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What Would You Have Said If You Were Me?

interracial misterblue588 2018-11-19

He lifted his leg and put his right foot onto the bench to steady himself and give Chrissie better access to his cock, and her head went further down and she started to lick his big, jet black balls. ‘Oh fuck, even though Chrissie’s baby making days are behind her the thought of gallons of black seed pumped into my wife’s pussy wasn’t something I had planned.’ But again at the same time, it crossed my mind that if he wasn’t wearing one then it must have been what she wanted, so that was a real turn on. He turned to me and smiled, and said, “Well Rick, that’s one hell of a woman you got there, look at this.” He pulled off his condom; there must have been a gallon of creamy white seed in it.

I was gangbanged in front of my husband

interracial Anitaslut44 2018-11-19

Sitting next to the dance floor, I saw his friends smiled watching me moan and sigh as Douglas finger fucked me, making me cum after few minutes, with a long muffled groan. While dancing with Thomas I was smiling at my loving husband when it suddenly that black guy pulled the top of my dress down exposing my breasts and started sucking one as he slid his hand between my legs and started finger fucking me. Still smiling at Victor, I started sucking that huge black cock like a slut. As I sucked that Latino dick, I watched as Douglas was inserting his hard cock between my wet pussy lips, which Jack had licked so well…

Cajeta y Chocolate (Caramel and Chocolate)

interracial missluv2write 2018-11-19

So, when Jason brought Naomi through the kitchen on her first day orientation, Marco was surprised that she wasn’t at all Jason’s usual type. Naomi hesitated, she didn’t know how much to say before his good mood faded and he was back to being the dark brooding chef, “It’s just that, sometimes, you can be a little difficult to work with,” she said rapidly, then flinched waiting for the recoil. I can’t work with you, when all I can think about is how delicious you taste,” Marco explained, then smiled, “Mi bella, I would end up chopping off all my fingers, and you wouldn’t want that.”

Old Black Neighbor Breeds My White Wife - Part 1

interracial edlangston 2018-11-19

When we got home one night, after Ben’s comments had been especially rude, I told Jackie, “Damn honey, you couldn’t have missed those suggestive comments that Ben was making to Judy, and the way he treats Eric so dismissively. “Judy recognized my acquiescence and enjoyment in my submissiveness to her, and she began to exploit it by becoming verbally demeaning to me, teasing me about my little dick, and how much more of a man Ben was with his big cock stretching and pounding her pussy. He continued, “Judy said they just talked about mundane things, like the weather, for a couple of minutes, and then Ben, true to form, said, ‘Damn, Judy, your body looks even better in that bikini than I thought it would.

Watching Jerome enjoying an Arab wife

interracial Anitaslut44 2018-11-18

After my third wild orgasm, I was head down, hiding my face in a pillow and Jerome’s rock hard black cock still buried deep inside my swollen and sore wet cunt. Then his face slid between her open legs and soon Fatima started to cry in pleasure and scream, as the black man’s expert tongue passed between her pussy lips, exploring and taking care of her delicate clitoris. She screamed in pain as she felt that monster dick invading her body; I even saw tears in her eyes, but after a few seconds she started to breath heavily and screamed in pleasure, as the black piston was going in and out of her nice cunt.

Black Gang Bang Virgin p3

interracial Kat1963 2018-11-18

Gripping my hips tightly, he slowly pulled me towards him, I could feel him gently penetrating me, suddenly Justin lunged forward and thrusting his pelvis towards me, rammed his hard cock inside me, I orgasmed again, gasping loudly and gushing my creamy love juice all over his cock. Both guys carried on regardless, their huge tools buried deep inside me, Rick gently filling my anus and Justin pounding my pussy. Justin announced to a loud roar of approval that it was now his turn to fuck me, gripping my hips tightly, he immediately rammed his huge cock inside me. Suddenly, Justin let out a loud grunt, his cock stiffening as he unloaded streams of creamy spunk inside my mouth.

Sexiest Bucket List - Chapter 1 - Conner

interracial LisaJohnson 2018-11-18

She took him in a deep kiss, exploring his mouth deeply as she felt all around to get to know what she was dealing with. He pushed her back a moment, not in anger, but more in surprise. He then sat up and began kissing and sucking at her neck, making her more and more wet by the minute. It took her a minute to fully sit, but once she had him fully engulfed in her tight, wet pussy, she leaned down and began to kiss him, searching once again for an unknown prize in his luscious mouth. She sat up and leaned her head back, panting and moaning as his huge, hard cock moved in and out of her.

five warnings

interracial woreout 2018-11-17

It is to be taken as a warning to other white men who are thinking of letting their ladies go black. Then, earlier this year, a black male that my wife worked with,began making sexual advances towards her. A few weeks passed and my wife began a friendship with an older, (we are in our early 30's and he is in his late 50's), black man named Bill. (Warning #2: Never meet the black man who is going to bed your wife. (Warning #5: Never put yourself in a position to lose your wife to another man sexually. Warning: Keep your wife away from hung black males or this will happen to you.

Early afternoon surprise at home

interracial Anitaslut44 2018-11-17

My sweet wife was on her back with her legs in the air and a black man who I had never seen before in my life was burrowing his hard cock in her. I watched as Lukas made my sweet wife his black cock slut. I saw the mess that black man had made of my wife with his sticky wad dripping out of her stretched pussy lips. Ana had collapsed on the bed, but when she saw my throbbing cock pointing to her, she came back to her knees and I plunged my hard dick deep inside her throat. When she made my cock stand real hard, I positioned myself between her buttocks and announced my sweet Ana I was going to sodomize her.

The Mystery Guest

interracial je2321 2018-11-17

John closed the room’s door as Emma began to slip off her dress revealing a stunning toned and pale white body, framed by silky black lingerie. Nick didn’t hesitate, he stepped between her legs and leaned over her body to kiss her, knowing he was about to be her first black fuck. Nick gently collapsed on Emma, still slightly twitching as every last drop of cum left his cock and found it’s way deep inside Emma’s pussy. Emma asked in her filthiest of tones, if John wanted to fuck her, and without an answer he pushed her back on the bed. Nick’s cum had already started to dribble out so John pushed his cock inside Emma with ease.

Black Revival Preacher Breeds Lactating White Farmer's Wife

interracial edlangston 2018-11-17

His cock head parted my labia, and as Thomas was leaning me over towards him to suck my breasts again, he said, “Oh my, Jenny, your slot is so tight and wet, and I know that I will be able to open the pathway to your womb. He took my little white hand in his big black hand and said, “Brother Thomas told me that you and Jimmy were very enthusiastic about receiving repeated blessings from him and all of the male members of his crew, and as I said after our services on Sunday, my deacons and I stand ready to continue in the same way now that the revival group has gone.

Who's your Daddy!

interracial top_spin 2018-11-17

In an instant she moved and with determination pinned me against the wall, I was surprised and chuckled at her boldness, for I was much stronger than her, but with her hand squeezing and searching between my legs, she gently kissed my neck and my resistance slowly faded and I became quiet and allowed her to press me up against the wall. Sometime later under the luminescence of the moon, our bodies entwined like pretzels, her pale white skin contrasting with mine was just to much for me and I exploded like never before, cum was everywhere, her pussy was filled and leaking, inserting two fingers she brought one to her lips,sucked it clean and presented me with the other for me to do the same, then she turned around snuggled into my back and with her hands firmly grasping my cock, she kissed me goodnight.

Black guy holiday fuck

interracial laradirtygirl 2018-11-16

I took great pleasure in stripping out of my bikini top to sunbathe on the beach, pretending not to notice the looks I was getting from guys and girls as they checked out my large breasts. I walked inside and could hear Romey whistling to himself as he cleaned the large shower cubical at the far end of the block. I managed to reply, quickening his pace again I felt his cock begin to throb and he groaned as he began to pump his hot spunk deep inside my well fucked pussy filling me up with it causing me to shudder as another massive orgasm tore through me.

Arkansas rain

interracial acit4711 2018-11-16

There are folks in this small suburban town in Arkansas who gave her the look, because she treated James same as she would with any of the young white males around. When she arrived at the train station, Marie saw that James was waiting for her in the pickup. Marie turned slightly to look at James. “Dammit, don’t do that Marie, please,” he said, pulling his head away from her. The night was getting colder and Marie felt intense loneliness and a need for the comfort of being with James. “You don’t have to, James,” Marie said. James watched as Marie lifted the nightdress over her head and drops it onto the floor.

A nice pick up at the Italian restaurant

interracial Anitaslut44 2018-11-16

Now that he was good and wet, I grabbed him by his ass cheeks and pulled him toward me, swallowing him inch by inch into my horny throat, not stopping until I couldn't go any farther; I gagged in his massive black dick until I came a third time. When I thought he finally had finished I withdrew him from my mouth and rubbed his throbbing black dick all over my cum-covered face. He stepped behind me, grabbed me by the hips and started to insert his black shaft coated in cum into my tight wanting ass. After my second cum drinking session of the early evening I performed what any black cock slut would do...lick him clean of every sticky drop until there was not any more.

Elegance Ch1 - The Selection

interracial LadyWriter 2018-11-16

She looked down the hall way and saw three other women walking into a large sitting area dressed in lovely spa robes drinking wine or champagne, she wasn’t sure which. As you can see, he is cut, with a much thicker girth, and a veiny cock if that interests you.” He paused to look at his screen, “He is five and a half inches at rest and seven fully erect." “Finally, it has been four days since he last was on call so, well let’s just say, the finish might be spectacular.” He looked at Sara and for the first time had a bit of a leer to him.

My dildos and Jerome

interracial Anitaslut44 2018-11-16

Two hours later I was still lying in our marital bed; my legs bent at the knees and pulled up to my breasts as one twelve inch black cock slowly stroked my wet cunt. I rubbed my swollen clit as I laid there on my back, spread wide by both toys and imagined once again bent over the kitchen table and being mounted and fucked by Jerome from behind, the way he loved it. I felt myself I was spent, but I knew I was going to be meeting with my black lover; so the thought reenergized me as I sat up and smoked a cigarette, blowing the smoke toward the ceiling and recalling Jerome had a big enough cock to fill my still wide opened hole.

From Executive to Slut

interracial dr13bone 2018-11-15

To my shame, I knew it was the thought of my wife sucking the cock of another man, and a black man at that, which had aroused me. She turned to him and told him, "Relax, he is cool about it." then she kissed him deeply and turned around, and dropped her polyester uniform pants as she got up onto the coffee table on all fours. Jim gave me a condescending look as he pulled out his cock, already fully erect and monstrous, and went behind my wife, like he owned her. After she wolfed it down she told me of a weekend of fucking in the back of the store, of being shared with other black men, friends of Jim, and even licking the pussy of one of those other men's married white female lovers.

Five big black cocks for me

interracial Anitaslut44 2018-11-15

After a few minutes of this Marcus pulled his cock out and led me to the king size bed, telling Victor: "Your slut wife and I will be spending the night together. The huge black man told me to bend over and I panicked, asking him to fuck my cunt, not my ass. I had at least two wild orgasms and before long his ass tightened and the shaft of his huge black cock became streaked milky white as he shot his juices deep into my lovely stretched cunt. After he had reamed my rectum for a short time he withdrew just long enough for one of the other black men to position himself under my body and made me impale on his rock hard cock.

Afsane of Iran Visits Ottawa

interracial Samuelx 2018-11-15

"Life sounds like a boring science fiction movie, we're going to see A United Kingdom instead," Afsane Yanehsari said haughtily, and she looked triumphantly into her boyfriend Rover Jefferson's soulful brown eyes, knowing that he was going to cave in to her demands. "Just a little reverse psychology, Miss Persia, I knew you were a fan of Rosamund Pike so I did a little leg work and voila," Rover said, and Afsane grinned and playfully slapped his arm. "Feisty, aren't we?" Rover said, smiling, as he looked Afsane up and down, and the petite Persian beauty narrowed her eyes, glaring at him suspiciously. Rover sighed happily as Afsane began sucking his dick, right there in the movie theater washroom...

Nissa: Second Glances

interracial L8LastNight 2018-11-15

Quietly she watched as Leandro walked slowly through the store, deliberate tilts and turns of his head up-and-down, side-to-side, always as if it was his first time in Second Glances. Under the stolid, seemingly intentful watch of Leandro, Nissa felt compelled to move and, just as nonchalantly as she had shifted the stack of books, she swept her long waterfall of hair back to her front over her shoulder, brushing it down gently with her hands and fingers as she looked off to the side, a touch of anxiety in her expression. Nissa had just a moment to cast an appreciative glance at his chiseled dark body, before she was spun around to face a wall of book shelves.

Aboriginal Femdom Revolution

interracial Samuelx 2018-11-15

"Derek, you're a pathetic excuse for a human being, you think being white and male makes you tough, but you're an insignificant speck in this universe, in fact, you're barely fit to lick my boots," Tatiana Whitetail/Mistress Tee said smugly, as she looked at the plump, balding and middle-aged white dude who cowered at her feet. Standing five feet eleven inches tall, curvy and bodacious, with long black hair, light brown eyes and dark bronze skin, Tatiana Whitetail/Mistress Tee is a fine specimen of Aboriginal Canadian womanhood. "I'm thinking dinner and a movie, and maybe a restaurant later, like that hot new Caribbean place, Caribbean Spice," Edgar said with a smile, and Tatiana nodded.

Lactating Wife Impregnated by a Stranger at a Halloween Party

interracial edlangston 2018-11-15

Fran looked at Benny and smiled, before beginning to suck my pussy, and she said, “See, I told you Mitch, Jill looked like one very hot, ready-to-fuck MILF to me when she arrived tonight, and I guessed right that she wouldn’t be able to resist that big cock of yours, especially if you had the chance to drain those big milk jugs of her. I’ve alerted six of my other big-cocked, furry friends that you looked like you were hot to fuck, especially the way you’re showing off your big tits and pussy in your costume. I continued to stand there frozen, as Mitch pulled his big cock out of my wife, with a big slurping sound, and Fran pushed past me and began sucking Mitch’s cum out of Jill’s pussy.

Black Neighbor Fucks My Wife and Teen Daughter - Part 2

interracial edlangston 2018-11-15

Megan started swiveling her hips and gripping his ass more tightly with her legs as she almost screamed out, “Keep pushing, Jared, I know we can get your big fucking cock all the way inside of me.” I think what made it even better was seeing the contrast of big, black, muscular Jared and his huge cock, fucking my petite, white mother, with my sissy-ass father down there sucking both of them and eating the cum. He finally began breathing even harder, and broke our kiss as he buried his cock to the balls in my pussy and said, “Oh fuck, Lindsey, her it comes, and I’m going to breed your tight, little, white cunt with a huge load of Negro seed.