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The Summons

bdsm mare24 2018-12-04

I slowly kiss your legs as I rise a little at a time, getting hit in the face by your burgeoning cock as I neared your pelvis. My cry causes you to bite even harder and I can feel an orgasm building, but then you stop your attention to my breasts and rear over me, pushing my legs back so that you can see my sopping pussy. I watch your face as you grab your engorged cock and aim it at my dripping hole, holding my breath until I feel you slowly slid into me. This excites me and I quickly lick up all I can and suck your cock, feeling you begin to harden again in my mouth.

All Women are Bitches Ch. 07

bdsm Samuelx 2018-12-04

But they were nothing like my Master. He was a tall, good-looking black man. The Master walked differently from other men. In a past life, the Master was known as Alexander Graham Brownstone. Yes, Alexander Graham Brownstone and the Master were one and the same. I wanted to be my Master's bitch! The Master held a leather whip in his hands. The Master continues to beat me with his whip. The Master places his hands upon my hips and thrusts deeper into me. Well, side from the pain in my ass and the nervous twitching in my pussy, I feel like a million bucks. What do you think my Master did afterwards? The Master simply left me there.

Tawnya's Training, Chapter 3

bdsm Master_Jonathan 2018-12-04

Master ground his face into my slobbering cunt, fucking me with his tongue and alternating between long slow licks from my clit to my asshole, and short stabs into my holes with his tongue formed into a small cock. Master walked around behind me and took his cock and slid it between my legs, teasing my dripping cunt and poking gently at my asshole. An inflatable plug in my cunt and ass, my clamped tits being tormented and my clit being rubbed like he was trying to get rid of it. As I crested and began the crash, Master cruelly took his fingers off my clit, rapidly deflated the occupants in my cunt and anus, and stopped yanking on the chain attached to my nipples.

The Room

fetish Swoopmott 2018-12-04

She moans louder when she hears and feels him moaning into her now very wet pussy but then his hand moves again and the butt plug slowly pulls out a little and then pushes itself back inside of her. Then the feeling of his still semi erect dick is felt running over her lips and she takes it into her mouth, tasting his and her own cum mixed together on it as she sucks a little harder cleaning it off, roiling her tongue around the head slowly, making him groan quietly and grip roughly to the back of her head and pulling her head in closer to him.

Krystenah is Reclaimed (Sylvia Pt 3)

bdsm krystenah 2018-12-04

Stay still.” I stayed as still as I could, but my clit was throbbing from both the stings and the arousal I felt looking into Master’s eyes and he focused on his work, tattooing his fingerprints on the clit he was reclaiming and punishing the pussy he owned so I would not forget whose it belonged to. I promise, just please, please, can I feel your cock inside your slave’s punished pussy?” My words came out in a stream. “ As he said these words, he ran his fingers just along the opening, avoiding contact with my clit, which was hard and throbbing.

Tender Discipline (Part 2)

bdsm SilverSakura 2018-12-03

While her head was pulled back, I raised my hand in the air readying a back hand when Mark caught it and stopped me (infraction number three). "Marissa, never ever think you aren't the woman I want forever, " he said with every word measured. "Master, please punish me for all my infractions and all the harm I have done to our relationship," I said as I slyly passed the power baton back to his figurative waiting, twitching, and outreached hand. He pulled out and quickly kneeled below my spread ass and opens his mouth to let our cum pour out of me into his mouth like a man who has been lost in the desert for weeks and just found water.


bdsm WriterMinx 2018-12-03

The trembling body beneath him, shivering slightly from the cold of the Canadian winter that permeated even with the heat blazing, pleased him more than he could have imagined; she was precisely as submissive now as she had been in their countless fantasies together, and he knew that she would be his good little slave, that he could do to her anything he chose and she would not, could not protest. His pale, frightened slave had her full and quivering buttocks to John now as she was bent forward at the waist, her hands holding the floor. Sarah smiled up at him, her eyes twinkling; and he knew that she was, indeed, a very good slave for her Master.

Dani's New Life Ch. 08B

bdsm LauriesHusband 2018-12-03

Taking her head between his powerful hands, the slim Asian Sales Manager pulled her to his flat stomach, forcing his curved fuck-stick into her throat causing the beautiful blonde to gag and spit her saliva all over his cock and balls. Finally, when the last surge of his climax ended, he used the hand in Dani's hair to pull her red, flushed face away and with his other hand he slapped her cheeks with his still-thick cock until he let her fall to the carpet, weeping softly from the pain and humiliation that came with being used with such complete disregard. As soon as she saw the small Buddha image in pieces on the floor, she put the items in her hands down and rushed to Dani's side, screaming at the naked blonde in Korean, but making her meaning perfectly clear to the married, suburban lawyer.

A Naughty Easter Tale

bdsm Mysteria27 2018-12-03

Mistress took off her dress and sat down on the counter.  Master got between her legs and licked the insides of her legs.  He placed a kiss on the center of her pussy.  He licked and loved her bald pussy.  Mistress played with her breasts while Master continued to pleasure her with his tongue.  He moved his tongue all over her pink folds and spent extra time on her hidden clitoris.  He sucked on her clitoris which drove Mistress crazy.  She was pulling on her nipples.  Master was playing with his cock which didn’t take very long to get hard again.

First Comes Punishment, Then Cums Reward

bdsm polkadotalicious 2018-12-03

When my loving Master noticed I was struggling to keep still He stopped and rubbed the burn from my brightened ass. Too soon though He pulled me away from His delicious cock and held me by my hair as I tried to take it in my mouth again. I started to try and pull away from the chair thinking He was going to spank me again but He slapped my ass and told me to stay still. "Good little slut." He said quietly as He rubbed my sore ass. As I struggled to hold myself up and I tried to not cum He pushed two fingers into my mouth and told me to suck.

Dani's New Life - Chap 8A

bdsm LauriesHusband 2018-12-03

"That you could tell me to do that...and know that I would...God, Mistress...just thinking about it gives me very dirty, shameful, and totally hot, erotic feelings." Dani's finger slid into Tami's creamy slit making the young girl moan again. At the same time, Tami's eyes still on Alan's, she started slapping her palm flat against Dani's pussy in the same rhythm that Dani's tongue fucked her wet cunt until both women came with unholy screams muffled only by the steaming water. From the floor, kneeling on her own, Dani started to climax again as she watched her Master's cock gently swell and release as Tami's throat worked overtime to swallow all the piss Alan was sending her way.

The Party Chapter Four

bdsm spankerherDaddy 2018-12-02

As she finishes cleaning her fingers she moves over to the bed, grabs Dicks foot and tells him, “Ok Dick, get your ass up and get out of my way, its my turn and I can’t wait to see is the little slut eats pussy as well as she suck cock.” Jane looks down at your naked body, remembering the exquisite feel of your mouth and tongue on her cunt and knowing that, although Dick will eat her pussy, he is nowhere near as good as you. “Ah yeahhhhhh, what a good little cock sucking whore you are, Pam. I am sure all the other men you have sucked tonight have enjoyed your mouth as well.” My balls tighten and ache, needing to cum.

Mistress Kitty

bdsm TonyaL 2018-12-02

Touching her wolf she allows the tip of the rubber cock to touch her clit, seeing her Master behind closed eyes. She spreads her legs wide pulling her lips open pushing the cock deep inside her walls. He begins to pull the hard cock out of her dripping cunt.“You are doing well boy don't stop yet, my kitty needs lots of attention tonight. Kneeling beside him with her ass in the air, she takes his little cock in her mouth and tells him to continue fucking her. She is thinking of how much she loves to suck her Master’s cock, as she licks his balls, sucking them into her mouth and grinding her dripping pussy on his face.

Krystenah's Surprise Date with Daddy

bdsm krystenah 2018-12-02

I rolled over and opened my eyes, expecting to see Daddy's handsome, restful face, but I snapped awake when I saw that resting on his pillow instead was the thick, wooden frat paddle. I wanted to feel Bestie insistently pressing at my second mouth and deep into my hungry cunt past my special spot until my eyes rolled back in my head... I'm focused." I held the lengthy checklist in my hand as Daddy looked at me skeptically, but he headed down the stairs. I wanted them to know that my Daddy had spanked and paddled my ass today. He ran his strong hands down my back and down my ass and patted the plug, pressing it a fraction deeper into my rectum.

Do Not Disturb

bdsm MistressPoe 2018-12-02

With lips parted she let out a soft moan pushing her face more firmly against her Daddy's covered cock. Daddy pulled her dress up around her waist and yanked her underwear up high causing it to tear off between the cheeks of her plump ass. He let up for a moment and inspected his work, rubbing his hand over the welts causing them to sting and then started up with the beatings once more. Tears were now streaming down the girl's face as she turned her head towards her Daddy whom she saw was now completely erect. The bed began to shake with little movements as her Daddy stroked his cock violently in his fist behind her, tugging it at rapid speed.

The Enslavement of My Boss Pt. 01

bdsm dr13bone 2018-12-02

Any terms you give will be more than good enough, provided you throw in a permanent parking space for me out front," she knew that I had hurt my knee coming to work on an icy Saturday to finish a report for her while she stood at home "sick," with sick meaning banging her ex-boyfriend, or should I say husband from the marriage that lasted about two whole months. I kissed her again letting my hands feel those nice tits of hers, I could almost say they worth the wait, that is almost. "I will give you a choice, either in your mouth or on your face and tits," she hesitated as I said it but continued to suck me off.

Jennifer Submitted

bdsm TexasDOM 2018-12-02

I leaned over and kissed her again and then looked deep into her eyes and told her, “This is just part of what your weekend will be like.” The door to the elevator closed as we walked down the hall and as I looked back, I saw the guys had failed to get on but were busy watching Jennifer. As she kissed each one, they took the opportunity to feel her bare tits, ass or slide a finger in her pussy. She closed her eyes; spread her legs, and started running both hands across her breast, down to her pussy and then back up. Please cum in me Master,” Jennifer began to beg, all the time looking the one who asked the questions in the eyes.

Submission Ch. 18

bdsm Goldeniangel 2018-12-02

The hand on her ass gave it a small slap for teasing him, but Alanna knew that her Master liked the occasional show of her lively spirit. Alanna bounced on her ass and the gasped as Master crawled on top of her, the predatory look in his eye sending gushes of wetness to her pussy. Several times she tried to close her legs, needed to rub her thighs together to try and ease the sensuous ache in her pussy, and each time Master twisted her nipples hard enough that she cried out, and spread her legs back open again. "Arch your back for me Alanna, show me how much you want me to slap your breasts," Master said.

Submission Ch. 10

bdsm Goldeniangel 2018-12-02

Master woke Alanna by running his fingers up and down her body, stroking her soft skin with his light touch and making her nipples tighten. She humped it frantically, pressing it hard against her softness, feeling the buzzing pulse through the most sensitive part of her, at the top of her mound, and Alanna howled with relief as the sudden orgasm crashed over her. Alanna pulled the buzzing thing from between her legs and turned on her side, panting, her body still quivering slightly from orgasmic rapture she'd brought herself to. As hard as she tried, she couldn't help rocking back and forth a little as Master manipulated her pussy, running the tip around her lips and making her shiver as it pressed against her sensitive nub.

Dani's New Life - Chap 6

bdsm LauriesHusband 2018-12-01

As she slipped further into her lustful thoughts and cravings, she heard herself groaning in exquisite pain and looked away from Tony's reflection in the glass table-top to watch the beautiful redhead sink her small, white teeth into the dark pink nipple capping her left tit and pull the tortured flesh out and away from the firm, round breast. Tami was turned on as she remembered the size and shape of the young man's cock – especially the big, dark, over-sized head – and her nipples grew long and hard as she walked the men to where Alan was waiting by the bar.

Sylvia's Tale

bdsm lunar42 2018-12-01

The movie continued to play in the background and I realized he was taking no notice of me as I sucked, he was watching the film and eating popcorn, as if I wasn't even there, as if I was just some cum draining machine, and I loved it, because I knew I was. I slid his huge cock out of my mouth, it was dripping with my spit, and started sucking his enormous sack and the smell of it drove me wild. I lay in the middle of them, my master was first to cum, followed by the two I had sucked third and fourth, then the huge one who fucked me, the nine inch cock, and lastly the little four inch.

Submission Ch. 17

bdsm Goldeniangel 2018-12-01

If only life were that simple, but David knew himself well enough to acknowledge that he wanted to be completely dominant over Alanna and that wouldn't happen if she saw her punishment as a reaction to Curtis rather than as a judgment from her Master. Alanna did not like the way that Master had dressed her for Curtis, but she knew better than to complain. When her Master's hands moved to her inner thighs, Alanna moaned again, the tips of his fingers teasing their way up towards her wet pussy. Alanna felt like she was floating on a blissful cloud, all of the stress and worry from the last week melting away as her Master pampered her.


bdsm lust_awakened 2018-12-01

I reply, “Please let me suck your cock, Master.” “Yes, Master,” I reply, “I am a slut who loves to suck your cock. Count each spank and if you do a good job I might let you have my cock in your mouth.” I breathe as you rub my arse cheeks, warming them before you get down to business. You push my cock in my mouth, I breathe in the smell, and I taste my cum juices on you. Grabbing my head you force your cock deep into my mouth and fuck it deeply. I am breathless when you pull your cock away for the last time and your warm sperm spurts over my face, covering my lips, cheeks, forehead, my tongue.

A Master A Maid pt. 1

bdsm bbygirl1 2018-12-01

I stand in front of the mirror to freshen up because Sir always likes me to look my best for him when he comes home. There was a part of me that loved the feeling I got from tending after others and keeping things beautiful, the familiar tingle between my thighs that reminded me of my true purpose as a woman even in this day and age. Sir suddenly grabbed a handful of my hair and began working my head in the rhythm that he so desired. I felt something wet stream down my inner thigh. Sir's eyes were locked into mine and he let out a long, sensual groan as his thick hot seed spurted out onto my face and into my mouth.