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An Etiquette Lesson, Chapter 1 [Rachel]

mastrubation shaveitbare 2018-01-30

Come with me." She took Rachel by the hand and led her to the back of the pink room, then turned to the right and led her down a hall and through a door. Rachel's heart jumped as Christine wrapped her hands around her firm B cup boobs, but she relaxed as soon as she felt her touch. She almost moaned out loud with pleasure as the shaving cream touched her skin, as Christine gently rubbed it in to her pubic mound, her inner thighs, and last of all her pussy lips. As Cassie watched, slightly confused, Rachel exploded and gasped and smiled and heaved and her soaking wet pussy felt amazing.

Teacher's Pet

fetish thekid22566 2018-01-30

I wasn't sure but ever since I first saw those sexy bare feet I have been thinking with my dick so I replied the only way my dick would let me, " I don't see any old fat women here but if the lovely mother to be sitting at her desk needed a little pampering I would be happy to oblige." "Thats my sweetie, I knew you had it in you to help me out." I moaned a little as she moved that pretty little foot to my chest again and guided me to my back on the carpet."You see, my only regret my handsome prince..." Carolyn explained as she stood up, dropped her dress on the chair and straddled my naked body ".....is that I didn't get to feel you inside of me."

Taming the Teach Ch. 03

bdsm Couture 2018-01-29

"Your face is positively glowing tonight," Tina said as she tilter her teacher's flushed face up, while exploring the soft folds of the older woman's sex with her other hand. Dear God, what have I gotten myself into and why do I feel the need to have the same pleasure and pain from my other nipple?' Barbara thought, before blushing and asking the young girl, "Please Mistress Tina, my other nipple is lonely. Even though she knew Tina couldn't feel her lips and tongue, she wanted the young girl to know that she was getting a better blow job than any of the college boys did that night.

Back To School

first-time Erotic_Writing 2018-01-29

“Yep, went to Richmond last year.” I replied as I popped a few strawberries in my mouth, it was probably the only appealing thing in our lunch. “Okay class.” She started, “As you may already know, I’m your new health teacher, Ms. Starr – and that’s with two R’s.” She pointed at her name written on the whiteboard. She began to bob her head in a slow rhythmic fashion, being sure to look up at me to see the satisfaction on my face. Mr. Starr caught her stare and asked softly, “You can join us if you want.” Ms. Starr lowered her head onto her sex and began to lick like mad. I turned my head and noticed Adriana fingering herself, making it harder for me to hold my climax at bay.

The Group Pt4

voyeur Solidair 2018-01-29

She held his neck with one hand, pulling his open mouth to hers, sucking on his protruding tongue. I watched carefully as she performed oral sex, kissing and sucking his hard rod, flickering her tongue over his swollen glans, lapping it over his smooth balls. He was moaning in time to his own pushing hips, he was going to cum and I thought I would soon see him shoot in her mouth but she moved away, letting go his cock. Her breasts swung heavy as his hands held her hips now, jamming her down onto his sex, groaning with pleasure. I opened my mouth, catching droplets then met her pussy, lapping his cum from her labia.

Cordelia's Feet 2 - The Queen Bee's Hive

fetish ChrissieLecker 2018-01-28

In the blink of an eye the room became steaming hot, and I was sure that the touch of her fingers burned little holes through the fabric of my dress, because I could feel the sparks dance directly on my skin. But I’ll let you get a glimpse of what you’re missing out on." A quick flick of her fingers pushed the strap of her top over her shoulder and the fabric fell away, laying bare a soft, ripe orb of alabaster adorned with a pink, dime sized crown and a hard, darker point that screamed at me to lick it, to suckle and nibble on it. A giggle filled my ears, then I watched hands stroke Cordelia’s thighs and arms, saw them pull down the other strap and lay bare the rest of her beautiful upper body, watched Monica’s eager small mouth attack her breast with nibbles and bites.

Virtuous Vices Part 2

first-time SalaciousLibertine 2018-01-27

I drifted into a half awake half daydream state where this person of authority, my teacher, with his thick ruffled dark hair and brown eyes told me he’d like to brush his fingers against my nipple once more. I feared the loudness of his call would awaken others dotted around the building and they would gather and my lie would increase like Chinese whispers before I didn’t know what it was I’d come for in the first place. This time there wasn’t any training bra to hide a little bit of my modesty, just naked skin against gingham material and I knew how erect they’d become the more aroused I felt.

The Bucket List - Riley

first-time fantasygirl8 2018-01-27

“Of course I will give a good mark to a smart little girl like you.” He snakes his arm around Riley’s back, pulling her body close to his. Feeling he should move on, Joe parts their kiss and pulls his hand out of her leggings. He gathers her hair in one hand, tugs it, and pulls her upper body off the table; all the while spanking her tight little ass. Holding her by her pussy and under the arms, Joe pulls Riley’s tiny body off the ground and carries her straight up out into the hallway. I never knew I could have so much pleasure!” Riley says as Joe pulls up her stained leggings for her.

Sex with My Teacher

gay-male Penislover799 2018-01-27

I slowly pulled down his soft briefs and finally exposed his dark hairy cock, then I saw his giant bush of hair that twirled in and out, then his whole shaft followed and finally his sweet hairy balls. I slowly took the salty cock head in my mouth, then moved down the shaft, I got to half way and whirled my tongue around and around, precum started to flow into my mouth and the saltiness pleased my taste buds. He moved back and forth for quite some time ,i could feel his tongue under my cock, my head hit the back f his throat several times yet he didn't gag, after some time I exclaimed I was going to cum. He took about half the cum in his mouth then let my cock go wild through his hair and beard.

Teacher part 2

lesbian Charlotte_ 2018-01-27

Sophie looked at the alarm in my eyes, gently took me by the arm and guided me to the stairs, gently removed my robe, and led me to sit on the edge of my bed. I met Sophie's eyes with alarm, but she smiled gently and murmured, "Yes, of course, Teacher." She gently adjusted my position so more of my thighs were on the edge of the bed, and leaned in to kiss me softly, gently opening my mouth with her tongue as she caressed my face and hair. "May I continue, Teacher?" At her nod, Sophie returned between my thighs, caressing my lips with her fingers, softly kissing up my inner right thigh.

Dirty Old Pervert 4

fetish megalanthropus 2018-01-27

It took me at least an hour to stop thinking horny thoughts about her dusky Indian face and her warm brown doe eyes, as she looked up at me while she sucked my cock. She continued sucking Michael’s cock, and after another minute Michael gasped and said that he was going to come. It was slower process, since the heat of the first fuck was gone, but the three guys were young and prolific enough that they got hard when Judy went one to the other, sucking or pumping their cocks with her hand, as the occasion arose. Another ten minutes later Dashawn planted his mouth between her legs, while she sucked Michael’s cock, and gave Will a hand job.

Ski Trip

first-time jasmine89 2018-01-27

I was lying on my back with my thighs apart, and he was kneeling beside me, his mouth back on my nipples with his hand inside my soaked knickers. Whilst he rubbed my clit in circles, I slid my hand into his boxers and pulled out his cock, which was solid and thick. I began stroking him, rubbing his pre-cum around his shaft so it slid between my hand more easily. “I want to cum in your mouth.” I wasn’t sure I liked the idea of that, but wanting to please him, and not wanting him to think I was a rubbish fuck (although he knew I was a virgin), I continued sucking him. His tongue found my clit and he began licking it, causing me to thrust my hips forward and moan loudly.

The Adventures of Molly - High School Road Trip

mature PAMtnMan 2018-01-27

“You can sit with me, Molly,” Mr. Lane said patting the seat beside him.” Oh my God, because of Tina I am going to have to sit with a teacher for the entire four hour bus trip home. His hand was back on my leg and he was stroking my inner thigh with his long smooth fingers. As I did he slid his finger farther under my panties and I felt it touch the outer lips of my labia. Soon I felt another of his fingers sliding up and down my now moist pussy lips. Mr. Lane cupped his hands around them as he thrust his cock in and out of my dripping wet pussy.

Sex with my physics teacher!

gay-male Penislover799 2018-01-27

Whenever I watched porn I looked up pictures of middle aged guys like him and whenever I came I would moan his name and imagine his sweet juicy cock penetrating my anus as I fingered myself. He took his time and licked all the way up my 7 inches of juicy cock until he got to my head. He started to suck my head again, but suddenly he moved swiftly down and took in my ENTIRE COCK. He used his legs to lift up and down until he sat all the way down on my cock and felt my veins start to pump a large white liquid in his ass.

Ms. Woolson, Nikki and I

first-time Conflicted_Feelings 2018-01-27

She smiled at him, and for a split second, Ms. Woolson actually put her chin on her hand while looking at Robert. Suddenly the door opened and Robert quickly shoved his dick back into his pants and looked up to see Ms. Woolson walk in. Robert didn’t know what to say so he just looked back at his paper and tried to get his mind off of Ms. Woolson. Ms. Woolson??” Robert saw the person inside the bathroom put the panties on, then the skirt. Robert did as he was told, and then Ms. Woolson started to brush her nipples across Robert’s tongue. “What are you-” Robert looked up to see Natalie standing over his face with her pussy being spread out by her two hands.

A strange place called Florida: A lesson in feminism

interracial Writingguy 2018-01-26

"Now everyone, just a few minutes ago I had a bad run in with a bigot in my class who made hateful comments about women and he can be found sitting over there," said Claire as she pointed at the seat where Erfan was sitting in. "Eat it!" said Claire who kept slapping her crotch while smiling at Erfan. For some reason, the powerful odor managed to make Erfan horny and he started to eat Claire out. "Come get it!" said Claire as she rubbed her pussy and smiled at Erfan. At first, Claire would try to move her head away from his massive cock but as soon as her mouth opened, Erfan found a way to get it in there.

Full circle

mature CirceWand 2018-01-26

I’m going to talk you through touching him, smelling him enjoying everything about him until your senses are so caught up in the sexuality between you that all you want is to taste him, smell him, touch him, suck him.” Just allow yourself to explore his cock with the freedom to suck it if you want to, and knowing you’re not going to have sex, you don’t have to perform or impress. I had a fantasy last night about a cock just sliding up and down my pussy.” Patrick didn’t answer with words, but I gathered from her heightened breath that he was doing just as she wanted. “He mostly just smells clean around his balls,” Lisa continued reporting to me a little more breathily, “but his skin tastes very different here to on his cock.

Cordelia's Feet 4 - The Queen Bee's Honey

fetish ChrissieLecker 2018-01-26

“This is wrong,” I mumbled, but the rest of my words went unsaid, because Monica’s fingers, short and pudgy compared to Cordelia’s sleek, elegant ones, entered my mouth and filled it completely, wiggling and touched, smearing my tangy nectar over my tongue without inhibitions. “This is very, very wrong, Miss Wilkins,” Cordelia’s whispered words from right next to my ear confirmed my earlier ones, and each touch of breath on my skin made me shiver. Cordelia’s right hand delved between her classmate’s legs with rough determination, and I watched with bated breath when she crooked two fingers and pushed them all the way into her kitten’s pussy.

Manmoirs: Hot For Teacher

mature Manmoirs 2018-01-26

She messaged me to say she thought Messenger would be another good form of communication in-case I ever needed a quick response. She may have been 10 years older than me but my goodness she looked fucking hot. She gave me a little wink, and I wanted to deny the thoughts I was having. Before we got to her car she pulled me close and kissed me as though she wanted to fuck right then and there. "I want you to fuck me right now." I took my right hand to take off my condom, stroking my rock hard cock as I got close. If she thought I was going to bang her without a condom, she had another thing coming.

Claire: Part 1. My First Time

first-time AGreyFoxxx 2018-01-25

Only, it was not buttoned to her neck, but opened generously down the front, showing off ample cleavage I couldn’t help but think how different she looked, just by unbuttoning her blouse and letting her hair down. I felt her hand on my head, pressing downward as she added, “The nipple, silly, kiss the nipple.” As my lips came in contact with the dusty rose colored flesh, she hissed, “Yesssss! I brought my free hand up to her left breast, and kneaded the ample flesh, rubbing her nipple against my palm as I continued to finger fuck her and suck on her clit. Grabbing my face in her hands and pulling me up to her waiting lips, she whispered, “Make love to me!” and kissed me as my cock slid effortlessly inside her tight, wet sheath.

Teacher's Pet, Chapter 4

mature Master_Jonathan 2018-01-25

I've seen better begging from a street corner pan-handler!" Mr. Cramer spat, "You are going to have to do a lot better than that if you want that dirty slut pussy of yours filled!" Mr. Hernandez had no more got the words "Yes slut, suck my cock!" than Amy had inhaled his stiff, throbbing tool and was devotedly bobbing her head up and down as she sucked greedily on the janitor's member. But I'll bet that slutty little pussy of yours is feeling awfully neglected, isn't it?" Mr. Cramer said, as he lifted her up and set her on his desk facing Mr. Hernandez. Oh, my poor pussy is so hungry, it wants a hard cock buried deep inside it, Sir!" Amy said, as she opened her legs invitingly.

Fantasy for the Teacher, Chapter 2

first-time stillvirgin 2018-01-25

Cum hard.” With that permission, I came all over his hand which he pulled out and let the leftover cum drip onto his tongue. He stuck his fingers in my mouth to let me taste my own cum and proudly proclaimed, “See, this is what I got to taste. “Do you know how long I’ve been waiting for you to ask me that?” As the words my mouth, he plunged his dick into my pussy, taking my virginity right along with it. He pulled me up and whispered in my ear with a grinning tone, “You can cum now.” And he bent me back over and fucked me like a pinball against the table.

Locker Room

gay-male Soakinwetpussy 2018-01-25

"You can drop your boxers," Mr. Ryan said with a smile. "Oh, I thought you liked me," Mr. Ryan said as he looked to the ground. He started by licking my balls, and slowly he moved his tongue to the top of my fully erect cock. We started to kiss heavier as my cock slowly went down. Mr. Ryan leaned his seat all the way back and climbed to the head of it, turned around and stuck his butt in the air. I slipped the condom on my hardened cock, and spread some Vaseline on Mr. Ryan's butthole. Mr. Ryan leaned toward me and kissed me while grinding on my cock. Mr. Ryan climbed off my cock and pulled the condom off.

He Was My Teacher PT 2

anal lauralonglegs 2018-01-25

Shouting out how much I needed him, how I needed his cum in me, but all he did was grunt and slap my ass, pulling on my hair with his other hand. His wet middle finger pushed against my virgin ass hole, and slipped in. He finger slowly pushed into my ass hole, and he just left it there, as he kissed up my back. I nodded and tilted my head back, grinning a little as I kissed him roughly, as his finger worked in my ass. He fucked me, good and proper, making me beg for mercy as he slapped my ass hard with his rough palms.