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Mature Bliss Ch. 02

fetish MarcusWoolf 2018-11-26

She wore the same black woollen morning coat, but she let it hang open to reveal a long and fuzzy black sweater underneath, and her legs were covered in brushed mohair legwarmers from her high-heeled slippers to above her knee. She played a drawn-out teasing game, opening and closing her legs, stroking her thighs and all the time playing with her pussy covered by the black, furry panties. And as you do so, I want you to imagine all the kinds of weird sex acts this puffy, sloppy, wet and willing cunt has experienced over the years, the fingers that have explored it, the stiff dicks that have hammered it and the tongues that have worshipped it.

Mature Bliss Ch. 03

fetish MarcusWoolf 2018-11-19

She expected him to worship her legs, and I could see him touching her soft legwarmers, letting his hands float gingerly over the soft fuzz and feel his way upwards towards her knees and thighs. She ordered him to worship pussy, and I could see his hands grabbing her thighs and from the motions of her hips it was evident that he was eating her out with great fervour, and that she was grinding her crotch all over his upturned face. One soft coat had come off its hanger and fallen into my lap, and I hugged it and used it to caress my cheeks and my neck, still with my eyes glued to the strange scenario before me: my uptight stepfather being drilled in the ass by a mature slut and loving it, begging for it.

Fuzzy Flight

fetish MarcusWoolf 2018-11-16

I was half asleep, waiting for my flight to start boarding, when she entered the waiting area; a vivacious blonde in a fantastic fuzzy blue turtleneck sweater and high-heeled knee-long musketeer boots. I had some fantasy images of my cock being buried in the soft wool of her sweater and her hands slowly stroking it. The sleeves of her sweater felt so nice stroking my naked skin, but now something equally soft was caressing my straining member. Her hand now stroked my dick hard and quick, and as I heard her panting softly and felt her pussy muscles pulsate and clamp around my exploring fingers, my dam burst and I shot load after load of semen into the woollen sleeve and all over my trousers.