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Gardening at Mrs Chesters ch 4

voyeur schoolmrs 2018-12-04

Jon was busy in the closet, cock and balls now out of the tight flies, in his trousers. He reached down and pulling is right hand back quickly, he peeled the tight skin back and revealed his shiny, swollen and dark red, mushroom head. He was intrigued by her short dark arm hairs and as she reached forward he could see a small black bush underneath each armpit by turn. Throughout the meeting, try as he might, Jonathan could not look away from Mrs. Chester’s hair, her head, neck, shoulders, and back. He reached down and cinched Dorothy’s wristwatch strap to the final and felt the swollen head surge bigger and with that the tight and fast moving foreskin eased back on its own with a series of compulsive twitches.

The Librarian: Part 1

interracial Handydandy14 2018-12-04

I'd wanted to get back out there and find love or, these days, just have a man touch me. I had about an hour until I needed to be at work, but I wanted to enjoy a nice breakfast along with a nice cup of coffee. I usually work our libraries reference desk, and what that really means is I sit in a somewhat comfy chair for eight hours and help people find books. If I had a genie and he or she could grant me one wish for my birthday, it would be to have a hung black man fuck my brains out all night long while I scream his name and have him cum on my naughty face and tits.

Using Judie

anal Bassicallybill 2018-12-04

I reach over to open the rear passenger door of the car with one hand while the tips of the fingers of my other hand explore between your ass cheeks, teasing your tight, puckered asshole. You smell so fucking good - finding your clit, I suck it between my lips, teasing with my tongue, moaning against you. I waddle in behind you and caress your gorgeous ass, ending up with a finger sliding gently into your tight little hole. Hands on your hips, watching your ass quiver with every stroke, loving the moans I hear from you and ignoring the camera nearby. As you squeeze gently, I lose it completely, the cum rocketing up the length of my rigid cock and jetting deep in your ass.

Dave and Sugar ch 1

mastrubation Kandikiss51 2018-12-04

I love fucking myself and letting a man hear the wet sounds because I knew it went from his ear straight to his cock. Harder baby, I’m rubbing my clit hard oh don’t stop baby…I’m about to cum!” Sometimes I have trouble cumming, but hell love to stroke my dick anyways, especially when I have a hot, sexy, big beautiful gal on the other end of the phone. “Ooooh God, I love doing that, when a man plays with my tits like that my fingers or his are in my cunt, and I cum harder!” Then I want you to sleep naked, and call me when you wake up, let's say around 9:30 am , my cock is so hard in the morning it needs you, as the wife won’t do a damn thing anymore.”

Losing my Virginity

first-time car_man45ca 2018-12-04

"So what was it you were looking at exactly?" Mrs Stevens asked leaning forward to take her glass in her hand. "What else did you look at while you were peeking at me?" asked Helen as she slowly and methodically began opening and closing her legs once again causing her lovejuice to ooze out of her and leak down the crack of her succulent ass. You want to stick that big cock in my cunt fuck me hard, don't you?" Helen said almost screaming. "But I thought you are a virgin?" Mrs. Stevens then realizing the joke let out a low sweet laugh that caused my still hard cock to pop clear out of her cum fill cunt.

A Memorable Backpack

mature maturemaleinmo 2018-12-04

I brush my penis and pubic area to loosen it from the remaining constrictions the clothing had placed on my genitals, and feel the cooling air. As she reaches for the bottom of her cotton tee that she is wearing and pulls it over her head I glance at the dark pubic area between her legs and notice a slight pinkness hiding within the hair. I can feel my penis beginning to stiffen with excitement, so I roll over onto my stomach. She packs her clothes away and pulls out a towel and brings it over to lay it out not more than three feet from mine.

Gazebos and Vermouth - Part 4

mature Adagio 2018-12-03

Although a little sore I stripped down and cleaned up around the house. My cock was hanging and being pulled down by the weight of the heavy ring. Before leaving room 11B Evelyn had informed me that she 'only' had the tool to remove the ring from my cock head. My side living room window being with the blinds open, I could see movement in my next door neighbor's bedroom. The feel of the ring striking my inner thighs poured libido juice down my body. I tried to explained to her that I was too sore to perform, and she told me to get that 'mammy-jammer' that I had. Old-smokey was smoking her twat as the damn door bell rang and I heard, "Pizza".

Former Teacher PT1

mature Stoneypoint 2018-12-03

There were her eyes, her hair, her voluptuous looking lips, and of course there were her boobs and last but not least her curvaceous thicker figure which led to his attraction to her possibly. She let go of his hand and as she looked at him she smiled and then lightly rubbed his leg. With her hand on his leg and still smiling at him, she caressed it again, but this time Devin did not jump. “You don’t like that, Devin?” she asked in a soft toned voice. However to sit there, in her house, and be feeling her soft rotund boobs like he was doing… oh fucking god, he told himself. “Good,” she said “because I’d surely love to feel your penis, your cock if you’ll let me.”

Welcome Back Home Graduates

mature GrayGhost 2018-12-03

After the waitress left, the physical exploration with a forty year delay started again. Christine slid her hand farther up my leg and grabbed my cock. My hands were still busy on Christine's tits and helping her reach her goals. Christine took my cock in her mouth and gave it some special attention. Now, I was able to lick her pussy and flick her clit with my tongue. Her hand was busy fondling my balls while she increased her lip pressure and her tongue slithered up and down the sides of my shaft. From the conservative business woman suit that she'd worn previously, tonight she dressed in the "little black dress." It was shorter, more cleavage, black stockings and black stilettos and Christine added a gold chain and earrings as accessories. I looked at Christine and said, "Let's go shower together."

The Gift

mature LASARDaddy 2018-12-03

We got there and when we walked in Lacey kissed Rob and turned and grabbed my head in both hands and gave me a big, sloppy kiss saying, "Alex called me and asked if I wanted to share this and I told her, absolutely, if I'm lucky he'll take care of both of us. She took my hand gently and smiling said to Jack and Lacey, "Let's get more comfortable, I want to lie down with Paul. I'm watching her thinking, "That thing has been in both their mouths, pussies and asses and anywhere else they wanted." I briefly wondered if they'd ever used it on Jack and decided to ask later.

The Senior Center Concert

mature DLizze 2018-12-03

I didn’t want to play this gig, especially on bari, since this horn is so ratty, I’m hot and sweaty and uncomfortable, and to top it all off, my boobs hurt again today. Since I didn’t want strange looks from my fellow musicians, and wasn’t expecting to do any activities that would bounce my boobs, I had not worn a bra. After one of her annual visits to the gynecoloigist, she announced, “He says I have ten-baby hips.” We had both laughed about it at the time, but I liked them, They gave her a nice hour glass shape. After the concert, I packed up my sax, and was hoping to have a word with her, but she was busy with a patient who was having problems understanding, and I thought better of interrupting.

The Renaissance of Veronica

lesbian tak0chan 2018-12-03

At first she felt guilty when lying in the bed she had shared with Ken for thirty years, watching videos of women making love – either to each other or to themselves – or looking at images of young, nubile, big-breasted women, imagining herself having sex with them, and bringing herself to orgasms of an intensity she had never known with him. Surrendering to the two women’s ministrations and to their murmurings of pleasure and endearment, Veronica obediently raised her hips to allow her skirt and knickers to be removed, then shuddered with pleasure as Angela began to remove her stockings, trailing her fingers, lips and tongue down each thigh, and then up again.

Chapter One: First Time Stray

first-time BrendaH 2018-12-03

However, that night I noticed that I was a little more aroused than normal and found myself holding back from being more aggressive towards my husband in bed. So I just kept running my nails all over his chest until I finally couldn't stand it and dropped my hand across his crotch and felt his cock through his pants. I thought I had had orgasms before but this time I got to the point where I've been before with my husband which was very pleasurable but this time the feeling went right past anything I've ever felt before and I began to shake uncontrollably all while moaning and grunting with this beautiful man's cock in my mouth.

2-for-1 Discount

mature prairiedogg 2018-12-03

When she saw my big cock she really had second thoughts about going through with it, but I took my time with her and before we were done she was begging me to ram it home hard. As we had drinks, Patricia was outgoing, laughing and outrageous. Ramona hardly said a word, but when I suggested that we adjourn to someplace a little more private, her eyes lit up and I detected a slight smile. Ramona saw this and lay down beneath Patricia, her head directly under her shiny wet pussy. I gave her a little treat, pulling my shiny wet cock out of Patricia's gash and pointing it at Ramona's mouth.

The Neighbours

voyeur John_Doe 2018-12-03

I slowly began to come down from my wonderful orgasmic state as I opened my eyes gently to look across, and see the woman staring back at me, naked from the front, her shaven pussy and long smooth legs, leading up to her soft heaving breasts as she looked at me, and obviously had seen me jerking off over her. I stood in terror and shock more than anything else, frozen to the ground as she looked at me, my cock in my hand, now beginning to softly lose it's erection, and a few stains of cum splashed upon my window.

DeAnn's Submissive Weekend ( Part Fourteen )

bdsm DeAnn1960 2018-12-03

Robert then said, "Wonderful answer DeAnn. Suzy is still higher on the ladder than you and since you enjoy being with her so much I will allow you two some more time to interact while I watch. Robert was actually sitting so close that he started sucking on one of my nipples and fingering my pussy as I stood there bound tightly to his bed. Then I heard Robert say, "Suzy, I really enjoy watching slave D's tits bounce each time the whip finds her back but I think we can do better. I was a mess and Suzy continued to whip me even after Robert shot his load in my face.

My wife becomes my mistress

bdsm jfowler833 2018-12-03

I lay there in anticipation of having my ass lit up by a good paddling.  I heard the bathroom door open and Norma finally came out in a beautiful black negligee that barely came down over her hips and nothing else.  The moment had arrived.  Norma then stuffed a pair of her panties into my mouth.  She picked up the paddle and started spanking me.  They were not hard strokes but after a while I felt my ass warm up.  I was in heaven.  After maybe a hundred strokes she quit and undid my restraints so I could begin the main feast!  I turned over on my back and Norma first applied the wrist restraints and then the leg restraints.  She then put the nipple clamps on me, first the left nipple and then the right nipple.  Lastly, she put the blindfold on me. 

Fun with the New Neighbor

anal Kman518 2018-12-03

I was tempted to start face fucking her since it felt so incredible, but I didn’t want to shoot my load this soon. Cindy kept her finger in my ass, moving it slowly in and out, and began working her way up my cock again. Once she began to make love to my cock with her tongue, she rotated her body so her pussy was right over my face. “Oh god yes, you feel fucking incredible,” I said while slowly beginning to move in and out. She tongue fucked my ass for a few minutes with me moaning the whole time, gradually getting louder. She began to pound my ass the way a man would fuck a pussy, and I was loving every second of it.

Do You Want Me As Much As I Want You?

mature Cyndy 2018-12-03

Even while the evening proceeded, I dared to stare straight into your eyes while you were looking elsewhere, and thought: “Do you want me as much as I want you?” You noticed my stare. Jimmy took my hands, stood up and pulled me into his arms. Your look turned to lust and I heard you gasp as Jimmy’s hands were running up and down all over me. As Jimmy kissed me, one hand dropped to a breast and the other slid down to my pussy. Jimmy and Turner were now both enjoying our nakedness with their hands as you and I continued to kiss. Lowering you onto his cock, Jimmy groaned as I watched him put his hands around your hips.

The Anniversary Present: Blindfolded and handcuffed

bdsm Cyndy 2018-12-03

“Jimmy usually gets home around six, so if you could get here at about twenty to six, I want to be ready for him and that would give you enough time to put the cuffs on me and go before he shows up,” I said. Ten minutes ago I had been preparing for Jimmy’s arrival, happy to have Suzie help me. That turned to anger when she started to play with me. Suzie started to fuck me with it and I felt the vibrator again on my clit. She started going harder and faster with the dildo, only stopping briefly to turn the vibrator up to full speed. And, when I have finished with your pussy, I am going to undo your cuffs, turn you over, and fuck your ass.”

Mature Bliss Ch. 01

fetish MarcusWoolf 2018-12-03

In the breakfast room she looked as if she had just risen from bed in a black, oversized, fuzzy knitted morning coat of the wrap-around kind – only held together at the waist with a matching belt - and added to that black high-heeled "fuck me" slippers and black fishnet stockings. And a couple of times when she reached for her coffee, her morning coat fell sufficiently open for me to get a glimpse of her naked breast and a brown, jutting nipple. As I studied the pictures of ripe and sexy mature women displaying their wares and having sex with men young enough to be their sons, I must admit that my thoughts frequently returned to the owner of the magazine.

In The Heat Of The Night

mastrubation Cyndy 2018-12-02

Lying down on the lounger, I thought I might as well enjoy the cooler air and let my body dry off. Hearing myself groan out loud, I lifted my hand from my breasts and covered my mouth. Raising my right leg over the arm of the lounger gave more room for my fingers to maneuver. I briefly thought what I would look like if Carla, Jack or anybody else saw me like this. “I do some odd things in the middle of the night.” I tried to avoid looking at Jack, because I could sense he was grinning. “Yes, here’s to an even better night tonight than last night,” Jack toasted with his coffee cup, looking right at me.

A Tuscan Holiday- Chapter Three

anal MissCarmelle 2018-12-02

When I hesitate, he reaches into my lap and puts his hand beneath my dress, his fingers close around my waistband and he roughly yanks down. I drive my hand against my clit while working my fingers into my wetness and pinch my nipple. As I suck, he reaches across to tickle my clit and pushes his fingers inside me. He toys with my clit and slips a finger inside my wetness before I feel his breath hitch. Pulling out slowly, Doug fingers me mercilessly in both holes until I come with my juice streaming down my thighs. I lean forward, panting to regain my breath but feel Doug lift me tenderly and carry me into bed.

Robert The Randy Married Bobby - Part One

gay-male Man4Married 2018-12-02

My online chatting soon became quite intoxicating and I would hurry home and could not wait to read all the sexual horny messages. The many sexy pictures sent back and forth online between myself and all those other horny men, showed no promise to deliver the virtual man of my sexual dreams. My many admirers came from all over globe and it felt like I had a sexy man in just about every county just waiting to talk to me before they too went to bed after a hot and heavy jerk session. As the tone of our virtual sex chat changed and became more heated, I imagined that hard cock waiting to spurt out a thick hot spray of cum into his hand.