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April Gets a New Stud

interracial Cash0956 2017-11-06

April said once in the cooler, she pulled the attendant in and told him the story we had rehearsed; her husband was out of town and she was going to be home alone that night. April always said it made her horny when I watched her have sex, and hornier when the man didn't know I was there. April's new stud began to lick my wife's pussy and her leg's wrapped around his head. April's new stud held his dick in his hand as I licked the foreskin and slowly pulled it back to expose the jet black head. I watched closely as the head of his massive dick pushed against the lips of her pussy and slowly began to open her up.

Helping widow mom date again Part IV - Black seed

interracial Jeesus 2017-11-06

She was embarrassed for the confession that she got pleasure making me jealous and I couldn't look her in the eyes after I discovered she always knew I masturbate fantasying about her. She told some group of black dudes found out about the video and started blackmailing her. So she started describing how this guys got her in some apartment in the black neighborhood and how she got relieved when they told her they dind't wanted money. "When I entered the house I saw 3 black guys, they seemed harmless but they wanted to pursue with their goals all the way. As I was trying to visualize all these black dicks destroying my mom holes she asked me surprisingly: "You want me to continue the story baby?.

A night ill never forget part 1

interracial sasha_762 2017-11-05

I got to the club and met my friend she looked really good she then leads me to a booth and tells me what we were doing basically we were prostitutes and we were our own pimps as she put it id get to pick the guys or girls and keep all my money at first i wanted to walk out and go home but i stayed thought about my girlfriend and our life then told my friend ok she gave me advice guys pay more than girls and then stuffs a pack of condoms in my bra and sends me to the bar. I agreed thinking it was for the best he puts my hand on his cock and massages it i swear it felt like he had a log in his pants he tells me suck his cock right there i asked if we could find somewhere private then he slaps me and told me im his white slut for the night and im going to do as im told.

First Go With Beth

interracial proprietrixs 2017-11-04

Beth watched as the dark handsome man shook his head and began his trek back to the bar where she was seated. Derek glanced at the drinks and looking back at Beth, she hadn't moved or even blinked yet. Derek leaned down and softly kissed Beth's neck, his lips caressed the underside of her chin. Beth shook her head and walked towards him, gripping his shirt and pulling him down for another kiss. His tongue flicking Beth's nipple; his hand sliding between her legs and thrusting his index finger into her wetness, she gasped aloud. Beth moved farther down his shaft and using one hand to steady herself began to jerk him off while she sucked on his head. Beth opened her eyes and looked at Derek.

Marlee - The Making Of A Slut Ch. 02

interracial MrDeep 2017-11-03

In just a few months, Marlee had started as a demure wife and mom, working for a banking firm, to become a slut and a whore with no compassion for her dumb-ass husband. "I love you, momma." Then I rushed back into the club to keep the money flow moving through Marlee's hot cunt. Marlee began sucking my cock while I was kissing Sindi and fondling her tits. Fred enjoyed watching Marlee or Sindi and me fucking in front of him. Upon Arnold's advice, I set Fred up with a video screen in another room where he could watch Marlee and Sindi get black fucked. As Sindi and I grew closer and closer, Marlee concentrated on her "work" at Club Booty.

Hot Affair For Big Beautiful Woman

interracial ZeenatJi 2017-11-02

Other details are my 34D bust, 38 panty size, pierced nose, thick puffy slit, sultry looks and a loose pussy after my experiences with Bob. While sucking on my nipples, with his other hand he caressed my thighs and started to finger my pussy. Bob was licking and tongue fucking my pussy while I sucked his cock. Holding my tits with both hands I kept taking in more and more of this cock and started fucking him. He started calling me dirty names like fat ****** slut and told me that the first day he noticed me at the office he decided to fuck my brains out. He covered my mouth with his hand and started talking with his wife while was cock deeply buried in pussy.

Black Cock in a Latina

interracial Feral_Intelligence 2017-11-01

My lips formed a tight suction around his cock as I slid one hand down to my pussy. I held up my hand that was slick with my pussy juice as I said, "Now let's get that cock in me." We both let out a moan as he slid his thick cock in to my wet, hot pussy. "You Latinas really do get fucking wet," he told me as he rapidly slammed his black cock into my hot pussy. "Yes, yes, yes, ooohh fucking YESSSS!" I yelled as he rammed his hard, dark meat in and out of my burning pussy. He gave my round ass a hard slap that made me scream at the top of my lungs for him to fuck me like there was no tomorrow.

First bbc cuckold experience

interracial 2017-11-01

As the day passes and I am talking to Jay , previously know as ‘young black k**’, Beth comes in from outside, grabs a chair and sits behind me to watch me play for awhile. We walk into the bedroom and Beth is sitting on the edge of the bed waiting for cocks to suck, what a good girl. Beth started to suck jay’s huge black dick again, the swollen tip and first few inches of his enormous cock, her lips sliding down the dark shaft while her hand pumped on the base and Jay fingered her tight pussy. She gasped at the first contact and then whimpered as jay slowly slid his huge cock inside her tight pussy, and she immediately came.

My Wife's First Introduction to Black Cock

interracial east_tn_gentleman 2017-11-01

After introducing my Sexy Slender 49 Year Old Wife of 15 years to Brown Mexican Cock, I wanted to see her with a Black Man. It wasn't hard at this point to talk her into meeting a black man I had been chatting with online at a bar for a few drinks. I could see her having multiple orgasm's and her pussy juice was flowing all over his dark black cock and all over his black balls and they slapped against her tight white virgin ass cheeks, there was no condom and she wanted to feel his hot black cum filling her married white pussy he exploded his hot black cum deep inside her married white pussy, so much that is was flowing all over her sexy white ass cheeks, his large black balls and all over the bed sheets.

Emma's Third Act with Black Dick

interracial jerk978 2017-10-31

As Emma entered the hotel and asked for directions to the room, she could not help but feel as if everyone was watching her since she dressed like such a whore. Now I know you ain’t going no where cuz I have been inside of you and I know you want this” Master stated as he grabbed her hand and placed it on his enormous black cock. “See, just as I thought, moist and ready” Emma’s eyes closed in a state of passion as she could feel his strong black hands crawling around her pussy and the throbbing cock in her hand felt so right Emma turned from leaving. Emma’s eyes darted with fear at the thought of 19 more black men cumming in her ass.

Blackcock Diary: Restroom Gloryhole

interracial SubLadyD 2017-10-31

I looked into the stall to find a glory hole in the wall with a semi-erect black cock hanging from it. This guy must have been really horny, because as I began to roll his cock around in my mouth with my tongue, he blew his thick creamy black load into my married white mouth. I heard two voices from the front of the men's room and then quickly watched a black cock come back through the hole. Knowing MY HUSBAND was NEXT IN LINE for the glory hole, I quickly rushed myself into my orgasm by continuing to ride the black cock and rubbing my clit.

My Black Angel

interracial Tshay123 2017-10-31

Deep, dark brown skin, big, brown eyes, and her perfect, thick lips that I ached to kiss were all part of this woman who now owned me. Looking straight into her passionate eyes, and knowing that I belonged to this black goddess, I dropped all masculine pretense, we were no longer man and woman in the traditional sense, but two hungry lovers, one white and one black. I took careful time to lick, kiss, suck my beautiful black queen. While I was always conscious of injustice and knew that it existed, Carolin told me of the pain she experienced being a black woman. As a man, I was previously only aware of the physical beauty of a black woman, through Carolin, I was more able to see the inner strength and beauty that black women possessed.

I love black cock

interracial sperm_boy_1951 2017-10-30

Years ago i met a black person and he was so cute.we became very good friends.after about 3 mounts we got to talking and he askedme if i was gay,and at the time i wasnt.He told me that he liked me and wanted to know if i wanted to have sex with him.He said that he would show me his cock if i would show him mine.I really wanted to see his so i said yes.He unbottoned his pantsand pulled them down,and he was girls wearing silk panties and he had a hard0n.he asked if i wanted to feel it.i put my hand on it threw his panties and it felt nice and hard.i could see his cock threw his panties.he asked if i wanted to lick it and so i got down on my knee and licked it threw his panties.I wanted to see more of his cock so i pulled down his panties and i was amaised on how big it was.

Lets get two black guys and make a night of it

interracial kushcutie 2017-10-29

After several drinks, Brenda said to me “I’ve always wanted to fuck a black guy.” We were both pretty d***k but she sure was surprised by my response when I said “Great. The thought of my petite white blonde friend getting pounded by two huge black guys – one with my pussy juice still on his condom – was a massive turn on. He said to Blacker – “You have to check these out, they are natural.” I throbbed as these two black guys played with my exposed tits at the same time. I like to sit on it and try to f***e it into my pussy while I imagine I am a young girl getting fucked for the first time by a big black cock.

Mixing it Up at Manhattan's

interracial LuciousBi-Writes4U 2017-10-29

When the three emerged from the ladies room they were going to head straight up to the bar, but as Jeannie passed by a closet that read "Employee's Only," Someone reached out from inside and grabbed her by the wrist she started to squeal, but a hand quickly covered her mouth and drew her back...she was leaning against someone's shoulder and heard a soft whisper in her ear, Katie licked her way down Jeannie's long slender chin and cocoa neck and began to tease the taught nipples—biting and nibbling them right through the fabric of the shirt until she had the cloth soaking wet. Katie decided it was her turn, he tasted good, and she'd never had a big, black cock in her mouth or her little tight Korean body—but tonight she wasn't leaving without it.

Allison and her Future Black Hubby Master

interracial AllisonCumms 2017-10-27

Very wealthy 37year old black man seeks lover/wife/bitch bttm white boy to be mine to love, have, use, and dominate when I need pleasure.” The wording of the ad alone made his boyclit grow in his lacey pink boyshorts but when he saw the attached picture he knew he was in lust. Cum in my fucking white teen asshole pussy nigger DADDY!!!” over and over as his cock spurted globs and globs of hot sticky mess up her bowels. Allison turned and pushed her perky bubble butt to his face as tongue and lips sucked the hot cum he injected into her butthole out then the shared that in a passionate lovers kiss as well.

I Pretend It Isn't Happening

interracial regularguy38610 2017-10-25

The first sign was that almost every day when I would get home from work there would be different black guys visiting my home and they would leave soon after I got there. Every day when I had left for work, she would immediately start making phone calls and I had never heard things like that come out of my wife's mouth before. I masturbated several times while watching multiple black guys fucking my wife. But the sight of watching these young guys with dark skin and well defined bodies with big muscles and my petite little white wife with her milky white skin was so arousing to me that I just done what come natural to me. After the third guy finished off by cumming in her pussy, they all started laughing and then took turns going to the bathroom.


interracial mustangowner 2017-10-25

Then she got back on her knees in front of him, took his cock in her hands, and told him she wanted his first load in her belly. On his knees, he took hold of his cock and started rubbing it against her clit and quickly moistening pussy lips. Then, with my wife still on her knees and leaking a black man's cum from her pussy, I quickly undressed and got behind her. After watching my wife suck and fuck a black guy and knowing she was full of their combined cum I didn't last long at all and all too quickly I pumped my cum inside her as well.

Black Alexis Dominates White Ch. 14

interracial TallBlondeGretchen 2017-10-25

Defeatedly, I began my walk through the main office and to the ladies room to "freshen up" as the young black woman ordered me to. Finally, I stepped out of the wash room and headed for the break room to fetch the cup of coffee the young black woman had ordered. The silence continued as young Alexis leaned back into her larger, high backed black leather executive chair and stretched her legs out. During these 5 minutes of adding the notes to the scheduler, the young black woman just sat there with her feet up and crossed at the ankles inches from the left side of my face.

Fantasy about my mature wife and younger black man

interracial jimmielee65 2017-10-25

She was about 40 at the time and was visiting her daughter who is married to a black man in another city over Christmas. I questioned my wife about it and told her I didn't mind and it even turned me on thinking about her taking that young black cock, but she denied it. Later her daughter and f****y moved to the Bay area of California for awhile, my wife and I were married then and again she went to visit them over Christmas while I had to work. We were out on our back deck having drinks one night and her daughter mentioned that Marvin had stayed in touch and was asking about her.

Lounging around

interracial Bruson 2017-10-24

Who cares, I quickly pop one of her big DD boobs out of her low cut dress, lick it and suck the black looking erect nipple for a few seconds. I massage one of her big tits then slide my hand up between her thick thighs to her pussy. I immediately pull both her big tits out of her short black stretchy dress and lick and suck them gently, increasing in intensity. Monique moans a low sound and pushes my head deeper into her big soft tits. Grabbing one big dimpled ass cheek I squeeze it hard and I reach her wet pussy from the rear. My white hands are on her plush brown hips pushing her ass to my cock in time with my pumping.

Elizabeth Finally Blacked Ch. 02

interracial everyonesavoyeur 2017-10-24

I had seen the sort on occasion in porn, but to think this kind of hung cock would one day fuck my wife. My wife was the first through the door, looking gorgeous in her black dress, her bra-less tits were bouncing sexily as she smiled at me. "Nothing kills the mood faster than sports." She leaned into Freddy, resting her hand on his stomach and looking up at him. I looked on in aroused horror as Freddy once again placed a hand on her ass. I began to climb the stairs in a trance, the taboo sounds of my wife's infidelity was leading me like a sirens song to the site of my cuckolding.

''OOohhh Jerome

interracial adel5000 2017-10-23

I noticed people walking by us looking at me talking to a large black boy, Jerome at 17 I couldn't stop myself, I had not felt wanted in so long and this young black boy had ''LOL, haha, never seen a cock like that Mrs. M, huh, your husbands dick that big?'' ''Yeah baby you like that black dick bitch?'' ''Mrs. M you a dirty tramp ain't ya licking a black cock and loving it, huh slut? ''Yeah baby, now your talking, you a slut for black man's dick ain't ya ho? ''Yeah, Yeah, Baby, fuck that black dick, Yeahhhh!!, Damn you got a tight pussy, Yeah. Feel this you's still have 4'' to go baby Yeah, Fuck that black cock you slut.''

A Hotel Trip

interracial 2017-10-23

A black satin skirt hung from her waist, the short hemline not even coming close to covering her as I would like, especially in front of other men, and when one of then got a chance to spin her along, the hem of her circle skirt flew straight out, revealing a total absence of panties underneath. A few minutes later they got up and left, Angela playfully swaying her hips in front of him, and when he closed on her from behind, she ground her butt against his cock, now making his pants tented. He began to thrust softly as he continued to give her every ounce of his seed, and Angela pushed herself onto her elbows and tilt her head up to kiss him, her eyes almost glassy as they matched lips and tongues.