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Quick Flash - I may need to get another job - Part 3

interracial AJQuick 2018-11-26

I started to stroke his hard cock quickly with my right hand as he teased my pussy. I then reached up with my left hand, grabbed the back of his neck, and pulled him close to me so I could kiss him as I gripped his big, black, hard cock tighter and started to stroke it faster. He slid out and slid back inside me very slowly twice, coating his hot shaft with my juices, and then he covered my mouth a little tighter, put his right hand on the back of my head, and started to ram me hard and fast.

Female Boss Took My Virginity

interracial bava12 2018-11-23

After 5 mins suddenly her mobile started ringing then I called vidya madam your have got phone call and she came out from bathroom by wrapping one towel on her body, she was looking very hot sexy in that towel and she took the call and it was call from network service provider promotion call and she asked me is it getting late for you? I started licking her ass hole from my tongue and It was very good pleasure to me and even to her also and she asked me insert my dick inside her ass hole and I inserted my dick inside her ass hole initially it was very tight like her pussy but after some strokes it got adjusting to my dick size and I fucked her ass hole nicely for 15 mins and I fulfilled my dream of fucking her ass hole and I also fulfilled her desire to fucking her.

Marlee: Chapter 03

interracial MrDeep 2018-11-22

A hot blonde woman was on her knees sucking a black man's cock on the dance floor. Felicity felt two hands holding her butt as he pushed his cock in her womanhood. When I took Felicity home that night, it was after 3 a.m. I can only guess what her husband said. "Will Felicity come to live here," Marlee asked. I began calculating a business model for Felicity that included Marlee and Sindi. It was a busy week between texting Marlee and Felicity at work and keeping their cunts in the business model and delivering them to their appointed revenue market areas. "I want you to come live with Marlee, Sindi, and me," I said.

Dear, We Have to Talk Ch. 07

interracial dr13bone 2018-11-19

"You can look at them, but don't touch!" my wife said in a teasing tone as she got dressed for work. But his load was huge!" she added in a bit too happily, "I can see why he knocked up his secretary, it was like a fire hose spurting everywhere," she said showing me the stains on the clothing that I would have to bring to the dry-cleaners. We both laughed then I started to jerk him off explaining that I was married and though me and my husband share a certain amount of openness, fooling around with the boss might be a problem, no matter how big his cock was," she said laughing as she urged me to keep licking her pussy.

Another visit with Karl and Francine, but with a different twist

interracial TexasEagle 2018-11-16

The feeling that I was experiencing was again heightened and intensified whenever I opened my eyes and looked down at this exquisitely beautiful woman.  The very idea that she even wanted me in the first place was still bouncing around in my head.  That I was even inside her at this very instant, and that she had surrendered herself willingly and completely to me was an impossible dream come true.  When that realization kicked in, I determined to give her everything she wanted, and everything that I had to offer.  I leaned forward and with my upper arms behind her knees and both hands flat on the table, I buried my cock balls deep into Gina.

Marlee: Chapter 02

interracial MrDeep 2018-11-16

In just a few months, Marlee had started as a demure wife and mom, working for a banking firm, to become a slut and a whore with no compassion for her dumb-ass husband. "I love you, momma." Then I rushed back into the club to keep the money flow moving through Marlee's hot cunt. In the video, Marlee began sucking my cock while I was kissing Sindi and fondling her tits. Fred enjoyed watching Marlee or Sindi and me fucking in front of him. Upon Arnold's advice, I set Fred up with a video screen in another room where he could watch Marlee and Sindi get black fucked. As Sindi and I grew closer and closer, Marlee concentrated on her "work" at Club Booty.

Fit to be tied

interracial mapleridgefool 2018-11-15

Driving two fingers into her needy pussy, Linda slapped first right and then left ass cheeks as she pumped the hungry white cleft, all the while making Audrey continue to beg. Moving behind her prize, she looked over her shoulder into the mirror, Looking at them side by side in the mirror, the old wrinkled grey haired black woman whose pendulous breasts rested on her sweat covered belly, and the blonde muscled goddess, bound like a sacrifice, slap marks reddening her ass and breasts, chest heaving and a desperate hunger as she strove to burrow deeper in her lover’s touch.

Marlee: Chapter 05

interracial MrDeep 2018-11-14

Alexis watched a man raise a hot blonde's skirt and push his cock in her cunt. I put on a hot video of Sindi, Marlee, and Felicity fucking eight black men. I put on a compilation video of Marlee, Sindi, Felicia, and Alexis fucking, sucking and having anal sex. While Felicity worked on her clit with her split tongue, Marlee pushed her tongue deep into Alexis' hot, wet pleasure pit. "Oh sweetie!" Felicity squealed and kissed Alexis, who let her split tongues play with the whore girl. A white boy with a six-inch cock was fucking Chester in the ass while he performed oral sex on the blonde wife's cunt. It started with Alexis dancing with one hot black man.

Office Sex

interracial Banes1 2018-11-11

Samantha heard my gasp and gave me a seductive smile while slowly moving her tongue across her full lips. She came around and stood in front of me placing a finger on my lips and said "Shhh...." as if she knew I'd noticed the three camcorders not very well hidden around the office. I pretended that I did not notice them as Samantha reached down with her other hand and moved her fingers gently up and down over the bulge in my pants. Samantha undid my belt, pulled down the zipper then reached in and grabbed a very erect cock. Smiling, I told her that I saw the recording light of the three camcorders while at the same time pulling her top back up over her breasts.

Marlee: Final Chapter

interracial MrDeep 2018-11-11

Sindi, you are so skillful!” Felicity said as her pelvis lifted up to meet Sindi’s sensuous lips. Sindi walked into the den where Marlee was sitting behind a desk. “I’m prepared to buy out your services if you will come to work for me, immediately,” Marlee said. We have decided to buy you out,” Marlee said and added, “We no longer need your services.” In return, we will not take this matter to the SEC or the state’s attorney,” Marlee said, looking at C.C. It’s the only option you have, Mr. Crowder,” Marlee said. You make me feel so good,” Marlee said. Marlee even got him a job as a dancer in the same club where Sindi once worked.

My White Wife Lori Becomes a Black-Cock Whore

interracial edlangston 2018-11-10

The timing of his call was curious, and I wondered if Lori had told him about me reading cuckold stories, and getting so aroused at the thought of cleaning her pussy of black cum. Lori was so easily and naturally able to satisfy those three men, and it was all the confirmation that I needed that she had been fucking and sucking big black cocks for a long time. After I had her cleaned up, the men sat on the mattress next to Lori as Bud said, “You’ve eaten plenty of our cum, Howard, so now it’s time you get a taste of some black fuck meat.

Marlee: Chapter 04

interracial MrDeep 2018-11-09

"I didn't discuss it with Austin, but what I really want is a black man to be like a ... It was Marlee and Sindi making hot sensual love to five black gods. "I want you to live with Marlee, Sindi, and me," I said. Felicity held his cock and started slowly stroking it while looking into his eyes. Sindi and Marlee hugged her and kissed her on her mouth letting their tongues play. Placing her mouth over Felicity's nipples, Marlee began sucking hard while she rolled the tiny girl's other nipple between her thumb and forefinger. There's something about Felicity's hair that makes black men want to use it to dry cum off of their hands.

Chasing Fairy Tales

interracial TracyAmes 2018-11-07

How do you tell someone you want to be fucked within an inch of your life without sounding like a total whore? We met my first day at Channel Five where I’m a technical advisor and Matt is the hot smarty-pants who does complicated shit that makes my head spin. Gazing deliriously into his eyes, “Ooooh hell yeah!” I pulled his potty-mouth to mine and sucked his tongue while his other head molested the nether regions of my pussy with such expertise I literally had tears in my eyes! In real life, Matt didn’t look my way because he wasn’t interested even though I was perfectly willing to make a fool of myself in some desperate attempt to catch his attention.

Quick Flash - I May Need To Get Another Job Part 2

interracial AJQuick 2018-11-03

I then took a step back and grabbed the bottom of my shirt with both hands, I pulled it up slowly, and then I grabbed the bottom of my bra, and pulled it up over my breasts, letting them fall free, exposing them to Jamal. Jamal shook his head slowly and pulled the front of his jeans open with his left thumb, and with his right hand he pulled out his hard, black cock. I know because I reached between my legs with my left hand and slowly rubbed my pussy as I sucked on that massive cock. My orgasm quickly approached, but I ached so bad for Jamal’s cock that I pushed two fingers inside of my soaking wet pussy and started to fuck myself.

Doing More then the Job Description

interracial lovelyvampire 2018-11-02

I kind of doubt that.” He continued, “So go home, talk it over, and then just let me know.” He smiled at me, that smile that made my insides quiver, and then reached over and kissed my cheek. Right now, what I do know is that I want to be fucked.” My pussy was soaking wet, my clit had a gentle throb to it, and my nipples were hard as rocks, and sensitive as ever underneath the fabric of my bra. “Not completely, but he told me he’s above average, and if I may be blunt, he’s more than likely going to be large anyways, and he will fuck your ass like it’s actually his.

Two Friends Share a Halloween Costume chapter 3

interracial floridaguy2001 2018-10-31

Jerome very carefully reached my pussy and slipped a finger inside, I thought oh my god that feels so good, I can’t believe this is happening, I felt so guilty and at the same time so excited. John had disappeared so Jerome sat down and as I lowered myself on his lap I felt his huge cock slip into my pussy like a hot knife going through butter. At that exact moment, Jerome pushed his beautiful black cock into Bella’s pussy all while Miguel watched his mom getting impaled. Jerome grabbed a hold of her hips and started to fuck her senseless, he must have been getting close because he let out a yell and came deep inside my best friend and boss.

Marlee: Chapter 01

interracial MrDeep 2018-10-29

Once in my loft apartment, we undressed and paused while I got her a drink and put on a porn video of a hot blue-eyed blonde fucking a black man with a big, long black cock. She took my hand as we watched the blonde writhe in pleasure as the two big black men pumped her cunt and ass in alternating strokes. Up popped a compilation of Marlee fucking, sucking, having an orgasm, swallowing cum, and kissing black men. “When a white woman swallows a black man’s cum, he is part of her forever,” Marlee said looking at him. “When a white whore like me swallows a black man’s cum, he’s part of me forever,” Marlee said proudly.

My Boss And Me: Quickie In A Corner

interracial AngelicaPink 2018-09-13

Now that you know me, let me start telling you what happened on my co-worker's wedding... What nobody knew about my boss, Eric Danna, was that apparently he had a crush on me – he had emailed me a few times, saying that he though I was pretty and flirting generally. Today, when I was saying hi and trying to be polite I noticed a couple of other guys looking at me and when I left my boss and went to the bar to get myself a drink, one of them followed and started a conversation. Never mind, my thoughts completely evaporated when I felt his hand working his way up my silk skirt.

Fit to be Tied

interracial mapleridgefool 2018-09-10

The dark bushy mound of the older woman was already opening like a purple flower with the sweet nectar of her own desire, and as Linda pulled Audrey's lips back to her breasts, the young woman slid one hand down to begin eagerly exploring the depths of her black lover. Moving behind her prize, she looked over her shoulder into the mirror, Looking at them side by side in the mirror, the old wrinkled grey haired black woman whose pendulous breasts rested on her sweat covered belly, and the blonde muscled goddess, bound like a sacrifice, slap marks reddening her ass and breasts, chest heaving and a desperate hunger as she strove to burrow deeper in her lover's touch.

Honey, He's the Boss!

interracial YeahBoy666 2018-09-09

Everything was going well under Jonas, until one day he decided to text me while I was having dinner with my husband Nate. Jonas shoves Nate out of the way and starts to kiss me while on top if me. "Gina, be a good whore and put your hand on Nates mouth, I need your pussy to be more wet" he says to me with demand. "Did I tell you to throw my boxers on the floor, cuck?" He asks Nate. I quickly grab Jonas's boxers from Nate's hand and shoved it in his mouth. Tell your husband that he's a worthless faggot!" Jonas says to me as he continues to plow my insides.

Banging the Boss

interracial PrettyAss1 2018-09-08

YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED Most days I have to bring a change of underwear or a pair of slacks or a extra skirt. She can't even satisfy him from my understanding. Well let's just say, I happened to overhear his conversation one day. and I also loved the attention that I received wearing it. stressed." I purred, walking around his desk. "Remove my pants." He said. Please let me cum..." God he's good with his fingers and tongue. Do you understand?" He purred. You're way tighter then my wife." He said watching his dick move in and out of me. I didn't even bother to warn her. After a while we both cleaned ourselves up and was dressed as if nothing had happened.

Late Night at the Office

interracial Cassie864 2018-08-13

We would talk during work, and I would notice him looking intently at my full lips, probably imaging how good they would feel around his thick white cock. The thought of fucking my boss was naughty and illicit I would start to get wet just imaging Carlos taking me roughly on his desk. My breasts were perfectly positioned in front of his face, and Carlos wasted no time cupping my tits and then slowly using his tongue to draw circles around my right nipple, then left. He pulled my hair as he started really pounding my wet snatch, I could feel the orgasm build up in me, I was so fucking turned on.

New Boss

interracial InjunDude 2018-08-12

Carol then knelt down and slowly licked the tip of Ram's cock as if she were licking a lollipop and wanted it to last forever. Carol noticed Ram's cock was completely swollen and his smooth 9-inch black cock was topped by a bright red bulb that went even redder as Carol licked it with her sharp tongue. Ram's black cock glistened with Carol's frothy pussy juices. Ram's voice then got hoarse and he pulled Carol's chunky ass until he buried his cock deep into Carol's pussy. After Ram had unloaded the contents on his balls deep into Carol, he kept his cock buried inside Carol and they fell asleep together kissing softly.

Italian Teases/Pleases Black Ch. 06

interracial BlkRainbow 2018-08-07

She tugged his snug black boxers down and began planting kisses on his cock moving slowly from the base up to the bulbous head. She wrapped her hands around his shaft, stroked slowly, pursed her lips and pecked the throbbing head of Kirk's rock hard cock. Who could ask for a better job benefit?" She began swirling her tongue around the shiny purple head, then planting soft kisses as she spoke. "I'll have to help you then won't I baby?" he crooned sliding his hand around his cock and pumping it slowly directly in front of her face. She coughed and gagged but was preempted by his filling her mouth with hard black meat and pumping stream after hot creamy stream of cum inside.