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Making of a Young Cuckold

interracial balancee 2017-10-22

I was 14 years old, in the 8th grade, and in my usual routine I got home from school and immediately got online to look at porn. After browsing aroudn my favorite sites for a while, I unexpectedly came across a picture of a young blonde white girl with a big, thick, dark black man's cock in her mouth. The eroticism of the young fragile white girl with that dark manly cock was overwhelming. The impressiveness of the black cocks- so BIG, thick, powerful and nice looking. I could no longer even be aroused seeing a white man fuck a woman. Especially in my fucked up 14 year old head, the size of Black penises was simply overwhelming. And constantly imagined white girls fuckign black men.

Cuckold Vacation Part 1

interracial Whatthefuckingfuck 2017-10-20

As I woke up, I watched my girlfriend climaxing on Mike´s huge big black cock as he was nutting all inside her sweet pinkish pussy. George shoved it inside her and I immediately saw a face I hadn’t seen since we left our house, she was coming. Jacob started to fuck her doggy while she cleaned all her juices from George´s cock. George´s huge dick inside her pussy; Jacob´s long dick inside her ass, you could tell she was having the time of her life. As I was walking back to lock the door, I saw our friend Lucia watching horrified as my girlfriend had two black bulls pleasuring her simultaneously.

Lesson Plan Ch. 08

interracial GettingItDone 2017-10-20

Cynthia asked about Jerome, and I was giddy to tell her that he was planning on coming over that night, and in fact he wanted me to buy a new lingerie set especially for the night. Minutes after I dressed, making sure to wear my leather slut collar, and a pair peep toe red high heels, Jerome texted me to state when he was coming over and how he expected me to be waiting for him when he did. Show how even a prim and proper teacher like you can be a dirty, filthy slut for black cock," Jerome commanded of me in return. I wonder what she would think if she could see her daughter's teacher sucking black cock like such a filthy dumb slut."

Black Owned Blonde Attorney Ch. 01

interracial Dana_Law_Girl 2017-10-20

As a young girl, her father was quite determined to keep her and her sisters away from the boys in her all-white high school and the all-white neighborhood. By the age of 22, she had all but finished her education at an all-girl's private college and soon took on the rigors of Law School. Now, at the age of 24, the young and beautiful Dana was finally an attorney. Aunt Anne offered Dana a position as her assistant, and a chance to live in another country. Dana had been dating here and there, and had only a few sexual relationships with white men during this time. As Aunt Anne's relationship became more serious and Alan porposed, she offered Dana the chance to come live with them.

My introduction to black Pt2

interracial kellyblack25 2017-10-20

Hi futher to my story and my introduction to black cock my story continues a few days later Daryl rang me to meet me ,which of course I did he told me that nopw I had proved my worth to him as a slut my education would continue on the forthcoming Friday. Eventually he told me he was coming and he shot load after load into my mouth which I swallowed and the rest over my face which I then had to leave on my face all night , even when he sent me to the bar to get drinks with everyone giving me knowing looks.

Lucky You Are Ch. 02

interracial frozen_hotchocolate 2017-10-18

"Upstairs, make a left, last door on the right," Demi said, not wanting his temper to blow...again. Demi opened up her mouth to say something, when Julian cut her off by grabbing her blonde hair and pulling her face closer to his. His beautiful face was tossed back and his eyes were closed as he laughed, therefore, he was unable to see when she reached out a watery hand and grabbed his shirt, pulling him in to the filled tub. Demi felt Julian's hand as it abandoned her hip to mold her breast and pull her nipple. Julian looked at her gorgeous, slightly irritated face and his eyes began to trail down to see her still wet, caramel-toned sculpted body.

Black Incest

interracial spunkerguy 2017-10-17

“OK which one of you big black cocks wants to be sucked dry first?” They looked at me total amazement, but the smaller of the two came over and said me first. My daughter looked on in shock as she saw her father suck the same cock she had just swallowed a huge load of cum from. Imagine just a few minutes earlier I was astounded to find my little virgin daughter being rammed by two huge black cocks and now I was being taken in the same way. My daughter said; “Daddy I never knew you and mom were so open about sex.” Before I could even speak she dropped to her knees and started to suck my cock in a way I had only imagined.

Heading South

interracial santacruz001 2017-10-17

Miriam was embarrassed by the way that the white women talked and carried on with the young blacks. The movie had been highly erotic and she couldn't get the images out of her pretty little head about all of the naked young black boys with their massively stiff cocks. The two beautiful white teachers got a beach towel from one of the black cabana boys and went down to lie in the sun near the water's edge. She knew that Julie liked sex quite a bit as she watched her having a different black lover every night this week but that wasn't for her. The young black man would start to pull one of the white women from her seat but each time would let her fall back down until he came to Miriam.


interracial 2017-10-14

Following her pickup of a handsome, young Black Man at the Scarlet Tree Bar and Grill, Joani took him to her house where they both drank far too much champagne. She then coached her young Black Man how to suspend her by her cuffed wrists from her bedroom's ceiling hook so that her feet just touched the floor. Joani also noticed her new young Black-Lover-To-Be gazing at her hot naked white body with a****l-like lust. And then," Joani looked seriously and directly into his dark eyes, "I want you to whip me - I have fifty different kinds and types of whips from which I will choose the ones you will use. Joani's new young Black Man - she had had so many over the years that she had stopped counting - eagerly nodded his head in agreement.

How I became a black cock slut

interracial White_Sissy 2017-10-14

I got my laptop and sat on her bed fingering my boi pussy and stroking my clitty through the panties while watching a big black cock fuck a blonde bimbo bitch hard, I came almost instantly as I felt really naughty doing this all properly dressed up! I was in total shock not knowing what to do, but part of me was getting so aroused by the idea of him walking in on me having a black dildo balls deep in my pussy, so with that in mind I decided to pretend like I hadn't heard him and carried on slowly fucking my ass.

Young Black Stud Ch. 02

interracial 2017-10-13

So when I saw Tim I knew I was going to fuck his huge black cock all night long. Being with Tim really shows me that being with a black guy with a huge cock is such a real turn on. I love the feeling of a young black guy with a huge cock, slipping that cock deep inside of my pussy and letting me know that I am wanted by him in every way possible. Any of you white girls who have never fucked a black cock, you should try it, because you might decide you can at least feed your fantasies and never let anybody else know, if that is what you want.

Layla and Ben Ch. 01

interracial Lyricist1983 2017-10-11

Ben's a very handsome white guy, 30 years old, with a muscular body, deep blue eyes and jet black hair. "I think I'll fuck your pussy," he told me "if I put it up your arse you'd enjoy it too much and you'd probably squirt all over me!" Gently sliding the tip of his cock inside me, he grabbed my hips with both hands and forcefully pulled me back onto him, impaling me on his entire length. "Take that cock, slut!" he yelled "Take it deep inside that tight black hole of yours!" I began moaning louder and louder with pleasure as he fucked me, feeling so used and degraded that my slit was dripping like a tap.

An Unforeseen Moment

interracial MarieWriter 2017-10-10

Fear or lust she didn't know and as her mind screamed no, her body begged yes and she didn't care why she felt this way, she just wanted to feel him inside of her. When her hips rose and she tried to pull away he held her in place; pushing and suddenly he was there and he watched as the remaining inches of his dick disappeared into her willing body. Her fingers splayed open across him and she saw once again the color contrast; her Irish white skin against the black of his chest and the thoughts of the taboo and the forbidden lusts combined to force another rush of adrenaline through her body.

Cuckold for Life

interracial NYCkink 2017-10-10

Lynn quickly obeyed and began to stroke his enormous cock as I sat watching, barely able to control my own hard on. Kevin moaned as her tiny hands worked his enormous cock. His large massive black cock taking her tiny, innocent white body. When it seemed like I could not last another second, he slid his cock out of her mouth to which she expressed her displeasure. When the time to cum finally arrived, he let out an enormous roar as he plunged deep into her filling her entire pussy with his cum which was immediately followed by her 7th orgasm. Knowing what must be done, I looked over at Lynn before sliding my mouth onto his cock.

Seduced by a black man and his uncut cock - Part 1

interracial hotcdsub 2017-10-09

Although I often thought over the years about the many times he made love to me and how I sucked and attempted to deepthroat his long uncut cock throughout my high school and some college years in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s (while I also had various girlfriends), he eventually moved away and since has passed, it is only in the past few years that I have pursued this passion again. On and off for the next 7 years or so, I had that cock in my hands, mouth or tight pussy hundreds of times and rarely did it not satisfy my desire.

Introductions: The Setup

interracial Loomis 2017-10-09

"Y-yes, thank you" you stammer, "Just waiting for it to cool down" you feel a tightening at the end of your cock which can only mean Kara has wrapped her lips around you and is sucking you inside her mouth. You don't care about the people who noticed the girl go under the table, or the people who can now hear you moan slightly under your breath, or the waitress who's looking uncomfortable at coming back to ask you to leave. Just as you erupts Kara sinks down on your cock and sucks, you feel thick streams of cum pulse out of you and she holds on with her mouth, her hand massaging the end of your cock as though trying to empty everything you have to offer.


interracial darkknight01 2017-10-09

Alicia's pussy was throbbing as hard as her nipples were and her left hand had found its way deep inside her jeans. Harry moved his hand down between Alicia's legs and easily slipped two fingers into her soaking wet pussy, slowly finger-fucking his wife. She moved her fingers into her moist flesh, imagining Ryan opening an email with a picture of her swollen nipple, and then stroking his hard black cock. Alicia thought about Ryan opening her email, downloading the attached pictures and stroking his hard black cock. She typed just how much she wanted to open her wet pussy for him with both hands, how she fantasized about watching his hard black dick entering her salivating cunt slowly.

A Gift for My Groom

interracial darkknight01 2017-10-07

I love you,” Marcus looked into my eyes as he handed me the bracelet. Tasting my own juices has always put me in a bit of frenzy; feeling Marcus’s hard meat pressing against my pussy at the same time set my passions afire. Marcus’ black cock stood tall and proud between my thighs as I sat on his strong legs facing him on the bed. “You feel so fucking good in my ass, Baby.” I started to grind my hips in a circular motion wanting him inside of me as deep as possible. Suddenly, like a pulsating stream of warm water, I felt Marcus pump his thick cream deep into my ass. “What are you doing, Honey?” Marcus moaned as he awoke with the tip of his cock in my pussy.

The Beautiful Young Virgin Bride’s First Nig

interracial 2017-10-07

As they watched the turned on, sexy and beautiful young bride begin to rub harder and moan in passion they knew that she was ready for their huge black cocks to penetrate her virgin white married pussy. Not wanting to get up but due to Andy?s constant urging to fuck her also, he began to withdraw his massive black teenage cock from out of her hot nigger cum filled married white pussy. What would Rodger think if he could at this time see his beautiful, young, sexy white wife, married only 12 hours ago, lying with two young nigger bellhops with a huge black rock hard cock in her, no longer virgin, tight white pussy and another in her hot sucking mouth moaning and groaning in total sexual bliss.

How my BBC fantasy for My Wife Went Wrong CH3

interracial 2017-10-07

Melinda and I had done our research so we knew a few good places to go to meet a black man to fuck her. After a few minutes, a saw several of the black men talking and then two stand up and walk onto the dance floor. I sat there thinking that Melinda was going to be fucked right there on the dance floor. Melinda was getting hot and she began to rub each giys cock through their pants with her hand. Suddenly as songs changed, the main black man in the corner shouted to the two men who were nearly fucking my wife. I didnt hear what her yelled but the dancing stopped and the men politely led my wife over to the table where the man sat.

my wif's first black cock

interracial dirtydog1967 2017-10-06

That was the most beautiful site I have had ever witnessed, her lovely lilly white body in between those two ebony studs, with a big black cock in her ass and one in her pussy, I was in heaven, and I know she was also! Jason yelled at her, “You like these black cocks, don’t you, you little white bitch, you love these black dicks in your pussy and ass, don’t you, you white whore”. At that time, his big love tool started to jerk in Lisa’s mouth, I thought she was going to let him cum on her face, but she kept right on sucking him. “I just love to fuck you all, you are so big and so good, I went crazy with lust when I saw those two black monsters”, Lisa added.

Mom Sucks Black Coach At Park Ch. 02

interracial DonnaDuGood 2017-10-06

The more emails I got from husbands telling me they wish I was their wife and some women telling me they had a black man on the side made me want to feel Marcus inside of me even more and drove me to create an encounter with him. He then pulled his sack from my mouth and began rubbing the head his cock across my lips. I felt the pressure of his thick cock as he started to penetrate, my hips began to squirm, and he pushed a little more opening me up. This was the largest man I ever had and felt a newness deep inside of my pussy that I didn't know could be reached or would even have feeling.

Nude Beach/Black Cock

interracial StLouisLove 2017-10-06

I would slide my cock back inside as I held onto her hips and I could feel her body pushing back on mine as we were now in a great rhythm and soon I was screaming out after watching her suck on him and the warmth of her wet pussy, I soon was draining myself deep inside of her. I then saw her body adjust angles and now I knew she was going for maximum clit stimulation as she would slide way up high and when she slid back down, I could hear her moans getting louder and soon she was moaning loudly as I watched her pussy constricting on his cock.

Hotel Meet

interracial 2017-10-05

At one point, his hands started feeling my ass, squeezing my cheeks and pulling them apart before rubbing a finger around my hole. My new friend stood in front of me, his black cock pointing straight at me which I proceeded to lick some more. My new friend then positioned himself partly above me holding his shiny black cock against my waiting hole and with one gentle push slipped his cockhead into my ass. My loud moans as I was cumming sent him over the top as he then grunted and pushed his cock as far in me as he could, releasing his large load of hot seed deep into my ass.