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Apple and Cinnamon

interracial BaldurDreams 2018-12-03

I heard the steps come into the office and as I looked up it was Cinnamon smiling down at me. I told her to be at my place the following morning as I wanted to be with her. She told me she has always wanted to see a white cock and it turned out that she had a healthy appetite for erotica which we never discussed before. She told me how much she loved to cum and wanted more. The sight of her dark ass, my white cock pounding her pussy thoroughly made me explode deeply into her. She smiled and told me how much she wanted a white man. I smiled and told her to open her legs so I could see my cum flow out of her.

Mistress Bhatti of Nepean

interracial Samuelx 2018-11-24

"Mr. Duchene, I read the stuff you post online, you like Muslim female domination, and you have a thing for Indian girls, well, I'm here to make your life sweet hell, now, get on your knees," Mistress Fatima Bhatti said haughtily, and the Indian Muslim dominatrix smirked at the big and tall young black man who stood before her. "You like this, don't you?" Mistress Bhatti said, watching as Mohammed Duchene took his sweet time as he polished her toes with his tongue. "Thank you Mistress Bhatti," Mohammed Duchene said, an hour later, after the sultry Indian Muslim dominatrix gave his ass the thorough strap-on fucking it so richly deserved.

First Night Together

anal starbelliedboy 2018-11-22

Nina rolled over so that she was lying on top of me, her hair covering the lower part of my face and filling my mouth, and then by lifting herself up with her legs and one arm she used my hard dick like a dildo, lifting her rear up and down with the help of my hands on her buttocks while she fingered her clit and rubbed her dripping wet pussy. The beautiful Indian princess writhing close to climax beneath me; her tits shaking whenever I stopped sucking them; the brown fingers of one of her hands fucking her pussy while the other clutched at my buttocks to pull me into her ass; not to mention the unbelievable feeling of her until recently virgin sphincter was producing as it squeezed my shaft with every movement I made.

Age Doesn't Matter When Snake Wants to Come Out of Cage

interracial I_love_tall_girls 2018-11-18

I was super nervous since I was meeting any lady like this for the first time. She said "I was always curious about Indian guys and heard a lot about Indian culture, specially KAMASUTRA, so thought of giving it a try." I gathered some courage and felt like a man after a long time, and said, " Can we increase the temperature of your BMW a bit?" She got the signal and immediately opened the car, and started kissing me like a wildcat. She said, "Looks like this snake has been alone for a long-time. She asked me, "How do you feel about taking this snake to another territory for a little vacation?" She said, "Next time, please let me know when you are cumming" and smiled.

Beer Store Threesome With a Drunk

mature aguycelmar 2018-11-16

I noticed his eyes almost shot from his head when he saw my sexy 28 year old wife lying on the bed almost naked with a silk scarf tied around her eyes, not much left to the imagination. Taking her left hand, I guided it to Raj's stiff cock which was an arms reach away by the side of the bed. Elle sucked his cock like a champ and looked to be loving it. At one point she got off of the bed and knelt on the floor in front of Raj. He just stood there, an old 70ish Punjab Indian guy getting his cock sucked by a sexy hot 28 year old white girl, got to love it.

Reality Check

first-time OldGeezer 2018-11-14

It was, it seemed, and with her hand around my cock, her lips around its head, her tongue lapping my precum, and my tongue working around and on her clit, my hands under her bottom, sliding into and out of her pussy, it couldn’t have been more than a couple of minutes before her body simply bucked and thrashed into violent convulsions of the most wonderful orgasm I had seen for a long while. "Oh yes," she said, "I am more than ready to be your 3 way woman," and lowered herself so that my cock, slippery and wet from her pussy juices, pressed against her tight rosebud.

Gary's Gym

gay-male Sexx_boxx 2018-11-13

Turns out that Gary living in the country allowed me to fulfill some extra desires that I had not thought would ever really happen. We entered the gym and Gary immediately took his shorts off. Gary wasn’t wearing any underwear so when he took his shorts off, I got to see it all. His healthy tan was all over, which meant that when Gary told me he liked being nude, he wasn’t kidding. Gary was blessed with a nice thick cock roughly two and half inches around and eight inches thick with a gorgeous mushroom tip. Once I took that pesky underwear off, and felt the stare of Gary’s eyes on my cock, I was standing at full attention.

indian woman on train

voyeur chocrush 2018-11-08

i thought this is it this is my opportunity to grope her fat ass i was soo eroused i could feel my cock pumping inside my tousers so i reached out and with the the back of my hand i first stroked the fat indian ass an when i noticed she didnt react i knew i could do more so i turned my hand around and cupped her ass check and i could feel the softness of her fat ass then i felt her ass crack with the tip of my fingers i swear i couldve cum in my pants it was so exhilarating, by this time it was her stop and the train carriage was still packed as she got of and stood on the platform i still watched her and to my surprise she turned back and looked me dead in the eye but it wasnt a look of disgust or anger it was eyes of a woman with sexual hunger..

Love On The Hill

first-time romeoindian 2018-11-07

As I got out of the cockpit of the IAF transport plane that I had qualified to fly, I handed over my headset and gear to one of the airmen alongside and climbed into the station jeep that was sent to bring me and my crew back to the hangar to freshen up and write out my report. I pressed his head so he could take my breast into his mouth, I wanted to feel it there. Not content with the pressure on my pussy, I moved my hand from the back of his head and groped for the junction of his legs, wanting to feel his hard penis over his jeans and stroke it. His pelvis rocked forward to increase my pressure on his organ, as I pushed my pussy into his hand.

You are your father's son

voyeur TantricDrummer 2018-11-07

I just know it draped her well, and that the hints of skin I saw today, and the one long leg that stuck out on the barstool she was sitting on, was more alluring than the full vision I had of her in her ridiculous bikini earlier in the week. I do not know if I imagined it, but it looked like she shut her eyes tighter as she heard it. For some reason, this act of women shedding their clothes is more arousing and enticing to me than when they are walking around in a bikini with very little left to the imagination. I wanted to think that she was looking at me and talking to me with her eyes, because her stare at the web cam was so intense.

A strange place called Florida: The happy Florida wife

interracial Writingguy 2018-10-31

Erica woke up naked on a hot and humid morning with her husband Divya over her, having his hands wrapped around her back. Divya kept his powerful hands wrapped around his wife's slim body so she could not get away but it's not like Erica wanted to get away. Finally, Divya had his head in-between Erica's legs and had managed to sniff her crotch which had a powerful odor coming from it. Divya had his head buried in Erica's crotch and now his lips were starting to practically kiss her pussy. Divya would lick some of the sweat off of Erica's neck and kiss her before finally his penis exploded with cum inside of his wife's pussy.

After the Conference

interracial Just_A_Guy_You_Know 2018-10-30

I felt my cock twitch, and had to remind myself that this was the real world, and whatever Kriti wanted, it probably wasn't to get fucked by her thirty-seven year old study partner. It opened to reveal Kriti standing in the same professional-looking grey skirt and maroon blouse she'd worn to the conference. "I've been trying for, like, an hour," she said even though we'd only been back at the hotel for maybe thirty minutes at most."Can you help?" "It was just too difficult being so far away from each other, you know?" Kriti reached the final button and pulled open my shirt. I began to fuck Kriti with slow, gentle strokes, each time going a little bit deeper inside of her.

Married Blondie satisfied by Horny Indian

interracial kaamdev 2018-10-29

  For a 34 year old Indian guy I am Fit, about 5’9”, nice pecks, fine biceps, short hair, sexy smile and 8 inches of brown cock that vibrates like a compass every time It senses Nora is around. I spanked her with my firm palms…5 times…pulled her blonde hair hard….kissing her back…I started fucking…first slow and steady and then increased the momentum….”fuck me hard sid…fuck me hard” I didn’t stop..i went on and on for the next 15mns…..I called her so many names…”my kitten…my fuck machine”…my cock was ramming on to her pussy like no tomorrow…”I am about to cum sid…” I exploded at that…I couldn’t take it anymore…the tight pussy and the friction and her wild moaning…I just couldn’t hold on….it happened..i squirted inside of her…she rolled off of me.

Are Those Boobs Real

interracial goalei1234 2018-10-05

I began to finger fuck her gently all the while keeping up the sucking of her pussy and flicking of her clitoris. I could see that Liana wanted to take my cock in her mouth so when she looked up I smiled and nodded my head. Soon I was inside her and looking down at her hairy pussy, I began to fuck her. With one hand on her waist to give me a good grip for my thrusting, I leaned forward and began to fondle her ever so soft breasts. I leaned forward and hugged Liana tight feeling her breasts against my body, kissing her gently as I began to deposit my sperm deep into the confines of her vagina.

Coffee & Cream Dream Team

group danielblue 2018-10-02

Megan pulled Roshni into a kiss before starting to kiss down her neck and onto her tits. I watched Megan sink further down, kissing into Roshni's belly button. And then Megan got down on her knees and pressed her face into Roshni's pretty pussy. Roshni pulled Megan to her feet and started kissing down her neck. Roshni kissed down Megan's belly and onto her ginger curls. I moved in close to see Megan's beautiful pussy lips being parted by Roshni's long red nailed fingers. She pulled the pussy lips apart and started kissing into Megan's pink gash. I pulled her into a kiss and cupped my hand around one of her firm tits as my tongue explored her mouth. I pulled out of Megan and pressed my cock into Roshni's belly.

My Indian fantasy with Shobah

interracial 2018-10-01

I laid the blanket on the ground, turned to Shobah Put my arms around her and kissed her deeply She pulled me closer and thrust her hips into my cock and stuck her tongue deep in to my mouth, I couldn't take it anymore and my hand slid up her shirt and my hand worked it's way under her bra and I got my first handful of Indian tit, Her nipples were long and hard and as I kissed her I rolled her nipple between my thumb and forefinger. Finally She had another orgasm and I stopped eating that sweet brown pussy to enjoy my efforts as I watched her cunt and asshole contracting and I could hear her moaning as she took my cock right down to the base and pumped her hips as her second orgasm subsided.

Madhurima Pt. 05

first-time HighKingsman 2018-10-01

Rahul turned his attention now totally on Madhu and started kissing her passionately and started squeezing her boobs, she was feeling very aroused and also this was the first time a guy had kissed her, Rahul then tried to push his hand from her waist to inside her kurta when he felt felt a surprise that she had nothing on underneath. Veena started biting Madhu's breasts and nipples leaving marks all over her and she seemed to have gone in a spasm as Rahul continued his assault swishing in and out of her tight pussy and then Madhu orgasmed like never before as she felt her thighs shake involuntarily and she let out a scream and she squirted all over the sofa.

Secrete Life of an Indian Wife Ch. 03

lesbian kinkydreams667 2018-09-29

Sandhya let her head rest on warm bosom, arms went around Geetha, who kept on hugging and kissing her wet eyes, cheeks and forehead. "Oh my baby...why you worry...together we are gonna have some deep fun...I know you feel bad with so much of coiled up sexual tension...there was a time when I felt same way.." Geetha let her left hand caress neck, shoulders and back of Sandya. "Hmmmmm" An erotically excited Sandhya purred back and her hand crept to other breast of Geetha, but it was forcefully pushed down to rest on the moist cunt with large mount. " lovely..." Geetha purred,her lips wet sucking more...her hungry tongue reached asshole of Sandhya.

Hot Melt the Snow Ch. 02

anal bena4u 2018-09-28

Sultana was still in the kneeling position with her beautiful butt in front of him .He spread her ass a little more and pressed the tip at her hole.. "Sultana, relax your ass, then my cock will go in easily." Zafar increased the pressure of his cock on her hole and moved it up and down slowly. Sultana thought that she had the full length of his cock in her ass, but he somehow managed to find more to give as his hips pushed into her ass cheeks. He was now very slowly pulling in and out of her anus, which still gripped his cock Sultana could feel his cock swell against the tight walls of her ass.

Joan, My First Affair Pt. 01

interracial WanderingHands 2018-09-24

I imagined touching Joan's legs, running my fingertips up to her inner thigh, slipping my brown hands under her panty and caressing her white pussy lips. My hand reached between her ass cheeks for her pussy lips and I tried to finger fuck her while she caressed my cock and brought it back to life. I began grinding my hips and feeling the head of my cock touch the inside of her pussy, Joan responded my moving her hips. I escaped from the world in that moment as I fucked Joan vigorously, her hand slid down from her breast to her pussy and she rubbed her clit with the tip of her middle finger as I fucked her deep and hard with my brown cock.

Happiest Family in the World Ch. 02

lesbian bloominglily 2018-09-23

Sunil felt very sad on hearing this and said he could not even think of letting Nisha go away just for having a kid. Sunil asked Laila, his mother about Nisha. Laila gave the glass of milk to Jeena and ushered her towards the master bed room.She felt shy while entering the large room with the king size bed and the tall man standing by the window. Laila closed the door and said "Come dear, lets go to bed." She also wanted Nisha like a man and wanted to feel those huge boobs and kiss those plump lips. Laila worked the ivory phallus in Nishas cunt with one hand and squeezed her huge boobs with the other.

Actress's Motherly love

celebrities timmy2324 2018-09-22

I took the camera and went to my room and connected it to my T.V. I forward it till the night when my mom got in the video. I quickly rushed into the bathroom and took the camera and like yesterday I went into my room and played the tape. My mom was cupping my nuts in her hand and doing long licking strokes of her pink tongue up my rock-hard shaft and flicking my helmet, teasing the cock-eye. It started off innocently enough but as we took turns soaping each other up, mom got that look in her eye again, and my dick was harder than a steel pipe!

Indian sikh girl finds an Arab muslim cock to fuck

interracial arabiandude99 2018-09-22

She was a little hesitant at first but soon started kissing me wildly. I started sucking her boobs while fingering her pussy at the same time. My rock hard cock was rubbing against her pussy. I kept rubbing her pussy with my dick, she was moaning hard. "I can't...", I said and pushed my big hard Arab cock all the way into her tight Indian pussy. I started fucking her hard, without a condom! After screaming for a little while, she started moaning in ecstasy. I was pounding her madly, "Do you like an Arab cock in your Indian pussy?" "oh yeah... fuck me..." "Do you like my muslim cock in your sweet sikh pussy?" "oh yeah!"

Am I Bi Sexual

gay-male arunjan81 2018-09-14

That was another evening like this, nothing else to do me and George went for a drink in a close by bar. After couple of drinks, I gathered some courage and said, "George, I wanted to talk to you something very important for me. With the heat of 2 drinks and the courage that I got, I continued, my words stammered, voice became very low when I said, "I would like to suck your cock. before I could get into next set of thoughts phone rang again and this time it was George asking for my room #. He said, "Thomas you have been asking for some thing for some time, today is the day...I am ready."