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The Gift

bdsm Jaynesmith42 2018-11-20

In her dream, she could really physically feel his lips trailing down her neck; the way his hands had explored every inch of her body that his mouth had previously moistened and warmed. Chelsea smiled, and before she could respond, her phone popped up with a new message from Simon, ‘I am playing hooky the rest of the afternoon, want to join me?’ The water is so clear and incredibly blue, I would love to go.” She finished her drink and looked at him, kind of like your eyes, she thought and fought the urge to sigh again. Chelsea caught movement from the corner of her eye and turned her head to see Simon standing there watching her, she smiled at him in guilty pleasure.

Willing Fraternity Prostitute

interracial Stagman 2018-11-20

Harold was very persistent and told me it wasn’t really a party; it was more of a fundraiser to raise money to fix up his frat house. I didn’t know how I felt about this but I submitted and sucked his black dick like a whore. In the mean time I continued to fuck and suck any black frat boy that wanted a piece. I got him hard with my mouth and then he took me by the hair and shoved my head away from him, leaving my pantied ass exposed in the air. I screamed so that everyone in the house could hear me, “I want you to cum in my big slutty ass!”

Our Introduction to our neighbours part 2

group Bobsadventures2013 2018-11-19

“The messier it is, the harder I’m going to fuck you Irene,” I reply, as I part her legs and slowly begin to run my tongue around her lips, getting a good taste of her sweet juices. He then walks over and gives Irene a big tongue kiss, slides two fingers into her pussy and fucks her briefly, leaving her there on the lounge panting for more. Pulling his cock out of my mouth, I watch as Chris leans over and kisses me, licking up any of Chris’s cum that I didn’t swallow. By the time I get to the part where I’m being fucked by Irene, and Chris is fucking my mouth, Jacqueline has cum several times, and the wet patch on the bed is getting wetter and bigger.

Moving Day

group Sssh 2018-11-19

He brought a hand up and touched the side of my face as his tongue pressed against my lips, asking for permission. Robbie came up behind me again, but given that Shawn’s mouth now covered one of my breasts, Robbie’s hands massaged my back and shoulders instead. As soon as I grew used to the full feeling of Robbie inside of me, I continued to lick the head of Shawn’s dick. I tried to match Robbie’s motions on Shawn, sliding him in and out of my mouth quickly, licking his shaft and head with each thrust. He was standing with his legs straddling Shawn’s head, but Shawn was so focused on my actions that he didn’t seem to notice. While I was kissing Robbie, Shawn slid inside of me.

Controlling Rayne

bdsm Jaynesmith42 2018-11-19

Zachary was generally a very controlled, cool personality however, when Miss Abernathy rose from her chair and outstretched her hand across the desk for him to shake, he felt a twitch in his trousers.  As he laid them out on the desk Rayne looked at his beautiful hands…what is it about a man with nice hands, she wondered idly while her own libido answered, it’s because you imagine those long tapered fingers inside you. He moved toward her suddenly making her start a little, five strides and he was in her face, wrapping his hand in her hair, pulling her head back and consuming her mouth. He looked down at her, her feet tied to opposite legs of her desk, her hands bound with his belt and let a slow evil grin slide across his lips.

Accepting Your Demons (Chapter One)

hardcore LadyLaVelvet 2018-11-19

There's a few things we need to cover before we get started." He stroked my face with the back of his hand making my body break out in goose bumps. We can see it in the way you dress, the way you talk, the way you hold yourself and even the way you walk" his voice was silky smooth, making me close my eyes and my body tremble. Dean fucked my face while Damon fucked my pussy with his fingers. Dean pulled out of me and Damon slapped me on the ass harder, leaving a red welt. "Fuck you're so tight baby girl." He said staring into my eyes. The way Damon called me baby girl and the way Dean called me a dirty slut or a bitch.

Soccer Mom Slave - Chapter2

bdsm kahiltna7200 2018-11-18

He slid his left hand down Brenda's chest to the front of the bra, roughly pulled it away from her tits and slipped the knife between her body and bra. The view was captivating: her hands tied above her head, the red ball gag causing her to drool over her tits, the silver chain dangling in a shallow U shape between the clamps on her nipples, the black rope against her smooth white skin around her waist, disappearing between her cunt lips, the red stub of the dildo sticking out of her cunt. The sight of the flogger, his touch on her body, the pull on the rope holding the dildo in her cunt was almost more than she could stand.

Black Wife's First White Cock

interracial ThickJohn 2018-11-18

Rick continues to kiss Evelyn as he takes her enormous rack in his hands, kneading each torpedo-shaped titty with a tight grip on the sides. He presses her tits together, causing the areola to mash besides each other, looking like two brown silver dollars. Rick leans over and begins sucking one chocolate disc, then gently pulls her nipple with his lips, stretching it out. She closes her eyes, lifts her hair on top of her head and purses her lips, thrusting her bouncing breasts forward for Rick to grab a hold of; he gets a good grip on her rack and uses it to leverage her whole body, slamming her even harder up and down on his cock.

For Science!

first-time AldenxScience5eva 2018-11-18

Once Science got faster, Alden moaned and yelled, "S--SCIENCE!" and finally reached his climax, coming into Science's mouth. Alden started to undress Science, while the being got his sweater off. Science positioned itself on Alden's cock, then started to take him in, moaning as it took more in. Alden started to get up, holding Science as he did so, then he swept off the books and papers off his desk and leaned Science against it. Science was moaning and screaming, tangled up in Alden. (I don't know how I got so tangled upppp) It wasn't long before they would both come, so his slowed down a bit, lovingly kissing Science.

The Weekend Part 1 (Chapter 3)

bdsm MasterTredem 2018-11-18

“Good morning sleepy head,” he said, “I have lotion on your ass so be careful when you move, I tried to wake you gently but your stubbornness is so strong when you’re unconscious. “Over the rest of the weekend, I will train you in the various of poses I wish to see you in depending on the activity or time of day,” he said, “First, when I am addressing you for some sort of instruction, you will stand tall and proud with your hands clasped behind your head. “Raise your ass up; when I walk into the room, I want to be able to very quickly see your succulent pussy and that pretty brown eye looking at me,” he said.

Musing Part Two

fetish prem2015 2018-11-18

Whenever I travel in a bus or a train, I always sit or stand close to some male, to inhale his body odour, touch him and arouse him. Though I love to be fucked by the long and hard penis of young people, old men with their soft small penis do amuse me. “I love the fragrance of your body; you smell so sweet,” said John. John let his trousers and underwear fall, bent his body, held me with both hands and inserted his penis in my pussy. He took out his penis from my pussy and said “I want to piss; will you like to have it inside your mouth?”

Living It with Dylan - Chapter 3

gay-male KeeganMitchellFinn 2018-11-17

“You want your cock to be right in between my cock and his, don’t you?” I was stroking his nice dick this whole time, of course, and smearing his slimy precum all around on his cockhead, and I felt it flex when Dylan said that, so I nodded at Dyl to go beneath the table and finish the guy off, but Dyl shook his head. “You want that cock in you?” I asked, kneeling in front of Dylan and sucking him, pressing my finger into his ass and also gently massaging his balls because I knew exactly how Dylan liked it and it made my guy groan and thrust at me, and fuck my face some, even, before he pulled out and moved Scott into the position he wanted him in.

Crazy Love

group D4ddysG1rl 2018-11-17

Danny, G, Ray, Chris and Mike were all something like a good friend in college we shared a lot of great memories and it excited me to see them. Mike and I walked upstairs to an office he led me to the bathroom I did me and came out Mike was sitting on the desk he pulled inbetween his legs wrapping his arms around my waist his hands moved up my back to my face my body shivered at his touch like so many times before I felt his tongue part my lips and come into my mouth kissing him was like riding a bike you never forget how with ease we shared moist kisses 

My Dramatic Soulmate, Part 4

hardcore kgnome 2018-11-17

In that moment, she felt the overwhelming vibration, a universal energy, compounded by the volatile mystery of ten million stars, the eternal pull of a billion planets, and the black holes of uncertainty, making the universe a landscape of dalmatian spots and ground black pepper. We grabbed our clothes and ran across the floor, as far from the elevator as we possibly could, before the doors inevitably opened. He pushed my body hard against the door, grabbing my tits, and frantically kissing me, like I was the last woman on earth. He couldn't even utter a word as I grabbed his cock and shoved it into my hot throbbing pussy. He grabbed my ass cheeks and lifted me up against the steel door, thrusting his massive cock inside me.

Easy Money: Kayla's Audition

hardcore AshleighMixon 2018-11-17

Bill collectors had called me twice that week wanting their money and I didn’t know if waitressing would help me pay them back anytime soon.  I had a waitressing interview the next afternoon, but my car wouldn’t start and a guy friend said it would probably be an expensive repair. I also want to give you a chance to see if you’ll be comfortable in front of the camera.” He looked me in the eyes and didn’t give me a chance to stop the process. I’m by no means a blowjob expert, I’ve given more than a few, but with the camera on me I felt like it was my first time giving a bj.

How Michelle Became A Fucktoy, Chapter 1

mature Master_Jonathan 2018-11-17

Dave was different, maybe because he was her father's supervisor, but he came over and made polite conversation with Michelle, making her feel welcome and not just a tag-along kid that got in the way of adults trying to talk. Michelle felt his hot sticky cum splash against the walls of her spasming pussy as Dave moaned his pleasure deep,but quietly, himself. Dave ate the young pussy with renewed effort, driving his tongue to its absolute limit into her and sucking her fat, swollen lips into his mouth, nibbling on them and using every trick and technique he knew to bring this lovely woman to an incredible orgasm.

Office Sluts: Evil Clowns From Outer Space

group sandymonroe 2018-11-17

“Well, it seemed funny last night, but I’ve been dreaming about evil clowns.” It was kinda good kneeling in front of him and letting him fuck my mouth like an obedient slut… Especially when he pulled out, and flapped my face with his huge black dong! And at one point he grabbed my hair and pulled me from the other clown’s cock onto his… And he was fucking my mouth just like the other clown did… It felt so good...” I was on my knees on one of these huge guys, and one of those huge black cocks was fucking the hell out of my pussy, the other one was pounding my ass!” “I like to be DP’d sometimes… But these cocks were really huge and hard ones!

High and Nasty in the campground

gay-male willduall 2018-11-16

"Are you ready to get hard again?" I asked "Of course, but wouldn't you like me to..." I cut him off in mid sentence"I want to get you hard again and stick you cock in my ass,ok?" He layed back. I started stroking his cock and rubbing his balls while he layed on his back and retreived some k-y jelly out of a drawer next to the bed. He watched as I put my lubed finger in my ass, played with his rapidly stiffening cock and teased him by placing only the head o f my cock near his lips so I could deliver to him a couple of drops of cum my cock had allowed to dribble out the end.

My Final School Year

gay-male Tuppie 2018-11-16

Isaac prepared our breakfast in the main house each morning and Timmy made breakfast for Randy, Dusty, and himself, in their quarters. While relaxing on our towels Timmy told me Isaac was a great lover and that he also liked Randy, with whom he enjoyed having sex with the most. After dinner that evening, Isaac asked Seth if he would like to have sex with Timmy, for a change. We moved to Isaac’s room before I was told to impale myself on Seth’s cock, after Seth got onto his back. Later, when Seth and I finally got back our room, I was placed on my stomach and fucked twice more by him.

The Distraction Day

group megXXX 2018-11-16

Jake and Max knew Meg was hot, but they couldn’t fathom her being so innocent and sexy to the point that they just want to hop off the couch and fuck her. The small shift in Meg’s legs snaps Danny out of his trance, and has him thinking about burying his cock in her pussy and just ignoring Jake and Max. But that wouldn’t be as satisfying. He grabs her head and holds her there while Danny fucks her with his hand, prolonging her orgasm and causing her moans to vibrate Max’s cock. He watches Jake please Meg, yet from her moans, she’s never going to come from Jake’s mouth and hand alone.

Mr. Collins

mature Brian087 2018-11-16

It was an old warehouse but the guard at the entrance and the large number of people that were going in, pretty much confirmed that this was the right place. As the old lady searched for my paper I took a minute to inspect the place. “I don’t mind and no one will find out.” I said and took gently his impressive thick dick in my hand. We didn’t say a word until we were at his place and he ordered me to undress, he threw me on the bed an started to suck my nipples while his hard dick has gently touching my pussy. Being everything but gentle, he penetrated me with force, going right up my pussy and taking every sign of virginity that was left.

Sarah's Quest: Chapter Four

bdsm xhardx13 2018-11-16

"Okay, then I should tell you that Hades was my Dom. We split last month so now he is free and would like very much for you to be his sex slave. Hades said, "Aphrodite, you have been a very good slave so far and I think you deserve to enjoy more of my play things." "I want you to feel what it is like being fucked by a horse and the joy of its massive orgasm." Placing the syringe near my still clamped and spread pussy lips, he shoved it into my vagina all the way up to the bulb end. Hades sent me invitations with date and time like before but even though I was thrilled by the experience, I never returned.

The Gangbang I Enjoyed: Part 2

group justdance 2018-11-16

As my pussy was being fingered by my neighbor, I continued stroking the black man's cock. The older guy grabbed my hips and began pushing his cock in between my pussy lips. The other men were watching as the black man positoned his huge cock at my pussy. The older guy enjoyed the vibrations from my moans and stuffed his cock into my mouth faster, thrusting until I felt his cum shoot into my mouth. He grabbed my little waist and he started fucking my pussy, shoving his cock up into me, causing my body to shake, my tits to bounce. I felt the wave of an orgasm hit me and then my neighbor began to cum, because my pussy was squeezing and milking his cock.


interracial TrinityX 2018-11-16

In the meantime, I ended up looking like an insensitive asshole and feeling guilty for just being honest about my needs and wants. I wanted to explode when I saw those words from her instant message that said, "I'll be tied up having dinner with a friend tonight, but breakfast for us first thing, baby." Otherwise, why would I have been willingly waiting to have breakfast with a woman who likely had another man's cock for dinner the night before? Just the thought of that made my blood hot and I felt a tense mood coming on. "Mmmm your ass feels so slippery inside baby, I love it," I said, testing her.