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A Helping Hand

mastrubation SubcuriousMD 2018-12-01

I stroke it slowly, just to feel the heightened hardness of my cock as I think about what might be coming. It feels so good, having it constrained like that and it makes it look even bigger and thicker than its usual 7 1/2 inches. You run your hands down as you slide backward, freeing my cock from its torture. You slide up and sit right on my chest, your gorgeous pussy just inches from my lips, but out of reach. You remove the panties from my mouth and tell me to lick your toy clean. You start slowly stroking and teasing my cock. Then you take your other hand and start stroking my cock. When I'm done, you scoop up my cum and start to lick your fingers clean.

The Ritual

first-time GabrielSweet 2018-11-28

At almost the same time I hear a soft voice behind me say, " Hi, is that for me?" Startled, I cover my lap with my hands and look around to see that I had forgotten to lock my door, and Angel was standing in the doorway, bare as a newborn, still teasing the soft hairs between her legs. Her hands are still massaging her breasts and pulling at her nipples as I slide my tongue along her tender lower lips. As she starts to cum I lift her hips and sit up so her legs are across my shoulders, never stopping the tonguing I am giving her clit. I pull her very close and tight as I push in hard and feel her flesh open and let me past.

Bath For Babygirl

first-time GabrielSweet 2018-11-18

He begins pushing the bubbles inside her pussy with two fingers, each time he pulls them out, again tapping her clitty with the back of his hands, knuckles lightly rapping against that swelling little button, just hard enough to cause a flinch. Returning to the pace where he had left her, moving his fingers in and out a little faster and as she gets close to the edge, close enough to fall over the edge, he reaches up with the other hand and firmly pinches that tiny button and whispering in her ear, “Cum for Daddy my pet, cum hard and let me hear my name as you reach your release,” with this said his thumb slips inside that little puckered ass and he releases the grip on her tiny clit, beginning to rub even faster than before.

Unexpected Threesome

group SubcuriousMD 2018-11-17

I watched as Melanie turned and started to kiss Heather. I watched as Melanie freed Heather's firm little tits and started to suck them. I watched as Heather licked and sucked Melanie's creamy pussy. I watched Melanie's face as she started to cum on Heather's tongue. I felt Melanie slip first one, then two fingers inside me as I leaned into Heather's wet pussy. As I ate Melanie Heather slowly started to work a dildo into my ass. It felt so good I didn't notice the signs of Melanie's impending orgasm until the creamy juices started flooding my mouth. Heather immediately told me to sit up and watch while she lay back and spread her legs.

My Battlefield Angel

mastrubation GabrielSweet 2018-11-06

I mentioned her family and asked where they were and all she said was, "family gone", then went to sit across the room from me and wouldn't look at me anymore. She stayed away until after if was dark and when I could no longer hold on she came over close and wiped my brow with a nice cool towel, checked my bandages and as she did I fell asleep again. Shifting her hips as she gets into a comfortable spot, the front of her long dress falls open as she moves. This of course was all I needed and I began to squirt all over the front of us both, as I was falling deep into my bliss she again leans over and this time licks the spent cum from my still jerking cock.

My love, My Nisha....

first-time nishana 2018-11-03

Then she pulled away from me and said,” lets go somewhere safer.” We both got up and went to the store room behind the waiting hall. My only intensions were just to kiss her and enjoy licking her sweet tongue. But it felt so good that I didn’t realize she had opened my zip and pulled my man thing out of its constrictions. I pulled her pussy lips with both my hands and saw her clit. She pulled my face down and kissed me hard. I held her face in my hand and her lips in my mouth. We both explored each other’s mouth with our dripping tongues as we fondled each other’s hair with our hands

Now That's A Holiday

group ThatSexyIrishGirl 2018-08-15

Brad and David rowed the small boat that came with the cabin rental out into the lake to try to catch some fish, while Anna and Trish sat lazily sunning nude on the small patch of land between the cabin and the dock. "Let's see if we can get them to cum at the same time..." and Trish took Brad's cock into her mouth and slowly started mouth fucking him. The guys both fell back to sitting more than leaning on the back of the sofa while Anna and Trish licked and kissed and sucked the cum off of each other's face and neck and rubbed it into their tits.

Submissive Training

bdsm HandsOnMaster 2018-05-31

"With each soft caress, dwell on how being feminine draws a Dom, with each firm touch dwell on the primal response it draws from the nature of the Dom. One brings the other, and cycle repeats with more energy. "I'm glad you caught yourself, continue Dear." You begin to twist your nipples as part of the primal, and the first stroke of your pussy brings a long, slow moan. "Start rubbing that clit Dear, it is time." Your hands shoots down to start rubbing that hard nub, and you are panting and gasping, intent on obeying by holding that orgasm at bay just a bit longer ...

On the Bedroom Floor

bdsm keeping_chloe 2018-02-10

This floor where you have laid spread, stark naked, where you have secretly writhed in pleasure, secretly squirmed with your hands in your cunt, but no one, not anyone has ever seen you here like that, and certainly not like this, with you knees on the ground and your ass in the air, your thighs slick with your own arousal here in your old bedroom. Could you have imagined back then being commanded onto the floor, knowing it was because he wanted to fuck too hard, too passionately for the little bed to withstand without its springs screaming, loudly incriminating you?