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The Gentleman's Club - Chapter 1

bdsm AlphaBeatHer 2018-06-27

Jennifer watched in awe while Joan sucked and licked as best she could as the The Gentleman pulled her head back and forth. At the very moment the punished woman lost consciousness, The Gentleman thrust his throbbing prick full depth into Jennifer's throat and shot a massive load of cum straight into her stomach. On hearing that they were about to close and the The Gentleman would be returning to his quarters Jennifer made an extra special effort thrusting her tongue deep into his ass. The Gentleman gave orders to the chief usher while he slipped his fingers tightly into Jennifer's hair and placed his soft penis in her mouth.

Hard Day

anal Lustybella 2018-06-27

Looking deep into his blue eyes I said, “Your brilliant to us, thanks.” I touched his arm, and got a grip on grease on my hand yuck. I felt heavy in my legs, Lee stood up and turned me round my nipples were on the cold tiles, and the hot water rushed down my back. “Before I fill you up with my cock I want to hear you come again.” Then he buried his head deep and his tongue darted in and out of my tight ass, and fingers again in to my c**t. He held me tight banging deeper, my orgasm still coming strong, then he yelled sinking his fingers deep into my ass cheeks, then he slipped down taking me with him to the floor.

An Experiment in Submission

bdsm RavenStar 2018-06-27

Bringing my hands to the chain at my neck, I unclasped it, then held the draping metal cloth to my breasts, my wide, obedient eyes waiting for his next request. The leather loop cupped my nipple and was pulled off, and the quick tug felt like the light scratch of a fingernail, making me jolt from the pleasure. I lost track of him with my eyes when he moved behind me, but I felt his hands on the outside of my thighs, fingers tracing up to the hem of my skirt. I closed my eyes and suppressed a moan as I felt his hands on my ass cheeks again, this time pulling them wide.

Telephone Tease, Chapter 1

mastrubation Master_Jonathan 2018-06-26

"No, My boss is in his office on the phone and Becky, the other girl I work here with, took an early lunch," she said in a small, quiet voice. "I want you to finger your nipples and get them nice and hard, the way I like them," I told her. What has My little slut been thinking about to get her so worked up?" I asked again. What has My little slut been thinking about to get her so worked up?" I asked again. "Y, Yes, Master," she moaned, breathing hard. "Ohh, yes Master!" she whimpered, as she pressed her hand harder against her clit which was warm with desire, her mind was filling with delightful images.

stay the course part four: Admitting Nick to the Mile High Club

bdsm taatiaanaa 2018-06-26

“You’re a good girl Taatiana, I can tell.” He looked across the aisle at the young man who was staring at me and continued, “I think you have a more than one fan in this cabin.” He nodded his head in the young man’s direction. “Taatiana, first I would like you to know what is required of you when the task is complete.” Robert said with a serious look on his face. Nick handed the phone back to Robert and the three of them looked at the pictures that had been taken. Nick moved over to the window seat and sat down and looked at me with a huge grin on his face.

Submissive Alyson loves being used

group arbymore 2018-06-26

They finished their drinks and Master Roger said, ‘Pull your skirt down,’ Alyson did as she was told and they all stood up and walked out to reception where John the manager was. Master Roger turned to the others and said, ‘So who’s going to fuck her first, make sure you cum inside her and fill her cunt for her. She loved the feel of the cock fucking in and out of her cunt and with the vibrator against her clit she actually climaxed seconds before John spunked deep inside her. Master turned the vibrator off for a moment just to give her a short respite and as he stood in front of Alyson he could see the guy’s spunk start to trickle out of her red and sore cunt.

What Was Missing

bdsm SheriPie 2018-06-26

They were seated at the same table and when her husband excused himself to conduct business he left Claudia in the hands of Brandon. Brandon slid his fingers up to her pussy and started to softly rub her lips up and down. She gasped softly as he started to finger fuck her right there at the table. As she sat at the table sipping her drink her mind kept drifting back to that night a year ago at the same gala that Brandon had claimed her and has secretly controlled her ever since. As she approached the entrance to the coat check room, Brandon, reached out and grabbed her and pulled her inside.

Starting from Somewhere

gay-male pretty_little_homo69 2018-06-26

Unbeknownst to them, however, was that as we were watching that girl in the movie get gang banged by four other men, I wanted so badly to be that girl-- kneeling on the floor, surrounded by a ring of cocks, being pulled to my feet and crowded around, passed around and fucked. Since I’m having a hard time getting inside you, I’ll just lie here and let you work this out.” Not knowing how exactly he expected me to do that, I started working my way into reverse cowgirl being careful not to let his cock slip out of my pussy.

The Party Chapter Three

bdsm spankerherDaddy 2018-06-26

With your ass cheeks spread wide, I apply some lube to your tight little asshole and then slowly press the hard rubber tip inside. After several strokes, I remove My finger and examine the glove closely before pronouncing, “Looks like the enema did it’s job slut, now your ass is clean for Me also.” You hear Me removing the examination glove as I tell you to stand up. As Jane continues to softly lick and suck your left nipple, you feel her soft hand slowly sliding down your tummy; grazing softly across your freshly shaved pussy, before gently slipping a finger between your pussy lips and finding your clit.

When Fantasy Meets Reality, Part 2

bdsm Master_Jonathan 2018-06-26

Sarah waited in the car as she had been taught while Michael got out and opened the door for her, extending his hand to help her to stand. "Hello Sir," she said as she entered the living room where Michael sat, watching the big screen TV.  Sarah began to buck her hips in time to his hand and finger and screamed "Oh Sir... Sarah bucked and twisted on Michael's hand as he continued fingering her pussy, probing her and teasing her even as she came. Once they had gotten back to his house, Sarah began putting the things away that they had bought and joined Michael in the living room.

Of mice, men and submission (1)

bdsm Chasingshadows 2018-06-25

I had braided my hair and wasn’t looking or feeling attractive or interesting, but rather like the typical anonymous grey mouse; the girl nobody sees or remembers. Hands caressing my body, skin, hair, feeling up my tits or my ass. I received two more hard slaps and felt hands spreading my ass cheeks. When the cock was buried deep on the inside of me, I felt hands grab my hips firmly and he started to fuck me for real. The fingers in my pussy followed the lead, and went in and out, harder and faster all the time. It became too much for me, my mind was swimming between pain, a feeling of fullness I had never experienced and something else building up on the inside of me.

Krystenah's Surprise Date with Daddy

bdsm krystenah 2018-06-25

I rolled over and opened my eyes, expecting to see Daddy's handsome, restful face, but I snapped awake when I saw that resting on his pillow instead was the thick, wooden frat paddle. I wanted to feel Bestie insistently pressing at my second mouth and deep into my hungry cunt past my special spot until my eyes rolled back in my head... I'm focused." I held the lengthy checklist in my hand as Daddy looked at me skeptically, but he headed down the stairs. I wanted them to know that my Daddy had spanked and paddled my ass today. He ran his strong hands down my back and down my ass and patted the plug, pressing it a fraction deeper into my rectum.

Taken in and Taught (Chapter 1)

bdsm lovelyvampire 2018-06-25

I guess," Brandon said to me in a tone that I pieced out told me how little he wanted to wait. "Good girl for asking, but you don't have to right now," he said as he leaned in and I soon felt his mouth pressing against mine, with a rough tenderness that left me on a cloud. "I'll take care of them later, I got something else I'd like to enjoy." His tone left my panties wet and in want; no in need of being touched. The throbbing, I felt in my clit, the need, and want to touch it, but knowing that I couldn't.

First Comes Punishment, Then Cums Reward

bdsm polkadotalicious 2018-06-24

When my loving Master noticed I was struggling to keep still He stopped and rubbed the burn from my brightened ass. Too soon though He pulled me away from His delicious cock and held me by my hair as I tried to take it in my mouth again. I started to try and pull away from the chair thinking He was going to spank me again but He slapped my ass and told me to stay still. "Good little slut." He said quietly as He rubbed my sore ass. As I struggled to hold myself up and I tried to not cum He pushed two fingers into my mouth and told me to suck.

Struggling to Sleep

mastrubation Master_Jonathan 2018-06-24

Alice could feel her panties getting soaked as she toyed with her nipples and listened to his calming, sexy voice. "I have kept it shaved clean, Sir," she said huskily as her fingers played over her swollen lips and circled her throbbing aching clit. Alice used two fingers to spread her pussy lips wide apart and then took the finger of her other hand and rubbed her hard button, sending electric lightning bolts through her pussy and straight to her lust-clouded brain. You are such a slut," he said, "finger-fucking yourself and begging me to cum." "Keep those legs wide apart," he said, "You should see what kind of a slut you look like...

Please Master

bdsm Xanthe 2018-06-24

His hands were on her hips, but he moved them now to her shoulders, gripping her bound arms tightly as he pushed, finally, right inside her. Even as she thought the sensations were beginning to fade, she felt him reach his own climax, pumping inside her of her Master's cum, and maybe it was that, or maybe she had simply misjudged her own body, but her body continued to plateau with his and she whimpered as her muscles shook with a further force, before finally, eventually, after what seemed like so long possessed by the force of his power, she was spent.

Kitty Wants To Play

bdsm SecretOne96 2018-06-24

You requested that I wear the special outfit and that I get out a few of the silk ties and that I not touch myself until you either give me permission or until you get home. Once I am standing I clasp my hands behind my back and wait for your next request. You asses the outfit carefully making sure nothing is out of place and that I've done exactly what was requested. I feel your hands let go of my ass. The pleasure of having you buried deep inside me combined with stinging of my ass cheeks creates an undescribable feeling. The sensation quickly builds to my orgasm and I beg, "Sir, please let me cum.

Fucking The Wrong Sister In The Wrong Hole

anal AbigailThornton 2018-06-24

As I looked down at the white smear of Angela’s sex juices coating the top centimetre of my cock and the umbilical thread linking our genitals, my relationship with Tina came into sharp focus. “And then you’re going to sit here and watch the television or read the paper while my spunk dries on you.” Angela moaned and the way her pussy clenched made my cock vibrate dangerously. I want to see inside.” Angela was shaking as her fingers slid down either side of her pussy and tried to pull her labia apart. “I want to come with your dick in my arse, Master.” I couldn’t believe what was happening as Angela took control, masturbating furiously with her slippery fingers flying beneath my cock.

Meeting His New Submissive, Chapter 1

bdsm AmericanDreamgirl 2018-06-24

As they walk in the elevators, Mr. Wellington asks "Miss Olivia, would you like to join me today in my office?" "Oh, look at the time, Sir, I need to get back to my office and finish my work for today," she says nervously. "Miss Olivia, if you do not want this promotion, I'm sure I can find another girl who would be most appreciative of a chance to work up here with me!" he says sternly. Olivia stomps her feet, whimpering in protest of this cruel torment, but just at her most dejected and forlorn, Mr. Wellington shoves the buzzing head of the Wand hard against her pussy, pushing it past her outer lips to rest directly at her vaginal opening.

Bred By the Light of the Super Moon

bdsm MistressMichelle 2018-06-23

Knowing that I am naked makes me nervous, but my body again betrays me and I can feel moisture begin to pool in the crevice between my legs. A door to my left opens, and I feel the car give way to the weight of your entry. Your touch feels good, and I instinctively try to reach up to wrap my arms around your neck but stop short as I realize my wrists are still tied to my knees. I can feel your rigid cock dancing along the lips of my very wet pussy and the friction there causes me to become wetter by the moment. Balancing on your left hand, your right arm encircles my neck, making me instinctively raise my head and open my eyes.

Those Three Little Words - Part Four

bdsm pearlcheerio 2018-06-23

"Yes Master, thank you for teaching me," I said, wanting him to come nearer, to touch me. "I think you've earnt it, slut" He explained and I opened it not knowing what to expect. Inside, lying serenely on a background of red velvet was a beautiful leather collar. “I’m going to fuck your virgin ass now slut.” He said from behind me, and I felt him use my own pussy juices as lube.He used one finger first, slowly massaging my tight little star until I was relaxed enough for him to enter me. “Relax slut,” He soothed, and he rubbed my soaking pussy with one hand, making me forget about the coming pain and I unclenched my muscles.

Summer Hire Ch. 13 Part 1

bdsm brentaden 2018-06-23

She took a deep breath, then turned away from both Mrs. Grady and Erik to rearrange her breasts, which had been squashed askew when she had quickly pulled on her sports bra. In the dimness of her perception, Melissa sensed Serena lifting her head in a long groan as Erik asked the other woman, “Did you clean and grease your ass?” While she lay with her face turned toward Serena, she saw the other woman’s eyes open wide as she was pushed forward, her head lifting again from the counter. She’ll have to learn how to train him.” He gave the long whip and leash to Melissa, telling her, “Go on over to Serena.

My Teenage God ch. 4

gay-male dominanceaddict 2018-06-23

Max's muscular chest rose and fell with each breath, and David felt his Master's body beckoning him over as the panic lost out to a greater feeling of submission. David whimpered but Max continued to simply rest his cock on his tongue, the head just about entering his mouth. He began to lick Max’s neck and kiss the scruff of his cheek, crazy with lust as Max teased his ass with his cock head. You’re so fucking amazing, Max. I love your huge cock in my ass.” David didn’t even know what he was saying. Max, still holding David up with one hand under the his ass, grabbed the tutor by his hair on the back of his head, holding him an inch away from his lips.

Master's Tree Cave

bdsm Toy4Master 2018-06-23

She is allowed to speak until I say otherwise and she knows this, so before I can give a command she quietly, but respectfully asks, “Has Daddy shown you the gift I brought, Master?” I smile. “The ropes are a wonderful gift, but they do not nullify you receiving your punishment for last night.” She shifts and the smile fades a little as she bites her lower lip and nods her head. I can feel myself building again and before I can ask, he gruffly whispers, “Cum for me slut.” I don’t know when I got this ability, but I can cum on demand just like I do for him now.