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Julia Goes Black Part 3 The Anal Trials

interracial NatashaTsarinaErotic 2018-12-03

Jenny used an eight-inch vibrator on her friend and Leroy could actually hear the wet sound coming from Julia’s pussy above the hum of the sex toy. Leroy watched as Julia grabbed her friend’s ass and pushed her down and she must have stuck her tongue deep inside her because Jenny closed her eyes and let go of a long moan. Jason spread his legs enough so Leroy could get between them and when he felt the massive cock press against his anus he closed his eyes and took long deep breaths. Looking down at Jason’s perfect round ass Leroy forgot about Jenny and Julia for a while and enjoyed fucking his buddy until he pulled out and came on his back.

Black Revival Preacher Breeds Lactating White Farmer's Wife

interracial edlangston 2018-12-01

His cock head parted my labia, and as Thomas was leaning me over towards him to suck my breasts again, he said, “Oh my, Jenny, your slot is so tight and wet, and I know that I will be able to open the pathway to your womb. He took my little white hand in his big black hand and said, “Brother Thomas told me that you and Jimmy were very enthusiastic about receiving repeated blessings from him and all of the male members of his crew, and as I said after our services on Sunday, my deacons and I stand ready to continue in the same way now that the revival group has gone.

Yes Daddy

interracial Caitlynsweets 2018-11-28

The thought of your tight boxer briefs over your hard erection makes my pussy get even wetter, You slide them off and let them fall to the floor as I feel you put one hand on each ass cheek and squeeze. You lean forward and kiss and bite me all the way down my back, making me get goose bumps all over, and I shiver and arch my ass hoping that a little more of that big cock will slide deeper in, I look back at you and beg you, "Please Daddy fuck my pussy. You start to finger it slow at first, it is hard to think about the dick that is fucking my pussy now, and then me touching the clit it is to much.

Black Boss Impregnates His Racist Employee's White Wife

interracial edlangston 2018-11-25

I was still sucking her right breast as she leaned down and kissed the side of my face, before nibbling on my ear, and in a breathy voice saying, “Holy fuck, Marcus, your cock is longer than my forearm and thicker than my wrist. After about ten minutes I had suckled both breasts, and Bobbi Jo said, “Let me get another taste of your big, black cock, Marcus.” We began a passionate kiss as we had done the previous day, and she sucked my tongue like it was a cock every time I pushed a little more into her. But damn, it was so hot watching his big, black cock fucking your slutty white pussy.”

Professor Humbled Pt. 02

interracial dr13bone 2018-11-24

She did not have much time to lament about her new image as Owen and Jamal pulled out their cocks, she noted that even semi-hard they were huge and thick. Yeah like that with those cute little brown eyes of yours." he said as Owen withdrew his cock from her mouth, allowing Jamal to use their slave girl orally. Jamal got on top of the desk and straddled her tight little stomach, his big cock resting across her chest. "Oh and the next time, you won't have to worry about your pony tails holders," she felt relieved until Jamal continued, "Because like some of your sisters in Africa and here we are going to shave your pussy and head bald!"

White Wife Provides Reparations for a Black Coworker and His Friends

interracial edlangston 2018-11-19

And just so you know, there are a lot of married white women who love fucking big-cocked black men, with the submissive husbands’ eager approval and involvement. I began sucking his scrotum and taking one ball at a time into my mouth, just as Calvin buried his cock all of the way into me and flooded my adulterous pussy with his plentiful black cum. I pressed my pussy to his mouth just as he was about to say something, and I said, “That’s right, honey, get a taste of what it’s like to eat me after three, big-cocked black men have been fucking me for hours.

I help my next door neighbor after his accident

interracial floridaguy2001 2018-11-11

When we arrived at my home Tony said "Come on Linda I need to take a As I sucked his cock, I felt Tony's hands massaging my neck. over I felt Tony rubbing his cock all over my ass. Tony loved it he started to fuck me faster; he had his ear to the phone Dave heard that and started to cum I pulled his cock back into my mouth "Dave come here and lick my clit, as Tony fucks me" Dave got between my legs and started lick my clit as Tony fucked me. it into his mouth and suck his cock, Tony was really getting so I got Tony started to really fuck his mouth faster till I could see cum

A life changing sample

interracial Writingguy 2018-11-03

"Don't, just let me rub my body against that pretty little flower," said Bull, as the redhead looked into his eyes and started to grind her pussy against his muscular thighs. "Rose, I am not fucking around anymore, ride this dick," said Bull, smacking the redhead's buttocks. "Take it in Rose," said Bull, moaning as his dick went inside of her pussy. "Well Rose, I want you to come home with me," said Bull, walking over to the bench where the redhead was laying down and sitting right next to her. "You can't sleep here, I am going to help you get dressed and then take you home with me right now," said Bull, rubbing the redhead's pussy as she smiled and pushed his hand away.

Doing More then the Job Description

interracial lovelyvampire 2018-11-02

I kind of doubt that.” He continued, “So go home, talk it over, and then just let me know.” He smiled at me, that smile that made my insides quiver, and then reached over and kissed my cheek. Right now, what I do know is that I want to be fucked.” My pussy was soaking wet, my clit had a gentle throb to it, and my nipples were hard as rocks, and sensitive as ever underneath the fabric of my bra. “Not completely, but he told me he’s above average, and if I may be blunt, he’s more than likely going to be large anyways, and he will fuck your ass like it’s actually his.

An Office Fling...

interracial afolabi70 2018-09-04

I noticed that Ivory started flirting with me, but it took me a long time to figure this out. It got so bad, that I thought about going to the owner and complaining, but I didn't want to get Ivory in trouble. Ivory said, "You know we can do this all the time, and when I am on my period you can fuck me in the ass." She turned on her side as I thrust into her so I got a good view of the look of pleasure on her face as she came. We hung out a few times, but she got all religious and said that God would not bless our relationship if we continued to have premarital sex!

Blackcock Diary: Hot T and BBCs

interracial SubLadyD 2018-07-20

With her leg lifted, Theresa reached down between them and grabbed his hard black cock, rubbing it across her pussy lips a few times. The second black man found his cock ejected from Theresa's pussy as she began to squirt all over his cock, her legs and the bed. Just like his buddy, he grabbed her thick leg at her knee and lifted it...however, with his free hand he reached down and grabbed Theresa's fat ass cheek. Watching this all had my panties drenched and I was about to back up and start masturbating when I head a muffled cry escape Theresa's black cock filled mouth.

Pounded by My Son's Friend Jamal

interracial hereforyourpleasure 2018-06-29

I worked hard for a few minutes until he murmured "I want to come down your throat you thick slut," and with that he began shooting streams of come across my face and hair before forcing his cock back into my mouth and pumping it directly down my throat. "Mom, why are you calling from Jamal's phone?," he sounded suspicious and Jamal chose that moment to administer a forceful loud spank to my already sore asscheek and he continued to fuck me from behind pulling my dress with one hand. I just wanted to know what a great friend you have and he's going to mppphh mphh mphh," Jamal had taken his cock from my ass after a few thrusts and forced it into my mouth as he took the phone.

Diary of a BBW Ch. 02

interracial bellacbritt 2018-06-09

I promised him next time if he is good I might just let him fuck my pussy. I just pushed back hard against him and let him feel the full force of a big white ass. I loved the feeling of his black fingers inside my wet pussy. He pushed her face down on the bed, pulled her pants down ripped his off and shoved his massive cock in her pussy. I got off him and leaned over the kitchen table my ass in the air and my pussy ready for a beating. Laughing he pulled his cock out of my ass and rubbed it on my pussy lips. He pulled my face back kissed me and thrust his cock deep inside me from behind.

Black at Last

interracial Amandarunning 2018-05-09

Looking up, Ami saw a tall, African-American man extending a joint her way. Watching Ami take a drag, made the tall man's cock start to rise. One hand pulled her ass up and back while the other grabbed her neck. It looked so tight and undisturbed, he wanted to shove his fat nine inch cock into her. Feeling her tight virginal ass constricting around him, he paused as her body relaxed, he started moving. As her ass continued to be abused, another cock nudged her lips. Ami felt her virginal ass filled with hot cum. Just as she started to relax, the cock in her mouth began demanding attention. Ass throbbing and mouth stretched, Ami sprawled on her knees just feet from a bustling crowd.

Doing America

interracial Tyngha 2018-04-19

We got chatting about all the things to do in LA, had some glasses of wine and dinner on the plane, when the movies finished the lights went off completely and it was sleep time, our new friend, Mike, showed us how to lift the arm rests and the next thing I knew I was laying down with my head in his lap and feet on Julie, with a blanket on me I was actually quite comfortable and very relaxed, asleep in minutes.

Layla and Ben Ch. 02

interracial Lyricist1983 2018-04-03

"No, please fuck me!" I cried in desperation "I want to feel that white cock of yours inside me!" Ben began to rub his dick along the length of my pussy, and I began to breathe heavily, anticipating his thick, white cock sliding into my tight black hole and stretching it.......... He'd pull his cock almost all the way out of me before plunging it back in again.As I saw in Ben's face that he was close to the edge, I felt my own orgasm drawing near. As the feeling of euphoria tore through me, Ben plunged his dick deep into my arsehole with a last almighty thrust, and shouted "Oh, shit, I'm going to cum inside your arse!" He let out a satisfied grunt.

Eight O'Crock

interracial maxpriapic 2018-02-22

Now Tiko has come up beside us, where Mutsue takes his cock out of its silk robe sucks it into her mouth, rolling it around with her tongue. Tiko smiled happily at me after seeing me taste his load, but looked concerned that I hadn't cum yet, saying something to Mutsue, she turned to me and said, "You like for rear?" He raised his head and dripping mouth to greet Mutsue's eager tongue, where they shared my hot milky load in their kiss, turning to join me in their kiss, falling on top of me; we all licked up every drop off of each other, but just to make sure we got clean we all headed off to the shower…

Double Stuffed

interracial Sean Renaud 2018-02-19

"Damn we got us a first rate piece of pussy here." Marcus grunted as he pulls Krissy off his cock and she continued to suck pulling the last few drops cum out onto her tongue and swallowing. When it pushed into her Krissy clenched her fingers into Fancy's meaty behind when she felt her cunt suddenly stretched to accommodate Big T. Drink that juice!" Krissy wrapped her arms around Fancy's waist pulling holding her in place so she couldn't wriggle away when she jammed her tongue into the tight hole. Anal sex wasn't something Krissy normally indulged in so Marcus had to try several times to cram his cock into her tight hole.

Etsuyo's Story

interracial victoria.vixen 2018-02-10

Hundred thrust his cock up her tight Japanese pussy and Etsuyo screamed -- but with the dancing, the music, and the hollering no one noticed or cared. I couldn't believe Etsuyo could take such a huge cock, and as she looked across the dance floor to meet me eyes I knew from the little "iku" her mouth made -- she held still and closed her eyes and was overcome by a staggering climax. He was out of breath, and looked down on her prostrate form, hair sticky with lotion, face covered in cum, ass gaping and reamed, pussy dripping with juice, and said, "God damn, that bitch is played."

Adventures with an OC Cuckold Couple

interracial afolabi70 2018-01-04

I had never played with a cuckold couple before, but there is a first time for everything, so one Saturday night I got in my car and drove over to Don and Linda's place. I then enjoyed the sight of Linda bouncing up and down on my dick for a good ten minutes before she stiffened, clenched her pussy and climaxed. She got some KY jelly from the nightstand and gave my prick a good coating, then she had me dip a huge gob of lube on her ass and make it nice and wet. She reached around, got a vibrator and slid it into her pussy so she was getting DPed. It didn't take long before she started shaking, uttering gutteral moans and came hard with a loud scream.

Hip Hop and Punk Rock

interracial KuroshioX 2017-12-29

He controlled my head for a bit, not letting me move until he was satisfied I wasn't going to be distracted again and then eased up so I could start licking faster, dragging my tongue on both sides, underneath, over the crown in a figure eight; I went deep in my bag of tricks for this one, the whole time feeling like a piece of fuckmeat, which is a major turn-on. Quinton, as usual, didn't say shit, he just grabbed my head and yanked it forward, forcing me to watch while his monster slid inside me, getting halfway before he pulled back a bit to tease.

African Honeymoon

interracial hema_willams 2017-12-09

As the last man fucked me hard and finally shot his load inside my completely loose and sloppy pussy, I just laid there in a pool of cum, sweaty and exhausted. I'd had anal sex a few times before, but I wasn't too sure about this but they weren't asking my permission, they just used me any way they wanted to and the next thing I knew he was fucking me in the arse as some other man gave me his cock to suck. I was sucking and moaning, I could feel the big cock slipping in and out of my tight little arse, his cock felt so big that it hurt a little at first, but he fucked me real slow and easy before he let out a groan and shot hot cum deep in my arse.

Christy Gets Trained 02

interracial rmattmike 2017-11-26

I pulled up next to a group of black men and announced I had some fine white pussy in the car. As they gazed into the car and viewed Christy sitting there nervously in her see through dress, I heard different remarks like "SHIT!" "OH FUCK!" "DAM!" "MOTHERFUCKA!" As I videoed Christy getting fucked, I looked around and saw other black men their eyes bulging, mouth salivating, and their cocks already out in their hand. "Im bout to bust in you ho!" The older black man's lips tightened, his old ass tightened as he felt his swell begin moving, his cock pulsating, and now spewing dank sperm inside Christy's once bred womb.

Marlee - The Making Of A Slut Ch. 02

interracial MrDeep 2017-11-03

In just a few months, Marlee had started as a demure wife and mom, working for a banking firm, to become a slut and a whore with no compassion for her dumb-ass husband. "I love you, momma." Then I rushed back into the club to keep the money flow moving through Marlee's hot cunt. Marlee began sucking my cock while I was kissing Sindi and fondling her tits. Fred enjoyed watching Marlee or Sindi and me fucking in front of him. Upon Arnold's advice, I set Fred up with a video screen in another room where he could watch Marlee and Sindi get black fucked. As Sindi and I grew closer and closer, Marlee concentrated on her "work" at Club Booty.