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Negril Escape

interracial Bunny12 2018-12-03

As soon as I saw Philroys huge black cock I knew Stephen would want it right up his ass after his mouth had its fill of it but that huge thing would destroy him and I was not going to have my bitch in pain the rest of our trip as I had more plans for his sexy ass. I put a new condom on his almost totally hard cock and sucked it to full hardness then looked at Stephen and said “I’m going to have this young stud muffin fuck me with his big black cock you lick his balls for a bit them come back to me.”

The Honeymoon

interracial MankoZ28 2018-11-23

After dinner, Kevin wants to go back to the beach bar for one more drink before heading to the room to fuck the night away. You feel the head of his cock slide along your walls, spreading them as he pulls back, He pauses a moment with just the tip resting inside your open lips, you raise your hips to meet his thrust as he slides back inside you, pressing your ass into the blanket on the sand. You don’t know if the orgasm racking your body or his stroking of your pussy stop first, as you lay on the blanket, but your love nest is quivering, and his cock is slowly softening inside you.

Butterfly Tattoo

interracial Poppet 2018-11-20

What his hands might feel like on me, touching my milky white skin, kissing on my neck, teasing me.  I can’t help it, when I see Todd kissing Jill that’s what it looks like. The look on his face is confused and a little hurt, making me feel worse. “What’s wrong, Angel? He looks down at me, I can’t meet his gaze, and I’m too scared. “I had a feeling you were lying about your age, even at the shop. His full dark lips kiss on my inner thighs, and as if he knows I’m watching, he looks up at me with those sexy eyes and grins. I don’t know how it’s possible, but I’m falling for this man, I crave him, I need him.

Beach in the Moonlight

interracial oceanrunner 2018-11-07

There were other men for me to look at, but he was by far the most “scenic.” As the days went by, I enjoyed watching him, and I realized once I truly noticed him that he was the most beautiful man I had ever seen in real life. In fact, it was evident that he liked what he saw, as his eyes devoured my body, and I was thankful for my time spent in the gym or in the pool, for my trim figure, my flat stomach and pert ass, and of course for my large firm breasts that had attracted his attention from the first time I had taken off my top. Towel and bikini bottoms in hand, I turned from him and walked, naked and not caring who saw, back to my room.

Cruise Control 02: The Beginning

interracial blkbond 2018-10-02

One of the young men walked over to Maria and placed a bucket on the floor next to her. Soon three of the men began rubbing grease on her thighs slowly working her body. Soon the other young men joined in rubbing grease in and out of her tight white swimsuit. Suddenly Carlos said "Stop!" The men walked back leaving Maria hanging. Carlos must have nodded or something cause the men began rubbing grease on their bodies. She looked around the room noticing the all the men were jerking off their greasy hard cocks while staring at her. The young men walked towards her helpless hanging body and began to grind up against her.

When Your Wife Becomes An Exhibitionist Tease At T

interracial voyeurchamp 2018-09-09

One day we went to the beach and I told her I dont care if guys see you sitting with your legs wide open. I stayed in the water a little longer enjoying the waves and when I got out and walked towards our beach towel I saw my wife sitting back in her chair, sunning and her legs were spread wide open exposing her smooth and tight shaved pussy and there were at least 10 guys nearby looking at her and a couple of them sneaking photos with their cell phones. My wife said she didnt care and I was shocked that the whole time she just sat there with her legs spread open reading a magazine and acting like we were the only ones on the beach.

Ebony and Ivory and Ebony

interracial Irish Moss 2018-09-02

While Billie Kaye got my shorts off and cast aside, Carlene took my cock in her hand and began to stroke it before lowering her head and running her tongue over it. Billie Kaye started to lick and fondle my balls while Carlene wrapped her lips around my cock and slid her mouth down as far as she could. I brought my hands up to fondle Billie Kaye's big, round tits while pumping my cock in and out of Carlene's pussy. Billie Kaye let one of her hands drop down to Carlene's pussy to massage her clit while my cock slid in and out. My cock was growing harder as I got closer to cumming and when Billie Kaye took me back in her mouth, I was pushing my hips at her, fucking her face.

our vacation

interracial strawberychery69 2018-08-16

The second day I did come out to patio topless it did feel good the ocean breeze blow across my breast I had my bath robe around my waist but it wasn't hiding much the cool air between my legs finally I just took robe off I look over at Jake his cock was rock hard he has about 5 1/2 to 6" but his was the only one I had ever had. one of the guys came in front of betweem me and Jake put his cock to my lips I had never be into sucking jake maybe a few times never let him come in my mouth but this was so good the guy inside of me was cuming I could feel his hot cum in me the guy in my mouth was cuming so much I couldn't swallow it fast enough and some came out on my face and breast.

Indian guy sucks a BBC on Miami Beach

interracial indiansub99 2018-07-05

I slowly moved it up to his crotch and could feel his BIG cock getting hard. I slowly moved it up to his crotch and could feel his BIG cock getting hard. Then I put his cock in my mouth and started sucking on his head gently. Then I put his cock in my mouth and started sucking on his head gently. As soon as I took his cock out of my mouth, I said, sorry this is my first time I can't really do it this way. As soon as I took his cock out of my mouth, I said, sorry this is my first time I can't really do it this way.

White chick brown dick - Interracial sex on a nude

interracial azzkikr2k 2018-06-19

As my wet lips kissed her clitoris, I felt her "ohhhhhhh" escaping from her mouth as the skin around her neck and breasts turned a bright pink, her pussy by now soaking and glistening wet. I had a quick thought...this was Katja my best friend, yeah we were having sex on the beach but do I really dare expose her to my fetish the first time? Katja being fully primed up was ready to cum again, and she started to push her ass back into me as well to add more purpose to our fucking, grunting and moaning like a woman possesed as she did so.

In Paradise Ch. 01

interracial Ashes1990 2018-05-22

"I could have sworn I crushed you in the sand" he finished as he began to kneel in closer inspecting my head for cuts and bruises. He began with a few stretches here or there and started jogging on the farthest part away from the dry sand on the beach where most of the people laid soaking in the sun. Her smile had him lost for words, how it danced on her face like faeries in the spring, almost touching her doe eyes that had more depth to them than the deepest ocean. He kneeled in closer inspecting her head for cuts and bruises, but in reality was looking for the right moment to hold her head in his palm and claim her lips as his own.

Liz and Bob Ch. 02

interracial rich0524 2018-05-17

Opening the bottles, and giving the two doctored drinks to Liz and Bob, Al and Joe lay back and waited for the drinks to take effect. Bob moved to the other blanket without resistance, sitting next to the spread legs of Joe. Joe could feel Bob's eyes on his cock, and the knowledge made his dick twitch. Joe took one of Bob's hands and put it around his turgid cock, at the same time, taking hold of Bob's and caressing the hard six inches. They weren't six feet from her and she had a clear view of Bob's ass, with Joe's long cock jackhammering into him. Bob lay with his ass gaping open, until Joe pulled him to his feet.

Jamaican Dominance

interracial SamJohnston 2018-05-15

The thought of her masturbating and jerking me off while thinking of black cock turned me on like crazy, and I could feel I wasn't going to hold It much longer. Suddenly I could feel Ayana's tits pressing up against my back, her hand groping my ass cheek with one finger probing near my asshole. With every step I could feel her enormous tit stroking my arm, and so I knew Logan felt the same thing. To my astonishment Katy was rubbing my cock through my shorts; I could feel cum at the tip of my dick already. You tasted Jamal's cum on my tits, and Logan in my mouth," she said with a sadistic tone.

Nude Beach/Black Cock Ch. 02

interracial StLouisLove 2018-05-01

Once she sat down and ordered her drink, she started talking away with us, telling how she came here a couple of days ahead of some of her old friends from college. We laid in bed talking about the day ahead and tonight with Luke staying the night. When I went out there, Serena was asking what it felt like having me watch her getting fucked by a big black cock. Serena then looked over at Traci and told her to move closer because she wanted her to have a great view of my cock sliding into her young tight pussy.

Arigatou Gozaimasu

interracial WFEATHER 2018-04-21

Throughout her adoration of my manhood, I kept caressing her head, brushing her hair back to keep it out of her way, and whenever she looked up at me, she smiled with her lips, her eyes, and her entire being, making sure that I saw how much she loved me, how much she enjoyed pleasuring me, how much she wanted to truly thank me for the vacation in this manner. Our eyes locked for a moment as my hands again drew her long black hair away from her sweet exotic face, and then I complied, looking out across the sea, noting the tiny lights of a distant ship passing the festive resort city.

Nude Beach/Black Cock Ch. 03

interracial StLouisLove 2018-04-13

I could tell that Traci was getting close to having an orgasm, her body and her pussy were getting tighter and tighter, soon Serena was moaning and then screaming as an obviously amazing orgasm was washing over her body, soon, Traci joined her as her body shook from my tongue and her pussy clenched down on the three fingers that I had inside of her, both of them moaning at the same time was so erotic, heck, watching my wife licking a beautiful young woman's pussy was over the top for me. I soon could feel Traci's clit growing larger and larger as I licked her, I was now over the top so horny watching Luke's massive cock plowing into Traci's pussy and hearing Serena's moans as she had another orgasm, I found myself being bolder about licking Traci and allowing my tongue to slide across Luke's cock as he fucked her.

Lust Session

interracial NritNrat 2018-03-06

For the first time in my life, I wanted to touch another man's cock, to just hold it in my hand, kiss it, lick it from base to tip, put it in my mouth and taste it and suck it and make it spurt. Gradually her hand reached between their sexy bodies and started stroking his hardon as I heard her moan with a horny throatiness only women in heat can generate. He had to start slow with such as monstrous penis, but eventually he was thrusting with abandon, making her boobs jiggle like jello. He was grasping her body by the hips and driving himself inside her cunt until he let out a mightly roar like a lion and thrust deeply and emptied his balls inside her, every muscle flexing and quivering.

Jesse & Diana: A Texas-Sized Love Ch. 01

interracial MgmtProf 2018-03-01

"Mommy, I wish Jesse and Beth were coming with us to the beach." Aida vocalized Diana's thoughts from the back seat, having lost interest in her video. Jesse wasn't sure what Diana was implying, but he knew what he wanted. Jesse knew he wasn't being subtle, but he wanted to see Diana in that swimsuit, to peel it off of her, kiss every inch of her body, suck her nipples, and suck on her clit until she came. Diana wanted to encourage him, but she knew putting Jesse under pressure would ruin the moment, so she continued to lick and suck his manhood, hoping against hope that he would commandeer her for his own pleasure.

Holiday Stud

interracial fertilecunny 2018-01-11

I secretly plotted a hot little pussy rub later on, imagining Tony's dark cock pleasuring me. I felt his rough hands on my hips, and my legs parted as my sarong fell around my ankles. 'Oooooh Tony, it feels amazing, so hard,' I moaned as he filled me with his solid twitching mass. I felt enormous spasms and his cock throbbed in my hot cunt. I stood, feeling so sexy and satisfied, and clenched my cunt to keep his juices inside of me as I pulled up my bottoms, which were soaked with the juices that had dripped during our fucking. His balls tight at the base of his shaft and against the bottom of my slit, throbbing, as his cock pumped his potent load deep inside me.

white and black

interracial 2018-01-11

We arrived in a small village cute on a hill, we've got ice cream and we went in to the car we go back to the cove when you see a black guy and frumsuel sitting on occasion she asks her husband if to stop or I say no fool who knows what is past, but change my mind and I tell him to back back to take it though. When I look better see that it's huge, well above average so to speak, and take me with dizziness but parka, Paracor I want to taste it to see how it feels like a dick big in my mouth small, and I appropriated by timiditae at first but then increasingly louder and louder until I no longer even enter his head in the mouth due thicknesses.


interracial alex_wd 2017-10-24

You could see the beach from the deck and we often used an old ship's spy glass to watch the ships and whales that passed on the horizon. Unfortunately, I was called back to the office and it looked like we would miss the second week of our time together. LeeAnne was stretched out on her back, her arms over her head and only her tanga covering her cunt. He dropped his head down and captured her nipple in his mouth, his index and middle finger found her mouth and she sucked them in, giving him something that looked like phenomenal oral sex. She stopped the delicate teasing of his cock and grabbed it like a woman needing a cock inside her badly.


interracial KawGuy 2017-10-23

I stood and thanked her for the drink and started to walk back down to the beach, but before I could go, Arti invited me back in the morning. Arti placed her board up against the house and took my hand, once again and led me to the outdoor shower. Her small hand grasped my cock and placed it between her pussy lips. I hands went to either side Arti's head, I held her and announced that I was cuming and tried to move her way from my hot load that was climbing up my cocks straw. Lay there on Arti's bed I said, " I love this place of yours, it is so relaxing, so sensual and so beautiful.

Nude Beach/Black Cock

interracial StLouisLove 2017-10-06

I would slide my cock back inside as I held onto her hips and I could feel her body pushing back on mine as we were now in a great rhythm and soon I was screaming out after watching her suck on him and the warmth of her wet pussy, I soon was draining myself deep inside of her. I then saw her body adjust angles and now I knew she was going for maximum clit stimulation as she would slide way up high and when she slid back down, I could hear her moans getting louder and soon she was moaning loudly as I watched her pussy constricting on his cock.