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The Ravishing of Beauty (Beauty and the Beast)

fetish JessicaSatin 2018-06-20

He wrapped his right hand around her neck, immobilizing her so he could touch her as he pleased. She relaxed into his grip, the pressure of his hands sending hot tingles down her neck and through her arms. He pressed his nose into her soft brown hair and inhaled deeply. He could feel the shudders of her orgasm building, so he removed his fingers from her clitoris and slowed his thrusts inside of her. Even though his penis was aching to explode with cum, he needed to tease her. He moved faster. Her vision blurred indigo and violet with hazes of bright green against the iron bars. Hot darts of pleasure shot down her thighs and through her abdomen. He fingered her clitoris again as he pushed himself harder, faster into her. His cum exploded in hot torrents inside her.

Little Minx Ch. 08

bdsm Goldeniangel 2018-06-20

All stretched out with her small breasts thrust forward, juices making her pussy glisten. Writhing and screaming behind her gag, she could feel her arousal burning inside of her as he whipped her breasts, flicking it against the nipple clamps and bringing renewed sharp pain to the throbbing buds. Sexually torturing her, seeing how much she was enjoying it - her breasts seemed to thrust out to take the beating, pink streaks across the white flesh, her soft cries every time the whip stung her pussy, the way her hips thrust out when he hadn't hit it in awhile... She felt like she would explode or die if it continued, the pain and pleasure mingling unexpectedly in a way that turned her entire body into fire.

Big Black Bitches Of Brockton

bdsm Samuelx 2018-06-14

Like many black chicks in the old hood, I'm not much in the face or personality departments but I've got a thick body, big tits and a big ass. After I got done sucking my master' s cock and balls, he told me to lie down on a large wooden table in his basement. The master then took the other end of the dildo and began inserting it into my asshole. The master pushed his big black cock into my asshole. He held my head down on the wooden table and smacked my big booty while roughly fucking me in the ass like a cheap prostitute. The master laughed his ass off and continued hammering my asshole with his thick cock.


Samuel X Tops Mistress Kia!

fetish Samuelx 2018-06-09

Last week, Samuel and I had a lot of fun with my friend Yousef Ahmed, a bisexual Somali-American Muslim brother I met in the City of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Yousef Ahmed and I used to fuck before I met Samuel Xavier and fell in love with his sinfully sexy Haitian ass. I actually liked having my big Black husband in a pink bra, pink panties, pink pantyhose and blonde wig while I fucked him up the ass with a big strap-on dildo. Laughing hysterically, Samuel Xavier, my erstwhile husband, worked his dick into my asshole. I screamed like a madwoman as my asshole burned from the twin invasions of his big ole Haitian dick and of course the Tabasco sauce.

Alpha Male

bdsm Samuelx 2018-06-09

I picked up this good-looking young black stud named Jamal Lloyd at the mall. Damn, this young black stud had a big cock. Jamal leaned back against the men's bathroom wall and thrust his cock into my mouth. Jamal grunted and told me that he was going to fuck the arrogance out of my fat ass, sans lube. He grabbed me and shoved his cock into my ass. Without so much a drop of lube or spit, Jamal began to work his cock into my butt hole. He called me a stinking bitch, a no-good whore and a stupid slut who needed to get fucked in the ass. He fucked me like this for a time, then he finally came.

Venus School of Sex Ch. 10

bdsm Goldeniangel 2018-06-07

Jessica immediately turned and got onto the mattress, her thighs spreading as she knelt, breasts thrusting upwards as she put her hands behind her back. She could feel her pussy getting wetter as he stared down at her, watching as she squeezed her breasts hard, her fingers pinching and rolling her nipples. Jessica groaned as she followed his instruction, her hand sliding over her heated, needy flesh and then one finger parting her lips and entering her body. At his first order Jessica's fingers had pulled mostly out of her, and on his final word she plunged them back in, her clit rubbing against her hand as her denied culmination fell over the edge and off the cliff, her body writhing in ecstatic passion.

Ethiopian Femdom Does Anal!

anal Samuelx 2018-06-05

As Marcus Lucien's thick Haitian dick worked its way into my asshole, I found myself wondering if one can ever truly be prepared for anal sex. I try not to scream as Marcus continues pounding his dick into my asshole. Marcus Lucien pinches my tits and smacks my face as he continues slamming his thick Haitian cock into my tight Ethiopian booty. He tells me that he's avenging all the poor guys I've fucked with my strap-on dildo by conquering my ass with his big dick. Marcus dick was tearing my ass apart and hurt me so fucking good. Marcus Lucien continued pounding my asshole until he came, flooding my ass with his masculine spunk.

81% mdom

Pony Girl

fetish HungryGuy 2018-06-05

Mindy stepped aside as Vern shoveled the urine soaked straw that covered the floor of her stall, and scooped up her manure, and dumped it into a steel drum outside. After about an hour in the morning dawn, Vern was about ready to give up and head back home for some microwave grub when he saw the dastardly fish jump up just a few feet from his float, sending ripples through the water. About a half-hour later, Ol' Flounder was flapping and gasping for breath on a tree stump set back from the water's edge. Vern dropped the fish into a small plastic garbage bag along with some pond water.

Black On Black BDSM

fetish Samuelx 2018-06-01

Diana's only reply was a deep moan, and Master Ebony Flex smacked her hard across her beautiful face. "I belong to you, and only you in all the world are fit to be my Master." Master Ebony Flex smiled, and tugged at the steel chains which kept the six-foot-tall, well-built and absolutely gorgeous Black Amazon's hands and feet bound. Her gorgeous big Black butt stared invitingly at Master Ebony Flex, who smiled. Diana smiled and soon found herself moaning unexpectedly as her Master licked and fingered her pussy, lathering up her cunt like there was no tomorrow. "Loving my Black Goddess," Master Ebony Flex said while going down on her. Diana cried tears of joy as Master Ebony Flex made love to her body.

Tanning Day

bdsm Mariehaynes 2018-05-31

I'm going to plug your ass with ginger, beads, the inflatable, my cock. He stood, positioned me in front of the bar, my legs spread and my hands grasping the back of the counter, my ass at the perfect angle. The burning continued for about 5 minutes, but by the time I had cleaned up the kitchen, my anus was back to normal. After fifteen minutes of this, I'm crying, but can't help thinking of how sore his hand must be. After the last spanking, my Lord had removed the plug and fucked my ass. My Lord ran his hand over my sore bottom and gave it a sharp slap.

Ashley Meets her Match Ch. 01

bdsm spankprof32 2018-05-29

"I'm going to continue in a moment," he said, transferring his spanking hand to her wrists and grabbing her hair at the nape of her neck with his other hand, "but I wanted to give you a chance to stop this." "But I'm sorry," he said, releasing her hair and freeing his hand once more, "I was going to give you a chance to stop the punishment." The tights had barely been protecting her before, so it wasn't as if these blows hurt more than the previous ones, but the humiliation of having her clothes torn off made Ashley even more desperate for the punishment to end. "Ashley," he said, cupping her chin in his hand and raising it so that her tear-stained eyes met his, "have you learned your lesson today?"

Restrained Delights

bdsm BlushingRose 2018-05-22

it started softly, gently, lingering and just when I think you're going to pull away he kissed me like I've never been kissed, nor will be again, sending adrenaline pumping all over my body not knowing which direction to go in first. His hands started at my wrists and gently stroked all the way down my arms, forming little circles, spirals, words which I would try to figure out if it wasn't for the feather soft sensations getting closer and closer to my chest, driving me higher and higher. Then I heard the rustle again, "now, pet, I have a new toy for you to play with today, let's see what you think of it." I felt some icy drips drip down onto my stomach and onto my clit which made me jump.


Heather Pays the Rent

bdsm ff1138 2018-05-22

"Look," I said, "it's about time you started pulling your weight around here. She tries, but she's not very good at it, so I start thrusting my cock between her boobs. "Lick my cock when it comes close." She leans her head down and sticks her tongue out. I say "Since you've been such a good girl, I'm going to let you choose whether you want me to cum on your tits or on your face." As my cock starts pulsating, I grab her head and pull her open mouth down on my cock, forcing her head all the way down, forcing my cock well into the back of her throat. GOOD GIRL!" I don't know how long I come for, but it sure feels like forever.

Judith My Slut (Judith's story)

bdsm joefixette 2018-05-21

My face is damp with sweat, my breasts glow red with sexual fire and the insides of my thighs my run damp with my pussy juice – perhaps you even catch sight of the tremble in my arms as I await your further pleasure ... You spit onto the fingers of one hand and I feel that hand reach down and begin rubbing gentle circular strokes over and around my clit, and all the while you keep up that delicious slow tempo – thrusting, withdrawing and slapping your thighs stickily against mine because of the sweat that has started to coat our bodies. Fucking harder and harder, you grab one of my arse cheeks and roll my flesh in your hand, intermittently slapping my rear and demanding I pull one cheek aside so you can thrust deeper into my cunt.

My Big Fat Slut

bdsm toepicdic 2018-05-21

The pain that you like, my cock ripping you open, you love the pain of being dry fucked. Back and forth fucking both at the same time, you start cumming; your ass is hopping up and down as I fuck your two holes. With my dick in your ass, I pull your head up bringing your body to a standing position. Keeping my cock buried in your ass, I squeezed your sagging tits hard. My cock slamming into your tight asshole, I pull out and guide you to the couch. I pull from your asshole and smack your ass with both hands. You start licking the head of my cock as I tit fuck your chest.

My Punishment

bdsm jennifer_noelle 2018-05-21

"Rise and shine princess!" Your voice cuts through the silence as you rub your cock against my face, "time to do your job." You roughly press the head of your dick into my chin, pushing upward across my mouth and against my nose. This punishment is only the absolute beginning of what will become of you if you fail to keep me satisfied." My asshole has relaxed and you are easily plunging your fingers into me as you talk, making sure to go a little deeper each time - forcing my hole to open up widely. When I'm done talking, I'm going to fuck that tight little ass of yours. I smile, my mouth filled with cock and my ass filled with cum.

A Bit More Fun

bdsm GuRoo 2018-05-20

You're blindfolded, naked, fake cock where the sun doesn't shine, bound and kneeling in a strangely quiet hotel room and your boyfriend has left you alone and gone god-only-knows where. Anybody looking backwards in the boardroom would have seen a huge grin on my face as I teased and tortured you with the small remote device in my pocket. You're so focussed on cumming and staying upright that you don't notice the vibrations have stopped until you hear the door open. You stay kneeling on the floor for another hour suffering the exquisite discomfort of the plug vibrating you to orgasm on a totally unpredictable pattern before you hear the door again.

My Life as His Bitch

bdsm BeckyGellan 2018-05-20

The only sound he wanted to hear was the ratchets of the cuffs closing upon my wrists. I was a self-bondage addict before I met Max - handcuffs, ropes neatly wrapped around my body, clamps and clothes pegs, that kind of thing. I didn't know any neighbours well enough to borrow a pint of milk, let alone ask them to release me from my kinky and rather sad bondage adventure. At 9 am I phoned Patricia, asking her to come over straight away. "Who are you?" Patricia asked coyly, "Has Becky got a new boyfriend?" "Are you going to the wedding too?" Patricia asked my neighbour. It sounded like a reasonable request, so I did, and kept them there as he pulled apart the tied bow of the dressing gown's waist cord.

The Stranger Ch. 02

fetish naughtybabygirl 2018-05-20

Shelly's last orgasm had sent a river of juices running from her pussy down the cleft of her ass cheeks. He returned to the foot of the bed, knelt between her spread legs, and said, "I want you to piss, right here, right now. A tiny stream of piss squirted from between her fat pussy lips. Her pussy twitched and squirted a little more piss, this time onto his face. Shame and embarrassment washed over Shelly, but the stranger just licked harder at her pussy. He wasted no time but attacked her dripping twat with his whole face, licking her clit, nuzzling her lips and hole with his nose, putting his mouth over her whole pussy.

Cum Slut

bdsm miss_js 2018-05-18

I felt him move off the bed, and say from across the room, "Keep your legs wide." I felt him lightly tease my clit with the riding crop as he said, "You should see what a slut you look...Tied up...legs wide...stuffed full of cock...thighs covered with your pussy juice..." I felt two quick slaps from the riding crop on my tits. "Thank me tomorrow morning as you are riding my cock hard, stuck deep in your ass," he said, pushing on the butt plug, and making me cum again. I let a small cry of disappointment escape as I felt him roll off the top of me, pulling his cock from my grasp.

The Training of a Young Submissive Ch. 10

bdsm RoughWriter 2018-05-18

She took my hand as she looked into my eyes and got out of the car. She looked up at me as her tongue began to bathe the head of my cock. With the tip of her tongue, she licked the pre-cum from the small slit at the top of the head of my cock. Then with both hands, she held my ass while she fucked my cock with her mouth. I slid one hand into the slit of her dress to hold her naked ass. They would have heard the banging against the wall and as they got closer to the coat room, they would also hear us moaning. Her eyes looked up at me as she got every drop of cum she could.


My Need

bdsm IronCali 2018-05-17

His hands grip either side of my head as he pushes his cock into my open mouth, all the way to the back if my throat and deeper, his hands pulling me onto him as he shoves, then he shoves harder, pressing my head back against the wall and I can't breathe, my throat constricting around his cock as he starts thrusting in and out. His hands leave my ankles and reach for my breasts, gripping and squeezing, so hard my eyes start to water again. Another hard slap and I nearly cum but he abruptly pulls out of me, climbing onto the bed, straddling me, gripping my head again and forcing his cock into my mouth, hard and deep, bruising the back of my throat as his head slams into it.

73% mdom

Road Trip Ch. 02

bdsm KiGirl 2018-05-17

I leaned forward to rest my chin on the edge, letting my lips barely graze his arm before settling into position. My breathing grew heavy, my eyelids were squeezed shut, and suddenly, I felt his fingers sliding between my legs, searching out my other pleasure button. I lifted his hand gently, eyeing him for approval, then led his fingers to my lips. His body bucked beneath the forces I was applying to his cock; I groaned as his hands wound in my hair and he began to force my head up and down. I licked my lips and returned the beaming smile he had upon his face, his eyes half-closed and his cheeks bright and flushed.


The Shaved Slave Ch. 02

fetish jPhoenix 2018-05-17

I had never really thought about how long it takes for cum to dry until I was standing in my bathroom and watching Susan's freshly shaved head turn from a wet glisten to a dull sheen. I didn't want Susan to know what was coming, and so I reached down and slapped her ass again, adding a matching hand print to her other cheek. I pushed slowly in and out a few more times, enjoying Susan's desperate gasps and moans with each thrust, and then I shoved my hands under her chest and grabbed her tits while dropping my weight completely onto her back.