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DeAnn's Submissive Weekend ( Part Ten )

bdsm DeAnn1960 2018-11-29

Suzy took her time leading me to Robert's table so I had a pretty good look around on the way. I looked up at him and he smiled at me and said, "Tonight we have all the voting members of our BDSM family present. I took the pose as ordered and Robert stepped up on the stage and looking out over the tables he said, "Alright gentlemen we are now going to auction our newest slave for a half hour of one on one time before the rest of you are allowed to have access to her as a group. Robert looked over at me and said, "Tonight is initiation night Slave D.

The Erotic Reality Game: Guy is first up.

bdsm xhardx13 2018-11-29

Most of the conversation revolves around golf and sports until Guy, the middle aged man, says, "I've come up with a cool idea for the Internet. "That makes sense, Guy, but I don't think this is going to work," Bernie, the voice of reason said. "What got you interested in our game, Betty?" Guy asked. I really didn't like the guy that much but all my friends were getting married, so I wanted a ring too. In the morning, Guy was nearly back to normal when Betty said, "Tie me up, Master." The next morning, Betty left for home saying, "I enjoyed your company, Guy. Keep me in mind for the cruise."

DeAnn's Submissive Weekend ( Part Eight )

bdsm DeAnn1960 2018-11-22

Junior took my hand and walked me back to the elevator and as I kissed Junior back and when the elevator doors opened he said, Still holding my hand Junior led me out of the elevator and I said, Mark met us at the elevator and Junior released my hand, and my husband reached down The boys assured Mark that they did and thanked him for allowing them to have me and patio Mark said to me, "You are one hot woman baby. I looked up into his handsome face and with a big smile I said, "I wasn't worried baby. Mark smiled back and still holding my hand he pulled me back to the elevator. mates and I know there could never be another man like Mark.

The Master Files, Part 2

bdsm SheriPie 2018-11-19

“Oh yessss, that’s it, Baby, gag yourself on my cock,” Daniel moans as he lifts his head and looks down at her. She looks up at him through her big brown eyes as she wraps her lips around the head of his cock and slowly starts to suck him back in. Daniel growls from deep within and takes his hand and shoves the back of her head down on his cock. “Again, my little slut,” Daniel orders as he grabs her head and pushes his cock back deep into her throat. Daniel looks down at her and smiles and says, “Amanda, you only refer to me as Master when you are wearing my collar, understand.”

Mike And His Horny Mistress - Bitch In Heat !

bdsm MindFucker2 2018-11-19

“Keep calling me Mistress, it’s so fucking hot, I’m going to melt any second.” I gasp. He practically lifts me off the floor as he fucks me with his fingers, his lips and tongue seeking my clit hungrily, much harder and faster than before, and so good it’s almost painful. I’m not sure I’ve ever been so excited in my life as right now, those few fleeting seconds before I feel his cock sliding into me, the muscles of his body pressing up against mine, his arms holding me tight, and his breath on my ear as he whispers, "Thank you, Mistress." His lips tight on mine, his tongue in my mouth, his cock so deep inside until it feels it belongs there.

DeAnn's Submissive Weekend ( Part Nine )

bdsm DeAnn1960 2018-11-17

At that point, she took me by the throat and looked close into my eyes and said, "There will be another time for us to play my sweet DeAnn. For now I must get you ready so you'll be perfect tonight when you perform for Master Robert and some of his business associates." Then she started to apply my make up and said, "Robert likes heavy, black eye makeup and deep red lip gloss. So I'll start with the false eye lashes and you'll have a very slutty look with a touch of class when I'm finished with you." I looked at Suzy and raised an eye brow in a questioning way and said, " Yes Mistress, I'll be a very good girl for Robert tonight."

Using My Slave with My Boyfriend

group KatPissinger 2018-11-10

Ever since I met my boyfriend Triss and it got serious between the two of us, I had less and less time to meet my girlfriends, but somehow I always remembered Martina's words when she once said that I could not "cover her in jizz". I wanted Martina to enjoy him first, so I got next to her and pulled her ass cheeks wide apart, until her anus showed and gaped slightly. Triss understood immediately and brought his cock in position, oiled slick from my pussy juice, but Martina seemed to be lost to the world around her and groaned surprised when his thick cock head entered her ass. Martina seemed to notice it as well, and held her mouth right at my cunt to lick and suck it out of me.

Little Sex Toy Ch. 01

gay-male keptsissy 2018-11-08

I looked away from him, saw the last of the cars leave the parking lot as I undid my pants and slipped them down. I like sissies like you." I felt his left hand move away from my soft penis and start to pet the side of my face. I just sat in the dark bar, making polite conversation but felt completely in a semi panic, wanted nothing more than to go home and be alone. I got hard instantly when I thought about that, ran my hand over my little thing and played with it as I drove the rest of the way home.

My Coed Sex Slave

group WayneGibbous 2018-11-01

So, on Friday, I got home early after going in early so I would have time to get the place ready and Lori met me at the door naked and asked me to come to the bedroom to leave a nice, warm deposit of my semen inside her to carry around tonight as she served and entertained my friends. "I think it's time all of you guys got naked, come on," Lori said and she sat back down on the sofa, spread open and Troy, now naked, his cock trembling, knelt in front of her and pushed inside.

Guardians of the Last Jungle Ch. 02

bdsm justtheone 2018-10-05

She loved coming-nothing else felt as good as that, and in addition, took away all her bad feelings at the same time, all the bad feelings and bad memories she had ever had, if only for an instant-and this was the one moment in the day she was allowed to do it. She would close her eyes and stretch herself flat on her back across the dank, gritty stone floor of her cell, her arms over her head and clinging to the bottoms of the cage bars, and she would spread her knees as far apart as they could reach while at the same time pressing the soles of her feet together sideways as tight as she could squeeze them.

TXR-92U-2280 – Call Name: Sara Pt. 05

bdsm epexia 2018-10-03

Jennifer had called her boyfriend, Bryan, a few minutes earlier, and he was on his way up from the arcade with his friends Steve and Jared. Sara was relieved to see Jennifer's dubious gaze swing towards the door at the sound of Bryan, Steve and Jared returning. Recovering, Jennifer swung around and took a handful of Sara's hair, pulling the slave towards her and kissing her hard on the mouth. Sara immediately sensed Jennifer's sex becoming flush and wet: she liked making Bryan think about her needs, and not just his own. Sara drove Jennifer to orgasm twice and had one herself before Bryan emptied himself inside of her. Bryan and Jennifer were dressed by the time Steve and Jared showed up.

Blackmailed Ch. 01

bdsm _nyx 2018-10-03

'Yes sir.' Blaize opened the folder and felt her heart drop into her stomach as she looked down at the picture in front of her. Mr. B reached forward and cupped her chin with his right hand, forcing her to stare into his eyes - chocolate brown against steel gray. Mr. B quietly turned Blaize and pulled her naked ass to his crotch, making her feel his raging boner. "Now say thank you to our wonderful photographer as well as the man who is the reason why you're in this little predicament - I believe you remember your old Master, Alec? 'Yes sir.' Blaize quickly removed her bra and panties, placing them on the top of Alec's camera bag.

Kitten Slave Ch. 02

bdsm slk929 2018-09-30

Alice uncrossed her legs and turned toward Roman, locking her lips with his and softly moaned. Roman chuckled and smiled, "Darling, I'm aware, but I can only taste the sweet flavor of your lips." Roman gently slid a hand up to her chest and squeezed her boob, Alice's hard nipple pressed against his palm. Roman leaned in and licked her earlobe, whispering, "Let's go, my love." Alice shivered and took his hand as he stood and held her hand. Alice shivered and licked her lips, she purred like a cat and looked up at broad-shouldered Roman. I want you to be my little sex kitten..." Roman moaned softly and Alice's knees buckled.


bdsm Ankakalle 2018-09-29

she showed up dressed in a tight black dress with quite a cleavage. As we sat down we undressed and started having soft sex like usually, but soon we got really wild and even turned the couch over, broke three lightbulbs and ruined a carpet. As she lay there panting I gave her something to drink, it was spiked with a little sl**ping stuff. I tied up her breast tightly and attached a pair of nipple clamps. But as she was speaking I rammed the ballgag into her mouth and secured it tightly. So now I turned up the vibrator to medium and told her what was expected of her. I turned up the vibrator to max and started spanking her ass and tighs. A pair of vibrating nippleclamps

Please Let Me Be Ch. 04

bdsm xattackx888 2018-09-25

He sucked my lip further into his mouth and pressed a rough kiss before releasing it to nip his way down to my breasts. "Good girl," his hands slid down my arms but instead of moving them back under the silk he started to draw circles on top. Darrien bit down on my tongue distracting me with the small pain then licked the pain away, "Kiss me, Tess." I wanted him to make me all his, "Darrien." I relaxed around his cock and he slowly pulled out until just the head pushed against the small opening. Darrien lowered his chest so my breasts rubbed against him while he moved inside me, "You like it here, don't you?"

1714 Ch. 01

lesbian TeresaAnn 2018-09-24

Those owners have long since passed way, and 10 years ago, I was taken aboard Captain Margaret's trade ship to be her sex slave. I was chained so that I was seated on the floor of the cage, with my knees bent and my legs spread wide, my ankles chained to each side of the cage and my wrists chained to the top of the cage, then left to await my fate with a few other girls who had also been brought over from my old ship. Zara laughed again at my discomfort and said "Captain Isabella wants her new property to be presented nicely to her for a full inspection." She began to slap my thighs, clit and open pussy for fun to hear me moan and cry out.

Sunday, Bloody Sunday

lesbian HedonisticHermit 2018-09-18

"My innocent, blushing Sunday," Renata grinned at the girl lying naked, chained to a white queen-sized bed. Renata folded the white sheet so that Sunday's back was exposed and then rubbed hot massage oil all over the girl's back in sensual, orgasmic strokes. Suddenly, Renata completely removed the sheet from Sunday's body, leaving the girl buck naked. Sunday eagerly turned over and Renata placed the sheet on the girl's body for a second time, this time pulling it up to her chest, covering Sunday's breasts. For another five minutes Renata massaged the vagina and clitoris and then moved back to Sunday's collarbone and neck, pulling the sheet up again to cover the teen's body.

Kitten Slave Ch. 01

bdsm slk929 2018-09-17

Odd. Alice never thought such a polite gesture would come from such a pace like this. "M...My name is Alice." Then the sound of her beer being placed on the counter distracted her. The bartender glanced at Roman and grinned, but the bartender looked back at Alice, his eyes warm and friendly. Thanks.." Alice took ahold of her beer and used the counter to pop of the lid. She felt Roman's eyes on her, and her cheeked flushed a bright red. Something that looked like desire glittered in Roman's eyes. Roman moved closer and pressed and hand against her stomach and gently took her chin and kissed Alice firmly, his tongue in between her lips. Alice gasped softly, and pressed into Roman.

Lesbian Sex Slave

bdsm Wet Miranda 2018-09-14

"I'll bet I can drink three of these large pints of beer before you can drink three straight shots of Amaretto!" Karen challenged me. I placed all the glassware on the table, and started to pour my straight Amaretto into my shot glasses. I had been expecting her to put her empty glass down on the table and start to slam the second beer as I grabbed for my first shot of Amaretto. "O.K., now drink the third shot, and you will be the winner, Miranda!" I reached for her upside down beer glass. I started to walk to my bedroom to change into the dress, but Karen told me to change right in the living room.

Completing My Training

hardcore 2018-09-09

It rested by my G spot and as Master gave me another jolt he drove his rock hard cock into my gaping anal opening. We continued on our walk, stopping occasionally when we met someone with their sex slave. He then shoved his cock into my pussy and gave me a few jolts with the electric collar. Then he massaged the oil into my skin as he explained that as his sex slave he wanted me to look beautiful and not torn up or worn. Then spoke for the first time that day, “But, Master, what about your other sex slaves?” I want you to be the best sex slave, cock sucker, fuck whore and cum dump slut in the world.

A Night with Ellie Ch. 03

bdsm AndreaJordan 2018-09-07

Ellie watched with excitement at his hopeless attempt to pull free and the way the fingers of his manacled hands desperately tried to squeeze his balls back through the cuff and to freedom. Ben tried to grab Ellie's leg as she stepped closer, but the soft denim slipped through his hands as she passed him and sat down on the sofa. Still prostrate on the sofa, Ellie unlocked the padlock on her jeans and wriggled out of the warm tight denim, but to Ben's dismay she then jumped up and placed the keys in the pocket of her jacket that was hanging on a hook on the far side of the room.

Cyntha Trains Us To Be Slaves

interracial sexisbeautiful 2018-09-02

I felt that this was the best time to ask, so I began..."Heather, I too am smitten by Cyntha and would you please share her with me? I watched as Heather placed the tray on a side table and crawled up the bed, kissing her way up Cyntha's cock and lovingly kissing her plum sized clean shaven balls until she reached Cyntha's ass. She lovingly parted both cheeks and began placing hot tongue kisses to Cyntha's ass. Cyntha raised her head and turned and smiled at Heather and said "feed me, my love slaves and then I shall reward you and your mother with all you can eat of my ass and cum."

Mother, I Love a Tranny

interracial sexisbeautiful 2018-09-01

Cyntha looked over to Heathers pleading face and said "Of course you can, fuck my ass with your tongue until I shoot my cum into your mothers beautiful mouth." The sound of my daughters wet tongue sliding in and out of her chocolate ass made me explode with passion for Cynthas' cock. I looked up to see her tilt her head back while she thrust her hips back to Heathers ever penetrating tongue and forward to my ever cock devouring mouth and throat. My daughter, eyes glazed over with passion, grabbed Cyntha's cock from my mouth and placed her tiny mouth over the head to catch the remains of her gift to us.

Nancy Finds a Sex Slave

interracial blackdarth 2018-08-27

Henry "Hank" Johnson was a big strapping black man who worked on Nancy's father's farm. Nancy knew that Hank was a big, dim-witted man who did the work of an ox. And she loved the way he filled his jeans, and never missed the large bulge in the front, which promised that what Hank lacked in brains, was made up for in his physical body. On certain nights, when the craving was strong enough, Nancy would lie in her bed, her fingers gently rubbing her swollen clitoris, and think about what it would be like to have sex with Hank Johnson. "Then I guess I am going to be your sex slave," Henry said, after giving it some thought.