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Jared and Jennifer, Part 2

mature Handydandy14 2018-11-09

I wanted Jared just like he said, maybe even a little more. "It's about to feel a whole lot better, baby." I took his whole cock in my mouth and the way Jared reacted I thought he would cum instantly. "Yes Jared, oh fuck yes go faster baby." He started sucking on my clit and licking my pussy so fast I didn't know what was happening. "I want you to get hard Jared, I need that cock inside me now. "Jen baby your breasts are amazing, please let me suck on those pretty pink nipples." How could I resist this boy anymore? So much cum filled my little pussy I didn't know if Jared would ever stop pouring his hot load in me.

Youngsville Part 5

group drfleisch 2018-11-09

Coco disappeared through the curtains, leaving me and Sybil alone in the small room underneath the flower shop. Sybil told me that the ones with big cocks, balls, and good fucking techniques are brought down here and sworn to keep this place a secret. I undressed and managed to get my mask on just as I saw Sybil come through the door with four other half-naked women dressed in lingerie. “He’s cumming girls,” I heard Sybil yell and I pulled my hands free out of the pussies they were inside. She moved away so I looked down and saw the oldest woman Linda riding my fat cock. “Wait until you feel it inside your ass girls!” Linda cried out in pleasure as she pushed out more cum.

Sex With my Mom's Friends--Chapter 4

mature prairiedogg 2018-11-09

We had dinner reservations at her favorite place in the old Grand Hotel dining room and when we got there I was happy to see Brenda and Jeri waiting for us at our table. As she removed my now growing cock from her mouth, Brenda engulfed my prick with her full, sultry lips and took my entire length down her throat, her hands squeezing my balls, gently at first and then with a more forceful grip. As Jeri was doing this to my face, Brenda was riding my cock expertly, rising and falling atop my hard dick and burying me inside her. They took turns cleaning the cum and pussy juice from my cock as I finished ejaculating, licking and kissing each others' faces when they stopped swallowing.

I Get my Master and Mistress - Part One

group Etonmess69 2018-11-09

We were sliding lips on lips and tongues over and in each other's mouths when Diane parted lips, looked behind her and said, "Michael, I want you to lick my anus, really lick my brown eye." "I've got your cock in my pussy and that little sod has two fingers up my arse hole," she said. Diane got up, looked at the sofa and our two hard cocks and said, "Let's take this upstairs." "Why don't you fuck her arse while I do her pussy?" I said. I got back under Diane and slid inside her while Michael filled her ass. While they both sucked and licked my cock, I continued to use that massive dildo on Diane's arse and lick her clit, when I felt a finger enter my bum hole.

Becky's New Daddy

fetish Master_Jonathan 2018-11-09

"Oh, God, Daddy, that feels wonderful!" Becky said, as she relished what Charlie was doing for her. Thank you Charlie, Mama will feel better knowing that you are near as well - although she doesn't know about you and I, she still likes to have an adult around," Becky said. Mama wasn't real happy with the way things were between Becky and Charlie but she also knew her daughter was set on this. Becky and her Mama said a tearful, but happy, goodbye and Charlie promised that they would come up and see her real soon. Charlie and Becky lived happily in Lake Park and continued their Daddy/little girl relationship, only now they didn't have to be so secretive.

Kate's Enlightenment

interracial SpinDoctor 2018-11-09

I couldn’t help feeling just a little sorry for Simon, whose life had been turned on its head when she had informed him that she was leaving him for her new “boyfriend”. His indiscretion had been before marriage, her revenge had been almost calculated in its intensity and also the choice of the black and powerful Philip had only rubbed salt in Simon’s considerable wounds. Especially when Kirsten had informed him that “Philip had touched her in places Simon couldn’t reach with his arm”. When James asked if it had hurt I couldn’t tell him the jolt was not from pain but from seeing his large black hand on my pale skin.

Grandma's Best Friend

mature riederfrank 2018-11-09

When we left a few hours later, I mentioned to Chloe that I thought Susan was attractive in a GILF kind of way. While we were getting ready Chloe said, "I asked grandma to invite Susan again because I like her company. Susan had let me go when I embraced her again, kissing her quickly on the lips and pushing my raging hard-on against her body. On our way home Chloe said, "Susan told me you kissed her on the lips and that you pushed your erection against her." Susan started grinding on me, lowering her body on top of me, pushing her tits into my face. Susan started to slowly undress me, revealing that my giant erection was straining the fabric of my underwear.

Ultrasonic Orgasm

mastrubation 1ball 2018-11-09

When a slender attractive young brunette woman wearing maroon hospital scrubs entered and called my name, I was still concerned that I would actually be examined by a man, so I was pleasantly surprised when she showed me to a dressing room and said, "Mr. P, my name is Sandy (not her real name) and at Dr. F's request, I'll be your ultrasound technician for this procedure today." Sandy explained how I was to dress in the clothing they provided. I told her that I had never heard of anything like this and she said that the medical profession hadn't found any better way to get these images and that they wanted to keep the procedure confidential to avoid complications for patients and ultrasound technicians.

Robert The Randy Married Bobby - Part Nine

gay-male Man4Married 2018-11-09

As I marvelled at the huge cock head nestled just inside my warm wet mouth, I realised that I was still a novice when it came to cock sucking. My right hand circled the base of his hard cock and squeezed tight and I slipped smoothly over the throbbing shaft. There was no hurry as I jerked and sucked Martin's manly meat into my throat and soon his pubic hair was wet from spit and pre cum. Opening my legs, he slipped his cock between my thighs and this time I groaned out loud, feeling that thick shaft just under the tender skin of my balls. I squeezed tightly, and Martin pumped his hips into mine and I loved feeling his cum and spit covered cock move between my legs.

The sexual awakenings of teenage private schoolgirls part 10

interracial justalilfun 2018-11-09

You are a student staying at my camp, it would not be right for me to do anything like that.” John said, trying to send Becky back to her classes. Your cock likes me, and I want it.” Becky said as she walked over to John. I love eating pussy while I get my cock sucked.” John said as he lay on the bench in the middle of the room. Becky had barely knelt on the bench, when John put his hands on Becky’s sweet ass and pulled her to his eager tongue. Becky reveled in the awesome feeling of his large cock inside her and caressing John's muscular arms. As John thrust into Becky's sweet young pussy, he could feel his scrotum tighten around his balls.

Best decision I made

mature Poison_Ivy91 2018-11-09

As we got to my car Dan pulled me back to him, holding me close he gazed into my eyes as I looked up at him lovingly, he leaned down and kissed me so gently it felt like a dream. Dan got in the taxi, kissed my cheek, placed his hand on my thigh, and whispered to me, I saw the driver looking in the mirror at us; I bit my tongue and just rolled my eyes at him. We sat in bed together eating breakfast and talked about what we should do in the days to come, we planned to go to the castle today after we go to my house to pick up clothes and some of my things, then Dan said he would like to take me shopping for some nice underwear for me to wear for him.

Youngsville Part 6

mature drfleisch 2018-11-08

I said good night to Jill and Mrs. Day-Sea laid a blanket over her sleeping daughter. I felt Gina’s hands pull my head up and she looked at me and said. “That was a lot of cum Eric,” Gina said and kissed my cheek. “Then you are going to be buying new ones every time I’m here,” I said with a grin on my face as she laid her head on my chest. “I would like to see you try,” I said and lay my arm around her body and placed my hand on her butt. “You know I am not drunk right now,” Gina said and laid her head to rest on my chest.

My Time as a Sugar Babe - Part One

mature Kawaiikitten 2018-11-08

Finding a cab I gave the driver the hotel name, he smiled and said something I didn't understand with his broad Scottish accent; I was trembling when texting Marc to tell him I was on my way to finally meet him and ended the text with two kisses, a few seconds later he replied I felt warm and secure as it hugged me and pushed my breasts together forming an impressive valley between them that begged to be explored, I smiled, another job for Marc, I’m sure he wouldn't mind and may even enjoy it, I giggled softly, what a silly girl I was.

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

mastrubation Splattercat 2018-11-08

At the top of the stairs, she opened a door, glanced with a smirk at the obvious bulge in my pants, and ushered me in to her studio: a large room with high ceilings, filled with tasteful, vintage furniture and two big, soft couches,; lots of art and tapestries on the walls, hand-woven carpets on the floor, a shitload of books and an audio system that included a turntable, of all things. “Well,” I started, “I think you know, I need some help passing some summer school classes, or I’m going to lose my scholarship and … “Show me how much you like my hot cunt, Robert, and imagine what it would feel like to slowly bury your cock in my tight hole, inch by fucking inch, until your balls slap up against my asshole.


first-time UnXpected 2018-11-08

Around 3pm, the lunch crowd died down, Kerry after speaking with Beatrice, decides to show me the stock, and how to order supplies. Kerry started explaining to me, how Beatrice and he liked things stacked and accounted for as soon as delivery was made. I try moving back and away from him, but secretly it felt good, and I haven't been eaten like this in a long while. Still shocked at what is going on, I let Kerry lift my lower half to his shoulders, as he went to work attacking my hole. Beatrice pulls my nipple hard as she breaks the suction she holds on it, climbs off of the table and heads upstairs.

Lauren's Story

mature Taverner 2018-11-08

On Friday, my final day at the nursing home, Lauren and I finished our last shift together, and I said, “You coming tonight?” I thought, with her problems at home, she night not feel like socialising, but she smiled and said, “Just try and keep me away.” Then, her face got more serious, and she said, “Simon, I know you’ve got your future to think about, but I’ll be sorry to see you go.” “You are sexy and desirable,” I said, as I brushed the hair away from her forehead, and kissed her there, “and judging by those pictures you showed me, you’ve been like that all your life.” I gently touched Lauren’s left nipple through her bra, with my right thumb and forefinger, and I felt it harden slightly.

The next door neighbor part1

mature lust59 2018-11-08

I lost my girl and place to live in one day. Franticly looking for a new place to live. Walking to the basket my neighbor next door proceeded to putting the load into the washer. At least this time I got off a quick "Good morning" before running away. "Who's there?" Quickly, I ran through my sliding door an into my apartment to hide. With that she opened her bath robe revealing her naked body, Oh! She then opened her bath robe revealing a sexy blue lace bra and panties. Then with that all to familiar wicked smile and wink she said, "If I let you have these can I have my red ones back?" She then started to laugh.

Iranian MILF into Haitian Men

interracial Samuelx 2018-11-08

"I've felt attracted to black men for years and years, especially the ones from the island of Haiti, but I've always felt ashamed of what people would think of me," Karen Mazandarani said to Toussaint "T-Man" Vincent, as the two of them sat down at a quiet corner on the main floor of the Carleton University library. "What I should have done a long time ago," Karen said, and then she leaned closer, grabbed Toussaint's face in her hands and kissed him. "Damn, you've got some soft lips," Toussaint said, smiling faintly, and Karen grinned, pleased by his words. Laughing, Toussaint slapped Karen's thick Iranian derriere and gripped her long dark hair in his fist, yanking her lovely head back as he rammed his dick into her.

Service With a Smile

anal Taggerdoo 2018-11-08

I went to market, getting crab and salmon as the basis of my meal, along with some fine tender young asparagus, salad greens, cherry tomatoes, yeast rolls, and dark chocolate, as well as a number of minor ingredients. She leaned close and took the head of my cock between her lips, teased the opening with the tip of her tongue, very slowly and voluptuously. I took my right hand and slapped her ass hard, and she squealed like a frightened kitten. I grasped her hips again and started fucking her ass, long slow strokes, almost coming out then going back in until my balls bumped her sexy thighs.

The mature Nurse

mastrubation Ronnie 2018-11-08

"What time is it?" With a splitting headache I went to open the door in my dark Calvin Klein underwear. “Being irresponsible and leaving like that, you got me worried,” she said and followed me into the sitting room. I could feel her presence as she looked at me, I must have been a sight to a mature lady to see me in my underwear and my butt up there for her. I could feel the horny juice start to drip, and that was the last thing I wanted for her to notice. I moved my hands over my penis and as I heard her moans, I came at the same time, with her.

Beyond The Badge, Chapter 3

mature Master_Jonathan 2018-11-08

One hand had moved to hold the back of my head, pushing my mouth down harder on her tit while the other was clawing and clenching the sheets on the bed. I wanted to give Becky a little of what she had given me at work last night so as I licked and chewed on her hard nipples, I pushed my fingers, covered with her panties, into her hungry hole and fingered her until I felt her body stiffen, her moans stopped and I felt a sudden rush of wetness. She let go of my head and reached up with both hands, clawing and tearing at her tits pulling at her nipples like she wanted to rip them off her body.

Pastor & I (Chapter 2)

lesbian Loveislove 2018-11-08

It was finally the end of church when I got up determined to meet the pastor, but every step that I took made me more nervous. “Our sessions get a bit intense here but we do have a children’s church for your son,” she stated in that deep breathy voice of hers that still had enough feminine vibrations that you could still tell that it was a woman without looking. Once I got the boy to children’s church I quickly went back into the main sanctuary and took a seat in the very back. When I got back the pastor looked at me and I mouthed “I’m sorry” and quickly sat back down.

Moving On A Grade

mature Etonmess69 2018-11-08

Diane slid up my body, kissing and biting me until she got to my ear, she whispered to me "I want you to fuck Suzie's arse, after all she held me down while you did mine." Diane and I both had fingers in Suzie's pussy, pushing in and out at a different pace. Diane took Suzie's cum and rubbed it all over her anus working it into her bum hole and over my cock. Suzie realized what was going to happen and said, "Oh, no you don't, you know I don't enjoy a butt fuck!" Suzie's complaints started to slow because while I was fucking her, Diane was fingering her pussy and pulling on her clit.

Here’s Looking At You

mature BradleyStoke 2018-11-08

At the time they were all in the same colour as any photograph taken in the modern day would be, but as all he ever had to remember his youth, from those grainy pictures of childhood to early middle-age, were in black and white, so too were his memories. He’d believed he was in love, and perhaps it was love he genuinely felt as he masturbated over the grainy black-and-white photographs he borrowed from his older brother on those evenings he imagined and later remembered the visual delights of Jenny’s proud bosom and the surprisingly hirsute curtains that hid the precious trophy of romantic conquest.