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Boarding School

anal ChrissyDPfanatic 2018-06-27

My mouth suddenly shot open as I moaned loud and three fingers were now sliding slowly into my ass, I guess he thought this meant I wanted to suck him, because he adjusted and pushed his massive cock head between my lips. I could feel her spread her fingers each time they slid outward and soon I was moaning over his cock head. I was able to look back over my shoulder as the table shook quite a bit, to see him mounting me with her holding his rock hard cock and pointing it right at my ass as she slipped her tongue in his.

His Senior Project

first-time Stoneypoint 2018-06-27

“We think you are a very sexy bunch of women in fact.” She liked that he said that and smiled. “Would you like to do this to me too?” he smiled again but he nodded his head at her and looked down at lap as if he was going to do it anyway. “Like right here you mean?” Then she began to rub his crotch hard as she smiled and felt his erection beneath his jeans. I think I’m feeling it,” she said as she smiled. “Uhhh, you are rubbing uh the right spot,” he told her as he moved his body around, “and may I say uhhh I think you have some of the nicest breasts around.

An A+ Student

mature JollyBloke03 2018-06-26

He carefully slid his whole tongue inside and pushed it around before suddenly taking her clit into his mouth and biting down roughly, shoving four fingers knuckles deep into her pussy. He got up and placed his hands firmly on her ass and pressed the tip of his cock against her little slit, immediately causing a steady clear stream of cum to course down her leg. He pushed her head away and grabbed her arms, crossing them behind her back and ramming into her again and again, feeling her orgasms tighten her pussy around his thick cock. When he finally released, he didn't dare pull out, but filled her ass with his cum, which came running down her legs.

A strange place called Florida: A lesson in feminism

interracial Writingguy 2018-06-26

"Now everyone, just a few minutes ago I had a bad run in with a bigot in my class who made hateful comments about women and he can be found sitting over there," said Claire as she pointed at the seat where Erfan was sitting in. "Eat it!" said Claire who kept slapping her crotch while smiling at Erfan. For some reason, the powerful odor managed to make Erfan horny and he started to eat Claire out. "Come get it!" said Claire as she rubbed her pussy and smiled at Erfan. At first, Claire would try to move her head away from his massive cock but as soon as her mouth opened, Erfan found a way to get it in there.

Teacher Becomes Lover

gay-male AnnonymousStories2 2018-06-26

He left me in a weird spot, he knows I hate being left alone with teachers, and that's just at normal school times, now we're at supported study, and he packs up without telling me and basically rushes out the door. There's no way I'm going to get to talk to him tonight anyways, seeing as she's such a whore she'll probably be taking his virginity away from him like it was candy from a kid. I can feel the buzz in my pocket before the ringtone starts to play out, and quickly I answer it, just signalling to Mr.Fitzpatrick with a finger that I'll be no more than one minute - not like he needs it anyways, it's verging on half six now, and he's not even said anything about it being late.

Shower and a Grind

lesbian Fionna 2018-06-26

She buried her face in my cunt and sucked hard on my clit, I cried out as the feeling intensified. She stopped briefly to strip off her bra and yoga pants to reveal nothing but a shaved pussy underneath and some impressive tits. I nodded. She forced one in my mouth, then the other. “You get that tit nice and wet, then I'm going to rub it all over your pink juicy pussy.” I suckled her tit, innocently while she fingered my love hole. Suddenly I felt her rubbing it all over my pussy, I ground myself against it wanting to cum from the image of this beautiful goddess, fucking me in such an intimate way.

Sweet Temptation Final

interracial Linsee89 2018-06-26

"I am so glad the school district got out a week earlier than they used to." Luke said while watching Lacey eat ice cream. Don't fucking stop." Lacey said with her hands wrapped in Luke's hair. "It's almost six a.m. but I don't care my flight isn't until 7 p.m." Luke paused and pulled Lacey closer to him and kissed the top of her head. Lacey pulled away and looked into Luke's eyes. Luke pushed his warm hands under her sweater and tickled his hands up her sides, leaving fire everywhere he touched. He cupped her bra clad breasts in his hands, swirling her rock hard nipples with his thumbs. Lacey's knees threatened to buckle as he leaned his head down and nipped at her ear with his teeth.

The Halloween Party

mature SensualSharon 2018-06-25

He got down on his knees in front of me and lifted up my hoop skirt and pulled my panties to the side and started to lick me in a way that was driving me absolutely crazy, I was already very wet from being so turned on kissing him and touching him and he was indeed tasting me, lapping at me, sucking on my clit, nibbling on it, and sucking on my juicy inner lips and sliding his tongue inside of me and teasing me as I rubbed my own nipples.

BBC For Teacher

interracial TeacherD 2018-06-25

And I've also noticed the way you've been trying to let me look at those beautiful, sexy boobs of yours." Jamie pushed my hand into his lap, right onto his hardening cock. "Want some of this big black cock, teach?" Without a word I reached up and undid his button, unzipped his zipper, and let his pants drop to the ground. "You are one hot little teacher," Jamie said as he pushed his hard cock up against my ass. Jamie continued to grind his hard cock into my ass as he reached around to tug and pinch my pink nipples. A loan of pleasure escaped my lips, and I arched my ass up, trying to let his cock make contact with my wet pussy.

The Student Teacher

lesbian ariesjones 2018-06-25

I felt like a hot mess next to her in my short navy tartan skirt, white button up shirt, ripped stockings and boots. My friend Danni knew I had a crush on the student teacher, and would give me looks whenever Miss Rose and I interacted. And I kid you not, she replied back with the softest voice, “That’s okay, its better when it’s rough,” ran her hand along the back of my hair and left. She then opened her shirt to reveal a white lace bra, and removed the rest of her clothes to show her black panties underneath. I slid my hand down her front into her panties and began pumping two fingers in and out of her wet pussy.

Games Night With Friends

group K8Lin 2018-06-24

Debbie was oblivious to Mark and Simon, but Sam could hear them making complimentary sounds in the background. Sam knew she would need Debbie lubed before she could fuck both her holes, so she lifted up from swollen clit and spat on the vibe finger. Simon pulled Debbie's mouth wide open and pushed his cock into the gaping hole. Simon had no idea if it was his, or Marks, but he pulled his softening cock out and kissed Debbie fully on her lips. Mark never missed a thrust into Sam. He continued to fuck her as he sucked Simon's length. Debbie has a sweet pussy and I want to know how Simons cock feels" Sam giggled as she reached the top of the stairs.

Teacher, Sexy Teacher

first-time Reeb 2018-06-24

As she rolled her head back, closing her eyes while she caressed her left breast and lightly fingered her wet pussy, her mind wondered to the last class of the day and one student in particular. The faint hum of the vibrator filled the room as she closed her eyes and softly ran the cock head up and down her wet opening, lingering only a couple seconds on her swollen love button. A look of pure sexual bliss passed over her face as she bit her lower lip, imagining it was Jason’s huge cock touching the outer folds of her aroused pussy. Her mind imagined Jason pressing her backwards until she was sitting on her classroom desk, legs spread wide open as his cock slowly entered her tight pussy.

Hot Teacher

first-time danielty 2018-06-24

She cocked her head and said, "do you understand?" I nodded, and she got up and started to walk away. I stuck one finger in her swollen wet pussy and she moaned, and gasped. I smiled and said, "If you like that, you’re gonna love this." I pulled my dick out and immediately shoved it inside her. I was about to come, so I pulled out and came all over her tits and stomach. My cock was still hard so I stuck it back in her pussy and began to fuck her again. I looked back and saw her lying there, cum coming out of her pussy, her stomach topped with come, her hair in a mess, and her pussy still wet.

Making the Teacher

first-time TopGun 2018-06-24

When the weather turned warm I started wearing a condom to class because I always shot off a couple of times during that hour-long class. I started to hand her, her keys but she walked around and slid into the passenger seat. Maria slid further down on the seat, spreading her thigh wide apart, her left knee resting on the transmission hump. Pulling off the road, I lifted Maria up out of the passenger seat and lowered her fiery hot pussy down on my throbbing shaft. Our orgasms kept building and when I finally started shooting my wad deep inside her clenching, milking pussy, it felt as if I would never stop cumming.

Teacher teacher

first-time Taggerdoo 2018-06-24

I'd see the popular kids looking so relaxed and carefree, laughing their asses off and basically just having a high old time. It went along in the same vein until almost time for class to end when I started to get this zipper busting spontaneous erection! I told her I wasn't involved in any afer school activities and that I usually went home and did my chores. I can't let those little things go neglected!" She giggled a little at that and she looked like a teenager herself for just a moment. She grasped the back of my head with one hand and ground my face into her pussy as she came. She sat up and grasped my cock in her hand and started to jerk on it with abandon.

Teacher's Pet

first-time girlsetfree 2018-06-23

“I always like to go to the candlelight carol concert held in the village where I live,” he said. I spun round and faced him; I took his hand, and placed it on my left breast. Then the exquisite feel of his hot hand on the top of my leg, reaching to grasp my tight behind and pressing me closer to him. My eyes roamed all over his body, drinking him in, mesmerised by his huge, hard cock. I reached for his insistent cock, held it, stroked and squeezed it, caressed and fondled, smearing the pre-cum round the head of his cock with my finger. I wrapped my legs around him, and then silently, looking straight into my eyes, he gently lowered himself into me.

The Bucket List - Riley

first-time fantasygirl8 2018-06-23

“Of course I will give a good mark to a smart little girl like you.” He snakes his arm around Riley’s back, pulling her body close to his. Feeling he should move on, Joe parts their kiss and pulls his hand out of her leggings. He gathers her hair in one hand, tugs it, and pulls her upper body off the table; all the while spanking her tight little ass. Holding her by her pussy and under the arms, Joe pulls Riley’s tiny body off the ground and carries her straight up out into the hallway. I never knew I could have so much pleasure!” Riley says as Joe pulls up her stained leggings for her.

Teacher's Pet, Chapter 3

mature Master_Jonathan 2018-06-23

"Yes Sir," Amy said, her pussy beginning to dampen once again as she knew he was leading up to something exciting. The coolness of the glass toy felt good on her overheated pussy and Amy moaned and shuddered as the dildo began its work. Amy gasped as the dildo ran over her swollen clit and he smiled, working it back and forth over the tender nub as the bound girl struggled against her ropes in a vain effort to get away from the teasing device. In response to her whimperings, Mr. Cramer moved the glass dildo away from her pussy and Amy thought that maybe her suffering was ending, but he was far from finished with her.

Dirty Old Pervert 5

fetish megalanthropus 2018-06-23

I had a grade A, harder than steel, boner, and it poked her when I stopped sucking her nipple and pulled her in to kiss her on the lips. I caught her lovely silken black hair and pulled her forward more than she intended, so that my cock was in her mouth to the hilt. “Do you like mouthing balls, Savannah?” I said. I wanted to stick to plan though, and winked at her, and turned my attention back to my lovely Carmella Bing lookalike who still was trying to pretend that my balls were not crushing her.  She sucked in some gasps of air, playing with my cock, and pulling my foreskin onto and off the head of my penis. 

St Mary's - Part One

gay-male bareboy22 2018-06-23

Alex couldn't imagine the army insisting on naked swimming in the school pool followed each boy toweling-off their best friend, as he had experienced this morning, although he couldn't rule it out. "Now, to show the other boys you are to be left alone, I have a special gift for you, young Alex,'' said Hampton. Alex was still naked from the waist down, and Hampton, with a smile he couldn't quite work out, motioned him to lift his shirt again and slipped it over his penis and balls. You and I are going to have a very close relationship, young man," said Hampton, with that smile again.

Served Just Right

lesbian RumpleForeskin 2018-06-23

"That's when he began working his way down my body, kissing and licking things like, you know, my neck and shoulders, not just the boobs. As Ann mixed the drinks, Gwen stretched and without protest or alarm, found herself sliding effortlessly down the wall until coming to rest sprawled on her back, hips at the edge of the bed, feet touching the floor. The next time Gwen was racing toward a climax, her fingers weren't pushed away and Ann's tongue continued its tantalizing work. After licking Ann's face clean, Gwen began kissing her lips, eyes, ears, and neck, while slowly pulling her friend’s nightgown up, and then, off. Moments later, Ann gurgled something, her hips heaved upwards, and Gwen felt her face being bathed in warm pussy juice.

My Teenage God ch. 4

gay-male dominanceaddict 2018-06-23

Max's muscular chest rose and fell with each breath, and David felt his Master's body beckoning him over as the panic lost out to a greater feeling of submission. David whimpered but Max continued to simply rest his cock on his tongue, the head just about entering his mouth. He began to lick Max’s neck and kiss the scruff of his cheek, crazy with lust as Max teased his ass with his cock head. You’re so fucking amazing, Max. I love your huge cock in my ass.” David didn’t even know what he was saying. Max, still holding David up with one hand under the his ass, grabbed the tutor by his hair on the back of his head, holding him an inch away from his lips.

Nerds of Hollyweather Ch. 03

interracial eeric_stories 2018-06-23

“Got quite a show here,” Eddison said with a smirk as he looked back into Ms. Summers classroom, and continued stroking his huge black cock. “I’m so glad you had time to help me out Milton.” Ashli looked over at the sweet guy standing in front of her. “Darnell, one of my students, told me that he had seen someone who looked a lot like me, in a girls gone wild video, and asked if it was me.” Milton watched the video as Ashli told him. “I did do a girls gone wild video during that spring break.” Ashli saw Milton look up at her.

Jared and Jennifer, Part 2

mature Handydandy14 2018-06-23

I wanted Jared just like he said, maybe even a little more. "It's about to feel a whole lot better, baby." I took his whole cock in my mouth and the way Jared reacted I thought he would cum instantly. "Yes Jared, oh fuck yes go faster baby." He started sucking on my clit and licking my pussy so fast I didn't know what was happening. "I want you to get hard Jared, I need that cock inside me now. "Jen baby your breasts are amazing, please let me suck on those pretty pink nipples." How could I resist this boy anymore? So much cum filled my little pussy I didn't know if Jared would ever stop pouring his hot load in me.