Jennifer cooed. Tony started pouring cum into my wet hot pussy. Jennifer also came as she let Tony climax.

The Porn Dealer-Part 2

group marietv 2018-11-16

"Oh yeah, yes I want your cock Craig, fuck me, fuck my pussy please Craig!" Claire said taking her mouth away from Becky's sex. eh, Do you want to eat MY pussy Craig?" Becky said as she roughly grabbed Claire's head and pushed hard into her cunt. Becky instead of sucking his cock lifted his legs onto her shoulders and pushed forward raising his ass off the bed. After a minute of eating Claire and having his ass reamed Craig felt a sharp pain and then his legs dropped from Becky's grip and her mouth covered his cock. Becky took her lips from his cock and began to fuck his ass with her fingers for a while as he sucked Claire's mini penis.

Cum Compulsion

fetish Kee 2018-11-16

Greg and I were already totally enthralled with each other, so by the time we got to be alone together, in a way that we had no worries about anyone, especially parents, catching us, the intimacy started. The next day, after school, we did not have time for what we both so desperately wanted, but I knew I could suck him in his car. I’m not sure I totally understood, but the first time we did that I looked in my mirror; I loved seeing his cream on my face, slowly running down in various sized rivulets. As Gary was hustling them out, I stood up and began to wipe my face and chest, taking time to lick their deposits off my fingers before returning for more.


voyeur 1ce 2018-11-16

Elizabeth got up, teasingly showing Edward the skin of your upper thigh, kissed him quickly on the lips, then announced she was going to the ladies’ room. It seemed as if she had walked through the looking glass back in time as she entered a large ballroom with a center staircase leading up to doors, which surrounded the room on the floor above. Elizabeth seemed quite worried as he took her hand and led her onto the dance floor. This is the first time she’s come for dessert, but I believe she’s ready.” Then he kissed her lightly on the cheek, let go her hand, and took his place between two elderly gentlemen.

To be Owned (2)

mature mollflanders 2018-11-15

No matter how she reacts, suck her harder and harder until I stop and release her other nipple." Chris smiles to herself certain Moll recognizes the ambiguity of her position, tormenting the woman who will possess her and knowing she has no choice or say.  Patty lets out her first moans as the pressure on her nipples increases sending tremors to her cunt just as Chris enters her with her two middle fingers. Each woman sucks harder and harder on her nipples and Patty's moans grow louder and louder until, suddenly, Chris releases her cunt and pulls away from her nipple. "Dress yourself, Patty," Chris laughs, "and let's tell Moll your plans."

Adventures with Theresa

anal portsladebilly 2018-11-15

I tell you to unzip my fly – you do this and take my cock in your hand – only 7 or 8 soft strokes, followed by a few really violent and painful yanks, and I come, whispering your name Theresa into your ear. The other couple have stopped, you can see a large stain on the front of the man’s jeans and shirt as obviously he’s come, and great stripes of semen have found their way out of his cock, covering his jeans, his shirt and reaching as far as his cheek and nose. The girl smiled, and said ‘Wow, that the best sex I’ve ever seen, and I don’t think I got my full quota!’ I’m Roz, and my man here with one of the longest thickest cocks I’ve ever had is Chris.

I'm Chrissy a Slut Pt. 03

fetish Doctork053 2018-11-15

After what seems like a life time, Mike walks over to the fridge and grabs a couple of beers then turns on his heels and heads back to the couch. I pull it up to me and admire the package; reading the warning about cancer and emphysema, a familiar thought comes to mind "Fuck it." I take a cig from the pack and light it, taking a nice relaxing drag I blow the smoke straight up in the air. As Katie takes a big drag of her cig, I notices how she opens her mouth after exhaling and sucks a big cloud of smoke back in.

Lake Powell Threesome

gay-male speedodave 2018-11-15

Probably half the guys wore speedos anytime they got wet but Jason, Kip and I were the ones who wore speedos all the time. Speedos are an ice breaker and the first afternoon, when we finally got the houseboat out of the marina, Kip and I knew that we would be fucking Jason somehow, someway during the trip. I was wearing my red Arena speedos, Kip was wearing my Aussie flag Turbo speedos and Jason was wearing his black lycra speedo brand speedos. I don’t think I finished my beer before Jason was rubbing the front of Kip’s Turbo speedos. I pulled the bum of my red speedos down, squired some lube between my cheeks and backed up under Kip. I think they call this a train.