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Allison's Schoolgirl Adventures Ch. 2

interracial CherryLicious 2018-05-11

"Good…now look down, so you can see me fuck your little white pussy." Allison looked down at her shaven cunt, watching in fascination as the huge black dick slid slowly inside her. Moving quietly, he went up to Allison's room, where the door was cracked open. Pushing it slightly, he could see Allison riding the big black man, could see her moving up and down on his huge dick…now he understood what all the noise was about. As he watched, the black man pushed Allison on her back. Allison obediently opened her mouth as the black stud shot his load all over her face. While Marcus was still shooting his cum all over Allison, David threw the door open.

Black at Last

interracial Amandarunning 2018-05-09

Looking up, Ami saw a tall, African-American man extending a joint her way. Watching Ami take a drag, made the tall man's cock start to rise. One hand pulled her ass up and back while the other grabbed her neck. It looked so tight and undisturbed, he wanted to shove his fat nine inch cock into her. Feeling her tight virginal ass constricting around him, he paused as her body relaxed, he started moving. As her ass continued to be abused, another cock nudged her lips. Ami felt her virginal ass filled with hot cum. Just as she started to relax, the cock in her mouth began demanding attention. Ass throbbing and mouth stretched, Ami sprawled on her knees just feet from a bustling crowd.

Spring Break

interracial cadillacjoe 2018-05-08

I told the rest to never mind pulling out,just fuck me as hard and deep as you can.So stud number two without further ado shoved his huge, black cock into the hilt as I wrapped my legs around his ass to allow maximum penetration. I want all that black seed shot right up to my womb." "Ohhh Yes,now,that's it" I implored them as another climax wrenched my body at the same time I felt the huge black cock in me slammed to the hilt,then spurting violently deep in me as my mind raced at the thought of those millions of black sperm being shot right into my fertile womb I succumbed to the almost certainty of being impregnated at this very moment.

Vegas Wife try's a BBC

interracial 425olds 2018-05-06

His cock looked big and black in the small white hand of my wife. "Little missy, I thinks you'd like playing with a big nasty black cock. I watched Claire's white face, his dirty white shorts, the tip of a black cock poking out, her pink tongue flicking around it. I watched her little white hand wrap around the black shaft, stroking it, pulling on it. "I thinks yo man like seein his lil white wife get fucked by black cock. I could tell that for Mathew, Claire was just another white chick hot for black cock. We had just become another white couple whose husband liked to watch the wife get used by a big black cock.

A Vacation turned cuckold with Big Black Cock for

interracial cc8978 2018-05-06

clothes were crumpled and his long hard cock was inside black fat meat came out, my wife's pussy lips still mouth still muffled by the doctor's thick white cock. The doctor slowly got up, his legs astride my wife's So I approached the black man fucking my wife and and long cock were shaking my wife's body wildly and black balls as they slapped against my wife's ass while sweaty smelly balls each time he pulled his fat black cock out of my wife's beaten pussy. fat black uncut cock pumping in and out of my virgin The black man fucking my wife pulled out his horsemeat from my wife's pussy and accidentally pushed He fucked my mouth and my wife's pussy in alternate

An experience to remember

interracial LeslieTakesIt 2018-05-05

I like women, I love men, and I get wet anytime a huge cock is inside of me. I give Mark a little grab and his dick is hard and almost down to his knees. He starts licking my pussy, it feels so good, I am so ready for him. After a lot of shoving, I finally get the cucumber in, and a minute later this massive black dick is fucking me so hard. I am screaming bl**dy murder because it feels like I am being fuck by the thigh of large black man. My saving grace is that I hope he blows a load like he fucks a pussy. I open my mouth and I will tell you that I haven't seen a load that big ever.

Jamaican Holiday Ch. 01

interracial xbbcx 2018-05-05

At 42, she was 5' 2", 130 lbs (a few well upholstered curves), small A cup breasts just starting to show a little sag but still perky and jiggly, shoulder length dirty blond hair, a nice ass, gently rounded belly and hips from bearing two c***dren, a plump "fat" pussy -- pouting lips and a prominent clit - and long, sensitive nipples which always look like they are erect and cause her to wear a bra for protection against chafing as well as for modesty in our mid-West community.

Kendra's Way Pt. 01

interracial Bullwip 2018-05-05

Kendra looked at him briefly, smiled, then mounted her husbands mouth, giving her backside a twerk like little shake to encourage the semen coating her cervix to drop down upon his eager lips. I want you to suck this motherfucker until your nose starts running..." Clive was holding Daniel by both wrists now and was intimidating the smaller much weaker man, " Go ahead white boy, suck the big black dick like a little sissy bitch!" Clive relented and Daniel picked up his swelling penis with both hands and gently took the massive head into his mouth, swallowing his pride and any doubt that he would suck his first cock in an effort to help his wife become black pregnant.


interracial WFEATHER 2018-05-03

To see her nearly-barren sex for the first time caused my breath to catch in my throat, for I had not known that she usually shaved her pubic hair, and the days away from home had not permitted her the opportunity to continue that practice. I dipped my head to kiss her, allowing her to taste herself upon my thick lips, then lifted my head to gaze upon her again as her small hands reached for my cheeks, caressing me with the care and the desire which had been simmering within her for so, so long. ...and as we lay in each other's arms upon the cool grass, as our combined passion seeped from her body, the fear which had stalked us for four long days were banished from our loving embrace.

Hooked on Black Bareback

interracial runho99 2018-05-03

"The reason I asked is I hear about a lot of women want to have their husbands watch them with a black man." She sees her white hand holding his black cock and a thrill runs through her body. I want my hard black cock in you." Your big cock hit my cervix and it made me cum so hard. Is cumming on a black cock good. I want more and more of your hot black cum." "Are you ok, Amy. You look like you've been fucked hard." Amy dreams of Donald's big black cock making her cum. She thinks of his big black cock in her pussy. She thinks of his hot black cum squirting in her cervix.

White Plantation WIfe Breed by Blacks

interracial ned39 2018-05-02

Suck those Big Black Nigger Cocks!!! You like those Big Black Nigger Cocks? He shoves his Big Black Nigger Cock into your hole. You now look down to see your pussy stretch open and 6 more inches of Nigger Cock to go until you are packed full. Give me that Big Black Nigger Cock!!" Over and over again he pistons that Big Black Nigger Cock in and out of your stretched open hole! You pull him tight to you, you tell him that you love his Big Black Nigger Cock! You tell him that he is your Master and you worship his Big Black Nigger Cock. He pulls his massive Black Nigger Cock out of your hole.

Nude Beach/Black Cock Ch. 02

interracial StLouisLove 2018-05-01

Once she sat down and ordered her drink, she started talking away with us, telling how she came here a couple of days ahead of some of her old friends from college. We laid in bed talking about the day ahead and tonight with Luke staying the night. When I went out there, Serena was asking what it felt like having me watch her getting fucked by a big black cock. Serena then looked over at Traci and told her to move closer because she wanted her to have a great view of my cock sliding into her young tight pussy.

Slut Wife Dancing

interracial sudoa 2018-05-01

After a short period of time and another shot of some sort he stood took Aimee?s hand and led her out into the main area of the club and back to the dance floor. I saw him lower his head to work Aimee?s breasts and yep before long Aimee leaned over from the passenger side and her head disappeared below the dash into his lap the back of her head briefly showing from time to timer as she savored the taste of his now twice fucked cock (no doubt tasting a mix of his black manhood, his sperm mixed with her juices?what a slut she?d become tonight.

Halloween Horrors

interracial satinlvr_mwf 2018-05-01

I had to admit that the white satin blouse and black satin mini circle-skirt really made my 38C chest, and 26 inch waist look good, and I used the red satin cummerbund to set the two together. As I stood, Tony grabbed my wrist and started off, nearly dragging me away from Brian! Tony kept fondling and groping me under my skirt and through my costume, whispering that I was going to have a good time tonight, and that I wouldn’t forget it! Tony yelled back, “Not a chance!”, and to show what he meant, he pulled me closer, then lifted my arm as high as he could, then used his free hand to reach under my skirt and push his finger into me, fully!

My Friend's Mom

interracial mooremike 2018-04-28

Finally I said yes and hoped that his parents would be cool with having a black man spend a week with them. There were a lot of girls around and it was not long before Chet had one that was a likely fuck session. That little slut riding my boy would not know what to do with a cock like this!" She said as she gripped my dick and pumped it slowly The sight of my black cock being worked by her hot pink lips and then having her look up at me with those sexy blue eyes. "Make me cum on that big black cock!" She screamed Take that big nigger dick you white bitch!" My filthy words just made her moan louder

Doctor Does Diesel Ch. 08

interracial Satisfyable 2018-04-27

Ask me anything, but the moment you sound more like a shrink than a potential girlfriend getting to know her potential man I'm done with it all." Diesel was on his third cigarette now and Madison stared absent minded at the water glass he was using as his ashtray. She slid down his body until she could take him into her mouth, and she sucked and licked him slowly, she watched him, his manliness making her wet, the way he laid there with one arm folded behind his head and the other holding the cigarette he continued to smoke between the sharp intakes of breath she caused with her deft tongue strokes.

Amanda adventures 4

interracial peterbtrs 2018-04-27

The tall black man entered through the curtain, Amanda didn’t flinch, his eyes almost popped out when he saw the view, behind him the younger black man stared with a evil grin on his face. “You look fuckin awesome in that” the tall black said whilst turning around to his younger friend, “what do you think”? She set about her task, she wanked and sucked them for a good 5 minutes or so and them she stood up and bent over and guided the tall black man into her hot cunt whilst she continued sucking the younger black. The tall black had hold of her hair forcing her head down on to his huge cock so that she could barely breath..”suck on that big black dick, yeah that’s right, suck it you fuckin white slut…suck it”…

My Tuesday Morning

interracial HornyHenrietta 2018-04-26

The cell phone rings, my clit pulses and tingles in anticipation, it is him, he is waiting for me in the hotel room, I finish the call and grab my car keys and a camera and leave. It seemed like forever before his tongue settled on my clit, tentatively and softly touching it with his soft tip, sucking and moving sending all sorts of feelings through me. Climbing higher and higher as the waves of pleasure start to engulf me then he stopped, leaving me high and dry, pulling up in the position to thrust his now huge hard cock into me, I was so slippery as I had been Cumming whilst he had been licking me that there was no problem he just thrust his cock into me, all the way in filling me good.

Little Cock

interracial 2018-04-26

Michelle had been content with her husband's four and a half inch cock until she had gone to a Doe's party at the Foxes' Den, a male stripper club, for her friend who was about to be married. At some point the loincloth vanished and Fred saw his wife holding Tyrone's huge erection in her small white hands. Fred could not believe his eyes as ten-inches of black cock disappeared between his wife's legs. Fred had told her how much he had enjoyed watching Tyrone fucking her and how he wanted her to take other black lovers. Fred's cock was as hard as any of them in anticipation of seeing his wife fucked by four horny black bastards.

Black guys first taste of white meat

interracial 2018-04-25

My first introduction to the cuckold or wife used while hubby watches scene was when I was in high school, after ball practice one evening I started the walk home, when a car pulled along side me, the driver asked if I wanted to make a few bucks helping to move some furniture up from his basement. She locked it in position, then climbed into it on her knees, her ass high, where I could get at her easy, and that was what she wanted, telling me to ram my black cock deep in her, to fuck her hard. " He told me about how his cousin that worked at a hotel in the big city got paid to fuck guys wives while they sat and watched it all.

Sissy seeded by a black man

interracial nicoleinberlin 2018-04-23

I chatted to two or three and watched enthralled as a really tall black guy gently slid up behind a mature trans- girl and penetrated her whilst she sniffed poppers on her knees. Eventually i came round a bit and realised it was the tall black male i was watching earlier looking after me. It felt lovely as i just relaxed under the influence of the powder and he started to gently finger my tight little ***. He said it was one of his biggest turn ons and with that i automatically fell to my knees as he slid out his lovely large thick black **** and huge heavy balls.

Black House Guest

interracial 2018-04-23

his black seed deep inside my white womb. of my husband's private stuff to a young black man whom private honey pot to this young black stud that I had Breed me my Young Black Stud! handsome young black stud? young guys dream of getting it on with an older woman. Young black men think they are not a man until they Tim got up and moved over and planted a big kiss wonderful for a Mom to take care of a son's sexual heard my son moan my name, "Oh Mom, I love you." and moved my wet pubic area over his young cock and three hard cocks, my husband's, my son's and BB's black

Good Girl's Mom

interracial mooremike 2018-04-22

It was my mom and she was sucking King's big black cock. My pussy was suddenly on fire like crazy as I scrolled pictures of mom sucking cock. "Mom you are such a fucking black cock slut!" I said as my fingers worked my pussy It opened with mom sucking cock just like in the pictures. Mom started to bounce on the black cock and I could see that her body was now adapting to the fuck stick she had in her ass. My mom is a black cock whore just like me! "Mom, I just watched King fuck you in the ass and cum on your face!

My Wife's Very Special Holiday Ch. 04

interracial wunderboi 2018-04-21

They had made friends over many hours and in Dom's case over two days before mutual flirting led to kissing, touching and eventually making love, some of which was watched over intently by her husband. On the way back Dom told her he was going to go back to college in two days, and Kathy realized that because they were going the the businessman's party the next night, and with his work schedule, she would not see him alone again. I knew Kathy would be fine without me for a while, so when Christi ordered the cab to drive to Dom's father's house where Russell and the two other college students were staying, I hoped that would give me an opening to bed the gorgeous bartender.