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Who's your Daddy!

interracial top_spin 2018-11-09

In an instant she moved and with determination pinned me against the wall, I was surprised and chuckled at her boldness, for I was much stronger than her, but with her hand squeezing and searching between my legs, she gently kissed my neck and my resistance slowly faded and I became quiet and allowed her to press me up against the wall. Sometime later under the luminescence of the moon, our bodies entwined like pretzels, her pale white skin contrasting with mine was just to much for me and I exploded like never before, cum was everywhere, her pussy was filled and leaking, inserting two fingers she brought one to her lips,sucked it clean and presented me with the other for me to do the same, then she turned around snuggled into my back and with her hands firmly grasping my cock, she kissed me goodnight.

A Work Party Ch. 03

interracial satinlvr_mwf 2018-09-03

Not in the BDSM sort of dominance, like leather, whips, and chains, but Ron was making me more demure, more feminine, and Tony was being just his normal, gentle self. Both men allowed me to indulge my own fashion fetish, wearing satin garments, which had a nice side-benefit of being a little flashy, which Tony was looking for, and Ron appreciated especially when he took me to his own parties on his arm. My arms flopped lazily aside, and I surrendered to Ron, just like every other time he got between my legs. I reached down, and with some struggle, managed to pull my thong aside, to expose my petals to Ron, and I looked to him, softly panting.

Becoming His

interracial njailarhee 2018-01-07

I took a deep breath and ran my tired eyes around the small hotel room. On any other night that thought would kill my soul just a little bit more, but tonight in this cramped Manhattan hotel room, I couldn't be happier or more excited. It was exciting to think that the man and cock I had been wanting for months was finally going to be mine. I withdrew my hand , took a deep breath and stared again at the ceiling. I opened the door and while there was no celestial light or angelic chorus, my heart felt like it was going to leap out of my chest. I bit my lower lip as he took my hand so I could sit beside him on the bed.

A Story From The 80s Ch. 02

interracial Cash0956 2017-12-19

My first chapter was about my wife April and her black stud Victor and my enjoyment at watching them in our bedroom in the throes of passion. April then began to slowly stroke each dick, both my average member and Victor's massive stick. April asked me to lick her pussy to get it ready to be fucked by Victor's huge cock, so I obeyed. I looked up and saw April with Victor's cock in her mouth, and although she was gagging, she had it halfway down her throat and was making loud slurping noises. They began to kiss passionately and April was dirty talking: "fuck me you black stud", and "empty your nuts in me baby".