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My dildos and Jerome

interracial Anitaslut44 2018-12-02

Two hours later I was still lying in our marital bed; my legs bent at the knees and pulled up to my breasts as one twelve inch black cock slowly stroked my wet cunt. I rubbed my swollen clit as I laid there on my back, spread wide by both toys and imagined once again bent over the kitchen table and being mounted and fucked by Jerome from behind, the way he loved it. I felt myself I was spent, but I knew I was going to be meeting with my black lover; so the thought reenergized me as I sat up and smoked a cigarette, blowing the smoke toward the ceiling and recalling Jerome had a big enough cock to fill my still wide opened hole.

Watching Jerome enjoying an Arab wife

interracial Anitaslut44 2018-11-19

After my third wild orgasm, I was head down, hiding my face in a pillow and Jerome’s rock hard black cock still buried deep inside my swollen and sore wet cunt. Then his face slid between her open legs and soon Fatima started to cry in pleasure and scream, as the black man’s expert tongue passed between her pussy lips, exploring and taking care of her delicate clitoris. She screamed in pain as she felt that monster dick invading her body; I even saw tears in her eyes, but after a few seconds she started to breath heavily and screamed in pleasure, as the black piston was going in and out of her nice cunt.

Mrs Jones and her Black neighbor

interracial blacknight07601 2018-06-22

"Jerome the sun is getting really bad, why don't I rub you down with some sun block?" He eagerly agreed and I stood in front of this black stud and began to lather him up with the lotion. I got down on my knees and began sucking his huge black cock. "Oh my god Mrs. Jones that feels so good." It turned me on hearing Jerome call me Mrs. Jones, I felt so dirty sucking his black cock. I began to pump my ass up and down on his black cock as my huge tits bounced in his face. His huge hands grabbed my fat ass and help pump me up and down on his black cock.

''OOohhh Jerome

interracial adel5000 2017-10-23

I noticed people walking by us looking at me talking to a large black boy, Jerome at 17 I couldn't stop myself, I had not felt wanted in so long and this young black boy had ''LOL, haha, never seen a cock like that Mrs. M, huh, your husbands dick that big?'' ''Yeah baby you like that black dick bitch?'' ''Mrs. M you a dirty tramp ain't ya licking a black cock and loving it, huh slut? ''Yeah baby, now your talking, you a slut for black man's dick ain't ya ho? ''Yeah, Yeah, Baby, fuck that black dick, Yeahhhh!!, Damn you got a tight pussy, Yeah. Feel this you's still have 4'' to go baby Yeah, Fuck that black cock you slut.''