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Need For Black Cock Continued

interracial hotla 2018-03-03

I was actually relieved when he let out a groan and I felt his cock start to twitch and I knew then he was cumming. I found out that night that using the nigger word when being fucked by black men was a real turnon for Stella. We spent our college years fucking black men like they were on the extinct species list. I'm in a profession that has always required a lot of business travel and I just gave in to my desires one night when approached by a black guy in the bar of the hotel I was staying in when on a business trip. Look for future stories of my encounters with black men over the years.

Fantasy to Reality

interracial xbbcx 2018-03-03

I was thinking of the fantasy -- get a black man into the house and close so my wife Donna would fuck him in front of me. She told me that she knew I was setting her up to fuck Kenny and while we both enjoyed the fantasy of her getting laid by a black man, that the reality of the possibility was something completely different. The vaginal juice was literally running down the crack of her ass leaving a damp spot on the bed matting her thick dark pubic hair and coating his black cock, lubricating it and leaving a sheen that made it look even darker.

Natasha's Surprise

interracial fetishka 2018-02-28

Apunda began to stroke his huge dick which quickly expanded at his touch; all the while he was staring at Natasha picture, I must have this white pussy to train for cock service I will make her bow to my b**st, I will make her kneel infront of it and worship it, I will make her kiss my balls and lick them and the thought of all this made him laugh. ''Just what you need eh you little white slut I'm gonna fill your mouth with hot black cum and you are gonna swollow every drop,'' he grunted again and began to use her mouth holding her head firmly between his big black hands applying a little more presure at each stroke of his groins satisfying his a****l lust on his absolutely helpless victim.

Best Friend's Black Bred Wife Part 3

interracial 2018-02-28

Knowing that her body was now in the throws of orgasmic pleasure, Hakeem wanted to feel the intensity of Becky's convulsing white pussy squeezing his black cock. As he lovingly squeezed her nipples along with the stretching and womb entering depth of his massive cock'd fucking was more than Becky could take and once again the warm orgasmic pleasure ripped through her body so powerfully that when she slid up Hakeems cock to the point of his cock head being the only part still inside her pussy, Becky felt her pussy squirt out the clear liquid just like it did the last time Hakeem fucked her.

NBWO - Blackedmerica: A Love Story Ch. 01

interracial iceubmit 2018-02-27

"Okay, I'll see you when we arrive then." Thomas looked down at Joana who kind of ignored him as she was paying attention to the black guy. "They are, my grandmother had really huge boobs," Joana told him as Thomas started looking for a seat at the back of the bus. As Thomas stood there, he looked up and saw Joana lean over and give the black guy she had traveled with a big kiss. "Hey Marc." Karen looked over at the handsome and half-naked black man who sat on the couch in his underwear watching sports. "Bill, I'm about to suck Marc's big black cock here with our daughter's help, so why don't you go out and make sure that his Cadillac is pristine." Karen looked up at her husband.

Wife wanted try a BBC Gangbanged

interracial 425olds 2018-02-24

It took just about ten minutes when a big Guy walked up to us and asked if my wife wanted to dance. She took my hand to let me feel her wetness and told me that she wants him.  We were wondering why 4 others left the club at the same time as we did they got into another Car. The Taxi wasn’t even moving when he pushed the Skirt of my wife up to her waist and started to play with her pussy. They shoved their black dicks in her white ass as my wife had me rock hard again that I pushed the guy which just fucked her mouth away and stuck her my cock up to the hilt.

Black Daddy Domination

interracial AfroerotiK 2018-02-24

Scott had purchased enough food for a week, all frozen dinners and semi-prepared deli foods and the like; he wasn’t a great cook and didn’t want to piss this guy off by trying to be creative in the kitchen when he knew good and god damn well that anything he fixed himself would taste like crap. His nose deeply embedded in the thick patch of wiry pubic hairs, Scott felt the expansive cock actually grow and lengthen in his mouth and could detect the peristaltic motion that brought the scalding white, hot, cum from his nuts, through his impressive tube of manliness, out and down Scott’s throat, without even getting the benefit of tasting the scummy spunk he craved so desperately.


interracial whtboiclit 2018-02-24

We had red marks and bruises all over us as they had her crawl in front this 2 guards and me the said if need to piss tell the urinal to open up and fill it up As they was making a show of the news cuckold couple that now the proprerty of the the black inmates as they where loud and calling us the most humiliting names and telling her they cant wait to have there turn with that white cunt and will abuse both u as you need .

Predator Chick

interracial Stones1968 2018-02-24

She loved getting guys hard, having more control over their dicks than themselves. She was so hot that as soon as she pressed her amazing ass against the guy's crotch, she felt a rock. Now she grinded his really hard dick and the wall meant a lot of pressure. Not even 4 moves and she felt his cock pulsating, he tried to move but she pressed hard and just stayed in that position savoring the movements of his dick. She loved black dicks and she loved huge dicks, so she went straight to him and started working him. He must have got super hard because when she took away his boxer-briefs she froze and just stared in awe for 10 seconds.

Black Love Ch. 02

interracial Love_Dice 2018-02-24

It’s the night of junior senior and I’m awaiting my black beauty. As the dinner and dance starts up we talk to our friends and I introduce my black beauty to all my friends. As the dancing slows down the awards part of the dinner start up and I keep hoping I’m going to win most likely to succeed. As were making love and my black beauty was like a gymnast as she did a straddle on my hard cock her body bouncing up and down. After our fun we start to kiss and… Well that’s the end of my night with my gorgeous black beauty.

Mandy's First Black Cock

interracial 425olds 2018-02-23

Henry said, "Baby, just lay back and enjoy a black man make you feel good!" I lay back against the arm of the couch and watched this young black man massage my hurting feet. As Henry began moving his big hands slowly up my legs and caressing my calves, my foot rubbed against what felt like a large hard cock. His big black body continued pinning me to the couch as I felt his large black cock throbbing as he began pumping his back cum into my cervix. Henry rubbed his hands through my hair as I sucked his large black cock, until he grunted and gave me a taste of what he had earlier shot into my dripping pussy.

Nola - Part 1

interracial hubd_58 2018-02-23

We would sip drinks all day long, eat, get cleaned up and then back to the quarter. My wife doesn't drink much during the year however, down there she drank every day. One night, we were just walking around having fun and drinking. I ordered drinks and while we were waiting, found a young black k** (mid-twenties) and asked him if he would mind teasing the wife. She couldn't take her eyes off that long black snake. He took her head in his hands and turned it so he could rub his cock on her cheeks. That big black monster cock on my wifes face. My cock was rock hard at the sight of this.

Taking Control by Karen Kay

interracial MarkJenny 2018-02-22

Katie and Steven watched as the black man roughly spread her delicate little ass apart and inserted his thick meaty black cock into her wet waiting pussy in one swift thrust making the little white wife yell out in pain. Katie often enjoyed the site when Steven was working and began reading the hundreds of stories about white wives who got knocked up by black men. We just never tried anything with a real man.” Katie went on to explain the movies she’d watched and stories she read about being a submissive wife She tried to give Andre a scenario of what they were looking for in a man.

Jamaican Holiday Ch. 08

interracial xbbcx 2018-02-22

I kept on sliding my fingers into her and jacking her hood while she held his Black cock, showing the crowd her wedding rings, and licked it, its base, his pubic hair, his ball sack – everything short of actually putting it in her mouth. We were a sight as we walked past the reception desk: Jaye's top was hanging loose, exposing her little tits that were starting to show bruises from the mauling on the dance floor, her hair was matted with sweat, her mascara running so that she looked like she had two black eyes, lipstick smeared from sucking Samuel and dried cum on her face.

Eight O'Crock

interracial maxpriapic 2018-02-22

Now Tiko has come up beside us, where Mutsue takes his cock out of its silk robe sucks it into her mouth, rolling it around with her tongue. Tiko smiled happily at me after seeing me taste his load, but looked concerned that I hadn't cum yet, saying something to Mutsue, she turned to me and said, "You like for rear?" He raised his head and dripping mouth to greet Mutsue's eager tongue, where they shared my hot milky load in their kiss, turning to join me in their kiss, falling on top of me; we all licked up every drop off of each other, but just to make sure we got clean we all headed off to the shower…

An unforgettable Paris Trip

interracial hondo1906 2018-02-21

Underneath the blouse, I wore a black push-up bra that pushes my tits even higher and feeling adventurous that day, I decided not to wear any panties. Then suddenly, I feel a hand reach under my blouse, unclasp my bra in a swift motion and started kneading my breasts. As his big cock pushes against my pussy lips, one hand had moved from my breasts to my anus. As the cock tried to push its head past my tight pussy lips, I could feel two fingers probing my asshole. Without warning, the huge cock pushes through my pussy lips and with one hard single stroke; the man pushes his cock all the way in me. I looked around at the black men around me and started wondering how big their cocks are.

Knock Knock Ch. 03

interracial Brass_ankle 2018-02-21

"I want to know what the square root of sixty-nine is?" She said, her face lit up with excitement. "That's good to hear, I hate for you to fail because you weren't willing to do anything and everything possible to pass." I said as I moved my hand to the back of her head. "I'm willing to do anything to get a hard A, even if it I have to make you hard." She said as she put her mouth on my pants where the head of my penis was. "Yes, we work together and she's quite nosey!" Jillian said as she stood, and pulled out fresh clothes to wear.


interracial 2018-02-21

The recycling man, giggling a little, walked towards my wife and standing just next to her, his big black paw like hand on her bare white shoulder, pushed her down, ?Here my white lady, let me help you. all at same time as I saw her shut her eyes and open her mouth to let the recycling man slide his pulsating and heavily veined black cock in her white mouth. Aziz sighed and rubbed his bulging cock as the recycling man pushed inch after inch of his shiny black cock in my wife?s mouth. And she looked like an empty soul for a second or two when the tall black gent pulled the recycling man away and presented his own cock to her.

My BBC Anal Adventures

interracial 2018-02-20

I could feel the large head of that beautiful black cock those massive black cocks cumming in my mouth and his head to the side and said, “You like this black dick began to rub his black cock on my face as I continued “You know you want to swallow my cock like a good me “you like the black man to bury his cock in your worthless white ass with your superior black cock, as he told me and began to stroke my little white cock shove his already cumming black cock into my mouth. his black cock into my white ass, the feeling was fucked and gagged by black cock, I wanted their seed in

A Redhead's Story

interracial redheadhubby 2018-02-19

She began to grind her throbbing pussy on his tongue letting her abundant wetness make a mess of her thighs and his face. She stood his cock straight up and began to trail her tongue up one side of his smooth shaft, flicking the underside of his throbbing head before running back down the other side. Sucking a black cock in a hotel room while her husband waited at home contributed to her aching swollen pussy. Keith stood between her thighs and began to rub the head of his cock between her folds. She glanced down as the glistening blackness of his cock pumped into her small pink pussy.

Double Stuffed

interracial Sean Renaud 2018-02-19

"Damn we got us a first rate piece of pussy here." Marcus grunted as he pulls Krissy off his cock and she continued to suck pulling the last few drops cum out onto her tongue and swallowing. When it pushed into her Krissy clenched her fingers into Fancy's meaty behind when she felt her cunt suddenly stretched to accommodate Big T. Drink that juice!" Krissy wrapped her arms around Fancy's waist pulling holding her in place so she couldn't wriggle away when she jammed her tongue into the tight hole. Anal sex wasn't something Krissy normally indulged in so Marcus had to try several times to cram his cock into her tight hole.

full of black cum

interracial 2018-02-19

as Max looked at the screen in the reading room the bedroom door opened and in staggered Haley laughing and swaying on her feet followed by 3 black men ! Max was beside himself watching his pretty white wife lick and tongue a black man's ass. And they all laughed as Haley screamed in delicious agony.Max watched up close now as the black monster dick ripped and stretched the pink tissue of his wifes young pussy. Max watched his pretty blonde wife give a sloppy blow job to Ricks massive black fuck stick. Max felt his own erection rise as he thought of going home and fucking Haley's still gooey pussy.

Heather's Dark Adventure Ch. 02

interracial heathred1 2018-02-18

As I looked at myself in the mirror and started to appreciate how the dress made me look I turned to look at Tanya and saw a big smile on her face for the first time. I slipped a foot on either side of his hips, still in full slut mode with my heels on, and felt the huge head of James' cock press into my pussy. My hands were on his big thick shoulders and I felt sparks shooting through my body as James fucked me long and slow keeping me from exploding. On my hands and knees on his king-size bed, looking out his huge windows at the skyline of Las Vegas squealing, while James knelt behind, fucking me violently.

Christy Gets Trained 01

interracial rmattmike 2018-02-18

Christy, my ex girlfriend called me telling me she needs money badly. I called a black friend of mine and told him about Christy. William calls me and tells me he has thirty-seven men ready to go. William opened a door and led us into another room full of men in their underwear. William showed Christy the bathroom and told her to use it whenever she William told me to let him know when she was ready and walked out where the men were. "Why didn't you tell me they were all black?" Christy asked. As he got off Christy, the second guy immediately got between her legs and slid his dick in her wet messy pussy.