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Smile for the Camera

lesbian ShadyLadyJulie 2018-06-27

"Just tell them the truth," Pete laughed, "that you fantasize about having your pussy licked by another woman and that you get turned on by the thought of licking another woman to a climax." Sophie swallowed nervously as he went on, "and if you really them, click and put on a show for her" as he nodded to the array of various sized dildos and vibrators lined up next to the screen. Gently rub that clit imagining it was my tongue licking softly." Pete watched his wife in silence switching his gaze between her open pussy on screen and looking at the monitors so he could see the total rapture that was etched on her face.

A First Time

lesbian Ariel21 2018-06-27

As Lacy's gaze moved slowly down Gaby's body, she could see that Gaby had one hand bracing herself on the side of the tub as the other rubbed her pussy in slow circles. Lacy started to eat Gaby's pussy furiously, pushing her tongue deeper and moving it faster over her hard clit. Lacy never stopped lapping up her cum; she just slowed her tongue and began kissing Gaby's pussy lips softly. Gaby could taste her own pussy on Lacy's lips and pushed her tongue into the other girl's eager mouth, starting to remove her shirt. Gaby ran her flattened tongue over Lacy's pussy and then began to lap at her clit. Lacy began to rock against Gaby's mouth faster, grinding her pussy hard on Gaby's increasingly wet face.

Behind the Purple Door

group Coco 2018-06-27

Valerie denied LeAndra; lately she had identified herself as lesbian, (if she had to label herself) and truth be told, she thought she was in love with her boss and didn’t want to fuck Jason. LeAndra found Valerie with Jason in the salon’s room of indulgence, she joined them behind the Purple Door; offering them both a drink, she spoke quietly. Approaching the massage suite, LeAndra thought about the best way to convince Jennifer to join the party behind the purple door. There’s another client here that wishes to fulfill a fantasy.” LeAndra took a deep breath and speaking with authority continued, “He…his fantasy is to watch and to do so anonymously.” Quiet settled over the room as she let the idea sink in.

Green Eyes

lesbian LeahLidocaine 2018-06-27

She pulls away and I feel her go down my body with her soft breath. Moaning, I let her know I want more by pulling her hair and pushing myself further into her mouth, much like she had done with me. I am pulled back to reality when I feel her soft, wet tongue slip between the slit of my already dripping wet pussy. She sucks my clit into her sweet mouth and rolls it with her tongue, sending me spinning and screaming into an orgasm. I moan in pleasure as I can feel her sweet and wonderful touch pull away from me. I continue with my fingers and pull my mouth away from her pussy.

Becoming More Than Friends

lesbian Banes1 2018-06-27

Monica and I were home for the summer, our boyfriends decided to go fishing this weekend. Dad suggested that Monica and I use the cabin for the entire weekend. "Thanks dad, mom." Kissing them both on the cheek I went to tell Monica the good news. Arriving at Monica's, I told her the good news. It was time to leave, I dropped off Monica and told her I will pick her up in the morning. "You read my mind, Roxie." As she kept giggling, she let her dress remain high up on her tanned, firm thighs. Monica's tongue worked its magic as she licked her way to my shaved pussy. As my tongue swirled in Monica's pussy, my finger teased her clit.

After Anita

lesbian monica3 2018-06-27

Flick worked from an unpretentious office in a chic part of the city, assisted by a couple of girls who, like me, had gone to one of those fine British girls’ boarding schools and had the cut glass accent that I had worked so hard to lose. “It isn’t like that at all.” Rehearsing Act 2 of ‘Complicated Lives’ by a local playwrite called Julie Baker. I’d mind less if it was real but it’ll mean I’ll need a couple of blouses every night and it’s a pain.” “Ellie, I don’t know what you’re thinking of asking but if it’s what I suspect it is, can you imagine the gossip about an actor and a critic?


Their first time

lesbian Annamagique 2018-06-27

I leaned forwards at the same time as she and our lips met in an awkward crash but I put my hand behind her head and she did the same and we began a kiss the like of which I had never experienced before. I gazed into her nervous, brown eyes and smiled, taking her hand and placing it directly on my aching breast, My nipple straining to burst through the thin fabric of my dress. I kissed her softly just above her clitoris, my tongue flicking against her mound and the very start of her warm and scented valley and lifting her leg out of her shorts allowed me to access that most intimate place that, until now, had never been touched by female lips.

Wrist-Deep in the Cunt Hole - The Housewife In The Sex Shop

lesbian Kathrin 2018-06-27

Her brunette pubic hair was neatly trimmed at the sides, but still full enough to give her pussy a sweet feminine look and smell, and she kept both of her entrances clean and tasty, so I finally couldn't resist any longer and started pressing my face between her legs, my tongue lapping at her damp labia. It ran all the way down her arm and covered it in cunt slime, which she seemed to treasure, because after I got dressed again and she straightened her skirt, leaving the vibrator still where it was, she giggled and licked my juices off her fingers as we walked out of the store, smiling at me and waving at the girl by the counter.

The New Girl

lesbian Master_Jonathan 2018-06-27

I continued fingering and licking her juicy pussy, using my tongue as if it were a small cock, sliding it as deep as I could into Lucy's pussy all while she looked down at me smiling and moaning. Lucy's kisses worked their way down my neck to my breasts where she took my nipples between her lips, and started pleasuring me. With my ass high in the air and my face buried in the pillow, I reached under me with one hand and grabbed my breast, sinking my red-tipped fingers deep into the milky flesh, pinching and tugging hard on the swollen nipple and clawing at the swinging globe.

Self Employment Perks

lesbian _O2_ 2018-06-27

I wondered if she had implants but didn’t have the nerve to ask, her breasts seemed a bit too large for her body shape and size. She smiled looking me up and down, “Hello Marla, I’m Yvette nice to meet you.” She extended her well manicured nails to shake my hand. Looking down as I followed her, I enjoyed the way her cheeks moved in those tight jeans, I was hoping she didn’t notice my gawking at her rear as we headed through the house to the backyard. She looked exactly like a stripper from the Sopranos TV show, long sensuous legs, her calves accented by her shoes, firm large round breasts that begged for attention.

Kate #3

group xhardx13 2018-06-27

When Rob picked up the phone, he heard the door open and a woman say, "Kate, are you all right? Rob led the way to the elevator and Kate could see Bonnie's magnificent breasts jiggle with each step. Kate just sat and watched when Bonnie took Rob's cock between her full breasts to tit fuck him. She turned to Kate and said, "Kate, come on over and taste Rob's cum." After licking her lips, Bonnie added, "It's so delicious." Kate's desire was so intense she quite naturally licked the cum at Bonnie's breasts and without thinking, suckled her nipples. Outside the hotel, Bonnie gave Kate a peck on the check and said, "I'm sure we'll meet again soon."

The Lickers

lesbian NatashaTsarinaErotic 2018-06-27

Later when Katy was about to leave, I hugged her good bye worrying that the same feeling would come back but it didn’t. She sat up straighter in her chair and after taking a sip from her tea she said, “Tell me this, doesn’t it make sense that a woman would be able to please another woman better than a man, since they both have pussies?” She was always at the back of my mind, tight body, firm boobs, long legs and that mouth, oh that those glorious soft lips against my hot pussy. I lowered my head and as her pussy came closer she moved her legs further apart exposing her inner lips and her pink button.

My Snow White

lesbian BrindleChase 2018-06-27

I’d imagined I would get a couple flirts in, she’d let me down politely, saying something like she wasn’t into girls. She stepped closer, her green eyes looking to the fruit I held, then back to me and her smile widened into a grin. “You know I don’t date people from work,” she said and I nodded. I felt myself blushing again as her hands took mine and she led me away from the sliding glass doors and into the darkest, most secluded area of the balcony. I had seen plenty of hot women, but they didn’t charge me up like Liz. Pleasure crackled like a string of firecrackers exploding along my legs and arms until it reached center and I came against her finger.

A long time coming

lesbian waterbaby 2018-06-27

Even with Rose being there I couldn't help myself imagining having some time alone with Laura. I knew my face gave it away that I was somewhat disappointed, but I had hoped that Rose didn't realise. Just as I was giving up hope I saw Laura out the corner of my eye. I was nervous, I hadn't been with anyone other than Rose for over a year and a half, and I never wanted to cheat on her, but the feeling was too much, I had to have Laura. I felt waves of pleasure, I wanted to feel her fingers on my clit, but she wanted to tease me, grinding her body on top of mine.


At College with Suzy

lesbian davedax97 2018-06-27

I followed a lovely blonde girl upstairs trying not to look at her sexy little backside swaying beneath the tight, white jeans, but by the time we reached the top my pussy was soaking. "You must be Suzy." I said, and she laughed as we shook hands, "Yes so that makes you Jane, right?" Like me she was shaved completely with not a single hair to spoil my view of her sweet little slit and also like me, she was wet, very wet, I gasped as I felt her lips touching my slit, her tongue snaking out like a serpent to caress my throbbing clitoris.


A Day Out In Birmingham

group Pegasus4 2018-06-27

The driver looked down into the car as we drew level and was treated to the site of Jay laying back in the seat, her tits barely concealed by her bra as the top of her dress has fallen to the side and her legs apart, exposing her pussy through the almost transparent material of her white knickers. John and I enjoyed watching things get hotter on the pool table with the three women as Amanda and Louise continued to run their hands and tongues all over Jay’s back, buttocks and pussy. John must have got the same message as he also undressed and once we were as naked as the three women, Jay and Louise moved off the table leaving Amanda lying there on her back, legs open and her pussy dripping with her own juices and Jay’s licking.

Rachel and Roxanne, Ch3

bdsm silkpantygirl 2018-06-27

I took her face in my hands and pulled her towards me, and we were kissing again, slow, sensuous kisses, probing each others' mouths, sucking lips and tongues. Like with Emma, he put his hand between my legs and gently fingered my pussy, stroking up and down the lips, dipping briefly inside me, then lingering over my clit. Her hand went between my legs, and spread my pussy lips wide, and I felt Greg's cock nudge against them. I kept my mouth pressed firmly on Emma's clit, my tongue gently stroking it, then, as her orgasm subsided, and Greg pulled his shrinking cock out of me, I slid my body up her until I was lying on top of her, her arms around me, panting.

The Next Year - Chapter 7 - Two Girls One Dildo Part 2

lesbian HeatherHeathen 2018-06-27

I made a tiny circle with the tip of my tongue around her clit, and as I came around for a second lap I felt her place the tip of the dildo against my wet pussy. Trina straddled my head and began to work the dildo in and out of my pussy. I started to clean her body running the puff over her pert sexy tits, and working my way around her stomach. I got onto my knees, and took special care as I cleaned her long pale legs one at a time, sliding both the puff and my hand up and down the length of her well formed calves and thighs.

Promise to Come Again

fetish spuddick 2018-06-27

I wanted to touch his face, to run my finger along his nose, to look into his eyes, even to kiss him. I rolled off of him and we laid beside each other on the narrow bench, my hand on his dick and his finger in my mouth. My breasts were jostled like large, fat, quivering helium balloons stuck to the sweating white ceiling while the winds of sex knocked them aside. But finally, it set rhythms of pleasure through my body and he stroked faster and deeper, delving inside of me like no man before him I bared my white, sweating breasts to the ceiling and cried out.

Dorothy . . . . .

lesbian iamwoman 2018-06-27

What I did not say is that I am calling Dorothy as soon as I finish with the kids so that I also fuck my pussy with my dildo. And with that and the fact that it was a dildo, which it would not deflate, Dorothy and I kept the mutual fuck going for quite some time. I took one dildo and penetrated Dorothy’s pussy (Oh, a note : Dorothy had expressed that she in fact likes anal penetration and that with good lube she takes a fair sized dildo in her asshole) Once her pussy is fucked then I began applying lubrication to her back door hole and trying to stretch it some.


A Simple Seduction Ch. 02

lesbian LiberalArts 2018-06-27

I continue rubbing her pussy as we kiss, and Kathy holds me closer to her. "Hey, Mom," she says, as she leans in towards Kathy with a kiss. "I really like you a lot and I should be more okay with it than I am." I grow red in the face, trying to force out some tears, my mouth making my way to the top her wet head. "Oh my God," she says, looking at my little nipples, "I've wanted this for so long." She licks around my areola as I hold her close. Jackie lifts her head to kiss me, her face covered in my pussy juice.

Taking Dogs for a Walk

lesbian dark_green_crow 2018-06-27

I thought Frankie was trying to tell me that Alice’s boobs are going to squeeze her little doggie to death. She tried to tell us that your boobs are, ummm… Squeezing Bond in a painful way. We turned around and saw both dogs, Frankie and Bond. While Alice was looking back at the forest to see Bond coming, she saw a strange figure behind a tree. “Look, Anne, there is the bear, which almost ate Bond!” Alice said, and I turned my head. Alice was afraid that the bear is still chasing after Bond, but soon we both saw that it was only a wanker, masturbating about our intercourse, in the forest.

My first threesome.

group kent1734 2018-06-27

I feel Kate's finger inside my asshole massaging me and I cant take it any longer and blast my cum into Michelle's mouth! As I look up at her I see Kate has knelt between her head and I see Michelle licking her pussy and spreading her ass cheeks as she starts to move a finger toward Kate's asshole! As I am going slow I see Kate come down and place her head on Michelle's stomach and watched my cock going in an out of her pussy. I am totally spent at this point and I sit in the chair in the corner of the room and watch as Michelle starts to kiss and lick Kate!

Bucket List: Threesome

group bikerbear600 2018-06-27

I had to slow my hand down as I was in danger of shooting my load and I was glad I had as Sarah and Kirsty turned to face each other and started to tenderly kiss each other’s lips. I saw Kirsty sit on the sofa next to Sarah and begin to stroke her lower back and the tops of her buttocks as I moved my mouth between Sarah’s cheeks and began to rim her. I felt Sarah squirt on my leg and saw Kirsty withdraw her fingers as they were clenched painfully tight in Sarah’s arse. Sarah squirted on my leg a second time then pulled away, rolling over on to her back but keeping her face close to Kirsty so they could kiss.