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Lactating Wife Impregnated by a Stranger at a Halloween Party

interracial edlangston 2018-11-27

Fran looked at Benny and smiled, before beginning to suck my pussy, and she said, “See, I told you Mitch, Jill looked like one very hot, ready-to-fuck MILF to me when she arrived tonight, and I guessed right that she wouldn’t be able to resist that big cock of yours, especially if you had the chance to drain those big milk jugs of her. I’ve alerted six of my other big-cocked, furry friends that you looked like you were hot to fuck, especially the way you’re showing off your big tits and pussy in your costume. I continued to stand there frozen, as Mitch pulled his big cock out of my wife, with a big slurping sound, and Fran pushed past me and began sucking Mitch’s cum out of Jill’s pussy.