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The Buyer Ch. 03

bdsm cinnamyn 2018-09-24

Anna steadied herself by clinging to the cage, fingers tight around the bars, her eyes closed tight and her lips and tongue and throat setting themselves in a perfect hole for him to fuck. The buyer thrust deep into her throat, his other hand dropping to her neck and grabbing her collar, pinning her in place as he slaked his morning lust on her. When the buyer emerged, fully dressed for work, Anna was just scooping the eggs out of the pan and onto a plate. "You'll be by yourself for the day, you should know what to do with yourself in that time." Anna nodded slowly and glanced at the kitchen, which looked like some kind of destructive natural disaster had been through it.

Secrets and Fantasies Ch. 02

bdsm areanabenoir 2018-09-06

"Oh, god, master." She felt dizzy with the pleasure. What a good girl!" He turned her head and kissed her warm lips and unable to hold back , she moaned. Today, I want you in a state of arousal, dreaming of me, remembering my mouth on your pussy lips, my tongue probing, my hands on your body . She had enjoyed playing with him for the summer , but it was her Master Brian's desire for her that was central to her life and mattered most. I want you to be on edge all day...wet and moist , hungering for me ." He kissed her cheek and popped out of the bed.

Binding Love Ch. 01

bdsm earthandair 2018-09-02

"Please...Sir..." she managed to gasp out, biting her lip, every movement she made inching the orgasm and the pain closer. His lips travelled down, His teeth grazing her skin as he covered every inch between her chest and her belly button, where His tongue traced along her bikini line as she moaned in frustration and arched, pushing her pussy into His face. Her legs spasmed and her back made a bow as His tongue penetrated her, softly licking her pussy lips, tasting her, before His teeth grazed her clit. Her head came just under His chin, and she started to undo His buttons, spreading the fabric of His shirt and trailing kisses over His skin, biting every other one, and feeling a little thrill through her slit at every gasp.

The Buyer Ch. 01

bdsm cinnamyn 2018-07-20

"You say all the best things," he said softly, closing his eyes for a moment, then collecting himself and looking at her, shifting a little. "When you're as awesome as you are...the rest of the company can't help but take notice." She tweaked her wrist a little, changing the spiral of her hand over his cock, and he closed his eyes for a moment. "Higher," he repeated himself, and she changed her grip on his cock, the need for laserlike focus letting her set aside the memories of darkness and fear and pain. Anna ducked below the duvet and closed her lips around his cock, sucking him as deeply as she could, pulling him into her throat and holding her breath as his cum fountained into her.

A Black Girl's History Project

interracial americandemon 2018-07-19

Tina threw two pairs of handcuffs on the bed and then said, "I've been a bad slave and have not been picking enough cotton in the fields. Tina pulled away from me like a scared little girl and said, "Oh, no, master, I'm sorry!" But Tina looked back at me with tears welling up in her eyes and she said, "But I've been a very bad little girl. Tina fell out of character and replied, "God, I wish I did, Ben." She giggled and said, "Oh, I mean master." I looked into Tina's eyes, smiled and said, "It's dinner time for master." Tina kissed me and smiled and said, "Thank you for your help on my history project and for being the perfect master to me."


bdsm moxiesterra 2018-06-04

I had no idea what he planned to do to me, but I certainly knew what I wanted him to do to me--with my pussy so exposed, all I could think about was having him touch me with his long, thin fingers. The long periods of strictly enforced orgasm denial always had the effect of making me forget exactly what having my pussy touched even felt like, and when I finally got to have pleasure again, I was inevitably astounded by exactly how good it felt. All you're good for is giving me pleasure, because you are nothing but my fucktoy," and on the last word I felt the intense rush that only came from having my mouth filled with his cum.

Life in the Harem Ch. 08

bdsm sirsemega 2018-03-11

Had I heard of any slaves speaking about Sir Jon or Lucinda? I told her about Sir Jon and Lucinda, and Jasmine relayed to me her story. Lady Martha had taken Jasmine back to her small home. The two of us were to be Lady Martha's personal slaves. I knew that Lady Martha, like Sir Jon, were small time traders. Lady Martha was furious when Sir Jon told her to treat Lucinda as an equal. Slave Todd and I served them and each time I faced Lucinda, she would smile like a cat that had just eaten a canary." Lady Martha finally differed and was able to convince Sir Jon that they had a deal.

The Velvet Revolution of Zuzanna Ch. 01

bdsm MadameSaffron 2018-02-03

And with that, Zuzanna was lifted to her feet by the ropes binding her wrists and Gustav led her to a courtyard where she was placed against a high stone wall while another man lowered what appeared to be a large hook of some sort to within a couple of feet above her head. Then someone put their thumb into her left cheek, opening it wide to the side and before she could protest she felt the familiar taste and smell of cock which soon grew to epic proportions inside of her mouth and began thrusting down her throat. Zuzanna was then dragged to a wall, her wrists unbound and shackled above her head while she sat on the bare floor watching the semen pool out of her and felt the hot sun slowly wash her clean again.

Tali Ch. 03

bdsm litmoir 2017-11-16

Kien started washing his face to wake himself up when he suddenly realized that Tali was going to be coming over today. She grimaced in pain from the accidental blow, but got back to a steady form on her knees before answering, "sir, I wanted to thank you for teaching me and helping me learn to think for myself. "Come on, Tali, stand up, why do you insist on kneeling?" He decided he'd try to pick at her way of thinking. I feel fulfilled as long as Master is happy." Tali lowered her head as she continued, "I... qualified to be a full time master." Trainers were best at extracting almost any activity out of slaves, and making them feel happy they did it.