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Mary - chapter 3

mature sexyvette2469 2018-11-13

The family was abuzz about how Doug told everyone that the night he got home from his conference Mary literally attacked him and took him to their bed. We discovered another time that Doug had a conference and I arranged to meet Mary at the hotel where the conception occurred. For a long time she starred at nothing as I stood behind her kissing her neck and ears as my hand moved lovingly on her swollen belly. My cock shot wave after wave into her as she orgasmed, then without a word I slid down and began to eat and suck the love nectar we had made from her body.

The Good Guy all the Bad Girls Want: part 6

mature Ian56UK 2018-11-13

Ruth and Sharon watched wide-eyed with lust as I crouched over their friend and began to fuck her well-stuffed asshole in front of them. Angie looked up at me and smiled as Ruth licked my cock head and Sharon kissed my shaft until it was clean of our combined juices from our last triple decker fuck. The world fell away around us as Ruth, Angie, and Sharon began to fade slowly away before my eyes. Our eyes met and she gave me a winsome smile as she followed Angie, Ruth, and Sharon back into the void as she slowly faded away like the morning mist.

Gazebos and Vermouth - Part 5

mature Adagio 2018-11-13

Three months had passed since Evelyn had fixed my cock up, down if you counted the direction it pointed. Evelyn gets me that way but I knew she wanted to fix my nut-sack with more ornaments. Three months had passed since the last Cali sighting at the Beachside Motel and her note, "girls, they want to have fun also". Three months had passed since the pizza delivery guy had delivered the pizza and Whistler's Mother had been formally introduced to the now defunct old-smokey dildo. The sign on the building said, 'The Heather Curling Club'. Thats how I felt when it dawned on me that the gosh-awful sport called the curling contraption a frigging stone.


The Hunky Californian Daddy Part 5

gay-male Man4Married 2018-11-13

The pleasure of finally feeling daddy's sucking mouth on my now hard cock was fucking just awesome. Daddy sucked in his cheeks to apply suction to my engorged cock head and I rocked my pelvis off the now wet sheets of the bed. The room felt hot, the bedsheets wet under me as I sprawled naked under my foreign daddy's pleasure giving mouth, lips, tongue and fingers. My eyes closed and head turned to one side, daddy moved over me and I felt his hard cock as it slid against my hot wet skin. He teased with his tongue around the puckered brown hole and I jumped when his tongue left a wet trail of hotness along my ass crack.

A walk in the park

mature joey65 2018-11-13

The woman returned the smile and told me her name was Ann. Although she wore the typical grandmother type tee shirt with a picture of a cat on it and lose sweat pants, she looked like she kept herself in good shape. Ann's voice began to crackle with excitement, as she told me how she would bring her husband, Frank, right up to the point of ejaculation, stop sucking and then simply walk away from him. I knew I was not going to be able to hold off my ejaculation for much longer and told that to Ann. I apologized to her and said, "I don't think I'm going to have enough left to shove my cock deep inside your cunt, the way I was hoping to."

The Catalina Variation

anal top_spin 2018-11-13

Jorge and I have been friends for  quite a while, a friendship which lasted over long periods of absence.  We met over 20 years ago, at a local chess club, it was a small and we  don’t remember much of what was said except that we played a few  skittles games. Not so gently I  felt her up, inserting my finger in her asshole, it was so tight;  getting on my knees I knelt behind her and began to tongue her  delectable ass, I savored her taste and the rich decadence of the act.  She in utter depravity reached back to hold my face in place; she  pushed back so I could insert my tongue for even deeper penetration. 

Bradley Franklin Morrison IV - Part 2

mature TommyTudor 2018-11-13

Now Jennifer and I were off to Fargo, North Dakota to work a business deal with a very rich older client that had a taste for beautiful young women and whose wife had a taste for good-looking young studs. She introduced herself as Alice Brubaker and said, “I assume you two are the young Bradley Franklin Morrison and his beautiful wife Jennifer, I have been expecting you. Jennifer would tell me later, that Arnold had her extremely hot and bothered as he had succeeded in getting his hand under her dress and inside her thong making contact with her labia and clitoris, and she was ready to fuck before the main course was served.

Z and the Truckers

mature ZandMe 2018-11-13

  At the T, left to home and right back to the trucks, Z asked “can we go back again?”   Sure I said and with that she got out of the car and started walking down between the truck rows.   After talking for a minute the driver reached out his hand, she grabbed it and put one foot on the very high step, and he pulled her into the cab.   The first guy, Fred, still smiling, gently grabbed my hand, put an arm around my shoulder and led me between two trucks to a grassy patch.   Several guys got warmed up in my mouth only to go to the line for my ass.

In the Neighbour's Bedroom

mature Lauradj 2018-11-13

We moved out of the way of the viewing window and kissed before I walked her to the door, where we kissed one last time before she had to get back to her family. I went back to the viewing window and saw Cath get in the car, but not before taking one last look at my house. An hour later a dark blue hatchback pulled into the driveway and a young girl stepped out and stood in the driveway, staring at her new house. I spent most of my time at the viewing window that weekend, watching the attractive dark haired girl.

The mom next door

mature The_Writer 2018-11-13

She unclipped her bra, and started kneading her new breasts. She gasped, later she told me she hadn’t had sex since her last child which was about 12 years and I think just the feel of a dick inside her made her want to orgasm. My cock felt so good in her sopping pussy and I loved the feel of her breasts against me as we shagged, her skin was soft and warm and I wanted to stay in the position until her kids came home. It took her a while to get her breath back, and I myself was breathing heavily, but when she did she leant at the foot of the bed and wrapped each of her new breasts over my cock.

At the Barbican

anal OldGeezer 2018-11-12

It wasn’t long before she came yet again, but I didn’t let her off so easily this time, but continued stroking her clit and touching her deeply inside, so her orgasm just went on and on, until she literally collapsed in a faint. Then I fucked her ass, long and slow to start with, and then faster and faster, my body literally pushing her up the bed until her head was banging against the bed head, and she was coming in a constant series of orgasms, whether from me or the dildo, I neither know or care, until finally I spurted my seed deep inside her ass, my balls seemingly fuller than ever as it squirted out and out.

Fuzzy Flight Pt. 02

fetish MarcusWoolf 2018-11-12

I did not want to say goodbye to the enticing, seductive blonde in her lovely fuzzy sweater-dress, and carrying her coat postponed the moment when we would have to go our separate ways, at least for a bit. My hands were all over her, caressing her legs in her sexy, knee-high calfskin boots, stroking her thighs and finding their way towards the soft, wet spot between her legs. As I first sucked on her clit and then stuck my tongue as far into her pussy as I possibly could, her legs began to tremble, and when I slowly inserted a finger into her anus whilst worshipping her pussy, she came with a load cry followed by muffled moans.

N's Weekend Adventure

interracial ZandMe 2018-11-12

  On the way to our first adventure, I fondled N’s knee and unbuttoned the top buttons of her dress.   The only other patron was a tall, well built blond guy sitting a few rows down, rubbing his crotch while watching the movie.   Our new friend moved a seat closer, unzipped his pants and started stroking his large white cock. I whispered to N, “To get to climax you’ll have to get those panties off.”   She nodded, stood up and said to “Cutie”, “Will you take my panties off?”   He wasted no time reaching under her short dress and dragging her now wet thong off her gorgeous ass.

Harley and the Hitchhiker - Chapter 2

mature Banes1 2018-11-12

Rising to her feet, Angel walks over to me and kisses first one cheek, then the other and whispers, “I have taken the liberty of ordering room service for us, Sir. I hope you’re not upset with me.” Then Angel pulls the young man into a deep, hard kiss grabbing his hard cock through his pants and squeezing it. Without warning or preparation, I pull her sore ass cheeks apart and shove my steel-hard cock full length into her wet pussy and begin fucking her like I had a time limit. Yes, I am a cock-loving cum slut, Sir!" she cries, still wobbly and fuzzy-headed. Angel wolfs my cock down like she's in a hot dog eating contest, taking me all the way down right off the get-go.

MILF Attraction

voyeur Portinoi 2018-11-12

Dennis didn't like that Jeff was staring at her bending over, but he was used to it because a lot of his friends talked about his mom in a sexual manner, sometimes followed by a punch or shove by him. Dennis fixedly stared at the enormous cock head as it penetrated his mother’s tight pussy, her body jerked as it breached her cuntlips; it looked as if she was a virgin. Jeff fell to his knees holding Claire tight against his body, smashing her heavy tits against his chest, his cock began throbbing harder than before, his heavy balls tightened against her buttocks, and her insides looked as if they were on fire. Jeff continued to ram his big 9-inch dick hard into her tight pussy for what seemed like an eternity, until he pumped her full with his cum.

A Gulf Coast Welcome III

group oldhippie1949 2018-11-12

As they got up and came over, Candace said, "Ray, I heard that you brought Caren flowers yesterday and that you came over to her house and gave her a massage and a good-night orgasm. "I think it needs a star right on the tippy-tip." Candace began to hum and Caren quickly joined her as the two stoned women happily painted my now hardening and creaseless shank. "Those need eyes," said Candace, " Liz Taylor's..." as she began to paint little eyes on Caren's breasts. She seemed deep in thought, "You know, I don't want to spend a lot of time with her and her surprise...." I wriggled closer to Caren and rubbed my face in her soft breasts, my limp cock slid along her thigh.

My Zahida Aunty

mature cap_kashif73 2018-11-12

I Have Fell In Love With Her About 14 Years Ago And I Have Been Masturbating Fantasizing About Her. We Were Neighbors & I Used To Stay At My Aunt's House For Helping Her In Daily Affairs, 'Cuz My Uncle Regularly Traveling Outside City For His Nature Of Job. I Am Fond Of Watching Movies Of Any Ratings. Aunt Looking At Me Strangely Asked Me" What Are You Thinking " I Pulled My Aunty Zahida To Me And Said " I Cant Believe What Has Happened Just Now " We Have Fucked And I Have Become Your Lover." She Contentedly Purred Into My Ears "I Am Your Aunt And Your Lover, I Also Cant Believe That It Was So Good, I Love You.


Mom Daughter Night Ch. 1

mature TonyT 2018-11-12

As we started talking more, I finally said, "Well, I have to ask, How old are you" Suzanne just looked at me with a strange smirk and said" You're not supposed to ask that from an older women!" I kinda chuckled and said "Yea, but most older women don't have a body like yours…. As I moved up I sucked on her nipples as she said "C'mon up, c'mon, I want your cock in my cunt" She had her right hand down between her legs was reaching to get a hand around my dick. I want to watch your face as you shove your cock in me." With that she brought me dick right in between those big dripping wet cunt lips of hers.

My best friend's mom needs a massage

mature floridaguy2001 2018-11-12

She gasped but didn’t move, Now I knew I had her, I got bolder and let my fingers invade her crack was massaging in between them and I continued my downward movement till I hit her pubic hairs. Finally I started to get up, but she held my butt and said “not yet honey I love the feel of your big cock inside me. She soon got me hard again, and I grabbed her head and started to face fuck her and shouted “suck my cock mommy I want to swallow your son’s cum”

The Cruise Singer Part Deux

lesbian _O2_ 2018-11-12

Monique walked over to her, placing her hands lightly on Amanda's cheeks she tilted the woman's face to look at her own. Amanda's anticipation grew, licking her lips as she watched Monique tease her she patted the bed wanting her lover to hurry and join her. Looking up and down her naked body Amanda smiled to herself debating whether to wait until Monique woke or to gently bring her back by starting another love making session. They talked about quite a few things including Jay. Monique was slowly convincing Amanda that including him in their love making would actually smooth over any rough edges or bad feelings on his part.

Sex With Younger Man

mature Natalie1962 2018-11-12

My husband and I started out with swapping spouses with other couples which gave us both great sexual pleasure; however, as time went on both of us began developing a different taste in sex. On the other hand my husband confessed to me that he absolutely adored the sight of me with another man which is the reason that he enjoys same room sex: for the view.  He was able to give me two orgasm (one oral and one with his penis) and when I knew that I wasn’t going to have a third I hesitated to tell Victor because I loved being so close to him and feeling him inside of me.

The Widow Next Door

mature 4Everman 2018-11-12

Karen hesitated a bit, “Mike, Jenny was here and took a couple of boxes of things from the house while you were gone. As I finished it, my hand came to her cheek and tilted her head a bit as I leaned in for a soft and slow, first kiss on her full lips.  As she pulled back, Karen said, “I’m sure some people will talk, but I don’t care after tonight.” Karen caught her breath a bit as my hand slipped over her panty clad mound, massaging the area of her clit. She spread her legs a bit as my hand eased inside her panties and I drew two fingers up along the length of her pussy.

Teacher's Pet, Chapter 1

mature Master_Jonathan 2018-11-12

Amy knew that she didn’t want to have another year of high school. Her pussy clenched tight around his fingers, her back arched and she tightened her fists, letting out her moans and screams as her juices flooded out and covered his face and hand. "Good because I have a feeling you are going to be a very busy young lady, today!" Amy wasn’t sure she liked the sound of that news, nor the tone in which it was delivered. We aren’t in school now, no need to be quiet here so let’s see what kind of a slut you really are!" With that he plunged two fingers into her wet pussy.

My Teacher, My Slave

bdsm car_man45ca 2018-11-11

We all loved the way her huge and slightly drooping breasts stretched the cotton fabric of her shirt and how they wiggled and jiggled as she walked by. Every guy in the school had wet dreams about Miss Brodie's tits. "You are my master." Miss Brodie said turning staring at me with a glazed look on her face and her hips twitching like a bitch in heat. Miss Brodie loved it, It was obvious by the way she kept sliding her hand between her legs each time I sucked. I had taken my cock out and when we weren't stopped, she would stroke me as she drove. My cock had slipped out of her pussy but as I rose, my little slut Miss Brodie took it in her hand and was jerking me off while I fondled her tits.